WL//WH Video Of The Day : ESCAPE-ISM “Walking In The Dark”

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I was lucky enough to see The Nation Of Ulysses in 1992 in a blasting hardcore performance soaked with youthful fury and angst, albeit with some flaws as musicians, were that unique powerful punk attitude and a possessed wild frontman to really impress and grab me.

Since then I’ve never stopped to follow Ian Svenonius under his several projects (The Make-Up, Weird War, XYZ, Cupid Car Club, Felt Letters, Scene Creamers, Chain And The Gang) and tons of limited singles and albums over three decades.

2017 has been a significant and hyper-active year for the great man from Chicago as shown by his recent hot and insane shows with the reformed The Make-Up, the revitalised Chain And The Gang project and last but not least the ‘fake’ (he released the album ‘Play Power’ under the David Candy alias in 2001) solo debut full-length Introduction to Escape-ism’ under the Escape-ism moniker via Merge. 

 A minimal drum box, a jarring guitar, a cassette player, some scratchy noises, Ian’s crooning, sinful voice, ‘Walking In The Dark’, ‘Walking In The Dark’.