WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – NOVEMBER #47-23

VOX 1967 ad with Buddy Rich and a young Ringo Starr


  • UK lo-fi /bedroom pop duo Matt Groves and Sadie Parry, aka Harper “Rings” single

Sentimental and atmospheric new single from the Bedroom pop duo sways on a luminous tactile bed of steady clattering percussions, mellow acoustic strums, insistent wistful jangly melodies, glittering keys, and emotive enveloping strings to cradle breathless dual vocal harmonies, alternating high angst with soft dreaminess to release fear and longing into a slow sparkling downstream flow of newfound adoration.

  • International shoegaze /indie rock /noise rock band based in Amsterdam, Neon Star Sky “Heavy Shoes” single

Genre-bending single from the Amsterdam-based group straddles the lines between Post-Punk, Shoegaze, and Noise Rock, amid Doom-laden loud to reflective calm interludes, almost resembling a dramatic epic folk cavalcade drenched in murky and shimmering reverb, pulsing on the compulsive drive of hard-hitting drum beats, chugging basslines, heavy obsessive droning guitar riffs, and eerie icy bright keyboards melodies, surrounding a combination of breathy ominous and glaring anxious vocals with the humor and cultural references from ChatGpt’s idea of a Post-Apocalyptic Shoegaze song.

  • London-based alt /shoegaze /psychedelic garage rock’n’roll duo REVOLVERINES “Music to Drive Fast at Nite” single

    First single from a bunch of Demos, seemingly influenced by early Black Rebels Motorcycle Club, The Velvets, JAMC, Mazzy Star, and so on, “Music to Drive Fast at Nite” is a nocturnal droning psychedelic ride, both groovy and surreal, with a shimmery shoegaze twist, led by hypnotic persistent drum beats along with rippling murky post-punk basslines, whilst grungy guitar riffs and sparkling wails weave haunting echoes and shivering immersive mists around bewitching female vocals, telling another to turn up the stereo during an adrenaline-fueled sway of urgent romantic moods.
  • Japanese ambient dreamgaze project from Himeji, Fluffytails “Always it’s white clouds and blue sky” single
  • Montreal, Canada indie-rock /dream-pop group Grand Eugène “Celle-là” from “Celle-là / Moments (Démos)” 2-track early demos on Delicieuse Records
  • Vancouver, BC indie /dream pop duo Doohickey Cubicle “Super Smeller” single
  • Fredericksburg, Virginia ambient /acoustic /psychedelic /drone /folk / experimental guitarist Daniel Bachman “Someone Straying, Long Delaying” from the new album “When the Roses Come Again” [Three Lobed Recordings]
  • Nashville indie folk songwriter (Styrofoam Winos), Lou Turner “Ride The Melting” off upcoming V/A “Measure, Pour & Mixtape: Music for Cooking” cassette compilation on S P I N S T E R
  • Berlin-based dream pop folk sound creation of singer-songwriter Lisa (alternative noise-rock band This Love Is Dead), aka AMOUR FOU “All I Found Is Now” off the sophomore LP “Slow Burn”
  • Bath, UK dream pop /shoegaze /indie folk solo, multi-instrumental artist Sandoval “Halo Jones” single
  • Adelaide, Australia psychedelic pop /folk singer-songwriter Joe Ziffer “Mayday” from the debut LP “Long Shadows” via Tenth Court
  • New York-based indie rock /folk singer-songwriter (Ex-Haywood, Ex-Wendyfix, ex post.), Ted Pauly “Christmas Eve, Molly Pitcher” single
  • Docksta, Sweden lo-fi /shoegaze /slowcore side project of one-man black metal artist Höstblod, aka Efterbild “Is it love?” from the LP “Ett mjukt raseri”
  • Dunedin, New Zealand lo-fi /indie rock /folk pop band Frog Power “My Heart” from the S/T album
  • Montreal, Québec rock’n’roll /indie-rock /garage-pop foursome Feeling Figures “Seek and Hide” from the debut album “Migration Magic” via perennialdeath/K Records
  • Enigmatic Cincinnati, Ohio indie rock /folk /post-punk /psychedelic garage /jangly power group (possibly members of The Serfs, The Drin, Crime of Passing and Motorbike), THE ABDO MEN “Termination Dust” from the cassette album “ULCER ANTHOLOGY: LAFF YOUR WAY TO TOTAL DESTRUCTION” via Mangel
  • Brighton, UK post-rock /folk rock 4-piece ladylike “Southbound” debut single
  • Brooklyn, NY first new music in 20 years from the singer-writer-producer of the indie rock band Wrens, Charles Bissell, aka Car Colors “Old Death” title track of the 12″ EP “Old Death” via Absolutely Kosher
  • Glasgow-based electronic shoegaze two-piece Japan Review “Connie Gustafson” from the sophomore album “The Slow Down” CD/Cassette via Blackjack Illuminist Records
  • Bristol, UK-based electronic /noise-pop /shoegaze ensemble, The Fauns “Mixtape Days” 2nd single from upcoming LP “How Lost” on Invada
  • Athens, Greece-based dream pop duo, Keep Shelly in Athens “Lonely Times” single [Athenian Aura Recordings]
  • Toronto, Canada 4-piece shoegaze /indie rock band Ex-Copycat “The Golden Ratio” from the album “Interloper”
  • Sandbach, UK jangle /indie pop /power pop solo project of singer-songwriter Paul Hughes, aka The Candy Strypers “Aural Injuries” title track of “Aural Injuries” EP
  • Depok, Indonesia jangly indie pop solo project The Pocket Spring – “Rainy Day Gigglefest” single via Chaotic Pop Records
  • Clare, Australia lo-fi bedroom dream pop project of guitarist and composer Joel Carr, aka Foulness Island “We’ll Call It Home” from the second EP “This Silent Alarm”
  • Letchworth Garden City, UK 4-piece bedroom C86 /jangle /indie pop outfit (members of Spanish Amanda), The Chickpea Darlings “The Cat Loves A Good Box Set” from the CD collection “My Baby Wants A Riot – A Chickpea Darlings Retrospective” on Subjangle
  • Swansea, UK indie-pop punk group of Amelia Fletcher (Heavenly, Talulah Gosh), Rob Pursey (Heavenly), Ian Button (Thrashing Doves), Hue Williams (The Pooh Sticks) and Bob Collins (The Dentists, The Treasures of Mexico), Swansea Sound “SANTA BAIL ME OUT” 3-track CD in Christmas Card upcoming via the band’s own label Skep Wax
  • Newport, UK new wave /synth-pop /indie pop /electronica homemade solo project of Rob Morgan, aka Honeybourne “Respecting Your Wishes” from upcoming LP “The Hour That Never Was”
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK lo-fi /C86 /post-punk /indie pop DIY songwriter-musician Daniel McGee, aka Zenxith “Indie Pop Impersonators” from the 12th LP “Bonny’s Garden Party”
  • Leeds, UK bedroom-pop /shoegaze /jangly /dream pop solo project of Amber Strawbridge, aka Bored At My Grandmas House “Inhibitions” single via Clue Records
  • San Francisco-based brightcore project fronted by songwriter, Justin Cheromiah, aka High Sunn “Fabric” from ltd. cassette “FABRIC” EP via Galaxy Train
  • Brooklyn, NY-based psych folk /shoegaze /indie rock songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Peter Wagner, aka Furrows “Morning Fire” single
  • Albacete, Spain indie /dream pop /shoegaze /noise pop band Pálida Tez “Desaparecer” from the EP “Viaje a la habitación del fondo de la casa” on El Genio Equivocado (cassette)
  • Highland Park, New Jersey indie /shoegaze /dream pop solo project (a member of electronic groups You Shriek, Model Behavior, Project Sphere and Provocateur), Skot Kremen “Alyyah” from the EP “Emet″
  • Manchester, UK DIY /bedroom shoegazer Tasmin Stephens (Duvet guitarist), aka TTSSFU “I Hope You Die” from upcoming 2014 “Me, Jed and Andy” EP 12” [Fear of Missing Out Records]
  • Hong Kong indie pop /shoegaze 5-piece Lucid Express “Hotel 65 (Drowned Version)”
  • Philadelphia, PA breakcore /electronic /shoegaze trio FULL BODY 2 “Wonder limit” from the cassette/CD EP “Infinity signature”
  • Argentinian noise-rock /dream pop /shoegaze power trio from Mar del Plata, Tomates en Verano ”El Sueño” from the LP “Sin Ton Ni Son” via Casa del Puente Discos
  • L.A.-based noise pop /dream pop trio Soft Blue Shimmer “Chamoy Remix” from the single “2 Songs – Remixes”
  • Californian psych /dream pop /shoegaze band led by Cyrus VandenBerghe, AKA Welcome Strawberry “I’d Give Up Everything for You” from the vinyl 12″ EP “Scared to Look” on Cherub Dream Records
  • Toronto-based indie rock /shoegaze band founded by musician/producer Josh McIntyre (Prince Innocence) and vocalist Lauren Armstrong, aka Thermal “18” off “Plaster Girl” EP
  • South Australia-based Dream pop /Shoegaze one-man band of songwriter, guitarist, and producer Dave Thomas, aka Hey Calamity “Tide Me Over” single
  • Seattle, WA 5-piece garage pop /psychedelic /shoegaze band BLACK NITE CRASH “Electric” first single from the forthcoming 2024 album “Signal to Noise” via Neon Sigh
  • Tokyo, Japan 3-piece noise /grunge /shoegaze band CIGARETTE in your bed “Insane Supermarket” single
  • Stockholm-based dream pop /shoegaze band, L23 “Where Do You Go By Now?” second single
  • Norwegian noise-pop /indie rock /shoegaze music producer FAKETHIAS “Euphoria Loop” from the debut LP “Core Echo” via Massive Grain
  • Los Angeles based dream pop /shoegaze musician Jared Martin “Longing” debut single
  • John’S, Newfoundland and Labrador shoegaze artist and producer lil dirtbag “Flowers in Antarctica” from the debut EP “It’s Been Too Real”
  • Denver, CO 4-piece experimental psych /shoegaze band Shadows Tranquil “Desolate Ever” from the album “Downward Flowers”
  • Los Angeles-based alt /grunge /shoegaze band SALINE “Restless” from upcoming 2024 EP “Rearview” via Candlepin Records
  • Sidney-based, Australian emo /post-hardcore /grunge /shoegaze trio Paraphernalia “You Should Be More Like Me” single                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Chinese indie rock /shoegaze /noise rock band One Moon – 风和星星和我们 – from the EP 幼稚月 via SmallAnimalsRecords
  • Portland, OR sadcore /grunge /shoegaze /scuzz indie rock duo Anthony Gaglia (LáGoon, The Crooked Whispers) and Jamie Yeats (Wizzerd), aka OOPSY DAZEY “Regrets” from the debut S/T LP soon on Cassette/Vinyl
  • Netherlands-based indie rock /rock’n’roll duo Ajay Saggar (Bhajan Bhoy) and Holly Habstritt, aka  Volksempfänger “Damned & Drowned” off the debut album “Attack Of Sound” via Cardinal Fuzz (UK) and Feeding Tube Records (USA)
  • Melbourne-based fuzzy psychedelic rock band The Silversound “FuzzBoxGirl” title track of the 5-song “FuzzBoxGirl” EP via Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • New York‘s grunge /punk /rock and roll boy band Substitute “Someone New” from upcoming LP “Manic”
  • Norwich, UK emo /indie rock band SUDS “Overgrown” from the LP “The Great Overgrowth” via Big Scary Monsters
  • Vancouver Island‘s shoegaze /dream pop /trapgaze artist Debbie Debased, aka SUFFER FOOLS “almost beautiful ‘murder trial mix’ (dj bake​-​n​-​phat)” from “almost beautiful (dj bake-n-phat remixes)” EP
  • Californian bedroom /freak folk singer-songwriter Kevin Patrick Sullivan, aka Field Music “Silver Girl” from the upcoming album “Dope Girl Chronicles”
  • Chicago, IL indie /dream pop /singer-songwriter Josephine “How I Love You” single
  • Parisian lo-fi /beat tape /dream pop /hip-hop producer MAYAEWK “Western Spaghetti” from “Western Spaghetti” EP
  • Scotland‘s late ’90s formed duo of Stuart David (co-founder and bass player of Belle & Sebastian) and his wife Karn, aka Looper “Words On Paper” (unreleased) from the cassette album “A Luminous Place” collection of lo-fi jazz-hop instrumental beats recordings (four as Mr Vertigo) during the lockdown-era [Mute]

Remo Ad 1971 – Buddy Rich and Louie Bellson