WL//WL Track Of The Day: TOTAL AGE BOYS “Practice Perfect”

Track Of The Day Total Age Boys

Total Age Boys is a fresh Tilburg, the Netherlands based duet comprised of producer, audio-engineer and guitarist of noise racket To Adelaide, Wessel van den Broek and the frontman of post-punkers Docile Bodies, Sjoerd Aarden, experimenting with a noisy, EBM-embedded, darkwave-tinged raw, sweaty and murky electronic sound laced with subtle industrial grime.

The duo have just dropped their second single “Practice Perfect”, just a few weeks from the pounding electro debut “Sweat War”, a blistering slow-burner cut creeping with noxious deranged sounds, edgy and alienating, while it builds relentlessly in toxic intensity, unfolding like a deadly nightmarish ride until it drags you unmistakably into submission.

Unremitting dissonant layers of tearing distortion screech amidst deep tight kicks, spaced out by eerie rhythmic chirp and beep loops, that soar in vicious cathartic excitement, bursting with seething eager anticipation, propelled by terse whipping snare hits and ominously sputtering mechanical bassline fueling harsh abrasive treated vocals rise in distorted anger shifting to an evil brood left helpless in a tormented repetition of unescapable pain.