WL//WH Video Premiere: KAREN VOGT Longs to Be “Stranded by the Spring Tide” (LUCY ADLINGTON Remix)


Australian artist Karen Vogt released ‘Losing The Sea’, a 6-track mini-album about her longing for the ocean after spending the last 15 years living in Paris. It’s an album tinged in nostalgia, a kind of wistful beauty that reminds you of a shimmering horizon line and lazy days spent watching the swells. It’s a hypnotic work that married electric guitar, gorgeous drones with drifting washed-out vocals.

WL//WH is pleased to host once again Paris-based, Australian singer/songwriter Karen Vogt  with a mesmerizing Premiere of the video created by Guillaume Eymenier for the Lucy Adlington remix of “Stranded by the Spring Tide,” a cathartic song about longing for the sea, taken from Vogt’s recently released 8-track album “Losing the Sea Remixes.”

The haunting, shimmering, and sentimental remix of “Stranded by the Spring Tide”, by British experimental guitarist and musician Lucy Adlington, blends lush droning ambient outflows with Karen’s beautifully cool evocative celestial vocal breezes, pushed forward by sharp excruciating reverbs, to bring to mind the awe-inspiring strength and magnificence of the ocean’s enigmatic, shapeshifting energy, whilst vibrant, melancholic, penetrating guitar manipulations, warm, harsh mutable swathes and low trembling whale-like blows, ebb and flow in hypnotic frequencies, to stir the soul with a slow rush of powerlessness, acceptance, and surrender to the healing mysteries of Mother Nature’s flow.

I invited French musician/filmmaker Guillaume Eymenier to contribute guitar to some of these songs. I have admired both his solo music and his band Cats Hats Gowns (Coriolis Sounds label). Guillaume has created beautiful videos with his filmmaker partner Irina de Bertier for my band Heligoland, and recently for my duo project Galán/Vogt (with Spanish composer Pepo Gálan). I always wanted to involve Guillaume in a musical project, and this felt like the perfect one for us to start. 

A wonderfully interpretive and symbolic video by Guillaume Eymenier captures a glorious sunset as it slowly disappears behind an endless ocean horizon to sync organically with the immersive movement of the soundtrack. Gentle mesmeric sun-cast reflections, dynamic radiating points, and soft cloudy filters merge into a timeless realm of transformation where perception and insight drift in alignment with the Creator’s esoteric design.

There is a stirring, a cleansing and an emotional response I feel very strongly when I am there that seems almost impossible to recreate anywhere else.”

Karen Vogt’s remix album, “Losing the Sea Remixes”, is out now, in Ltd. Cassette (90 mins tape includes remix album, original album, bonus track, and sea recordings) & Digital formats, via the artist’s Bandcamp.

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