WL//WH Track Of The Day : TORESCH ‘Guayabame’



Toresch is a defying genre electronic / ‘avant punk’ Düsseldorf-based trio, comprised of producer Tolouse Low Tracks (aka Detlef Weinrich), singer/lyricists Vicky Wehrmeister (of Mexican origin) and visual artist Jan Wagner, with a rare skill of mixing industrial, coldwave, EBM, krautrock influences in a compelling and amazing way.

‘Guayabame’, from the upcoming 4 track EP for Vladimir Ivkovic‘s Offen Music label, is a raw clumbling, hypnotic, dubby, sticky, sensual, slow-burning tribal dancefloor magic, spiked by Kraut linings and a warm fascinating ethnical voice in Spanish, that it spreads under your skin and you can’t get enough , just push the repeat button again and again… 

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Written by Fabrizio Lusso