WL//WH Track Of The Day : VENETIAN BLINDS “Cheating”

Track Of The Day

Sharp and uplifting, breathtaking and disturbing, sensual and sinister, bleak and emotional: a dark goth-tinged sound rooted in a vibrant and intense array of contrasting feelings and emotions, desolate and visceral expression of existential pain.

The debut of Melbourne-based darkwave five-piece Venetian Blinds explores the hopelessness and despair involved in the end of a relationship.

Obsessive and hypnotic sparkly guitar chords layered in droning swathes of sonic tension are backed by sparse drums. The haunting detached vocals, harmonized by ethereal yet spooky female voice, heighten mournful and dramatic moods, immersed in deep echoes and reverberations tinged with ominous obscurity and mystique. Searing and foreboding stabs of guitar foreshadow the sorrowful realisation there was nothing left beetween them, except emptiness and detachment.

A disturbing, disarming but ultimately fascinating debut.

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