WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – November #45-21

Warren K. Leffler 1964

  • Sidney, Australia based dream-pop duo of Claudia Schmidt and Arlen McCarthy, aka LORELEI “Decay” new single

Sidney based duo, Lorelei, have been missing for more than a year, with their enticing brand of dark dream pop, teetering between dense shadows and shimmering light, as restless as it is emotional, vibrant and enveloping at the same time, made of an intertwining of sparkling guitars, sinuously sombre basslines and atmospheric synths, heightened by ethereal brooding vocalizations. Steeped in romantic obsessions, “Decay”, weaves darkness and blood through a wanton heart with sad, dreamy, and numb female vocals falling desperately into anxious breathless harmonies amid a raging sea of ​​tumultuous moods, fluttering fears, and buzzing dangers.

  • Fukuoka, Japan bedroom dream pop /indie surf pop solo project HAPPYPILLS “Half Asleep” single

After a couple of prolific years resulted in the excellent tape album in 2019 via Citrus City Records, of brittle indie-pop craftsmanship, followed-up only by a few scattered singles, the bedroom pop project from Japan returns with 2 new tunes of surf-tinged indie rock whose most convincing, “Half asleep”, travels through the subconscious world of dreams corroborated by perky rhythms, glowing, jangling guitar melodies that flicker and chimes with obsessive hazily droning intensity to surround sad dreamy male vocals with warm, invigorating, yet gazey and morose moods of melting twilight.           

  • Sapporo, Japan dreampop /shoegazer /indie rock outfit 四月の海 [april sea] “smog” from the debut  四月の海 – EP 

We know practically nothing of the Sapporo based band, debuting with a 3-piece of indie rock dusted with shoegaze that combines introspective smooth melodic delicacy and sizzling energetic sparkling guitar riffs with a solid rhythm section, coloured with the celestial harmonies by the classic Japanese soaring vocalizations. Finest example, “Smog”, winds desperate dangerous painfilled emotions through a ceremonial shadowy landscape swinging between glowing reflective chiming shimmers and overwhelming surges of abrasive blaring distortions, blowing sad, high-strung clear female vocals into a bipolar cascade of breathless fears and rising anxieties to scatter haphazardly into the windswept sands of broken time. Fan of female-fronted noisy melodic guitar rock will find much to enjoy.

  • Ambient /post-rock /shoegaze /drone /ethereal /neo-classical collaboration between Spanish ambient experimental composer Pepo Galán and Australian dream pop vocalist and musician (one half of Heligoland) Karen Vogt, aka GALÁN / VOGT “Nacre” from the first album “The Sweet Wait”
  • Wellington, New Zealand ambient /dreampop sibling trio WOMB “Is it cold in the water?” (Sophie cover)
  • Ogden, Utah shoegaze /dreampop duo Dream Sequence “i think / all i know”
  • Los Angeles-based dream-pop /shoegaze duo, Ghost Tail “So Slow” (Single)
  • Baltimore, Maryland dream-pop duo BEACH HOUSE “Once Twice Melody” title track from the 8th studio double album “Once Twice Melody” in 4th chapter on Bella Union
  • Christchurch, New Zealand alternative pop / dream pop quartet Yumi Zouma “Mona Lisa” single.
  • Richmond, Virginia indie-folk-pop singer/songwriter Kate Bollinger ‘Yards / Gardens’ new single on Ghostly International
  • London based Canadian indie-folk singer/songwriter DANA GAVANSKI “Letting Go” single on Full Time Hobby
  • UK alt /blues /psych-folk duo SAMANA “The Beach” from upcoming LP “All One Breath”
  • Massachusetts dream pop /shoegaze / psych-pop band Constant Smiles “Hope For Tomorrow” from “Paragons” as part of the New York Trilogy album on Sacred Bones
  • Dream pop /indie rock /indie folk band from Washington, D.C., COLOR PALETTE “Porcelain” new single
  • Los Angeles, Ca indie rock singer-songwriter PETER YORN “Elizabeth Taylor” (Single)
  • Flint, Michigan slowcore /shoegaze trio Greet Death “Your Love Is Alcohol“ single on Deathwish Inc.
  • Austin‘s DIY bedroom pop /dream pop 5-piece Why Bonnie “Galveston” (Single) on Fat Possum
  • New York based indie /shoegaze /dream-pop duo NO SWOON “Again” single
  • Brazilian indie rock /shoegaze /dream-pop band from São João del Rei, CHURRUS “Shallow” new single on midsummer madness
  • Chicago, IL instrumental/shoegaze /dream pop duo Pale Coast “Home”                                                                   
  • Dreamy surf-pop from Scottish musician David Skimming based in South Korea, LUNAR ISLES “Seasons” from the debut album “Mirror Shapes”
  • Johannesburg, South Africa lo-fi /shoegaze /dream pop solo project Sweet Sore “Still Burn” from the new single “Resonance”
  • Masan, South Korea shoegaze /indie rock 4-piece EURASIA 잃어버린 꽃 from ‘O’ 1st part out of two from the band’s debut album <ø>
  • Fukuoka, Japan bedroom dream pop /indie surf pop solo project HAPPYPILLS “Sandy” single                             
  • West Kirby, UK indie /jangle guitar rock collective West Coast Music Club “The Joke’s On You” from the new album “Take A Deep Breath”
  • Toronto, Canada indie /dream pop 4-piece TALLIES “No Dreams of Fayres” single on Hand Drawn Dracula
  • Brooklyn, NY-based Chilean Indie Dream Pop band, Parrot Dream “End” (Single) on Good Eye Records
  • Portland, Or gray pop /dream pop /art-rock project led by multidisciplinary Uchinanchu American artist and DIY veteran Maya Stoner, FLOATING ROOM “See You Around” from the EP “Shima” on Famous Class Records
  • Spanish indie-pop band from Murcia, THE YELLOW MELODIES “We Want the Airwaves” from the tribute to their fave The Ramones album “Pleasant Dreams” on Old Bad Habits Label, Hurrah Musica, Snap Records and Discos Imprescindibles!
  • Madrid, Spain indie rock trio BIELA “TFG” from “Un día más” EP on Limbo Starr
  • Maidstone, UK Janglepop /Indie guitar band The Shop Window “Lay Of The Land” (Single)
  • Rotterdam, The Netherlands guitar rock 3-piece LEWSBERG “The Corner” from the 3rd album “In Your Hands” on 12XU.
  • Oakland, Ca based newest collaborative fuzz indie pop music project of Christina Riley (of NorCal band Burnt Palms, Mario Hernandez (Kids On A Crime Spree, Ciao Bella) on drums and Donna McKean (Lunchbox, Hard Left) on bass, ARTSICK “Despise” from the upcoming LP “Fingers Crossed” on Slumberland Records
  • Global C86 /Indie Pop band Thee Terrible Hildas “I Know” from the EP “Get Surfing!” on Kabukikore
  • Gothenburg, Sweden post-punk /dreampop /indie rock band, Makthaverskan “Ten Days” from the album ”För Allting” via Run For Cover
  • Oakland, Ca indie noise pop /power-pop band Kids On A Crime Spree – “When Can I See You Again” from the upcoming LP “Fall In Love Not In Line” on Slumberland Records.
  • Los Angeles based dreamy /psych-rock /shoegaze /noise duo, BYSTS “Garlands” from the album “Palace”
  • Atlanta, Georgia bedroom pop/shoegaze /dream-pop solo project ZARATHUSTAR “Reflections” from the “The Wastrel” LP
  • Leicester UK based DIY Indie Shoegazing Dreampop band Dayflower “Sonic” (Single)
  • Russian post-rock /dream pop /shoegaze band from Saint Petersburg, BLANKENBERGE “Different” from the new album “Everything”
  • Philadelphia‘s slowcore /shoegaze band KNIFEPLAY “Hurt Someone” new single on Born Losers Records
  • Massachusetts alternative-rock band, Broken Head “Sugar” 7″ clear Flexi Single on Sunday Drive Records
  • Tacoma, WA indie rock /shoegaze trio Waves Crashing “Spin (new wave version)” from “Sea of Wires” EP
  • Wuppertal, German dream pop /shoegaze /indie rock band Casino Garden “Too Much Rust” from the third album “Oliver Oliver” on Shore Dive
  • L.A. based dreampop /indie rock project of Katie Iannitello, aka Beauty Queen ’17’ off cassette EP “Real Life”
  • Columbus, Ohio alt /emo /indie rock band SNARLS “I’ll Follow You” from “What About Flowers?” EP on Take This To Heart Records
  • Los Angeles dreampop /indie pop band THE BLACK WATCH “What You Will” from the LP “Here & There” on ATOM Records
  • Asbury Park, NJ surf /indie rock trio DENTIST “Spilled Coffee” single on Cleopatra Records
  • Birmingham, Alabama infamous surf-rock /rock ‘n’ roll troubadour Dan Sartain “People Throwing Stones At Glass Houses” from the upcoming posthumous album “Arise, Dan Sartain, Arise” on One Little Independent Records
  • Cincinnati, Ohio psych/shoegaze trio SLOW GLOWS “Sigh (Live at Radio Artifact)” from the album “Slow Glows 2021 06 17”
  • Connecticut shoegaze /heavy post-rock solo project INERTIAL “Cloud Beings” title track from debut LP “Cloud Beings”
  • Manchester, UK electronic /shoegaze /dreampop project Hazia “Harweyd” from 島 [ s h i m a ] on Vaporgaze
  • Toronto, Ontario indie /synthwave /new wave duo FAVOURS “ESCAPING” from the new EP “Left Behind”
  • Cádiz, Spain indie pop 5-piece Detergente Líquido “Hanareyô to omottara mô inai / El que piensa en irse es que ya no está” (Japanese Version)
  • South-West Wales longstanding indie band from Llanelli, THE HEPBURNS feat. ESTELLA ROSA – “Five Miles Of Line” second single off upcoming LP “Architecture Of The Ages” on Elefant Records
  • L.A. based dreampop solo project of Brazilian-born Samira Winter, WINTER – “Lua (feat. Nailah Hunter)” single on Leaving Records
  • Melbourne-born, Stockholm-based dream-pop project of ex Kins frontman Thomas Savage aka Vilde “Hope You Forgive Everything You Can’t” from “Speaking with Strangers” EP
  • Pittsburgh, PN dream-pop duo DRAUVE “Change For You” new single.
  • Edmonton, Alberta alternative rock/indie /dream pop band THE ECLIPSE “Can’t Stay Long” from the new album “Anywhere But Here”
  • Moscow, Russia shoegaze /dream pop /indie rock 4-piece Mental Map “Places” (Single)
  • Denton, TX alt-folk/psychedelic pop act Matthew And The Arrogant Sea “Hit Me Up Hard Times” single
  • London-based r&b /soul /psych /jazz new project led and produced by Jake Ferguson, the co-founder and bass player for the UK’s foundational deep jazz outfit the Heliocentrics, The Brkn Record “His Mother’s Eyes (feat Jermain Jackman)” from the album “The Architecture Of Oppression Part 1” on Mr Bongo
  • UK folksy melodic scuzz-rock songwriting and recording project of Glasgow-based Lukas Clasen, aka SULKA “Skyline” from “Front Door” EP CDR on Lost Map Records.
  • Jakarta, Indonesia ambient /post-rock outfit In Inertia “Hikari” from “Lay Me Down” EP (Compilation from ‘RADIAL’ mixtape via Angular//Momentum)

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