WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #44

Katrien de Blauwer Photography

  • Swedish psych/guitar pop/dreampop songwriter and producer from Gothenburg, Mathias Engwall, aka llawgne “Reverie Neverending” new single on Declared Goods                                                                            

Swedish music maker’s new single is an intoxicating sonic alchemy of mesmeric hazy dream pop and shimmering 60’s sun-soaked, psychedelic vibes in the chorus to elicit steadily hypnotic off-tempo rhythms that pulse along with energetic acoustic strummed guitar, radiating swaying airy ethereal atmospherics around dreamy nostalgic male vocals floating drearily, rippled by sudden bursts of 6-string distortion, into the gentle echoing caress of disillusioned bliss…because in the end, it’s just a sublime reverie you wish would never end.

  • Asbury Park, NJ bedroom/indie rock/dream-pop solo project of EgyptianAmerican singer/songwriter Sara Barry, aka TEEN IDLE “Seasons (Goodbye, Summer Sun)” [originally included in the Green Witch Recordings‘ 2nd cassette compilation “Where Is the Sun?”] from new 2-track single “Seasons / Where Is the Sun?”

There is a distinctive quality that immediately captivated me in Sara‘s voice, masculine and sensual at the same time with an ethereal tone, that reminds me of Victoria Legrand of Beach House fame.
Languid and nostalgic in “Seasons”, wavering amidst off-tempo rhythms along shimmering guitar riffs, evocative lustrous keyboard chords, longing in hopeless daydreams for warm, eternal sunshine. Realised not long ago under the alias Sir Francis Fake, the flip reveals glimpses of possible intriguing and darker future developments, through a more experimental, atmospheric and subtly disturbing feel, with effected deadened vocals that writhe and glide on a hypnotic and enveloping carpet of church organ-like sweeping synth flows.

  • Lucerne, Switzerland indie/jangle/dream pop project of musician Andy Jossi (The Churchhill Garden) and singer, lyricist Gretchen DeVault (The Francine Odysseys, The Icicles, Voluptuous Panic), aka THE BLUE HERONS “In The Skies” new single

Put in the drawer for over a year, Swiss musician and composer Andy Jossi of The Churchhill Garden appeared to have “forgotten” his moniker, every time with different guests on vocals and lyrics duty, The Blue Herons, but instead not only he finally returns with the collaboration of one of our favorite pop vocalists, Gretchen DeVault, but better still, it seems on a permanent basis with more songs in the pipeline. Gretchen‘s arrival seems to have injected a fresh rush of energy with jaunty syncopated rhythms, and fizzing jangly guitar melodies that spark and swirl around beautifully clear melancholic vocal harmonies in Harriett Wheeler vein, embellished with tinning bells-like sounds, for just over 3 minutes of bewitching, crystal clear indie pop rapture.

  • Hamburg, Germany solo project of folk singer/songwriter and Die Heiterkeit frontwoman, STELLA SOMMER “Young Ghost, Old Century” from the sophomore album “Northern Dancer” on Northern Dancer Records/The Orchard
  • Australian indie folk singer/songwriter INDIGO SPARKE “Baby” from the upcoming debut LP “Echo” co-produced by Adrianne Lenker
  • Dripping Springs, TX ambient/psych/dreampop/art rock/slowcore trio of Emily Cross (Cross Record), Dan Duszynski, and Jonathan Meiburg (Shearwater), aka LOMA “Ocotillo” from the new sophomore album “Don’t Shy Away” on Sub Pop
  • London, UK noir-pop/shoegaze/dream pop duo of Dean Garcia (formerly of Curve) & Rose Berlin, SPC ECO “Only Trying To Fix Things” from “11月EP Nov EP”
  • Czechia lo-fi dream-pop band from Prague/Veselí nad Moravou, BILLOW “Somewhere Near the Waterfalls” new single from upcoming album “III” on Z Tapes
  • Woodstock, New York-via-London, UK indie/ethereal/dream-pop duo Tessa Murray & Greg Hughes, aka STILL CORNERS “Crying” from the upcoming 5th LP “The Last Exit” on Wrecking Light Records
  • French electronic shoegaze/dreampop duo from Nantes, DES ROSES “Again” from the debut album “28.08”
  • Chinese indie pop/dream pop artist Shii – “Seeing Flowers” from V/A “Distant Dialogues 天地留声” EP on Merrie Records 美丽唱片
  • Florida Indie Pop duo from Tampa, Planet Loser “Around the Clouds” new single on 6131 Records
  • Sheffield, UK indie/shoegaze/dream pop trio, Rehearsed Living “Scattered Wishes” title track from the new EP “Scattered Wishes”                                                                                                                                           
  • Santiago, Chile new wave/shoegaze/dreampop outfit SANTOS “Don’t try to run” from S/T 2-track debut single
  • Swedish C86 jangle-pop band (formerly The Early Days) Stephen’s Shore “Brisbane Radio” title track from the upcoming 7″ vinyl EP “Brisbane Radio” via Meritorio Records
  • Los Angeles based indie-pop/jangle pop band, Smokescreens “Working Title” from the third album “A Strange Dream” (produced by David Kilgour from legendary New Zealand band The Clean) on Slumberland Records
  • Indianapolis, Indiana indie rock solo project BOLENDER “Sun Gazing” from the album “B-sides & Covers”
  • Oakland, Ca based ’60s/mod/C86/bubblegum/shoegaze/indie-pop duo LUNCHBOX “Before and After” from the new LP “After School Special” on Slumberland Records
  • Toronto post-punk/psych/noise pop 4-piece, PEELING “Ego Death” from the upcoming album “Worshipper”
  • Silver Lake, L.A. indie/shoegaze/noise rock duo, Teenage Wrist “Earth Is A Black Hole” upcoming on Epitaph Records                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Chapel Hill, NC indie rock 4-piece Superchunk “There’s A Ghost” from new single “There’s A Ghost” b/w “Alice” on Merge Records
  • Brisbane, Australia sludge-pop group THE BEAR HUNT “Species With Amnesia” from upcoming second LP “Goodnight, Sweet Losers”
  • Sidney, Australia alt fuzzy-grungy queer trio Bruise Pristine “Army Of Me” new single
  • London, UK indie rock/shoegaze/dream rock project DOGBAR CINEMA “Bridge Too Far” 
  • Seattle dream pop/indie rock/shoegaze duo VIBRAGUN “Breaking the Spell” from the new EP “Fade”
  • Denver, Co alt/dreampop/emo/shoegaze/ Anime inspired project Old Soul Dies Young “The Spiral Obsession: Part 2” from the single “The Spiral Obsession”
  • Seoul, South Korea indie rock/dream pop/shoegaze 4-piece FOG “Space Space Space Shuttle” from the upcoming debut LP “Fogesque”
  • Bangkok, Thailand alt/shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece Death Of Heather “Living Slow Disaster” new single from Death of Heather’s new S/T debut album on Yell Recordz
  • Charlotte, NC emo/shoegaze trio CLEARBODY “Blossom” from the debut LP “One More Day” on Smartpunk Records
  • Canadian indie shoegaze 4-piece from Windsor, Talking Violet “Bloom” new single
  • Russian dream pop/grunge-gaze/shoegaze band from Yekaterinburg, SHOE SHINE SIX “’96” title track from new 3-track EP
  • Mexico City Alternative/Shoegaze/Dream pop band RILEV “Hard To Go On” from the new album “Fade”
  • Calabria, Italy/Toronto, Canada lo-fi/noise pop/post-punk/shoegaze DIY two-piece band etti/etta “Faces” from the new album “It’s Hallowe’en”
  • Sevilla, Spain indie/jangle/dream pop quartet Terry Vs. Tori – “Chambré” from the debut LP álbum “Heathers” on El Genio Equivocado
  • Göteborg, Sweden indie/dream pop 4-piece BOY WITH APPLE “Iceage” new single on VÅRØ.
  • US shoegaze/noise rock band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. JANEDRIVER “Nude” from the new EP “You Know It’s True”
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia lo-fi/indie/shoegaze/psychedelic/noise-pop band гидронавт астрофон [astrofonics] “разговаривая с волной” new single on Raw Pop Syndicate
  • Los Angeles indie/sadcore/dream-pop trio Cryogeyser “Glove” off the upcoming LP “Love Is Land” on Terrible
  • Visalia, Ca lo-fi noise-pop solo project Dead Katz “Dance of the Dead” from “Dozens In Idaho” on Z Tapes
  • West Salem, North Carolina fuzzy/gloomy/psych/shoegaze trio Spirit System “Effrayant” new single
  • Brisbane, Australian post-punk/shoegaze/new wave project of Hatchie‘s collaborator/co-writer Joe Agius, aka RINSE – “Back Into Your Arms (feat. Hatchie)” from upcoming debut EP “Wherever I Am”
  • French indie/dreampop/electro-pop artist from Paris (aka Cuerpos Cósmicos), Camille Motto “Visiones de fiesta” from V/A “A Lo Mejor” on Clínica de canciones
  • New York retro/dream/chill/synth wave solo project Eagle Eyed Tiger “Is This What You Want?” from the new album “Smile for the Camera” on Stratford Ct.
  • Massachusetts shoegaze/indie rock solo project Mourning Collective “Autumn” new single
  • German folk/garage/psych-rock quartet from Hamburg, Blackbird Mantra “High and Dry” from upcoming “The Wheel” on la pochette surprise records
  • Saitama, Japan lo-fi/indie pop/psychedelic pop project of Kazunari Muto, Boys Age “My Visitor” new single on Nice Guys
  • Japanese alternative rock/dream pop/shoegaze band SUGARDROP “Cinemagraph” from upcoming EP『I.S.O.L.T』on TESTCARD RECORDS
  • Norwegian/Dutch dream/jangle/retro pop project of Jørn Åleskjær and Estella Rosa of Nah, Sapphire and Steel “Home” from debut “Assigment I” EP
  • UK 5-piece indie/dream-pop band from Bristol, STAY LUNAR “Not Your Fight” debut single
  • Filipino shoegazey/indie-pop by Jon of Cinéma Lumière from Manila, Pale Blue Morning – “Lost In Oblivion” from V/A “Alpas: Beyond Reverb And Noise” via Shoegaze Pilipinas
  • Los Angeles fuzzy psychedelic band DREAM PHASES “Helen Highway” from the 2-track 7″ single ‘Helen Highway’ b/w ‘Tandy’ on Hypnotic Bridge Records.
  • Brighton, UK Bedroom/C86/indie pop DIY duo of Céline Doméné (Greetings From The Beloved Ghosts) and Ben Nightingale (B. Spanks), LOVE TAN “Life On Toast” from the new S/T cassette mini-album on Permanent Slump
  • Perth, Australia gloom-pop two-piece consisting of Damian Diggs and Oliver James, ECHO ADORE “Indecisions” sophomore single
  • New Jersey-based power pop band fronted by singer-songwriter Tom Lucas, SAD ABOUT GIRLS “Never Stay” from the new album “She Walks In Beauty”
  • Calgary, Alberta indie-rock 4-piece Johan’s Haunt Club “Hi Honey” title track from the new EP “Hi Honey”
  • Dumaguete-based, Philippines indie/dream pop singer-songwriter Meagan Trees “take Me Away” new single on Lilystars Records
  • Melbourne based indie rock/folk-pop songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jess Locke ‘Destroy Everything’ from the forthcoming album ‘Don’t Ask Yourself Why’ on Remote Control
  • Melbourne-based ambient/dream pop artist Sandy Hsu “Mother” new single 
  • London indie folk-duo songwriters Chris Moore and Celia MacDougall (ex-The Blue Period), Radiant Heart “Museum” off the upcoming 12” LP “Brocken Spectre” on Lacklustre Records

Katrien de Blauwer Photography