WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #48

  • Depok, Indonesia indie pop band lead by Razif Mudarsyah Haragi, aka THE SWEETEST TOUCH “Promise” new single on Dont Fade Away Records

Indonesian outfit digs once again, with genuineness and flair, down the bygone days of early Sarah Records to unfurl a hazy breeze veiled of intimate greyish autumnal melancholy, through a hypnotic cascading web of pouting shimmering jangly guitar caresses, that ebb and flow with hopeless brokenhearted intensity, soothed by airy swathes of synth, amid shy vocal harmonies suffering from deep wounds of broken trust.

  • Kansas City, Missouri post-punk/shoegaze/dream pop duo CLUB SINISTER “Beyond Bleeding” debut single

Goth-tinged, obscure and mysterious, with a dash of reverb, passionate and dreamlike, we don’t know where the Missouri duo’s sound will lead, maybe next time it will end up in the post-punk playlist, but what matters is that the first single bleeds, soothes, and captivates with insistent emotional layers of piercing twang-veined guitar trills, that reverberate and sparkle, seeping into the dark pool of crying sorrow, around longing, droning, drawn-out vocals fall desperately into the dire, distressing calamity and pain of broken-hearted doom.

  • East Scotland, UK indie/shoegaze 4-piece SILVERMASH “Rompecabeza” new single 

The Scottish shoegazers are back, exactly after a year, to drop an introspective and immersive, Spanish titled, new single through a hazy flow of sparkling noisy guitar distortion slowly swarming in riffage abrasion to form droning auras of hypnotic reverb-drenched euphoria, amid dreamy atmospheric vocals, floating helplessly in ecstatic abandon.

  • BritFrench-pop-rock band based in Lyon led by English singer Amy Winter (Gloria), Midnight Cassette “Castle of my Heart” title track from the upcoming debut LP on Le Pop Club Records
  • Stockholm-based indie/electronic/dreampop/shoegaze duo of Maria Lindén e Fredrik Balck, aka I BREAK HORSES “Death Engine (The Field Remix)” from the 12″ EP “Death Engine / Turn” on Bella Union
  • US indie/trip-hop/electronic project based in Philadelphia, DECOUPLR “Cold Sweat” debut single                     
  • UK shoegaze/indie rock solo project of Cardiff-born Ride guitarist ANDY BELL “Cherry Cola (Pye Corner Audio Remix)” off new single “Cherry Cola” on Sonic Cathedral
  • Toulouse, French indie/psych-pop artist Laure Briard “Eu Voo” new single in collaboration with Brazilian psych-rock band Boogarins, and title track from upcoming EP via Dinosaur City, Michel and Midnight Special Records                                                                                                                                                         
  • Zagreb, Croatia indie/dream pop/avant pop outfit lead by Mirko Corak (member of Macedonian band Uminum), SVEMIRKO ”Još sam pri aparatu” from the new album “Skalamerija”
  • Denver, Co experimental indie rock project Jesus is my Space Gun “Soprano Home Movies” from debut S/T single
  • New Zealand folk/indie rock new 4-piece of Kaye Woodward, Alec Bathgate, Paul Kean and Mr. Choo Choo aka Hamish Kilgour (members of The Bats, The Clean, Tall Dwarfs), The Sundae Painters “Thin Air” off new double single release ‘Thin Air’ + ‘Aversion’
  • Arkhangelsk, Russia ambient/dream pop/ethereal wave/shoegaze duo, Kultura Potreblenya “Lights” from the new album “Ocean”
  • Melbourne dream pop 4-piece Aeroplane Mode “Settle Down” new single
  • Galway, Ireland shoegaze/noise-rock/guitar rock band NewDad “I Don’t Recognise You” new single
  • Maidstone, UK power pop/janglepop/indie pop band lead by Carl Mann, aka The Shop Window “Sad Eyes” new single
  • Totnes, UK new wave/kraut/alt rock 3-piece Pale Blue Eyes “Motionless” from debut ltd. 7″ single “Motionless / Chelsea”
  • Bordeaux, France psych-pop/jangle pop band Bootchy Temple “Lost Future” from the new album “In Consummated Bloom” on Howlin Banana Records
  • Alaska based shoegaze/dream pop DIY project of French musician Thierry Haliniak, MY RAINING STARS “Obvious Reasons” title track from new EP “Obvious Reasons”
  • West Kirby, UK indie/guitar rock collective West Coast Music Club “Long Goodbye” new single
  • Auckland, NZ noise indie rock project of Street Chant’s Emily Litter aka Emily Edrosa – “Drinking During the Day” from the LP “Another Wave is Coming” on Park The Van
  • Singapore‘s noise-pop band SUBSONIC EYE “Unearth” from Subsonic Eye’s third full-length album “Nature of Things”, due 15 January 2021 on Middle Class Cigars
  • Atlanta indie rock/dream pop/shoegaze project Heavenly Girlfriend – “Starting To Get It” from “Plaid Skirt” EP
  • Noise Rock/Pop shoegaze band from San Antonio, TX. HAPPYVOID “Nouns” off the new EP “The End Is Near”
  • Brisbane surfgaze/dreamgaze band The Double Happiness – “Finish” off the new album ‘Surfgazing’ on 4000 Records
  • L.A.-based noise pop/dream pop trio Soft Blue Shimmer “Emerald Bells” from the debut album “Heaven Inches Away” on Disposable America
  • Melbourne, Australia psych pop/dream pop/shoegaze duo GRAZER “Why Bother” new single
  • Louisville, Kentucky husband (David) and wife (Courtney) dreampop/shoegaze band COLOR CRUSH “Movie Night” new single
  • Southampton Township, New Jersey indie/shoegaze trio Pale Shade “Speed Trials” (Elliott Smith cover) off split single 7″ with No Sun on Flesh and Bone Records
  • Salt Lake City, UT shoegaze four-piece band NO SUN “Heading For The Door” (Duster cover) off the split single 7″ with Pale Shade on Flesh and Bone Records
  • Bangkok, Thailand alt/shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece Death Of Heather “Brighter” from Death of Heather’s S/T debut album
  • Detroit, Michigan ambient/post-rock/shoegaze outfit SULK “Loose Ends” new single
  • Toronto, Ontario 2-piece alternative/grungey/shoegaze band SICAYDA “Sometimes. . . Feels (like its getting worse and worse)” from upcoming S/T EP                                                                                                               
  • Italian punk/shoegaze band from Trento, YATUS “Sinless Flowers” from new single “sinless flowers | exile”
  • Canadian shoegazey, noisy, post-rock-y music side-project of Toronto shoegaze band Soft Wounds, SLOWLY “Exit Left (again)” [re-recorded revised version, originally from 2017]
  • Ukrainian shoegaze/noise rock/psychedelic trio from Kyiv, PREE TONE “Hidden Beauty” off the new cassette EP “Brekka” on [addicted label]
  • England, UK experimental/kraut/shoegaze/psychedelic/drone band lead by Ian Smith, assisted by Stephen Lawrie (Telescopes) and Jake Taylor, The VanishingLines “Denazification” from the debut album “No Replacement Found” on Shore Dive Records (CD) and Little Cloud Records (Vinyl)
  • São Paulo, Brazil shoegaze/psychedelic trio FIREFRIEND “Dead Icons” from the new album “Fantasma”
  • Sydney, Australia electronic/kraut/post-punk/dreampop/art rock duo Fabels – “Piccolo” from forthcoming 3rd album ‘Minds’
  • Christchurch, New Zealand indie rock 4-piece COWBOY MACHINE “Talk With Your Body” from the debut album “U Up?” on Melted Ice Cream
  • Copenhagen, Danish dreampop/indie rock duo Communions “Splendour” new single on Tambourhinoceros
  • Dunedin, New Zealand based alt/guitar rock band lead by Andrew Spittle, Charcoal Burners “It’s Not Enough” from the double vinyl 12″ album “The Scottish Play” originally released on private CDRs in 2002
  • Norwegian dream pop /psych-pop duo of Megaphonic Thrift members Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust from Bergen, MISTY COAST “Do You Still Remember Me?” new single          
  • Barrie, ON shoegaze/post-rock/psych-rock/indie quartet MOUNT MURAL “Sentient” new single
  • Lyon based French baroque pop/psychedelic rock collective SATELLITE JOCKEY “La Vallée” from the upcoming LP “Le Week-End” on Another Record/ Le Pop Club Records
  • London, UK based ethnic/jazz/pop/psychedelic duo of French multi-instrumentalist Kit Martin and Instanbul‘s singer and multi-disciplinary artist Merve Erdem, aka KIT SEBASTIAN “Ennui” off new 7″ single “Ennui / Abandoned” on Mr Bongo
  • Auckland, New Zealand indie-guitar-pop 4-piece The Beths “Starsign” (Over The Atlantic cover) off V/A “No Cover: A Carpark Covers Comp” Carpark Records‘ 21st anniversary celebrative sampler
  • Manila, Philippines indie-pop band Cinéma Lumière “London Tears” off the debut EP “Will You Catch Me”
  • Moscow-based indie-pop duo MASHMELLOW “Enough is Enough” new single
  • Denver, Co shoegaze/ethereal/dream pop outfit Stacking Pennies “No parties no party” off debut album “Wild resolve” 
  • Berlin-based experimental indie folk singer/songwriter and Transplant Records founder, NINA HYNES “Incantation” from the new “Incant” EP