WL//WL Premiere: 6TH CROWD “The Day Is Over” Single.

WL//WL Single Premiere 6th Crowd

6TH- CROWD photo by Daria Kulnina

Today we are very happy to Premiere ‘The Day Is Over’ single by the Ukranian solo outfit 6TH CROWD. Led by the adventurous persona of the ex-On The Wane front-woman Dari Maksymova, 6TH CROWD‘s forthcoming EP is anticipated for early 2020. After putting aside her bass with its pedals and getting involved in Kyiv‘s techno community Modular UA, Maksymova made a startling turn in her course. It is not very often when the front person of a noir-garage rock band and post-punk oriented outfit like the disbanded On The Wane, decides to show a way more alternative side. You see, everything here is created by Dari Maksymova alone and the music is electronic all the way to the electro wings while flirting seriously with the techno boost.

Of course, she kept her ‘hypnotizing’ style on the microphone and her surprising temper as a musician. Inspired by both instrumental and electronic music, 6TH CROWD combines grooves from rave dance floors, melancholic storytelling from 80’s alternative rock scene, and melodic electro-pop vocals. Put in the obviously needed musical escapade of the generation of Kyiv and you have a pretty explosive and so imposing track, which was mastered by @plastmassa.community.

And yeah, even though she is a newcomer in the electro-music world, our guest shows a phenomenal commitment to it like a veteran. Some things in the making might have been easy for her as she is absolutely not a newcomer in music generally. But her deep talent in it all worked as a catalyst. Her new music is all full of live music arrangements and treatment, while she sings like there is a band with her in the studio, only that 6TH CROWD is a very personal and a solo project from start to end. And keeping in mind her recent musical past, I won’t be surprised at all if and when she reveals a stunning collaboration in the future because collective players will never deny playing in an enjoyable interplay. For now, here is ‘The Day Is Over’ by Dari Maksymova’s 6TH CROWD.

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6TH CROWD photo by Daria Kulnina

Written by Loud Cities Mike