WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – OCTOBER #41-23

Beatles in America, Washington, DC in 1964.


  • Japanese electronic /indie /shoegaze 4-piece STOMP TALK MODSTONE “WYD” single

The Japanese band doesn’t seem at all lazy in endlessly repeating the usual noise-laden shoegaze trope, which has shown they can do pretty well actually. The new fanciful and sophisti-poppy single, imbued in groovy, heady, and escapist vibes, where the guitars have exclusively a slightly droning distorted textural role, pulses over muffled resonant drum programming and groovy basslines, shrouded in glowing and dazzling synth flows brimming with reflective melancholy, to surround sad dreamy vocals, whilst layers of spoken word, nervous echoes, and celestial coos give comfort and support amid a dramatic break-up.

  • Granada-based Spanish/Irish dream pop /shoegaze /dreamwave musical duo of Jose Pardo and Barry Creed, PYON SON KUT “Sunset” from upcoming EP “RYSE”

Our acquaintance from a few years ago, as part of the Spanish band Lebend, Jose Pardo, teams up with Irish musician Barry Creed for the Pyon son kut‘s first airy, atmospheric and soul-stirring instrumental, which melts into a prismatic dazzling horizon of sparkling guitar strings, distorted hazy textures, emotive swelling synths, and soaring radiant nostalgic melodies, to uplift freely with awe, joy, and beauty into the twilight dusk.

  • London-based dream-jangle-psych-indie pop band led by brothers Angus and Oliver James, The Death Of Pop “Whithering” the first single from the upcoming early 2024 album “Flog” via Hidden Bay Records, Discos De Kirlian and Bread and Cake Records

The first breezy ’60s psych-tinged foretaste from next year’s LP by the multifaceted nuanced pop meticulously crafted, as they have spoiled us for some time now, by the James brothers, elicits heady nostalgic feelings of free-falling, through a euphoric wandering daydream, whilst floating on a vibrant carpet of loose drums, lithe warm bass pulsations, and shimmery swaying strums, adorned by obsessive and frenetic mercurial sparkling guitar melodies, swelling lysergic baritone flourishes and Baroque-sque insistent keyboard curls, layered with dreamy sky-high vocals, breezy baritone back-ups, and soft ecstatic cries, unravelling blissful romantic moods.

  • Manchester, UK blues /indie rock singer-songwriter James Holt “Sometimes (I Can Be An Island)” single
  • Glasgow, UK indie rock /folk songwriter Kim Grant, aka Raveloe “Ghost Beach” from the debut album “Exit Light” on Olive Grove Records
  • Montreal, Québec dream pop /indie folk singer-songwriter HELENA DELAND “The Animal” from the second album “Goodnight Summerland”
  • Brussels-based experimental /psych /minimal leftfield pop singer-songwriter (1/4 of Rose Mercie) Charlotte Kouklia, aka Charlène Darling – “Tout s’efface” off the upcoming second album “La Porte” [Disciples]
  • UK folk /indie pop collaborative project fronted by Ellis Jones from Bristol, TRUST FUND “Our American Tour” single                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Bergen‘s indie folk duo Erlend Øye & Eirik Glambek Bøe, Kings Of Convenience feat. Feist – “Love is a lonely thing (Marco Rigamonti Remix)”
  • Los Angeles‘ shoegaze /dream pop project of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Rhyan Riesgo, aka TODAVIA “Demigod’s Curse” single                                                                                                                             
  • Kolkata, India synth-pop /shoegaze /dream pop band led by musician Subhas Mazumdar, aka French Girlfriends “I’m Not Exactly Sure What I’m Feeling” single
  • New Orleans, Louisiana electronic /synth-pop /dream pop /indie-pop band People Museum “Sleep” single
  • Louisville, Kentucky ethereal /psych /slowcore /shoegaze project of Angel Diaz, aka Vyva Melinkolya “Doomer GF Song (feat. Midwife)” single                                                                                                         
  • Los Angeles ambient /ethereal /post-rock /shoegaze project of Andy Schiaffino, aka body/negative “Persimonn” off the upcoming third album “Everett” via Track Number Records
  • Clare, Australia lo-fi bedroom pop project of guitarist Joel Carr, Foulness Island “Mist” new single
  • London, UK-based experimental /dream pop /alt pop collective FIRESTATIONS “Stilness” single on Lost Map Records
  • Connecticut ambient /psych /shoegaze /space /drone band Landing “Awake” from the single “Awake b/w Gravitational X”
  • New York-based shoegaze /jangle /dream pop project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Patrick J. Smith, aka A Beacon School “Mantra” from the upcoming second LP “yoyo” [Grind Select]
  • UK indie folk rock duo Bewilder “Heavy Sweater” off the debut LP “From the Eyrie” on Tiny Engines
  • French indie rock /dream pop /new wave /shoegaze duo Coward Syndrome – “Itches” single via Spirit Goth Records
  • Lyon, France ambient /new wave /indie pop project, Cosmos70 “Annabel Lee” from the album “Miracles !”
  • Adelaide, Australia indie /synth-pop band New Labour “Crime & Punishment” single
  • New Jersey garage-pop /folk /jangle-pop band Lightheaded “Patti Girl” from the cassette EP “Good Good Great!” on Slumberland Records
  • York, UK indie rock/ jangle-pop band Captain Starlet “Running Water” from the new 2-track single “Self-Portrait” via Safe Suburban Home Records
  • Thessaloniki, Greece indie pop duo TA TOY BOY “Antony” first of a series of two singles
  • Berlin-based jangle /indie pop solo project of band member of the Seaside Stars and Man Behind Tree, aka Hanemoon “They Bring The War” single
  • Spanish 4-piece indie pop band from Murcia, THE YELLOW MELODIES “Follow The Sun” from the forthcoming album “Sunshine Pop” via Old Bad Habits Label, Hurrah! Musica, Discos Imprescindibles and The Beautiful Music.
  • Half and cover band extension of ’80s Syracuse, NY power pop legends The Flashcubes, The Half-Cubes “Love’s Melody” (Ducks Deluxe cover, 1974) off two-track double A-single on Big Stir Records
  • Aliso Viejo, CA power pop /rock ‘n’ roll band Uni Boys “Don’t Wanna Be Like You” off the third LP “Buy This Now!” via Curation Records.
  • Japanese 4-piece guitar pop band from Tokyo, Ferri-Chrome “Another Space-Time” title track of “Another Space Time” 7″ EP on TESTCARD RECORDS
  • Early 2000s Melbourne-based twee indie pop band led by Alexis Hall, The Motifs “Take Mine” from upcoming CD compilation album “I’m the one you love…” [Daisart]
  • Brighton UK-based indie-pop songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist (formerly guitarist and singer of 70/80’s band Dolly Mixture), Rachel Love – “Beautiful” from the upcoming “The Cat Collects Seasons” split CD album via The Cat Collects
  • San Francisco-based indie-pop-rock band led Yoko Sawada, Ichiban “Colours” off “THE ROMANS / Ichiban” split 7″ vinyl single via Tokyo Beatniks Record
  • Dream pop /folk /indie-band from Taiwan, Huan Huan 緩緩 “Change” from the second album “When The Wind Came Across 瀏海被風吹得整個飛起來”
  • Seoul, South Korea post-rock /dreampop /synthpop trio Seoul Magic Club “Dreamers” from the album 新世界
  • Łódź, Poland dream pop artist Kryowake “It Goes Away (feat. Feral Atom)” single
  • Los Angeles-based indie rock /post-rock /shoegaze /dream pop trio Osnova “For Selene” off the new single “Octavian b/w For Selene” via Dune Altar
  • Minnesota dream pop /shoegaze band, fadedinmemories “Lovely Lady” (Single)
  • Richmond, Virginia dream pop /shoegaze solo project Always Other “Velvet dreams” from the album “Far from everyone you know”
  • Dublin-based alt-rock /shoegaze trio Fulvetta “Disregard” single                                                                                 
  • US shoegaze /indie rock solo project Flyingfish “Windowsill” from the second EP “The Way Night Falls”
  • Bristol, UK dream pop /shoegaze band by way of Italy, Spain and UK, Almagrey “Static Fear” from the album “Pictures Fade” on Shore Dive Records
  • Tokyo, Japan indie rock /shoegaze five-piece Moon In June “Fuzzzzy Motion” from debut full-length “ロマンと水色の街 ” [DREAMWAVES RECORDS]
  • Melbourne, Australia 5-piece shoegaze /indie rock band Sorry, Dave “Lighthouse” single
  • Sydney, Australia indie rock /shoegaze band Dial Tone “Waste” single
  • Oakland, CA psych /indie rock /shoegaze band Welcome Strawberry “Smudge” from upcoming EP “Scared To Look” via Cherub Dream Records
  • San Francisco-based bedroom pop /dream pop /indie rock /shoegaze rock project of Brandon Setta, aka You Wish “Her Inertia” single
  • Japanese noise rock /shoegaze band Theredone “Escape” off the upcoming debut LP “High Voltage of Noise”
  • California indie rock /shoegaze trio CERAMIC “Distinction” off the CD EP “Endless Noise”
  • Yogyakarta, Indonesia 4-piece noise /shoegaze /alternative rock band Haszh “Nothingness” from “Sit Tied And Sees” EP
  • Australian psych /indie rock /shoegaze band from Perth, SONICA “Play” [live] single
  • Jacksonville, FL indie rock /shoegaze 4-piece Leaving Time “Yellow” from “I+II” vinyl 12″ collection of the band’s first two 2021/2022 EPs on Sunday Drive Records
  • Toulouse, France shoegaze /indie rock /punk quartet (members of Radical Kitten, Docks, Walk Home Drunk, Comité balnéaire and Chien pourri), No Drama “Happy Dog” from the cassette “No Drama” EP via Hidden Bay Records and Seitan’s Hell Bike Punks
  • Berlin-based alt-rock /grunge /noise rock band William Bleak “Online (Terminal)” single via Cosmic Memory Records
  • Barcelona, Spain noise pop /post-punk /shoegaze /indie rock band Luces Negra “Interior” from the debut LP “NO QUIERO ESTAR AQUÍ” via Flexidiscos
  • Veteran Washington DC new wave /jangle /post-punk /power pop 3-piece band (made of former members of Tree Fort Angst, Glo-worm, Saturday People, Youth Brigade, Emmapeel, Madhouse, and Julie Ocean), Dot Dash “Forever Far Out” off the vinyl 12″ compilation album “16 Again” on Country Mile Records.
  • Detroit, MI r&b /garage /psych /rock’n’roll trio Sugar Tradition “Rockin’ Baby” from upcoming LP “More Sugar” on Feel Trip Records
  • Melbourne, Australia’s garage power punk outfit Judges “The House Always Wins” from upcoming debut LP “Judgement Day” via Total Punk Records and Anti-Fade
  • Detroit, MI garage lo-fi punk band Tyvek “What Were We Thinking” from upcoming LP “Overground” on Ginkgo Records
  • Montreal, Quebec cosmic psych-pop group led by Rishi Dhir, Elephant Stone “The Spark” from upcoming LP “Back Into The Dream” on Fuzz Club Records
  • Gothenburg, Sweden indie rock /psychedelic rock band Melody Fields “Jesus” from the album “1901”
  • New York based krautrock /dream pop /post-punk /psych noise rock band GIFT “Share The Present (Demo)” from the demo version of the 2022 debut album “Momentary Presence (Demos)” [20182022]
  • Swedish psych /indie rock /dream pop /shoegaze songwriter and producer from Gothenburg, Mathias Engwall, aka llawgne “Chrysanthemum Rock” first single from the upcoming second album “Microdosing Heavy Poetry”
  • Stockholm-based indie rock /psychedelic /shoegaze artist Jonatan Westh aka Holy Ship “Godless You“ first single from Holy Ship’s upcoming early 2024 debut album “Beyond Frames” on Declared Goods
  • Maastricht based, Holland‘s funk /disco /psychedelic pop band YĪN YĪN “The Year of the Rabbit” from the upcoming 3rd album “Mount Matsu” on Glitterbeat Records
  • Austin, TX indie rock /psych-pop band Futon Blonde “Tight” single
  • Reykjavík, Iceland lo-fi /rockabilly /synth-punk /fuzzy psych /rock’n’roll project of Henrik Björnsson (of Singapore Sling and Dead Skeletons), THE CULT OF ONE “The Beat Of The Drum Machine” from the album “SONIC BASTARD”
  • Byron Bay, Australia indie /alternative rock band SEASIDE “Light It Up” single
  • London-born dream pop /indie rock singer-songwriter Ella Smoker, aka GGLUM “Splat!” single on Secretly Canadian
  • Seattle fuzz pop /indie rock duo Scarves “Little Friend” single
  • Laguna Niguel, CA alt-country /jangly guitar rock singer-songwriter, John McCabe “Easy West” from upcoming LP “Adorned” on Subjangle
  • Oklahoma City psych /indie rock solo project of Penny Pitchlynn, aka LABRYS “In Motion” from the forthcoming vinyl album
  • Los Angeles-based dream pop /synthpop duo CD Ghost “Let Go” single
  • Santa Cruz, CA dream pop /synthpop solo project Far West “Corners of Your Mind” single
  • Christchurch, New Zealand alternative pop /indie rock /dream pop quartet Yumi Zouma “Be okay” single
  • Los Angeles-based dream pop /shoegaze duo Drauve “Dry” single
  • Chicago, IL alt /indie folk rock singer-songwriter Squirrel Flower “Almost Pulled Away” from the LP “Tomorrow’s Fire” on Full Time Hobby
  • Portland, OR cosmic /ambient folk artist Ann Annie “Aviary Reverie (Waltz No. 2 in C)” single [Netwerk]
  • Manchester, UK ambient /atmospheric /electronic /folk guitar duo of Dean Thom and Phil Considine, aka Great North Star “Seven Stones on Hordron Edge” from the album “Great North Star II”

photo by Paul Huf, ’60s Amsterdam Students

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