WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – NOVEMBER #44-23


  • Brooklyn, NY-based dream pop /shoegaze /alternative rock band, Minaxi “It’s Got Me Again” first 7″ single from the forthcoming album, “The Reverberating Sound of an Absent Metropolis”

Brooklyn‘s band returns with a contemplative and as usual reverberant and soulful kaleidoscopic single, “It’s Got Me”, where love and longing are reborn through a hazy cascading ebb and flow of sparkling guitar melodies, distorted fuzzed-out drifts, heavy humming bass lines, and tumultuous drum beats, while beautifully unrestrained emotional vocals deliver a message of inspiring devotion into an uninhibited flow of romantic bliss.

  • Indonesian twee /indie pop band Poplar Tree “vs you” demo single via forfun.cookies

Among the weekly indie pop proposals, it is certainly the most immature and unrefined, in addition, also a demo, but in this, fully encapsulates its naïve and adolescent twee spirit, “being the poorest indie pop is a pleasure and a challenge” tells us the Indonesian band. “vs you” reconnects us with two minutes of the most organic and touching feelings, swaying through lulling energic shimmery guitar strums to tread over sneakingly anxious warm bass pulses, and nostalgic tambourine shakes, whilst distorted unintelligible child-like vocals call out another’s playful behavior through a lens of letting the other win.

  • San Antonio, TX ambient /electronic /dream pop /shoegaze project Crux of Faith “Turbulence” single

Texan musician adds a heady Balearic rhythmic flair to a Cocteau Twins-tinged, gazey dreamy new single that glides on a rippling and glinting sad sea of mesmerizing radiant guitar melodies, reflecting introspective visions whilst lulling on a backdrop of crisp groovy percussions and snaking warm basslines, to carry a beautiful heartfelt vocal emotion, through the epic angsty hope and longing of lyrical romantic trepidations.

  • UK acoustic psych folk quartet The Big Eyes Family Players “The Boo Girl” from the cassette album “Live in Amsterdam” [Human Geography Recordings]
  • US ambient /ethereal /Americana /psych /indie folk collaborative project by Texas-based producer and programmer John Mark Lapham (The Earlies/Late Cord/MIEN), aka Old Fire “Mephisto (ft. Bill Callahan)” from “Iterations” EP via Western Vinyl
  • Staffordshire, England experimental /psych /dream pop /ambient pop group led by Ben Holton & Rob Glover, aka EPIC45 “The Crush” from the upcoming album “You’ll Only See Us When The Light Has Gone” [Wayside & Woodland Recordings]
  • Brighton, UK ambient /electronic musician Correlations Feat. Molly Rose “When We Fall” (Beak cover) from “Fall Into Dust” EP
  • Manchester, UK ambient /post-rock /synth /electronic one-man project APTA “Emerge – Pye Corner Audio Remix” from “Submerge” EP 12″ [Castles In Space]
  • Montreal, Québec lo-fi synth-pop /indie folk singer-songwriter Chloé Jara-Buto “Classique” single from the upcoming debut album “L’année du Lapin”
  • UK casio pop /guitar indie pop solo project of Roxy Brennan (Joanna Gruesome and Grubs to Trust Fund), Two White Cranes “haunting” off upcoming EP “Self Build” on Lost Map Records
  • Biel/Bienne, Switzerland art-pop /shoegaze /trip-hop /electronic trio Waldskin “Foam” single on Blizzard Audio Club
  • London-based experimental musician, composer (member of Japan, Dolphin Brothers, Nine Horses) and David Sylvain’s brother, Steve Jansen “My Winter” (originally composed for The Dolphin Brothers 1987 album ‘Catch The Fall’) from the 2-track single “My Winter”
  • Scottish chamber pop band led by singer-songwriter Chris Thomson (former member of the 80s pop band Friends Again), The Bathers “Twenty-Two (Magic 8 Mix)” from the EP “Twenty Two Single” (remix of the 1999 track by Paul Leonard-Morgan)
  • London-based lo-fi /drone /indie /freakbeat /fuzzy garage /psych project of Comet Gain co-founder, singer-songwriter and guitarist David Feck (aka Charlie Damage), aka David Christian “SHE FLOATED AWAY”
    from the album “Three E.Ps”
  • UK indie singer-songwriter Stephen Jones, aka Babybird “Keep Burning” from the album “I hate my life but I love yours”
  • Cork, Ireland jazz /pop /indie folk singer-songwriter Cormac O Caoimh “Stay Calm” from the album “Where The World Begins”
  • ’90s Melbourne-based indie-pop group, The Cat’s Miaow “Between the Stations and the Silence” from split 7″ EP “Rocketship x The Cat’s Miaow” via Lost And Lonesome &  Jigsaw Records
  • Portland OR indie rock /dream pop duo Found Space “What’s Yours Is Mine” new single
  • Atlanta, Georgia dream-pop solo project of multi-instrumentalist Bailey Crone, Bathe Alone “Archive 81” single [Netwerk]
  • Bandung, Indonesia jangle /indie pop band Lawrence & Kim “Through the Tear Gas Haze” 2-track CD single “Mundane Chime” on Chaotic Pop records
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK independent D.I.Y. lo-fi post-punk /C86 /indie pop songwriter-musician Zenxith “Control Pad (feat. Andy Blade)” single
  • Los Angeles-based noise pop /jangle-gaze band MO DOTTI “For Anyone And You” new single
  • Paris-based coldwave /shoegaze /dream pop /indie rock duo Coward Syndrome – “Extra Utero” from the debut self-titled album via Spirit Goth Records
  • Clare, Australia lo-fi jangle /bedroom pop project of guitarist Joel Carr, aka Foulness Island “16 mm” single
  • Depok, Indonesia indie noise pop musical project by Addi (part of Is Modest, The Lousy Pop Group, and Frys), Race “Candle” from the 2-track single “Begone/Candles” via  Chaotic Pop recs.
  • Spanish 4-piece indie pop band from Murcia, The Yellow Melodies “La magia de aquellas noches” from the album “Sunshine Pop” (a collection of the 3 pandemic limited CD-EPs) co-released by The Beautiful Music / Hurrah Música / Old Bad Habits Label / Discos Imprescindibles.
  • Brazilian jangle indie guitar pop band led by Adriano do Couto, aka Postal Blue “Chance Occurrence” new single
  • Brno, Czechia bedroom indie pop artist Nichi Mlebom “Winning the Human Race” from the cassette EP “Bear Tape vol. 2” on Korobushka Records
  • Sevilla, Spain indie /dream pop /electro-pop duo Escuelas Pías “Una baila y la otra no” single [El Genio Equivocado]
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK indie /dream pop /new wave solo project Fictionary “Nothing Personal (Honeybourne cover)” from “FIC6” EP
  • UK indie pop /synth-pop project of Chris Charlton, aka St Cyrus “Dima and Yulia” from upcoming LP “A Bed For Yourself” on Philophobia Music
  • Philadelphia/New York indie rock quartet active from 1992 to 2000, Haywood “Still Wanna Know” (4-track demo) [2005 session]
  • Utrecht, Netherlands based ambient instrumental post-rock project by English musician Pete Barnes, Thistle Sifter “The Forgotten Man” single from upcoming new album “Circles”
  • Dublin, Ireland noise rock /slowcore band Vatican II “Crying in the Middle Ages (feat. Katie Kim)” from “Squirdiller” EP cassette via Little Gem Records
  • Houston, TX indie rock /slowcore band led by J.Zach Gomez, aka Bedlocked – “All Over Again” from the split 7″ single Bedlocked|Teethe‘s “All Over Again b/w Moon” via Saddle Creek
  • Scottish indie rock /post-punk /shoegaze band Edinburgh School for the Deafcult “Orpheus Ascending” off the first vinyl edition of lost classic 2011 LP “New Youth Bible” (originally on Bubblegum Records) 25th-anniversary silver vinyl 12″ via Absolutely Kosher
  • London-based Ambient /Ethereal Wave /Dream Pop /Shoegaze act Daniel Land “Idlewind” from the CD/Vinyl album “Out of Season”
  • Glasgow, UK electronic /dream pop /shoegaze duo Japan Review – “Go Around” from the upcoming 2nd album “The Slow Down” on Blackjack Illuminist Records
  • London, UK indie rock /shoegaze band The Year In Pictures “Marble Run” single
  • Reno, NV dream pop /ethereal wave /shoegaze father-daughter duo featuring Greg and Rachael Fuhs from Anti-Social Club, Object X “Insomnia” the first single from debut LP “Infinite Nothing”
  • Louisville, Kentucky ethereal /psych /slowcore /shoegaze project of Angel Diaz, aka Vyva Melinkolya “222” single from the upcoming debut LP “Unbecoming”
  • Brazilian Alt-Rock /Dream Pop /Shoegaze band SEPARABLE “Infinite Repeater” (Single)
  • Bandung, Indonesia shoegaze /indie rock quartet Heals “Are You Ready” from the second LP “Emerald” on FFWD Records
  • St. John’S, Newfoundland and Labrador shoegaze artist and producer lil dirtbag “Wide Awake” single
  • Seattle, WA shoegaze /indie rock band Waves Crashing “Wish” single
  • Florence, Italy 5-piece indie rock /dream pop /shoegaze band WE MELT CHOCOLATE “Anything” from the album “Holy Gaze”
  • Mexico alt-rock /grunge /shoegaze band Entre las Nubes “Supergrunge” single
  • Bangkok, Thailand alt/ shoegaze/ dream pop 4-piece Death Of Heather “Forever” title track of the second EP “Forever”
  • New England-based dream pop /art rock /indie rock /shoegaze collective Hevvy Serve “Nothing Mattress” from the LP “Slide Area”
  • Austin, TX psych /dream pop /shoegaze duo Daydream Twins “Cherub” from the EP “Bombinate”
  • Concepción, Chile grunge /shoegaze /indie rock band Adelaida “Caída Libre” the third single from the upcoming 5th studio álbum “Retrovisor”
  • Los Angeles grunge /indie rock /shoegaze band Gasper “Some Fantasy” debut single
  • Roanoke, Virginia Post-Shoegaze /Noise band Violent Waves “Nothing But Hell (Demo)”
  • Sweden fuzzy shoegaze instrumental doom-pop solo project Kitten Paws “Sleet Rocket” from “Gothgazer” EP
  • South Australia-based Dream pop /Shoegaze one-man band of songwriter, guitarist, and producer Dave Thomas, aka Hey Calamity “Save Your Pity” single
  • Philadelphia‘s Alternative /Post-Shoegaze band Trophy Grief “Wired” new single
  • Surabaya, Indonesia-based shoegaze band Fleuro “Buried” from the single “Hollow / Buried” via Outta Sight Records
  • Berlin-based noise rock /grunge /shoegaze band YEAHRS – “Smokescreen” single
  • Wilmington, NC-based shoegaze /fuzzy indie rock band led by Adam Bastug, aka Doggy Daycare “Acid Walk” single via Fort Lowell Records
  • Rotterdam-based three-piece krautrock /noise /post-punk /shoegaze band Kalaallit Nunaat “Push It Down” single
  • Ravenna, Italy blues /sludge /prog /psychedelic rock trio THE MANIFESTO “AN ILLUSION FOR YOU” from the sophomore concept album “SEASON OF MIRANDA”
  • Bristol, UK post-krautrock /electronica act, Neko “Division Below” from “King Louie” EP CD on Shore Dive Records
  • California psychedelic-acid folk rock all-star eclectic ensemble fronted by singer-songwriter Jesse Sykes, aka The Third Mind “Groovin’ Is Easy” (The Jaynettes cover, 1963 ) from the double 2×12″ LP “The Third Mind 2” on Yep Roc Records
  • UK space-rock /psychedelic /shoegaze /noise-rock pioneers THE TELESCOPES “What You Love” off upcoming sixteenth studio album “Growing Eyes Becoming String” on Fuzz Club
  • Montreal, Quebec based experimental post-punk /indie rock band TV Erased “It’s Halloween” from the upcoming first album “If You Get, I Want” via Stress Test Records
  • UK grunge /dream pop /indie rock trio CIEL “Shut In My Body” from “Make It Better / Rather Be Alone” [Double EP] 12″
  • Malmö, Sweden alt /new wave /shoegaze trio Spunsugar “White Sneakers“ new single from the upcoming second LP “A Hole Forever” via Adrian Recordings
  • Washington, DC-based alt /indie rock songwriter and producer Mike Toohey, aka Irish Basement “Black Cat” single
  • Glasgow, Scotland indie rock band NEW REBEL CULT “To Be in the Right Mind” single
  • Chicago, IL noise pop /psych /indie rock band Cafe Racer “Material” off upcoming “Words In Error” LP 12″
  • Italian shoegaze /post-punk /dream pop /indie-rock band from Naples led by Andrea Caccese, Dead Rituals – “Teenagers From Mars” (Misfits cover)
  • Boston, MA indie rock band Beeef “Nice Clean Shirt” first single off of Beeef’s upcoming third album
  • Manchester, UK alt-noise rock / indie rock band Easter “Fresh Hell” first single from the new album “Facsimile of a Dream” on Scratchy.
  • Dayton, Ohio indie rock band Guided By Voices “For The Home” from upcoming LP “Nowhere To Go But Up”
  • Ottawa, Canada indie /garage /power pop /folk guitarist and composer (Expanda Fuzz, The Stand GT, Camp Radio), Chris Page “Jenny Said See You Saturday Night” single on meltingplastic records
  • Californian bedroom pop /indie folk recording project by Johnny Rafter, aka The Fruit Trees “In Love (Without Loving)” from “Leaving” EP on flower sounds
  • Edinburgh-based, Brighton-born alt-folk singer-songwriter Victoria Hume “Bad Lover” off the upcoming “Radical Abundance” album via Lost Map Records
  • Manchester, UK soundtrack /pop /folk /piano music maker, artist and historian Suzy Mangion “Ladybird” from the forthcoming ‘lost’ third LP “Days Lost To Snow” the first full-length collection of songs in 15 years


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