WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #48

Anna Karina Jean-Luc Godard’s Vivre sa vie (1962)


  • Melbourne‘s post-punk/indie-rock/dream pop 4-piece Middle Management “One More Year” off debut EP “Caught Up in the Colours”

Melbourne‘s quartet blend the meandering bassline and pulsating drums of post-punk with bittersweet dreamy pop melodies, permeated with a deep sense of summery yet melancholic nostalgia, resulting in an absolutely invigorating yet poignant, catchy debut, yielding remarkably heartfelt and effective results. Flawless and elegant guitar pop.

  • Vigo, Spain indie/dream pop/shoegaze band comprised of former Juniper Moon members Ivan and Eva, LINDA GUILALA “Será Más Fácil” from ltd .2-track 7″ white vinyl single “Será Más Fácil / La Inseguridad” on Test Pattern Records

A heady concoction stellar guitar melodies, hypnotizing bass pulses, head-rush spacial swirls of synth lines embellished by fascinating ecstatic vocals are proof of a band in full unremitting creative flow. THe  equally addictive kraut-tinged synth-laden “La Inseguridad”, with absolutely alluring Stereolab-like vocal harmonies, is a perfect end to a perfect 2-tracker.

  • London-based synth/dream/indie-pop solo project of Greek artist Marianthi from MARSHEAUX, Me///o “Coming Home” debut single                                                                                                                                   

The solo project of half of Marsheaux, Marianthi Melitsi continues in the best possible way, with an additional energetic indie-pop twist, the elegant and enthralling electro-pop to which we are accustomed over the years: enveloping, atmospheric and intense, with melancholic undertones, replete with infectious melodic hooks and slightly noisy distortion. Pounding rhythms, beautifully evocative dazzling synth line and ethereal yet euphoric vocals make for an irresistible little pop gem.

  • Swedish ethereal/dream pop/dark pop artist STAINWASHER “Helga natt” new Christmas single
  • Seoul, South Korea-based indie noise pop band STARS ON FIRE “Please Come Home for Christmas” new 2-track single
  • Murcia, Spain Bedroom Lo-fi Pop artist Yana Zafiro – “Villancico Ucraniano” from V/A “Villancicos II” compilation on Jeanne d’Arc
  • New York dreamy retro-rock duo THE SHACKS “This Strange Effect” from V/A “Crown Jewels Vol. 1” via Big Crown Records
  • Cincinnati, Ohio dreamgaze/dream rock 4-piece SUNGAZE “Witchdoctor” new single
  • Kettering, UK psych-driven fuzz & beat four-piece Thee Telepaths – “Delta (Pts 1 – 4)” off of V/A “Psych Against Cancer” fund-raising compilation through Psych Lovers Facebook group
  • Melbourne, Australia synth-pop/dream pop DIY one-girl-project, Japanese Heart Software “Holiday (feat. Blush Response)” new Christmas single
  • Bristol, Connecticut space rock/psych-pop project ORANGE CAKE MIX “It’s quitting time in the desolate factory of wasted dreams” from the album “Still dreams of brighter colors”
  • Nantes, France shoegaze duo of guitarist of Extreme Shoegaze, Jimmy Arfosea and singer Elsa Muller, An Ocean Of Embers “Reflections Of The Hologram”
  • Houston, TX lo-fi shoegaze band CHERISH “Capsule” from “Cherish Demo One” EP
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina ambient/shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece Océanos “Pájaros” from the new EP “Inmensidad”
  • UK synthpop/indie solo project New Wolves “Unselected”                                                                                               
  • Australian 3-piece psych-garage-pop Melbourne band of Ali E (Damn Terran, Heavy Beach, Little Athletics, Mod Vigil, Ali E Band), Kate Koomen (Bunny Monroe), and Rita Khayat (Moon Cup), aka SPIRAL PERM “Hometime” from “Greatest Hits” EP
  • San Diego, CA lo-fi/C86/new wave/jangly/dream/indie-pop DIY duo AN EARLIER AUTUMN “Laura” off of debut S/T EP
  • Lucerne, Switzerland ethereal/shoegaze/dream pop project of Andy Jossi, THE CHURCHHILL GARDEN “Surrender (feat. Krissy Vanderwoude)” new single.
  • Jakarta, Indonesia indie-pop band THE SENSITIVE “World Is Evil” new single on let’s kiss a secret / heaven punks
  • Pittsburgh, PA indie/jangle/dream-pop band FLOWER CROWN “High Fantasy” new single on Crafted Sounds
  • Swiss indie/French-pop/psych-pop band (formerly known as Venus on Fyre) of Madeleine and Samuel Sandri, Simon Bradford and Jacob Atkinson, DREAM PARADE “Fools to the world” off their debut album « Sisyphus » out on January 31th 2020 with Le Pop Club Records.
  • Chilean twee/pop punk/indie pop -piece La Casa de Emma “Los Calcetines De Erik” from the upcoming album “Desventura de Verano” on Junko Records
  • Mexican dream-goth/post-punk/dream pop duo from Reynosa, SOMA CAKE “Claustrophobic Love” from the new EP “The Longest Hug”
  • Paris-based garage/indie pop quintet En Attendant Ana “Do You Understand?” the 2nd single from the sophomore album “Juillet”, out January 24th, 2020 via Trouble In Mind Records.
  • Ukrainian lo-fi / indie /dreampop / post-punk solo project based in Kyiv, вчера после завтра [Vcheraposlezavtra] ‘мы посидим на кухне’ from the new album ‘поезд в никуда’                                                        
  • Allentown, PN noisy/shoegazey pysch band Catatonic Suns “Acid Wash” from the new debut album “Aphelion”
  • Montreal, Québec dream pop trio PENNY DIVING “Shotgun, She Said” new single
  • Bedroom/dream pop/grunge gaze project by Russian singer/songwriter Maxim Starovoytov aka Homeboy In Luv ’bout u’ from V/A ‘Para Siempre II’ on Stupid Decisions
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia dream pop/shoegaze band, Тайник [Taynik] ‘Яблоневый сад’ new 2-track single
  • Bandung, Indonesia shoegaze/noise-pop band EYESUN “Feel Something” new single on Maritime Records
  • Brooklyn, NY shoegaze/psych/dream pop/garage band SCULLY “Real” from the new EP “Encounters” on Fire Talk
  • Auckland, New Zealand lo-fi fuzzy garage-pop duo Hariet Ellis and Yolanda Fagan, aka NA NOISE “Bad Dreams” second single
  • Austin, TX fuzzy pop/shoegaze/brain gaze band OBSERVER “The Brain Hunter” from the new debut mini-album “Massive Confusion”
  • Edmonton, Alberta indie/jangle/fuzzy power-pop trio BRUNCH CLUB “Fall Again” from the new EP “Another Wasted Summer”
  • Helsinki, Finland blues-garage-psych rock trio Pink Chameleons “Word Out” the new EP “Songs” on Soliti.
  • Melbourne, Australia garage-punk powerhouse Eddy Current Suppression Ring “Human Race” from the new album “All In Good Time” on Castle Face Records
  • Stockholm, Sweden psychedelic/space-rock solo project of Anders Broström, aka Domboshawa “Rymdpuls”
  • England‘s noisy/fuzzy/emogaze band WISHBONE “Laika” new single                                                                   
  • Dark heavy psychedelic duo from Uruguay, Las Cobras – ”Evil In Your Eyes” from the forthcoming sophomore album “Selva” on Fuzz Club
  • Sidney experimental glam/scum garage rock and roll band lead by Angela Bermuda & Jack Mannix, CIRCLE PIT “Neon Idol” off forthcoming 2020 EP through DERO Arcade
  • Late ’90s NYC Garage Punks The Prissteens “Nothing To Say” from the upcoming never-released second album plus bonus tracks “The Hound” via Girlsville
  • Los Angeles based fuzz/shoegaze/noise-pop/psych/indie band (formerly LEAF), SPLIT MOON “It’s Alright” from the forthcoming album “Slow Satellite” out late February 2012 on Stow House Records
  • Indonesian noise/indie rock band ACHE “Blue” from S/T EP on Sailboat Records
  • Los Angeles‘ glam/power pop Wyatt Blair – “Pop Your Heart Out” off of new EP “For The First Time” on Lolipop Records
  • San Diego, CA bedroom/jangle/twee/indie pop duo Sugar World “We Fell In Love” second single
  • Boston/L.A./NYC cross-coastal darkwave/electronic/shoegaze/dream pop trio IEVA “Sacrifice” new single         
  • German ‘dream punk’/shoegaze trio from Hamburg, SEASURFER “Lovers Breakdown” new single on Reptile Music
  • Asheville, NC shoegaze/grunge/indie pop quintet WEDNESDAY “Fate Is…” from the forthcoming 2020 album “I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone” on Orindal
  • UK garage-punk/pop/noise/fuzz band from Derby, PET CROW “Controlling” from forthcoming 2020 album “Take the Edge Off”
  • Portland, OR shoegaze 4-piece HELENS “Red” from the new EP “Pollen”
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina post-punk/shoegaze/dream-pop duo Corriendo Por El Bajo “Radiación Solar”
  • Hastings, UK shoegaze/dream pop band LONGINGSKY “Longing Sky (Demo)” demo song from upcoming EP.
  • Australian shoegaze/alt pop band from Sydney, GRIDS AND DOTS “Never change” debut single
  • Wollongong, Australia dream pop/noise rock/shoegaze trio MINERS “Reflector” from the album “Early Recordings 2” (part two collection of tracks mainly recorded in the later half of the 2010s)
  • Hobart, Australia indie/jangle/guitar pop 4-piece Quivers “Me In Honey” (R.E.M. cover)” limited 3-track 7″ via Turntable Kitchen
  • Scottish power-jangle-pop group from Edinburgh, DROPKICK “Feeling Never Goes Away” from the forthcoming 2020 LP “The Scenic Route” via Bobo Integral
  • Los Angeles based post-punk/dream pop solo project of a member of Ter Nura, CLOSED TEAR “Fog” from the new EP “Descuidado”
  • Philadelphia new wave/dream-pop duo of Chelsea Brennan and Chris Schackerman (formerly a touring member of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart), ARCH OF LOVE “Light in Your Eyes” new single via 6131 Records
  • Chicago area indie/shoegaze/synthwave trio SPILLS “Shadowed” new single from the upcoming album ”Reflexions”
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia lo-fi indie-pop singer/songwriter ASPEN GROVE “Don’t fly away too far” first single from the upcoming 2020 EP
  • Umeå, Swedish psych/dream pop project of Hannes Ferm, HOLY “You shine on me (feat. Boys)” new single from forthcoming LP “Ryder” on PNKSLM Recordings
  • Vancouver indie-pop project of Thee AHs‘ member DJ On, aka NON LA “Light In My Loafers” from the upcoming LP “Not In Love” via Kingfisher Bluez (vinyl) / Lost Sound Tapes (tape).
  • Hamburg, Germany indie-pop guitarist/singer/songwriter, Herr D.K. “Eingekreist” (Single Version) on Tapete Records
  • Los Angeles, CA indie/shoegaze/dream pop husband/wife duo THE KNOW “143”
  • Atlanta, Georgia dream-pop solo project of multi-instrumentalist and VYB bassist Bailey Crone, BATHE “All I Wanted” new single
  • Cape Town, South Africa shoegaze/post-punk band DANGERFIELDS “Prisoner (NONN Remix)”
  • New York dream-pop/dreamgazer solo project of Dani Mari, aka PRIMITIVE HEART “Escape (Maude Vos remix)” off of new single “Escape” on Shore Dive Records
  • Oslo, Norway synthpop artist SASSY 009 “Lara (feat. Clairo)” new single on Luft Recordings
  • Los Angeles-based dream pop/synth-pop duo Magdalena Bay “Oh Hell” new single on Luminelle
  • İstanbul, Turkey electronic/Anatolian funk/psych-pop trio LALALAR ‘Hata Benim Göbek Adım’ from the 2-track single ‘Mecnun’dan Beter Haldeyim’ via Les Disques Bongo Joe

Anna Karina (1940-2019).