WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – November #44-21

Photo by Willy Ronis

  • Baltimore, Maryland lo-fi jangly pop /power-pop /freakbeat /indie trio The Smashing Times “A Changing Letter” from 7″ single “Dreams on Union B/W A Changing Letter ” on their own Painter Man Records.

Framed in stunning modernist ’60s covers, the Baltimore‘s trio plays a lo-fi, raw, melodic garage guitar pop walking the lines of the ramshackle desolate intensity of the Television Personalities and Swell Maps, the energetic punkedelic vibrancy of The Soft Boys and the C86 jangling urgency from The Subway Organization roster, spattered, as the label’s name could suggest, with 60s beat vibes of mod bands such as The Creation and The Action. In “A Changing Letter”, nimble rhythms trigger a sparkling melancholic barrage of sharp and spiky jangly 6-string melodies that somberly wander and fall, with forlorn piercing intensity, over the grainy shaking and painful memories of pensive emotional male vocals and distant carefree howls to release shame and disappointment from the dark and daring moods of yesterday. 

  • Concord, California fuzzy /jangle /indie /bedroom pop side project of Jason Dezember (Nar, Ski Instructors, Plastic Shoelace, The Bagpipe Operations), The Ashenden Papers “Little Jumpy T” off of “Fall” the second of four planned singles from the forthcoming as-yet-untitled LP on Secret Center Records

Longstanding fine craftsman in meticulously creating little understated jangle-pop gems, sparkling and dreamy with solid airy and melancholic melodies, in the vein of Felt, The Field Mice or The Razorcuts, Jason Dezember returns with the second single in the series of four, once again enriched by the celestial backing harmonies of Rose Melberg, who most of the aficionados should know. Nostalgic twines of glistening chords chiming throughout with a dizzy, peppy pace, underpinned by sinuously deep heart-pulsing bassline, lively drums, and swelling keyboard chords, to layer upbeat moods of angsty obsessions under the hypnotic bittersweet swirls of dual male-female vocals, breezing open paths of love and support for “Little Jumpy T” to make it on his own.

  • Portland, Or Bedroom /Ambient /Fuzz /dreampop /Shoegaze solo project Mascara Ashes “Thank you Katherine” from “Paradigm Drift” EP

Pacific Northwest elusive ambient shoegaze project is back with three aquatic, abstract and atmospheric frames of bedroom echo fuzz & reverb build around slow-simmering moods to drift in and out through refracting harmonic territories of vaporous heady expanding guitar layers, restrained percussions, minimal bass pulses and soft breathless gasps, amidst droning, ethereal textures and melancholic enveloping reverberant echoes, merging cool hazy breezes, grainy sands, twinkling ripples, and vocal moans into a riveting dreamworld of subconscious bliss.

  • Swiss/Finnish drone-post-rock duo founded by the multi-instrumentalists Samuel Vaney (Muhd) and Eeli Helin (Fawn Limbs, Mireplaner…), aka Fargue “La masse noire” from upcoming LP “Ruines, Irradiées” on cavsas
  • Canada ambient /drone /folk /acoustic singer-songwriter Sea Oleena “Untethering” (Single) on Cascine
  • Los Angeles based alternative / goth pop / folk singer-songwriter, guitarist and visual artist Emma Ruth Rundle “Citadel” from the LP “Engine of Hell” on Sargent House
  • West Yorkshire, UK ambient /electronic /pastoral pop group lead by Hood co-founder, Richard Adams, The Declining Winter “The Definition Glance” ltd.7″ vinyl single (Aquarela)
  • Nottingham, UK post-rock /dream pop /shoegaze solo project After Daylight ‘There’s No One Left To Save’ second single from the forthcoming 6th album, ‘Falling Out Of Time’.
  • Tbilisi, Georgia indie psych folk pop project of singer-songwriter Gia Iashvili, AKA Sky Diving Penguins “About One Hermit” (Single)
  • London based indie folk singer-songwriter Anna Vincent “A Window” from the album “Under The Glass” via Ultimate Blends.
  • Sendai, Japan folk /twee /indie pop trio RED GO-KART “Jellyfish” ltd. Flexi disc vinyl single on galaxy train
  • London based electronic /indie /alternative /dream pop project of Midlands born Tom Kellett, MAUV “Wash Over Me” single London/L.A. based label All My Thoughts.
  • San Francisco lo-fi /desert drone /psych /freak folk project PRESENT ELECTRIC “The Smudge” from the cassette album “The Continuous Monument” on Paisley Shirt
  • East Bay, CA lo-fi /jangle /indie pop project of Ryan Marquez (Carnival Park, The Haircuts, Apple Orchard, Golden Teardrops), The Umbrella Puzzles “Peace Of Mind” from the EP “False Starts & Mishaps” on Melotron Recordings
  • San Francisco, Ca DIY kitchen pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “Don’t Come Home Too Soon” from the upcoming LP “Summer At Land’s End” on Tough Love
  • Fresno, Ca bedroom pop /indie rock project Valley Palace “Patch” off “Collection 1” cassette on Run For Cover Records.
  • Philadelphia dream pop /indie rock band Blood Sound “Stuck In My Head” debut single
  • London based indie /dream pop 5-piece Margot – “Wait For You” new single off upcoming LP Margotzeko’ on Full Time Hobby
  • Brighton, UK indie guitar rock 4-piece FUR “She’s The Warmest Colour In My Mind” from the debut LP “When You Walk Away” on 777 Music
  • Montreal, Quebec dream-pop solo project of Josianne Boivin, aka MUNYA “Life Is a Dream” from the album “Voyage to Mars” on Luminelle.
  • Toronto, Canada new wave pop artist GRAE “Outta This World” (Single)
  • Finnish indie /dream pop duo Pole Siblings “Låser in mig” new single on Strangers Candy.
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania indie rock /jangle pop solo project Stutter Steps “Lift” from ltd. 7″ single “Lift / The Bend” on Blue Arrow Records
  • Brisbane indie dream-pop solo project of producer (Syrup, Go On), Tom Briese “Just Another Moment” debut single
  • Venezuelan jangle /indiepop solo project from Caracas, Mañana El Espacio “Celebran Por Nosotros” (Single) from upcoming LP “Casi Nada Es Para Siempre”.
  • Leeds, UK dreampop /dreamwave /electro-folk duo Lines of Flight “Please Don’t Say You’re Going (To Let Me Down)” track 9 of the 10-track release series “Signs of Life”
  • Oslo, Norway synth-pop duo Midnight Machine “Figure” (Single)
  • Vigo, Spain electro /psych /avant pop duo MAGIA BRUTA “Un día nuevo” title track from the 2022 debut album “Un día nuevo” on Foehn Records
  • VIC, Australia new indie /dream pop /electro-pop duo of Matthew Sigley (The Daytime Frequency, The Earthmen, Polak, Video Video, The Lovetones) and Joshua Meadows (The Sugargliders, The Steinbecks, The Bell Streets, Secret Towns), aka Leaf Mosaic “Zodiaque” third single
  • Legendary mid-90s and early ’00s Greek indie-electro-lounge pop duo (former members of One Night Suzan and Next Time Passions), The Crooner “Dew Goddess” single via make-me-happy
  • Dublin, Ireland Bedroom Pop /Electronic /Dream Pop solo project PASSERSBY “Franny” from upcoming cassette album “Alwayyys”
  • Leeds, UK goth /dream pop /noise pop /shoegaze band HINATA “Beautiful Static” from “Sugarmorphis” EP
  • Oakland, Ca shoegaze /noise pop /dream pop duo The Acharis “In The Blue Room” from the LP “Blue Sky/Grey Heaven” on Cranes Records
  • Denver, Co post-rock /indie rock/shoegaze band TWIN IMAGE “Before your love” title track from the debut album “Before your love”
  • Swedish power-pop / indie rock project of Jonas Jonsson based in Föllinge, aka BEDROOM EYES “The Dark Between The Stars” from upcoming 2022 LP “Sisyphus Rock” on Startracks
  • Skåne County, Sweden indie rock quintet of Caroline Landahl (Hater), Tobias Widman (YAST), Erik Klinga (Simian Ghost, Light Vibes), Frederick Rundquist (FEWS, Hater) and Rasmus Andersson (FEWS, Hater), aka HORSE SHOW “Hästskandalen” from upcoming “Falsterbo” [EP] on PNKSLM Records
  • San Francisco‘s fuzz-pop/jangle gaze 4-piece SEABLITE “Breadcrumbs” from upcoming 7″ vinyl single “Breadcrumbs c/w Ink Bleeds” on Emotional Response
  • L.A. based jangle indie pop band Massage “In Gray & Blue” from the upcoming 10″ EP “Lane Lines” on Mt.St.Mtn.
  • French garage indie pop collective EggS “I Fell In Love” from “Greatest Hits” EP on Prefect Records
  • Austin, TX-based shoegaze /jangle /indie pop /noise /dream pop band, Letting Up Despite Great Faults “Corners Pressed” off the forthcoming album IV
  • Toronto post-rock /indie rock /shoegaze band Tidal Wave “Regrets” from the s/t EP
  • Indonesian shoegaze /indie rock band TheMilo “Finally, Home!” originally a bonus and b-side track from “Let Me Begin (Repackaged)” on cassette format, released 2002 [Anoa Records]
  • Sarasota, Fl shoegaze /dream pop band CAPTIVE FRAME “Breeze” from the debut LP “There’s Always Dawn”.
  • El Paso, TX eclectic shoegazers EEP “Today I Woke Up” from the sophomore album “Winter Skin” on their label Hogar Records.
  • Brooklyn, NY shoegaze /indie rock trio The Nervous Hex “Ghosting” from debut s/t EP
  • Shoegaze /dreampop /post-rock band from Belgium, CECILIA::EYES “Missing Pieces” from the upcoming LP “Sore Memories Always End” on Dunk!records
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina shoegaze /dreampop one-man-band NAX “Reflejo Lunar (ft. Joaquín Karpinsky)” new single
  • Massachusetts indie rock /noise pop /shoegaze solo project of Dan Parlin, AKA [DN-PN] “Vineyard Veins” from the debut single “Service Merchandise + Vineyard Veins”
  • Rio Grande Valley, TX alternative /shoegaze band GLARE “Floating” from the upcoming EP “Heavenly” on Sunday Drive Records
  • Adelaide, Australia shoegaze /dream pop project of Allison Chhorn, aka Author of the Accident “Big Regrets” from “A Brighter Summer Day” EP
  • Russian post-rock /dream pop /shoegaze band from Saint Petersburg, BLANKENBERGE “No Sense” from the upcoming album “Everything”.
  • Paris, France shoegaze /space rock /psychedelic trio SUBZERO FUN “Never Down” from the new EP “ZU4”.
  • US atmospheric black metal /shoegaze solo project Sadness “see you in the orange light” from the EP ” _____ “
  • Seattle/L.A based alternative indie rock quartet fronted by singer Julia Shapiro, Chastity Belt “Fear” from the upcoming 7″ single “Fake / Fear”
  • Northern Ireland Alternative Rock /Garage Punk duo of Shannon D O’Neill with Maeve Mulholland, SISTER GHOST “New Age Witch” from “Stay Spooky” EP
  • L.A. alt-grunge /indie rock trio Kills Birds “Cough Up Cherries” from the upcoming album “Married”
  • Berlin-based shoegaze /dream pop /indie rock project of Alexander Leonard Donat (aka Vlimmer etc.), Fir Cone Children – “The Age of New Biedermeier (ft. Jackie Kasbohm)” from the upcoming 7th album “It Chooses You” on his own Blackjack Illuminist Rec.                                                                                                   
  • Odessa, Ukraine shoegaze /indie rock band Электроптицы [electrobirds] – “Навстречу ветру” from “В пределах города” EP
  • Russian indie rock band from Saint Petersburg, Домашний беспорядок “Бери если нужно” from the EP “И так каждый раз”                                                                                                                                                              
  • New York dream pop /shoegaze solo project of Peter Bogolub, Loops & Loops “Everything Changes” (Single)
  • Moscow, Russia dream-pop /shoegaze project of Dmitry Gruber, aka Echoedreaming “Untouched” [single]
  • Houston, TX indie rock /power-pop solo project K. Campbell “Breaking Glass” from the 7″/cassette single “Breaking Glass b/w More Than A Memory” on Poison Moon Records                                                                            
  • Alicante, Spanish 60s /garage /indie pop band Las Infrarrojas “No me llames nena” from the third 7″ EP “Las Infrarrojas & Indy Tumbita” on Hurrah! Música / Family Spree Recordings
  • Allentown, PA indie rock/garage duo of guitarist-vocalists, Nicholas Gillespie and Serg Cereja, aka Laurel Canyon “Victim” (Single)
  • Bristol, UK Garage Punk/Pop-Psych group The Total Rejection “Too Little Too Late” from the 7″ vinyl EP “Paul’s Eye John’s Teeth” on Raving Pop Blast! Recordings.
  • Australian 4-piece psychedelic rock band based in Sydney, THE LAZY EYES “Fuzz Jam” from the 2022 debut LP “Songbook”
  • Edinburgh, Scotland garage /psych folk-rock 4-piece The Green Tambourine Band “Let It Out / Let It In” from the album “Sundazed” on East Records
  • Rome, Italy bedroom /acoustic /indie /folk project of Paolo Miceli (formerly My Violent Ego, Sea Dweller, still with La Casa Al Mare), The Mellowdees “It hurts like a knife” from the upcoming debut “She’s calling me to bed” EP

Saint-Germain, Paris 1955 photo by Willy Ronis