WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – OCTOBER #43-23


  • Krakow, Poland Indie Rock /Dream Pop /Shoegaze band Strangers In My House “Lost and Gained” single

First single since last year’s well-received debut LP from the Dreamy Shoegaze Polish foursome, back with a further crystalline, swirling and airy sound, seamlessly graced by the intoxicating and bewitching vocal layers of Magdalena Radecka. A steady and vibrant rhythm section drives nostalgic, bittersweet reflections from echoing shimmering guitar ripples and blanketing spirals, laced with a searing fuzzy rush of poignant leads, to cast chiming gliding glimmers of hope over sad emotional vocals, pondering on all that has been “Lost and Gained” in a relationship.

  • Munich, Germany dream pop /indie rock solo project True Blue “Borrowed Spaces” single

Psychedelic edged, ghostly and wistful Dream Pop from Bavaria, concocts a stirring nostalgic melancholy inlaid by somber shimmery weeping guitar sweeps, wafting over a humming river of swelling bass lines led by persistent beats, whilst dreamy distorted vocals long for reality amid another’s fantastical visions.

  • Stoke On Trent, UK fuzz-pop /indie rock band led by the founder member of The Mittens and Horowitz, Matt Hicks, aka The Hermitts “Before” from the upcoming first LP “Weight Of The World” via Next Phase : Normal Records

Second single from the upcoming debut LP rife with The Hermitts‘ distinctive 90s-influenced, fuzz-laden-pop, amid softness and roughness, with distorted shoegaze-y droning textures, streaked with Crazy Horse-tinged 6-string leads of excruciating poignancy. A burst of soaring emotions layers abrasive, searing guitar distortions with trembling bass lines, and syncopated hard-hitting drum beats, whilst angsty vocals and obsessive echoes get lost in a hazy realm pierced by swirling high-pitched whines of angst and alienation.

  • UK kraut /psych-rock new band formed by Simon Scott from Slowdive, Three Quarter Skies – “How Do Yoo Feel” from the EP “Universal Flames” on Sonic Cathedral
  • Avignon, France drone /experimental /post-rock /tape loops /electro-acoustic /ambient sound artist A LAST PICTURE FROM VOYAGER “Golden memories” from the album “LABORATORY” on Stellar Frequencies
  • Changsha, China ambient /post-rock band Summer Fades Away “June Yui” first track from the forthcoming album on 1724 Records
  • Udine, Italian ambient /electro-acoustic /experimental ‘Carnic’ folk songwriter and musician, Massimo Silverio – “Hrudja” from the upcoming debut LP “Nijò” via Okum
  • Italian-born ambient /cinematic /jazz eclectic ethereal pop singer-songwriter Marta Del Grandi “Good Story” from the second LP “Selva” on Fire Records
  • New Zealand chamber pop /folk /dream pop band French for Rabbits “Leech” from upcoming EP “In the End I Won’t Be Coming Home” [AllGood Absolute Alternative Records]
  • Australian-born, Oakland-based dream /surf /psych /indie pop artist Hazel English “Heartbreaker” single                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • L.A. indie rock /pop singer-songwriter Janelane “Dance Floor” single
  • Bakersfield, CA-based ethereal wave /shoegaze /post-punk /dream pop married duo, Fawns of Love “Courting the Devil’s Printer” from the vinyl 12″ album “Fear The Softest Gaze” [Kingfisher Bluez]
  • Cardiff, Wales baroque /leftfield folk /psychedelic pop band Soft Hearted Scientists or Nathan Hall and the Sinister Locals? “Cloud Parade” from “Phantom of Canton Halloween Demoz” E.P.
  • Manchester, UK indie /shoegaze /dream pop four-piece Umarells “You’re Not Here” off “You’re Not Here / Closer” debut 7” single via Fear of Missing Out Records
  • Seattle, WA indie rock /dream pop band Wall Drugs “Pretty Girls” from upcoming EP “Here Hella Early” via Swoon Records
  • Sheffield, UK indie /dream pop trio Pale Blue Eyes “Reason” (originally on the bonus flexi disc available with the recent LP “This House”) on Full Time Hobby
  • New York shoegaze /jangly pop /indie rock project of Maia Friedman (of Dirty Projectors), Dan Molad (of Lucius, Chimney), and Oliver Hill (of Pavo Pavo, Dustrider), aka Coco “Mythological Man” from upcoming second LP “2” via First City Artists
  • Mid-80s San Francisco-based experimental /kraut /psych /indie rock band Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 “Strange Mail from the 2xLP compilation “These Things Remain Unassigned (singles, compilation tracks, rarities & unreleased recordings)”
  • Austin, TX based post-rock /slowcore /indie rock band The American Analog Set “Gin Shakes” from the new LP “For Forever”
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania lo-fi dream-pop /indie folk singer-songwriter Tyler Burkhart “Gaslight” from the album “Vow of Silence”
  • Madison, Wisconsin-based noise /indie rock duo Red Pants “Rockwell Went” from vinyl 12″ LP “Not Quite There Yet” on Meritorio Records
  • San Francisco DIY downcast indie pop band led by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums, etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “Did You Put Your Song Up Today?” from “Dull Panic & Sunday Gloom Dull Panic & Sunday Gloom” single (originally released as a limited bonus 7” with the band’s “The Town That Cursed Your Name” LP) via Tough Love
  • Clare, Australia lo-fi jangle /bedroom pop project of guitarist Joel Carr, aka Foulness Island “Painted Smiles” from “Isles of Sorrow” EP
  • Oslo, Norway fuzz noise-pop band led by guitarist and vocalist Christian Dam, The Age of Colored Lizards “Diver” single
  • Athens, Ohio post-punk /jangle indie pop band formed by brothers Evan and Quinn Seurkamp, aka The Laughing Chimes “Ballerina Out of Control” (The Ocean Blue cover)” off “A Promise To Keep” 2-track 7″ single via Slumberland Records
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK lo-fi post-punk /indie pop DIY songwriter-musician Daniel McGee, aka Zenxith “The New Zenxith Single” from the 11th album “I Was Named After Daniel Treacy”
  • Adelaide, Australian post-punk /wave/romantic pop duo New Labour “Coronation” from “Hour” EP
  • Bandung, Indonesian three-piece indie pop band JENNIFER “PLEASE” from “JENNIFER” EP via disanorak
  • Bay Area‘s 4-piece C86 /indie jangle-pop group The Umbrellas – “Three Cheers!” from upcoming LP “Fairweather Friend” on Tough Love
  • London-based guitar pop band Daniel Takes A Train “Daniel Takes A Train” single
  • Canadian ’80s formed, psych /guitar rock band Royal Ottawa “Samsara” from the debut LP “Carcosa”
  • Austin, TX-based Lo-Fi /Garage /Shoegaze /Noise Rock /Rock and Roll 4-piece Queen Serene “Debt Collector” from CD/cassette debut S/T album
  • Toulouse, France shoegaze /indie rock /punk quartet (members of Radical Kitten, Docks, Walk Home Drunk, Comité balnéaire and Chien pourri), No Drama “MFNH” from the upcoming cassette “No Drama” EP  via Hidden Bay Records and Seitan’s Hell Bike Punks
  • Valladolid, Spain emo /indie rock /shoegaze /slowcore trio Hooray for Humans “Strep Throat” from the EP “Put It Back in the Blister”
  • Savannah, Georgia lo-fi /indie rock /shoegaze /dark dream-folk band led by Sophie Brochu, aka Fauvely “Radiofriendly” (Astrobrite cover)
  • Melbourne-based art rock /minimal wave /avant-pop duo of siblings Lily and Sam Harding, aka MUG “Who Makes You Laugh?” from 2-track “Mug” 7″ single on Tiny Town Records
  • New York indie rock /shoegaze /dream pop collaborative brainchild of John Ross (Wild Pink, Eerie Gaits) and Laura Wolf, aka LILTS “Too Late” from the debut EP “Waiting Around” [Better Company Records]
  • Portland, Maine indie rock /shoegaze quartet Crystal Canyon “Belt of Orion” from the upcoming LP “Stars and Distant Light”                                                                                                                                                     
  • Edinburgh, UK cinematic /post-rock /shoegaze foursome Wozniak “Black Polaroid” from the upcoming and final album “Memory Disorder”
  • Brisbane, Australia dream pop /indie rock /shoegaze band SGO “Glimmer” single on 4000 Records
  • Antwerp, Belgium ambient /dream pop /shoegaze 5-piece band Newmoon “Fading Phase” first track from the 2024 album “Temporary Light”
  • London, UK shoegaze /indie rock duo Wings Of Desire “Chance Of A Lifetime” single
  • Toronto-based indie rock /shoegaze band founded by musician/producer Josh McIntyre (Prince Innocence) and vocalist Lauren Armstrong, Thermal “Plaster Girl” single off upcoming “Plaster Girl” EP on Dalliance Recordings
  • Philadelphia, PA slacker rock /shoegaze band Skeever “Paris, Texas” from the EP “Daisy Chain”
  • Philadelphia dream pop /shoegaze brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, Angel Ocana, aka Forest Circles “Shado” from “Aurora” EP
  • Clermont Ferrand, France shoegaze /witch doomgaze 4-piece WEMPUSA “Bizarre Syndrome” from the debut EP “Hæresis”
  • Los Angeles, CA shoegaze /alt-noise rock band Rocket “Future Memory” from the debut EP “Versions of You”
  • Polish 4-piece shoegaze /post-punk /noise rock band from Wrocław, GIVE UP TO FAILURE “All House Drowns In My Pain” (Single)
  • Mexico City based krautrock /dream pop /psychedelic /shoegaze trio MINT FIELD ”Respiro Profundo” from the album “Aprender a Ser” on Felte
  • Mexico City‘s Neopsychedelic Shoegaze band ENDLESS “Motion” from the debut “Motion” EP
  • Melbourne-via-Wollongong, Australia indie rock trio Obscura Hail – “Playing Dead” the title track of the upcoming LP “Playing Dead” via Dot Dash Recordings
  • Swiss indie /garage rock all-girl 4-piece from Zürich, BATBAIT “Something’s Dripping From The Ceiling” single
  • Austin, TX Lo-Fi /Post-Punk /Shoegaze /Indie Rock /Dream-Pop solo project EVNTYD “Suffer Me” single 
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands 4-piece post-punk /noise /indie rock band Library Card “Cognitive Dissonance” single on At Ease
  • Dallas, Texas slowcore /noise /indie-rock artist (Trauma Ray), Juan Cordero “Halfstep90” from upcoming debut LP “Songs About Ghosts” [Sunday Drive Records]
  • Austin, TX surf /indie rock musician and composer Alex Whitelaw, aka Spirit Ghost “Line by Line” single
  • L.A. garage rock quartet The Paranoyds “Destructive Banter” from “I Like It Here” EP 7″ on Third Man Records
  •  Scottish DIY indie rock songwriting partnership of Phillip Jon Taylor and Joshua Swinney, PAWNS “Uncertain” from S/T album via Ernest Jenning Record Co.
  • Townsville, Australia indie /synth-pop duo Comfort Royale “I’ll Do Anything” debut single off the forthcoming EP “A Modern Ease”
  • Philadelphia/New York indie rock quartet active from 1992 to 2000, Haywood “Empty Car” from 2-tracker “Discovered! (Men Called Him Mister Outtakes)”
  • Mexico‘s Latin/tropical /synth /electronic /cumbia group Sonido Gallo Negro “The Model” (Kraftwerk cover) off 2-track 7″ single [Names You Can Trust]

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