WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – November #46-21

earthearthearth (2021) by Daïchi Saïto

  • Indie /Dream /Jangle Pop duo of Gretchen DeVault & Andy Jossi, aka THE BLUE HERONS “Take Them Back” new single

The sunkissed melodious aural balm of Gretchen DeVault and Andy Jossi, at their 5th joint release so far, is increasingly gazing at guitar-pop heaven. As in the best and well-respected indie-pop song, are the crystalline nostalgic 6-strings and a voice that speaks to the heart, running the show, winding on impetuous and sparkling jangly chords that weave bittersweet heart racing melodies around a powerful and atmospheric emotional release of pain, regret, and fear from frantic vocals to elicit surges and sways of heartbroken cries and forlorn memories.

  • Athens, Greece indie rock duo JIMMY KNOWS “Flowered” (Single)                                                                   

Athenian band, switched to a duo, return with a reflective, confidential new single, equally warm and embracing, sprawling over a carpet of glistening guitar chords, winding somberly melodic bass pulses and wistful piano keys, that ebb and flow along with the distressed aching male vocals, to recall angsty Will Toledo tones, brooding dreaded emotional cries of palpable pain and excruciatingly tense anxiety whilst confessing farewell forever into a final groovy tumultuous sway of distant swells.

  • English late ’80s indie-pop band The Kensingtons “How I was to know” from V/A “KR 23” CD/digital compilation album on Kocliko

Excellent indie-pop/synth-pop compilation, via the fine Spanish DIY label Kocliko, that includes many notable bands as The Very Most, Verandan, The National Honor Society, Stars On Fire just to name a few. Deserve a special mention the brand new bright song from English veterans The Kensingtons, less fuzzy than usual, swaying between sparkling chiming jangly guitar melodies and 60s-tinged lush swirling orchestral flourishes, whilst breathless anxieties of vocal harmonies wander shell shocked through a modern dystopic emergency of newfound connections and fears to induce obsessive heady doubts and excuses as “How was I to know.”

  • Boston/Cambridge area folktronica /acid /dream folk singer, songwriter and guitarist (Violet Nox member), Karen Zanes “Moonstone” (Single) on Infinity Vine Records
  • Portland, Or indie pop /electronic-pop /art-pop artist Alexandra Burress – “IWTFHGII” from “Paper Trails” EP
  • American ambient /dream pop singer-songwriter and guitarist born and raised in Southeast Asia, Alexia Avina “How Can I Learn” from PostMap Club 094 on Lost Map Records
  • Paris-based, French ethnic /neo-calssical /indie pop singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Léonie Pernet ‘Il pleut des hommes’ from the sophomore LP ‘Le Cirque de Consolation’ on InFinè
  • Chicago, IL experimental /drone pop /dream pop trio Desert Liminal ‘Heaven Bent’ off the sophomore album “Glass Fate” on Whited Sepulchre Records
  • Portland, Or psych-pop /synth-pop duo REPTALIENS “Like A Dog” from upcoming 3rd LP “Multiverse”
  • Brooklyn, NY groovy indie rock /dream pop 4-piece Lunarette “Aislamiento” single out now via Babe City Records & Topshelf.
  • Bandung, Indonesia indie pop /electro-pop /dream pop band (Fka Ping Pong Club), IRIS BEVY “Bright Red and March Away” second single
  • Sydney-based indie /fuzzy power-pop duo, BRIDGE DOG “Going South” (Single) title track from upcoming debut EP
  • Indie band from the Netherlands, Snow Coats “Anyway” single on Alcopop! Records
  • London based indie-rock /electronic singer-songwriter Platonica Erotica “King Of New York” (feat. Deathcrash band) single on Slow Dance
  • NYC-based dream-surf pop indie trio COLATURA “We Run On Empty” (Single)
  • Copenhagen based dream /indie pop quartet KINDSIGHT “Don’t You Grow Up” new single on Rama Lama Records.
  • Boston, UK sadcore /dream pop /indie-pop duo of Liam James Marsh (Kid Chameleon) and Alice Kat, FINE. “Every Ache” single
  • Helsinki, Finland jangle /dream /psych-pop 5-piece band, VERANDAN ”Night” from V/A “KR 23” compilation album on Kocliko
  • Düsseldorf, Germany finest guitar pop band since ’91, SUBTERFUGE “The Good Good” (Single) third single from the 2022 album “Dots”
  • Stockholm, Sweden jangle /indie-pop duo of Gustav Tranback (Paper Hearts, Dismal Plight) and Mikael Carlsson (The Honeydrips, Dorotea), Salt Lake Alley “Merry-Go-Round” the first single from Salt Lake Alley’s new album “It Takes Two”.
  • Melbourne-based indie-folk band made up of German sisters Ambrin (Cool Sounds) and Anila Hasnain (Studio Magic), plus their partners Dainis Lacey (Cool Sounds) and Lachlan Denton (The Ocean Party), Partner Look “Partner Look” from upcoming LP “By The Book” on Trouble In Mind Records
  • Mid-80s influential guitar rock /new wave /indie quartet based in Dayton Ohio, The Pleasures Pale “Most Precious Things” from upcoming 12″ EP “Twitch” on JAB Music Archive
  • Kent, Ohio indie rock /jangly pop band MOONLOVE “Trying To Find” from the vinyl 12″ reissue of the DIY 1985 album “May Never Happen” on Concentric Circles
  • Berlin-based eclectic shoegaze /post-punk all-girl trio Plaisir “Cold the Pharaoh” off of the EP “Foam”
  • Psych-soft -pop from Zagreb, Strasti – “Tri hiljade šesto dana” debut single
  • Legendary mid-90s and early ’00s Greek indie-electro-lounge pop duo (former members of One Night Suzan and Next Time Passions), The Crooner “Flirt” single on Make Me Happy
  • Brooklyn, NY based indie-rock band GLOM “She Has Made it to the Other Side” from “Gre[a]y” EP
  • Rome, Italy prog /indie /power-pop duo Sterbus “Stalking Heads” from the album “Let Your Garden Sleep In”
  • Madrid, Spain bedroom /dream-pop solo project MIEDO “Miedo” from the single “Miedo I” on discosdekirlian
  • Indie /shoegaze /dream pop band from Brunei, SURFVAMPIRES “Just Say (feat. Delagrave)” single
  • London/Glasgow alt-art-rock trio Dama Scout ‘dan dan bub’ new single on Hand In Hive.
  • Toronto-based Dream Pop /Shoegaze /Slowcore project created by multi-instrumental musician/artist Charlie Berger (also Soft Wounds, Slowly, Tonemirror…), With Hidden Noise “Thanks For Coming” from the upcoming album “Nowhere”
  • Portland, Or new wave /jangle pop /guitar pop solo project Nobody’s Flowers “It All Fell Down” from the debut S/T album on REALLY RAD RECORDS
  • Los Angeles shoegaze /dream pop solo project DESERTA “Goodbye Vista” from the upcoming album “Every Moment, Everything You Need” on Felte.
  • London, UK noir-pop /shoegaze /dream pop duo of Dean Garcia (formerly of Curve) & Rose Berlin, SPC ECO “Someday Always” from “Return” EP [Nov 2021 Series]
  • Perm, Russia ambient /black-gaze /shoegaze instrumental project Карма “Ночь” from “восходит солнце” EP on Vaporgaze
  • UK shoegaze /psychedelic /space rock legends LOOP “Halo” first single from the upcoming fourth and first album in 32 years ‘Sonancy’ on Cooking Vinyl Limited                                                                                                                                 
  • Swedish indie /shoegaze /noise-pop band from Stockholm, WE.THE PIGS “Anyway” from the upcoming S/T album
  • Singapore slowcore /shoegaze /indie rock band BLUSH “Best Friend” from the upcoming S/T EP
  • Japanese indie /shoegaze band STOMP TALK MODSTONE “Sunday” from the single “Sunday/You Were Here”
  • California psychedelic shoegaze trio FLEETING JOYS “Something In Your Melody” from the upcoming 4th LP “All Lost Eyes And Glitter”
  • German Shoegaze/ Dream Pop Band from Kalrsruhe/Chemnitz, THE SPLASHERS “Indian Summer” from “Homesick” EP
  • Chicago, Illinois indie rock /shoegaze /noise-pop trio HORSEGIRL “Billy” from upcoming 2-track 7″ on Matador
  • Houston, TX grunge /shoegaze /indie rock band MOON PHASE “Operation Solomon” from 2-track “2021 Demo”
  • Los Angeles psych-pop/ shoegaze solo project HAYIEN “Iosefka” from the album “Sol33”
  • Fukuoka, Japan bedroom pop /indie pop /shoegaze /dream rock solo project HAPPYPILLS “Diamond” new single
  • Leeds, UK indie /dark disco /synthpop trio (ex-members of The Blanche Hudson Weekend), The Edible Eyes-”Super-Injunction” from the forthcoming mini-album, “Images Of Sound”, released on 9th December 2021 by Next Phase : Normal Records.
  • Paris based, French indie /new wave / synth-pop new wave artist Rémi Parson “Étrangers” from the album “Pour un empire” on ISOLAA Records
  • Adelaide, Australia guitar rock /post-punk /new wave act MIDNIGHT F.K. “Young Hearts” from debut EP
  • Vancouver psych-pop /shoegazers trio Did You Die “Weightless” from the upcoming LP “Thirteen Moons”
  • Sidney based dream-pop /synthpop unit RAIN “Invisible Doors” from “Forest Altar” EP 7″.
  • Indie Dream Pop /Electro Rock music project from Tel Aviv, Screens 4 Eyes “What To Make Of You” from the EP “Meridians”
  • Canadian dream-pop duo from Toronto, TWIN RAINS “All of the Angels” from the LP “Unreal City”
  • Caracas, Venezuela C86 /jangle /indiepop DIY band Mañana El Espacio “Cosas Normales” single
  • Indie Rock /Rock ‘n Roll band from California, SPICE “Everyone Gets In” from the new single “A Better Treatment b/w Everyone Gets In” on Dais
  • L.A. indie rock band MOMMA “Medicine” single on Polyvinyl Records and Lucky Number.
  • Sydney based dream pop /psych /indie pop multi-instrumentalist Toby Anagnostis, aka Butter Bath – “Ivy (Franck Ocean cover) from upcoming V/A “Reprise Vol. 1” compilation on Nice Guys
  • Barcelona based indie synth-pop duo ELLA ELLA “Supernovia” single
  • Dead Grunge band from Mexico City, GALLOWDANCE “City Witch” from “Bridge Roses” EP
  • Rome, Italy shoegaze /psychedelic rock trio Modern Stars “Ignorance Is Strenght” from the upcoming second album “Psychindustrial”
  • Edmonton, Canada based Lo-Fi Psychedelic Pop singer/songwriter, Arthur Bennell, aka BLUME “Feel So Good” from the new cassette album “In Reverse”
  • Toronto, Ontario instrumental psych surf rock 4-piece The Surfrajettes “Couch Surfing” single from The Surfrajettes debut LP “Roller Fink” – in stores April 15, 2022 via Hi-Tide Recordings
  • Brooklyn, NY instrumental-surf-psych-garage 4-piece SECRET TOMBS • “Ecology” from the cassette LP “Welcome to the Secret Tombs” on Lost Treasures of the Underworld Records
  • Bern, Switzerland mid-80s boogie-fuzz-garage-trash-rock-n-roll 4-piece The MONSTERS “Smell my Tongue” from the LP “You’re Class I’m Trash” on Voodoo Rhythm Records
  • New Canadian garage rock band formed by former Toronto‘s The Deadly Snakes frontman Andrew Moszynski, STRANGE COLOURS “Get In Line” from the upcoming debut “Future’s Almost Over” LP on Slovenly
  • Paris based, French psychedelic ‘exotic’ garage band from Normandy, CANNIBALE “Life is Dead” title track from the album “Life is Dead” on Born Bad Records
  • UK garage-wave outliers from Leeds, EADES ‘Ever Changing’ new single on Heist or Hit.
  • Brighton, UK indie-rock /new wave 5-piece Youth Sector “No.1 Bestseller” from the EP “Adult Contemporary” on Family Values                                                                                                                                                       
  • UK veteran folk /jangle /indie guitar-pop /rock’n’roll trio The Wave Pictures “This Heart of Mine” from the upcoming double LP “When The Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings” on Moshi Moshi
  • Kassel, Germany lo-fi /bedroom pop /folk solo project Amiga Herz “Driving strangers” from cassette album “Adapting to blurriness” on Z Tapes

earthearthearth (2021) by Daïchi Saïto