WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – November #47-21

Photo by Esther Bubley

  • Manchester, UK bedroom pop /dream-pop solo project Warahenege “Skyscrapers and Oceans” (Single)

We repeat ourselves, but evidently, the Mancunian musician is one of our fave up-and-coming young dream-pop artists and it is not denied this time either, with an enticing and sparkling new single in which the keyboard/guitar combination envelop the whole in an ecstatic ambience, to unwind an extremely lulling, hypnotic flow of shimmering at times poignant 6-string melodies and meandering rhythmic swells, whilst desperate, detached heartbroken vocals chisel excruciating lyrics of broken love and dark decisions down a dim-lit path of stirring tinkling piano melody’s fragile weeps.

  • Singapore-based alt-rock /dream-pop /shoegaze band BLUSH “Come Clean” from the debut S/T EP

Blending elements of slowcore, indie rock and shoegaze, Singapore‘s young 4-piece BLUSH create a heady balance between feeling and apathy, melody and dissonance over three immersive yet energetic tunes rife with sadness, agony, melancholy and bliss, ceaselessly able to arouse mesmerizing emotions as the best guitar rock should. “Come Clean” unfolds steady drum beats that fuel an abrasive hazy barrage of noisy guitar riffs, to overflow angsty angelic female vocals with intense bursts of winding fuzz whilst heartbroken lyrics hope for new beginnings amid guilty lies.

  • Italian guitar rock /jangle /indie-pop solo project of Andrea Calvo and friends, Grand Drifter “Bookends” from the new album “Only Child” on Subjangle, Dotto and Sciopero Records

Although over the years I wandered for diverse music genres, listening to albums like the new sophomore “Only Child” from my fellow Italian musician-singer and composer triggers a warm, sentimental and comforting feeling I have exclusively for the records I grew up with, that are relentlessly lingering inside me, it is like rediscovering a part of my roots. The clear array of mainly 80s influences (The Go-Betweens, The Field Mice, Even As We Speak, Blue Boy, C86, The Clientele, The Beatles etc.) are re-interpreted with a distinctive songwriting depth along with a fresh and heartfelt melodic sensibility through a chiaroscuro of intimate, sober and, at the same time, refined sounds, rambling around the gauzy sunrays and dainty blurry mists of a swaying infusion of jaunty rhythms, sparkling jangly guitars riffs, tinkling piano notes, sparse harmonica swells, on which stand out rich evocative and genuine vocals imbued with intimate melancholy and dreamy nostalgia, subtly stirred by dark undertones. Immaculate timeless indie pop, it feels like home.

  • Ogden, Utah ambient /ethereal /shoegaze project DREAM SEQUENCE “cloudburst / valentine” single on vaporgaze
  • Long Beach, Ca alt /indie rock /dream pop singer-songwriter Tatiana Simonian, aka The Blonde Names – “Swoon” from the debut EP “Love & Other Ghosts”
  • Camberra‘s experimental /ambient /trip-hop /electronic project of violinist, vocalist and composer currently based in Melbourne, Emma Kelly aka HAPPY AXE “Treasure (feat. Puscha)” from the single” Don’t Wake Up / Treasure (feat. Puscha)” on Spirit Level
  • Berlin-based trip-hop /ambient /industrial /electronic trio founded by Nicolo Sommer and Christy Taylor, BIINDS “Shove” new single.
  • Sydney, Australia based Hong-Kong-bred electronic experimental-pop singer-songwriter-producer Rainbow Chan “Eudaimonia 幸福感” from “Stanley” EP on Eastern Margins
  • Charlottesville, VA dream /indie-rock trio Stray Fossa – “Heartbeats” (The Knife cover) off of upcoming V/A “Reprise Vol. 1” tape cover compilation on Nice Guys
  • Los Angeles space /psych /celestial pop artist Vinyl Williams ‘Exopalace” single
  • London, UK jazzy electronic avant-pop artist Jude Woodhead, aka Saint Jude ‘Alright, All Tied’ new single on Slow Dance
  • Paris, France indie-pop duo SNGPR “Soin” from the upcoming EP “Rimjhim” on Morning Crash Records
  • Orlando, FL indie /shoegaze /dream pop 4-piece Couples Therapy “Kiss” single on Spirit Goth/BIRTHDIY
  • Russian indie folk /dream pop /indie pop singer-songwriter Egor Berdnikov based in Moscow, SILKLAKE “The Silk Lake” single
  • Winnipeg, Canada indie /chillwave /dream-pop solo project of Felicia Sekundiak, FLOOR CRY “End Credits” single
  • Auckland, New Zealand indie rock singer-songwriter EMMANUELLE “Roll The Dice” (Single)                                           
  • Montreal, Quebec former Eric’s Trip‘s folk rock singer-songwriter Julie Doiron “Et Mon Amour” from the new LP “I Thought Of You” on You’ve Changed Records
  • Glasgow, UK indie pop /folk project of singer /songwriter Kim Grant, aka RAVELOE “Catkins” single on Olive Grove Records
  • Ottawa, Canada grunge /shoegaze /indie rock duo SOFTCULT “Perfect Blue” (Single).
  • Swedish indie /shoegaze /noise-pop band from Stockholm, WE.THE PIGS “Goodbye” from the upcoming S/T album on Shore Dive Records (CD) and Dreams Never End Records (Vinyl)
  • Malmö indie rock band (members of FEWS, Hater, YAST, Simian Ghost and more), HORSE SHOW “Used To” from the upcoming “Falsterbo” [EP] on PNKSLM Recordings
  • Münster, Germany bedroom /dream-pop /indie-pop solo project of half of Nah, Sebastian Voss, aka The Fisherman and his Soul “Santa’s Bat (feat. The Radio Field)” Christmas single
  • Bordeaux, France indie pop /synth pop 4-piece Feutre “Sentiments” from the album “Nos recontres” on Kocliko
  • Manchester’s jangle pop /guitar rock solo project The Quiet Method “Exits” from the debut “Archipelago” EP
  • England, UK power-pop /indie-pop outfit The Third Cut “All I Want” new single from forthcoming new EP “I Feel Bad So You Can Feel Good”.
  • Clare, Australia indie /jangle /dream-pop solo project ENGLISH SUMMER “Tower of Waves” (Single)
  • Oakland, Ca ethereal /coldwave /post-punk /dream-pop 4-piece PARALLEL “Bring Me Down” from the debut S/T single
  • London-based experimental art-pop ensemble Bas Jan “Vision Of Change” from the upcoming sophomore LP “Baby U Know” on LostMap Records
  • San Francisco jangle psych garage pop band THE AREOSOLS “Summer Lasers” from the second LP “Room For Wrong”
  • Carrboro, NC mid-’80s jangle /indie rock band Other Bright Colors “Incredible Shrinking Man” from the unreleased Mitch Easter produced 1987 sophomore album “Drive In” via Base Ten Records
  • L.A. based jangle /dream pop /indie rock band fronted, and curated by California bred Brendan Sepe (Pesos), SEMI TRUCKS “When There’s No Ceiling” from the album “Vs. California” on Meritorio Records
  • Montreal, Québec jangle pop /French pop /dream pop band Lizzy & the Fanatics “East Angus 1998” single
  • London, UK dream pop 4-piece SENNEN “Laid Out (live)” from “Transmissions” EP on Sonic Cathedral
  • Cookeville, Tennessee ambient /noise rock /post-rock /shoegaze solo project, Boys Her Age “John’s Not Real” from the single “Team Sports for Two”
  • Shoegaze /dreampop /post-rock 4-piece from Belgium, CECILIA::EYES “Promises of Rain” from the upcoming album “Sore Memories Always End”
  • Japanese shoegaze /dream pop /indie rock girl band from Tokyo, SPOOL “She’s like a bluemoon” (Single)
  • Wilmington, NC dream shoegaze /jangle /indie pop band, Lauds “Are You There All Alone” single on Fort Lowell Records
  • Brisbane, Australia dream pop /grunge /shoegaze power trio Terra Pines “Harp On” second single off of the upcoming album “Downbeats”, due in early 2022 via False Peak Records.
  • Rio Grande Valley, TX alternative /shoegaze band, GLARE “Soft” from the upcoming “Heavenly” EP on Sunday Drive Records
  • Stroudsburg, PA slowcore /indie rock /shoegaze 4-piece BLUSH “Depart From You” from the upcoming EP “There Is Nothing Left To Say”
  • Porto Alegre, Brazil Noise Pop / Shoegaze band LOOMER “Then You Go” from V/A “30 em 3 midsummer madness – Volume 1” on midsummer madness
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL noise /indie rock /shoegaze 5-piece SMELTER “Muffler” title track from the debut EP “Muffler”
  • Sweden acid /drone /cosmic /psychedelic fuzzy rockers The Janitors “Rymdnämnden” first preview from the upcoming album “Noisolation Sessions Vol.2”
  • Sidney, Australia Madchester /garage /shoegaze /psychedelic 5-piece PEEL “DYNA” from S/T EP on Third Eye Stimuli Records
  • Italian Emotional Dream-Rock band from Rome, DROP ON GLASS “My Desires Fault” from the debut LP “Light as a Feather”
  • Japanese indie shoegaze quartet from Tokyo, The Florist “Apocalypse” from the album “IN CVLT”
  • California psychedelic shoegaze trio FLEETING JOYS “Throwaway” from the 4th LP “All Lost Eyes And Glitter”
  • Bakersfield, Ca-based shoegaze /dream pop married duo, Fawns of Love ‘Taboo Daydreaming’ from the LP ‘Innocence of Protection’ on Kingfisher Bluez
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania bedroom pop /post-rock /shoegaze musician Max Black “Crystal” (Single)
  • Tournai/Belgium instrumental post-rock 4-piece ENDLESS DIVE “Tropique Triste” from the upcoming LP “A Brief History of a Kind Human”
  • Tochigi, Japan indie pop /indie rock duo Lucie,Too ‘Fool’ from the upcoming full-album ‘Fool’ on Thistime Records
  • Brighton, UK based schrammelig post-punk /indie-pop band of Beth Arzy, Shaun Charman, Kerry Boettcher and Hannes Müller, aka Jetstream Pony “Behind the Eyes” from the mini-LP “Misplaced Words” on Spinout Nuggets/Shelflife
  • NYC electronic synthpop /new wave solo project, BACHELOR “Runaway, Runaway” single
  • Danish indie rock /psych /dream-pop /new wave mysterious one-man-project from Copenhagen, (((S))) “Mesmerized” from upcoming LP “The World Of (((S)))” on Aenos Records
  • Dresden, Germany garage synth punk /new wave band Nowaves “The Laundry” from the album “Odd Secrets” on Phantom Records
  • Paris, France power-pop /garage punk band STALLED MINDS “Fever” from the debut LP “Shades” on Destructure records
  • Melbourne indie-rock 4-piece (featuring the former members of Ooga Boogas), POWER SUPPLY “Conservative Instincts” from the debut album “In the Time of the Sabre-toothed Tiger” via Anti Fade (Australia) and Goner (USA).
  • Paris based garage punk rock band lead by Sheffield-born Nick Wheeldon (Os Noctambulos, 39th & The Nortons), Nick Drunken Broken Arms And His False Dylan Cobb “Overdue” from the LP “Everybody’s Tryin To Fuck, I Just Want To Make Love” on Polaks Records / Safe in the Rain Records
  • Swedish kraut rock grunge surf power trio based in Malmö (members of YAST, DÖDEN, Nightmen etc), Toi Let “Burner” (Single) on Adrian Records
  • Stockholm, Sweden noise indie rock trio VERO “BEG!” from the upcoming 2-track “BEG! / Concrete” [7″ vinyl single] on PNKSLM Recordings
  • Colac, Australia library /synth /psychedelic solo project Pip-Eye “World of Travel” from the album “Dream Themes” on Flightless
  • Melbourne based Tasmanian late 80s ‘acoustic-Pop-Thrashabilly Power-Pop trio (aka The Dunaways), The Fish John West Reject “Southwesterly” from “Best Street” EP
  • South Australian lo-fi /sad disco /dystopian folk self-produced side project of producer and musician Benjamin Marwe (Bad//Dreems frontman) based in Adelaide, Wedding Motel “Part Timer” from upcoming “Childhood Beach” EP on Endless Recordings.
  • New York indie pop /indie rock solo project SIPPER “Bite” from the album “dead2me”
  • Düsseldorf, Germany bedroom indie rock /jangle pop solo project The Radio Field “Clover (Demo)” from “Simple Demos” EP demo versions from a debut EP due 2022
  • Umeå, Sweden indie pop 4-piece Duschpalatset “Ford Festiva” from the debut LP “Baby” on Startracks
  • Manila, Philippines indie rock band PAPER SATELLITES “Try Again” single on Lilystars Records
  • London, UK indie pop /dream pop artist Stephan Kreussel “Starlight” from “In a Bit” EP
  • London, UK based indie songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Soren Bryce, aka TUMMYACHE “Porcupine” new single on Poor Man Records
  • London based dream pop /electronic duo ROSI “Here” (Single)

Ester Bubley – 1943 © Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA/OWI Collection.