WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #47

Created by Aykut Aydogdu

  • Melbourne-born, Stockholm-based dream-pop project of ex Kins frontman Thomas Savage aka Vilde “Phantom Mantra” new single                                                                                                                                 

Brittle and moving soulful vibes flow through high-pitched male vocals’ cool smooth emotional hesitancy, amid stark and nostalgic, tinkling piano notes lifted by droning low-end vibrations and distant glowing synth swells, while twinkling guitar twines sew slow dragging beats through the melancholic milieu of poetic rhymes, pulling tender heartstrings regarding friendship, taut.

  • Spanish indie-pop /shoegaze /dream pop duo from Sevilla, The Royal Landscaping Society ”Frost” (originally included in Self/Titled 2014 album on Beko Disques) off 2-track single and to be included in the compilation ‘Means of Production’, via Matinée Recordings                                                                                                                                                                           

Fervent activity from the Matineeè Records camp in recent weeks with 5 releases in a row of, as usual, brilliant pop tunes, Sevilla duet is back with a remastered sad nostalgic endearing recollection of their distinctive ‘shimmery romantic pop’, gently rhythmically wavering between New Order-like warm yet airy synth swells and glistening guitar melodies that sparkle over bittersweet vocal harmonies, helplessly brooding as ‘everything’s lost.’

  • Frome, UK ambient/ minimal/ slowcore/ noise rock /shoegaze project of George Simpson (formerly Sur Automata Piloto, in Esperanto), ON AUTOPILOT “Impromptu” from “OBELISK//SIPHON//IMPROMPTU” single from the upcoming album.

British musician draws a mesmeric yet uneasy sequence of drone-drenched and introspective spirals of textured sounds, underlined by staggered repetitive slow rhythms, in a seething and trance-inducing flow saturated by rarefied, sometimes slightly piercing, guitar reverberations and sudden cathartic bursts of noisy distortion, giving shape to a transversal and inconstant concurrence of multifaceted and contrasting tactile perceptions, gauzed by ethereal airy vocal hums to soothe and stir a weightless flow of hopeless bliss.

  • Clare, Australia jangle/dream pop solo project ENGLISH SUMMER “The Aisle” first track from my upcoming LP “The Wedding”.
  • Los Angeles-based Filipino ambient/ethereal/electronic musician Ana Roxanne “Camille” off the new second LP “Because Of A Flower” on Kranky
  • Brooklyn, NY mid-90s lo-fi/shoegaze/indie/slow core 4-piece MONOCHROME “Inside” from the unreleased S/T EP recorded in April 1996
  • Manchester, UK synth psych-pop solo project by one-half of The KVB, Nicholas Wood aka SACCADES “Like Everyday” new single on Fuzz Club
  • Helsinki, Finland dreampop/synthpop duo PEARLY DROPS “Call For Help” title track from the new album
  • Russian electronic duo from Saint-Petersburg, VEiiLA “Broken Toy” new single
  • Ukrainian trip-hop/synthpop artist Maiia Renevich, aka Renevich — “Хочу зникнути (feat. Ohnovorohno)” from the new EP “Поки не скінчиться кисень”                                                                                                           
  • French indie/synthpop/dreampop singer/songwriter MINA SANG “À ceux qui viendront après nous” new single with lyrics from Bertolt Brecht‘s 1939 poem ‘An die Nachgeborenen’.
  • New York-based ambient/ethereal/shoegaze/dream pop project of Craig Douglas (Omega Vague) + Dani Mari (Primitive Heart), aka FOREVER VESSELS “Circles” new single
  • Brooklyn, NY hip hop/dream pop/r&b/electronic pop artist Mal The Oddity “Alone With You” new single on Terrible Records                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Provo, Utah dreamy indie-pop harpist, producer and singer, Goldmyth “Isn’t It Easy” new single                             
  • Oakland, Ca dream-gaze/dream pop trio, There’s Talk “Disinformation” from the upcoming EP “Great Falls”
  • Brittanny, French punky pop/minimal pop/électro pop vintage toys made solo project Chapi Chapo & Les Jouets Electroniques “The Hurdles (Featuring Rachel Barreda Horwood)” from upcoming 4th album “Collector” on Music From The Masses
  • US indie/synthpop/synthwave project TRIT95 “Blood Wears Thin” new single on COLA FREAK RECORDS
  • Chisinau, Moldova retrowave/indie-rock/shoegaze/synthwave band DENORM “The Brightest Lie” new single
  • Leeds, UK bedroom-pop solo project of Amber Strawbridge, aka Bored At My Grandmas House “Showers” from the upcoming LP “Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too” on Clue Records
  • Toronto, Canada indie folk pop singer/sonwriter Tamara Lindeman, The Weather Station ‘Tried to Tell You’ new single from upcoming new album ‘Ignorance’ on Fat Possum
  • Florida Indie Pop duo from Tampa, Planet Loser “Around the Clouds” new single on 6131 Records
  • Bristol, UK bedroom pop duo Mumble Tide ‘Love Thing’ title track from the EP ‘Love Thing’ out now through Nothing Fancy.
  • Oslo, Norway synthpop/indie rock duo SMALL BOY “Bobby Go Home” debut single taken from the upcoming EP set to release spring 2021.
  • Las Vegas power-pop solo project of multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, and singer Tommy Marolda, THE TOMS “Angela Christmas” from the last of “The 1979 Sessions” red vinyl album on Feel It Records
  • Melbourne power pop 5-piece Romero ‘Troublemaker’ new single
  • Schaffhausen, Switzerland punk/new wave/garage/indie rock band DIE AERONAUTEN “Neun Extraleben” from upcoming S/T LP on Tapete Records
  • Gothenburg, Sweden indie rock 4-piece DEL III “Kärlek är ett brev som aldrig skrevs” new single
  • Boulder Creek, Ca indie rock trio The Orange Peels “Thank You” first single from the Double Album sessions for “Celebrate the Moments of Your Life” — expected in autumn 2020.
  • East Kilbride, UK DIY experimental guitar rock/indie pop/shoegaze solo project R.A. Downie “The Waterfall” from “Spin Static” EP
  • UK neo-psychedelia/shoegaze band from Sheffield, Halçyon Days “Palisades” title track from the new EP “Palisades”
  • Bristol, UK indie rock/psychedelic/shoegaze solo project of Nossiennes guitarist Gregory Jameswood, aka The Leontini Vernacular “Anthropause” upcoming on Shore Dive Records                                                                  
  • Hull/Leeds, UK based kraut/post-punk/shoegaze five-piece bdrmm “Push/Pull” fourth and final single from upcoming debut album ‘Bedroom’ via Sonic Cathedral
  • Paris based slacker pop/jangle pop band (formerly Deaf Parade), HOBBY “The Humblest” from the upcoming debut 7″ EP “Hobby” co-released via Hidden Bay Records and RDS REC HH.                                                 
  • Dublin post-punk/indie-rock 4-piece, TV People ‘String’ new single
  • Australian britpop/indie rock trio The Marquis “Strangers” new single                                                                       
  • West Yorkshire, UK post-punk/indie rock trio FANS “The Boards”                                                                          
  • Ukraine synthpop/indie solo project Kill me, ACE! [Убей меня, Эйс!] ‘Кис-панк’                                                                  
  • Raleigh, NC gothic rock/post-punk/emo band Black Bouquet – “Just Kids” off upcoming cassette “Haunt Me Once More” EP
  • Catania, Italy post-punk/acid-psych/shoegaze band CLUSTERSUN “Desert Daze” first single taken from the forthcoming LP “Avalanche”, out on March 3, 2021 via Icy Cold Records & Little Cloud Records
  • Swedish indie rockers Great Hare “Out of the Shadows” new single
  • Burlington, Iowa alternative/shoegaze band, BLIST HER “With Breath You Couldn’t Keep” off new “Lines” EP
  • Californian noisy dream pop band from San Francisco, Lavender Blush “Piper” from the new LP “The Garden of Inescapable Pleasure” on Shelflife Records
  • Austin, TX indie rock/dream pop/shoegaze quartet WILDFIRES “Belongs to the Night” first single from our upcoming self-titled album.
  • Wilkes Barre, Pn psych/dream pop 4-piece, Kali Ma and the Garland of Arms “Loophole” new single
  • Brazilian ambient/shoegaze /dreampop band Echo Upstairs “Clouds” new single on midsummer madness
  • Tokyo, Japan indie rock/shoegaze/dream pop all-girl band SPOOL ‘スーサイドガール’ from the upcoming sophomore cassette LP ‘Cyan/Amber’ via Gerpfast Record
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota DIY jangle/indie-pop band Real Numbers “Brighter Then” title track from the upcoming EP “Brighter Then” on Meritorio
  • Danish guitar rock/indiepop band from Copenhagen, Northern Portrait “At Attention” off 2-track single on Matinée Recordings.                                                                                                                                                 
  • Cuernavaca, Mexico bedroom/indie pop/dream pop solo project of Marco Mendoza, Anuncio en Blanco “Nunca, Por Favor” part of Z-Tapes “Latinoamérica” compilation.
  • German jangle-pop duo from Cologne, Die Zärtlichkeit – “So Einfach War Es Nie” off upcoming sophomore EP “Die Zärtlichkeit II”
  • Ottawa, Ontario dream pop/jangle/indie rock duo SKYTONE “Dreaming”
  • Cassadaga, FL dream pop/shoegaze project of Matthew Messore, aka Cathedral Bells “Invisible” new single on Spirit Goth                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Depok/BSD City, Indonesia C-86/jangle/indie pop band The Lousy Pop Group “When I’m With You” from the S/T cassette EP on shiny happy records
  • Sevilla, Spain shoegaze/dream pop/electro-pop duo Escuelas Pías “Regeneración” from the new EP “Plantas de exterior” on El Genio Equivocado
  • Boston, Ma dream pop /psych-pop/jangle pop project of Michael Teller, the artist formerly known as Night Heron, aka 3 A.M. Again “No Help When You Were Young” off the new EP “Razed in Retreat”
  • UK electronic/dream pop solo project from former Coves & Caves and My Side of the Mountain frontman and songwriter James Eary, aka DEBRIS DISCS “Save My Life” new single
  • Canadian shoegaze/dream pop band from Vancouver, APPLEWHITE “Do You Get It?” off the album “New Bohemia”
  • UK indie/shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece HANYA “Monochrome” new single
  • Almería, Spain dreampop/spacegaze band Stay To Sleep – “Insane” first single from upcoming “Blow A Wish” LP due 2021
  • Seoul, South Korea dream pop/shoegaze 4-piece FOG “Dark Room” from debut full-length album “Fogesque”
  • Antwerp based shoegaze/noise outfit OHIO MARK “Frida” new single and also part of ‘A sentimental Mixtape #2’
  • French shoegaze/post-rock duo from Paris, JEN “Snow” from the EP “Vœu pieux”
  • Denver, Co post-rock/shoegaze project CREEK “Memoir” from the album “Never Better”
  • Naarm/Melbourne dream pop/psych-pop trio led by Shelby Wilton, MUMA GANOUSH “Lettuce Eye Lids” from the upcoming LP “The Big Beam” on Marthouse Records
  • Montreal-based, FrenchCanadian psychedelic band POPULATION II “Ce n’est Rêve” from the LP “À la Ô Terre” on Castle Face Recording
  • French slowcore/dream pop duo based in Toulouse, DOCKS ‘Cardinale Nord’ new instrumental 2-track 7” single out now via Hidden Bay Records, Discos de Kirlian and Araki Records.
  • Leicester, UK ambient/minimal/post-rock/shoegaze guitarist Jon Attwood, YELLOW6 “day twelve” from the album “DAYS”

Created by Aykut Aydogdu