WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #47

Created by Aykut Aydogdu

  • Melbourne-born, Stockholm-based dream-pop project of ex Kins frontman Thomas Savage aka Vilde “Phantom Mantra” new single                                                                                                                                  

Brittle and moving soulful vibes flow through high pitched male vocals cool smooth emotional hesitancy, amid stark and nostalgic, tinkling piano notes lifted by droning low-end vibrations and distant glowing synth swells, while twinkling guitar twines sew slow dragging beats through the melancholic milieu of poetic rhymes, pulling tender heartstrings regarding friendship, taut.

  • Spanish indie-pop /shoegaze /dream pop duo from Sevilla, The Royal Landscaping Society ”Frost” (originally included in Self/Titled 2014 album on Beko Disques) off 2-track single and to be included in the compilation ‘Means of Production’, via Matinée Recordings                                                                                                                                                                           

Fervent activity from the Matineeè Records camp in recent weeks with 5 releases in a row of, as usual, brilliant pop tunes, Sevilla duet is back with a remastered sad nostalgic endearing recollection of their distinctive ‘shimmery romantic pop’, gently rhythmically wavering between New Order-like warm yet airy synth swells and glistening guitar melodies that sparkle over bittersweet vocal harmonies, helplessly brooding as ‘everything’s lost.’

  • Frome, UK ambient/ minimal/ slowcore/ noise rock /shoegaze project of George Simpson (formerly Sur Automata Piloto, in Esperanto), ON AUTOPILOT “Impromptu” from “OBELISK//SIPHON//IMPROMPTU” single from the upcoming album.

British musician draws a mesmeric yet uneasy sequence of drone-drenched and introspective spirals of textured sounds, underlined by staggered repetitive slow rhythms, in a seething and trance-inducing flow saturated by rarefied, sometimes slightly piercing, guitar reverberations and sudden cathartic bursts of noisy distortion, giving shape to a transversal and inconstant concurrence of multifaceted and contrasting tactile perceptions, gauzed by ethereal airy vocal hums to soothe and stir a weightless flow of hopeless bliss.

  • Clare, Australia jangle/dream pop solo project ENGLISH SUMMER “The Aisle” first track from my upcoming LP “The Wedding”.
  • Los Angeles-based Filipino ambient/ethereal/electronic musician Ana Roxanne “Camille” off the new second LP “Because Of A Flower” on Kranky
  • Brooklyn, NY mid-90s lo-fi/shoegaze/indie/slow core 4-piece MONOCHROME “Inside” from the unreleased S/T EP recorded in April 1996
  • Manchester, UK synth psych-pop solo project by one-half of The KVB, Nicholas Wood aka SACCADES “Like Everyday” new single on Fuzz Club
  • Helsinki, Finland dreampop/synthpop duo PEARLY DROPS “Call For Help” title track from the new album
  • Russian electronic duo from Saint-Petersburg, VEiiLA “Broken Toy” new single
  • Ukrainian trip-hop/synthpop artist Maiia Renevich, aka Renevich — “Хочу зникнути (feat. Ohnovorohno)” from the new EP “Поки не скінчиться кисень”                                                                                                           
  • French indie/synthpop/dreampop singer/songwriter MINA SANG “À ceux qui viendront après nous” new single with lyrics from Bertolt Brecht‘s 1939 poem ‘An die Nachgeborenen’.
  • New York-based ambient/ethereal/shoegaze/dream pop project of Craig Douglas (Omega Vague) + Dani Mari (Primitive Heart), aka FOREVER VESSELS “Circles” new single
  • Brooklyn, NY hip hop/dream pop/r&b/electronic pop artist Mal The Oddity “Alone With You” new single on Terrible Records                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Provo, Utah dreamy indie-pop harpist, producer and singer, Goldmyth “Isn’t It Easy” new single                             
  • Oakland, Ca dream-gaze/dream pop trio, There’s Talk “Disinformation” from the upcoming EP “Great Falls”
  • Brittanny, French punky pop/minimal pop/électro pop vintage toys made solo project Chapi Chapo & Les Jouets Electroniques “The Hurdles (Featuring Rachel Barreda Horwood)” from upcoming 4th album “Collector” on Music From The Masses
  • US indie/synthpop/synthwave project TRIT95 “Blood Wears Thin” new single on COLA FREAK RECORDS
  • Chisinau, Moldova retrowave/indie-rock/shoegaze/synthwave band DENORM “The Brightest Lie” new single
  • Leeds, UK bedroom-pop solo project of Amber Strawbridge, aka Bored At My Grandmas House “Showers” from the upcoming LP “Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too” on Clue Records
  • Toronto, Canada indie folk pop singer/sonwriter Tamara Lindeman, The Weather Station ‘Tried to Tell You’ new single from upcoming new album ‘Ignorance’ on Fat Possum
  • Florida Indie Pop duo from Tampa, Planet Loser “Around the Clouds” new single on 6131 Records
  • Bristol, UK bedroom pop duo Mumble Tide ‘Love Thing’ title track from the EP ‘Love Thing’ out now through Nothing Fancy.
  • Oslo, Norway synthpop/indie rock duo SMALL BOY “Bobby Go Home” debut single taken from the upcoming EP set to release spring 2021.
  • Las Vegas power-pop solo project of multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, and singer Tommy Marolda, THE TOMS “Angela Christmas” from the last of “The 1979 Sessions” red vinyl album on Feel It Records
  • Melbourne power pop 5-piece Romero ‘Troublemaker’ new single
  • Schaffhausen, Switzerland punk/new wave/garage/indie rock band DIE AERONAUTEN “Neun Extraleben” from upcoming S/T LP on Tapete Records
  • Gothenburg, Sweden indie rock 4-piece DEL III “Kärlek är ett brev som aldrig skrevs” new single
  • Boulder Creek, Ca indie rock trio The Orange Peels “Thank You” first single from the Double Album sessions for “Celebrate the Moments of Your Life” — expected in autumn 2020.
  • East Kilbride, UK DIY experimental guitar rock/indie pop/shoegaze solo project R.A. Downie “The Waterfall” from “Spin Static” EP
  • UK neo-psychedelia/shoegaze band from Sheffield, Halçyon Days “Palisades” title track from the new EP “Palisades”
  • Bristol, UK indie rock/psychedelic/shoegaze solo project of Nossiennes guitarist Gregory Jameswood, aka The Leontini Vernacular “Anthropause” upcoming on Shore Dive Records                                                                  
  • Hull/Leeds, UK based kraut/post-punk/shoegaze five-piece bdrmm “Push/Pull” fourth and final single from upcoming debut album ‘Bedroom’ via Sonic Cathedral
  • Paris based slacker pop/jangle pop band (formerly Deaf Parade), HOBBY “The Humblest” from the upcoming debut 7″ EP “Hobby” co-released via Hidden Bay Records and RDS REC HH.                                                 
  • Dublin post-punk/indie-rock 4-piece, TV People ‘String’ new single
  • Australian britpop/indie rock trio The Marquis “Strangers” new single                                                                       
  • West Yorkshire, UK post-punk/indie rock trio FANS “The Boards”                                                                          
  • Ukraine synthpop/indie solo project Kill me, ACE! [Убей меня, Эйс!] ‘Кис-панк’                                                                  
  • Raleigh, NC gothic rock/post-punk/emo band Black Bouquet – “Just Kids” off upcoming cassette “Haunt Me Once More” EP
  • Catania, Italy post-punk/acid-psych/shoegaze band CLUSTERSUN “Desert Daze” first single taken from the forthcoming LP “Avalanche”, out on March 3, 2021 via Icy Cold Records & Little Cloud Records
  • Swedish indie rockers Great Hare “Out of the Shadows” new single
  • Burlington, Iowa alternative/shoegaze band, BLIST HER “With Breath You Couldn’t Keep” off new “Lines” EP
  • Californian noisy dream pop band from San Francisco, Lavender Blush “Piper” from the new LP “The Garden of Inescapable Pleasure” on Shelflife Records
  • Austin, TX indie rock/dream pop/shoegaze quartet WILDFIRES “Belongs to the Night” first single from our upcoming self-titled album.
  • Wilkes Barre, Pn psych/dream pop 4-piece, Kali Ma and the Garland of Arms “Loophole” new single
  • Brazilian ambient/shoegaze /dreampop band Echo Upstairs “Clouds” new single on midsummer madness
  • Tokyo, Japan indie rock/shoegaze/dream pop all-girl band SPOOL ‘スーサイドガール’ from the upcoming sophomore cassette LP ‘Cyan/Amber’ via Gerpfast Record
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota DIY jangle/indie-pop band Real Numbers “Brighter Then” title track from the upcoming EP “Brighter Then” on Meritorio
  • Danish guitar rock/indiepop band from Copenhagen, Northern Portrait “At Attention” off 2-track single on Matinée Recordings.                                                                                                                                                 
  • Cuernavaca, Mexico bedroom/indie pop/dream pop solo project of Marco Mendoza, Anuncio en Blanco “Nunca, Por Favor” part of Z-Tapes “Latinoamérica” compilation.
  • German jangle-pop duo from Cologne, Die Zärtlichkeit – “So Einfach War Es Nie” off upcoming sophomore EP “Die Zärtlichkeit II”
  • Ottawa, Ontario dream pop/jangle/indie rock duo SKYTONE “Dreaming”
  • Cassadaga, FL dream pop/shoegaze project of Matthew Messore, aka Cathedral Bells “Invisible” new single on Spirit Goth                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Depok/BSD City, Indonesia C-86/jangle/indie pop band The Lousy Pop Group “When I’m With You” from the S/T cassette EP on shiny happy records
  • Sevilla, Spain shoegaze/dream pop/electro-pop duo Escuelas Pías “Regeneración” from the new EP “Plantas de exterior” on El Genio Equivocado
  • Boston, Ma dream pop /psych-pop/jangle pop project of Michael Teller, the artist formerly known as Night Heron, aka 3 A.M. Again “No Help When You Were Young” off the new EP “Razed in Retreat”
  • UK electronic/dream pop solo project from former Coves & Caves and My Side of the Mountain frontman and songwriter James Eary, aka DEBRIS DISCS “Save My Life” new single
  • Canadian shoegaze/dream pop band from Vancouver, APPLEWHITE “Do You Get It?” off the album “New Bohemia”
  • UK indie/shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece HANYA “Monochrome” new single
  • Almería, Spain dreampop/spacegaze band Stay To Sleep – “Insane” first single from upcoming “Blow A Wish” LP due 2021
  • Seoul, South Korea dream pop/shoegaze 4-piece FOG “Dark Room” from debut full-length album “Fogesque”
  • Antwerp based shoegaze/noise outfit OHIO MARK “Frida” new single and also part of ‘A sentimental Mixtape #2’
  • French shoegaze/post-rock duo from Paris, JEN “Snow” from the EP “Vœu pieux”
  • Denver, Co post-rock/shoegaze project CREEK “Memoir” from the album “Never Better”
  • Naarm/Melbourne dream pop/psych-pop trio led by Shelby Wilton, MUMA GANOUSH “Lettuce Eye Lids” from the upcoming LP “The Big Beam” on Marthouse Records
  • Montreal-based, FrenchCanadian psychedelic band POPULATION II “Ce n’est Rêve” from the LP “À la Ô Terre” on Castle Face Recording
  • French slowcore/dream pop duo based in Toulouse, DOCKS ‘Cardinale Nord’ new instrumental 2-track 7” single out now via Hidden Bay Records, Discos de Kirlian and Araki Records.
  • Leicester, UK ambient/minimal/post-rock/shoegaze guitarist Jon Attwood, YELLOW6 “day twelve” from the album “DAYS”

Created by Aykut Aydogdu

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