WL//WH Track Of The Day : LUST ERA ‘Desgracia’

WL//WH Track Of The Day




If until a few years ago it was hard to think about the existence of good rock’n’roll Mexican bands, you can imagine when, for the first time,  I listened to a band from San Juan de Puerto Rico.

I was the 2014 when I met for the first time the ‘raw, wiry and dark romanticism’ of the synth post-punk duo Lust Era, and since then they developed a brilliant DIY quite prolific career with already 3 albums under their belt, the fact they also did a cover version of my favourite Clock DVA song ‘4 Hours’ was a further bonus.

The new single ‘Desgracia’ is a vibrant and thrilling keyboard/drum-machine driven gothic psych’n’roll groove that shakes with tension and angst and warm the soul.

Definitely a band that deserve more recognition.

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 Written by Fabrizio Lusso