WLK//WH Track Of The Day : Caídas Libres “Oxidado”

Track Of The Day Caídas Libres

From Costa Rica, in good company with excellent bands like Ariel Maniki And The Black Halos, Telenoia and TVMVLVS TABIDVS, comes San José based new wave / post-punk 3-piece Caídas Libres, which have just dropped the first single “Oxidado” taken from forthcoming debut album “Afuera y vacío” due to be released in May.

Beautiful melodic, agile, winding bassline throbs and sneaks into pounding drumbeats and sharp, hypnotic ominous guitar stabs to build an impending mood of tension and unease embued by anxious, hushed vocals pulled beneath a claustrophobic haze induced by swathes of icy and dramatic synths. The poignant climax intensifies over a smouldering stop made of sinister throbbing bass, tribal drums and deep cutting soaring synth lines propelling the song into its gripping and harrowing ending.

Powerful, disturbing and intriguing, a striking burst of synth-loaded post-punk brilliance.

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photo by Daniel Cubero