WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #41

©Andre Gelpke photography

  • San Francisco jangle/guitar rock/indie pop project of Thomas Rubenstein (The Lovebirds), The Telephone Numbers “Leviathan” new 7″ EP on fruits & flowers

San Francisco’s pop community delivers from week to week pristine nuances of dreamy and nostalgic guitar sound. This week is the turn of Thomas Rubenstein and friends with a riveting deeply sad, sentimental yet angsty melodic strumming indie-pop tune of pastel tones, but it’s the magical alchemy of the beautifully sad, lush fluttering The Triffids-like violin melodies and the Prefab Sprout-esque swooning female backing vocals is that more than enough to send us irremediably into rapture.

  • London, UK based experimental/dream pop/alt pop collective FIRESTATIONS “Small Island” from “Automatic Tendencies” EP (first of a series of three EPs set to be released digitally and on limited-edition CD-R) via Lost Map Records

The avant pop of the British 5-piece is thriving in an increasingly refined, organic and enticing way, while remaining pleasantly retro, in a dizzying yet dreamy array of kraut, retro-futuristic, ’60s, psych, cosmic, pastoral, folk inflexions.
Bygone spacey vibes stem from wandering, fluorescent synth beam’s radiating wistful warm, amid a languorous and yet richly vibrating bed of shuffled beat pulses, trembling guitar reverbs and spare drones, swirling around nostalgic feather-light male/female vocal harmonies, that ebb and flow weightlessly into the groovy rhythms of change, while ‘providing the perfect road-to-nowhere-fast backdrop’ to accompany the angsty narrative lyrical themes.

  • West Coast-via-Midwest shoegaze /dreampop duo of Gretchen DeVault (The Francine Odysseys, The Icicles) & Brian J. Bowe, VOLUPTUOUS PANIC “Sun Is Shining” new single

Hypnotic metronomic beats crawl amid glistening ethereal guitar melodies that shimmer and whine hopelessly together with sad, dreary, and captivating female vocals, longing in desperate, impassioned breathless isolation. As usual mesmeric and deeply moving dream pop from the duo with hopeless lyrics confessing the dark, empty alienation of depression.

  • Toronto, Canada ambient bedroom pop producer/singer-songwriter Shanika Maria, SHN SHN “Silk” from the new EP “Structura”
  • Sidney-based experimental pop singer, producer and songwriter, Ela Stiles “Silence” off the new self-released album “Songs On Harmonium With Voice”
  • Australian ethereal/goth folk singer/songwriter (one half of Jep and Dep), JESSICA “The Weakening” from the debut LP “The Space Between”
  • Kazan, Russia ambient/ethereal/shoegaze/dream pop band Мерцание [Mercanie] ‘Глаз твоих’ from the debut album ‘Все что осталось’
  • Nijmegen, Netherlands ‘film music noir’ 5-piece founded by The Gathering’s René and Hans Rutten, HABITANTS “Bury The Earth” new single
  • Jangle dreampop /shoegaze solo project of San Bernardino, California‘s Manuel Joseph Walker, ❀ FOLIAGE ❀ “Smokey” off upcoming S/T album
  • Los Angeles based dream-pop project of Danny Torres, CRUISERS “Hold On Tightly” new single
  • London based noisy indiepop trio Flowers – “Erik” upcoming new 2-track 7″ single on Slumberland Records
  • New Zealand indie-pop band formed in Auckland by Dons Savage, active from the latter half of the 1980s onward, Dead Famous People “The Great Unknown” from the new proper first album “Harry” on Fire Records
  • Jakarta, Indonesian indie-pop solo project of Riftyza Gestandi (formerly member of Sharesprings, now with Grup Musik Hari Libur), aka Humsikk “Teenage Sound” title track from the album of the same name on Tarsius Records
  • Brazilian shoegaze band Céus de Abril “Abrigo da Dor” new single
  • Madison, Wi slowcore/shoegaze band Slow Pulp “Idaho” from the debut LP “Moveys” on Winspear
  • Los Angeles-based dreampop/shoegaze/indie rock trio DREAM CLINIC “This Night Has Opened My Eyes” from the debut LP “Beyond The Trees”
  • Norrköping, Sweden indie/shoegaze/dream pop band CORDUROY “Blasé” from debut two-track single “Blomster”
  • US shoegaze/dream pop/dark pop five-piece from Los Angeles, Draag “CCLL (Goon Cover)”
  • Chicago-based psych/indie/dream pop duo of Will and Jessica Wright, aka Sally Haze “Around the Corner” from the second cassette EP “Wet Dream” via Maximum Pelt Records
  • Milwaukee-based dream pop/shoegaze band Brief Candles “Tape Deck” new single from forthcoming LP on Somewherecold Records
  • South London lo-fi/shoegaze/psychedelic trio HOLY SPRINGS “Listen” from the debut EP “Camera”
  • UK indie-pop quartet featuring Amelia Fletcher and Hue Williams of the Pooh Sticks, SWANSEA SOUND “Angry Girl” off cassette single “Angry Girl/Corporate Indie Band” on Lavender Sweep Records
  • Bay Area indie-pop 3-piece (The Lovebirds & The Telephone Numbers), the Kitchenettes – “Engine Driver” from upcoming V/A “Mummy, Mummy Please Look At Me: A Tribute to the Television Personalities” cassette compilation on Dandy Boy Records
  • New York indie rock/post-punk 4-piece NOT FIT “Naturally” new single
  • Post-punk/indie-pop outfit from the SF Bay Area, NEUTRALS “Personal Computing” upcoming 7″ single on Slumberland Records
  • Melbourne garage punk outfit STIFF RICHARDS “Going Numb” from upcoming album “State Of Mind” on Legless records
  • Belgian psych/garage fuzz rock band from Antwerp, KOOKABURRA ‘Dacelo Novaguineae’ from the upcoming ‘Dry Eyes / White Mice’ LP on Resurrection Records and Gazer Tapes
  • Guernsey, UK alt/shoegaze/grunge/guitar rock band Coastal Fire Dept. “I Don’t Wanna Hold Your Hand” new single
  • French noise psychedelic rock band from Paris, The Psychotic Monks – ‘Closure’ from the upcoming second LP ” Private Meaning First” on Fatcat Records
  • Chicago four-piece rock band The Lilacs – “Problem With Mary” (originally released by The Dig in 1985) from V/A “Closer To Heaven: A Tribute To Ed Ackerson” on Susstones
  • Thessaloniki, Greece, ’60s/cosmic/space/psychedelic band Alien Mustangs “Illusions” from the album “Beat of The Earth” upcoming on Cardinal Fuzz and Little Cloud Records
  • Minneapolis kraut/shoegaze/psychedelic/space rock band Flavor Crystals “Tonic Wine” from the upcoming album “Five”
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee lo-fi power-pop band Mythical Motors “Metal Ice Cream Man” off the upcoming cassette LP “Sleepwalking on Main Street” on Don’t Guitar Records
  • Lancashire, UK jangle indie-pop duo THE ROOM UPSTAIRS “Tomorrow Land” 2-track single on Aldora Britain Records
  • San Francisco DIY kitchen pop project of Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “Don’t Come Home Too Soon” new single
  • San Francisco, Ca jangle/new wave/power pop 5-piece LATITUDE “Vertical Highway” from the sophomore album “Mystic Hotline” on Emotional Response Records
  • London, UK psych-folk husband/wife duo of Mark Nicholas and Alison Cotton, THE LEFT OUTSIDES “Things Can Never Be the Same Again” off the new album ‘’Are You Sure I Was There?’’ on Cardinal Fuzz & Feeding Tube
  • Padang, Indonesia indie/dream pop outfit FRYS “Lost” off V/A “The Sound of Young Sumatera” compilation (released last year on CDr) on shiny happy records
  • Los Angeles-based dream pop /synthpop project of composer and producer (Aberdeen, Languis, Non Ultra Joy, The Legendary House Cats), John Girgus “She Kills Me Everytime” new single
  • Dreamy psychedelic band from Barcelona, Celestial Bums “First Morning Away” off the new album “Sleep Inside A Horse”
  • Maryland bedroom dream pop/shoegaze bedroom project THE PLEASURE HOLES ”Sleep Now” from the album “Interrogator”
  • L.A. based indie rock project of Katie Iannitello, aka Beauty Queen ‘Where Do We Go’ new single on Sleep Well Records                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Bay Area four-piece indie pop band TORREY “Recording 119” new single
  • Los Angeles‘ shoegaze/indie-rock/dreampop band MILLY “Star Thistle Blossom” new single from new EP ‘Wish Goes On’ coming 2021 on Dangerbird Records
  • New York‘s dream pop/post-punk/synth-pop solo project STEREO JULIA “Bouquet Of Roses” new single.           
  • Shawn Michael‘s Atmospheric /Dream Pop /Shoegaze project from the suburbs of Los Angeles, Daydream Cathedral “Blessed” (tribute to 60s psychedelia) from the EP “Faded Facades”
  • Warrington, UK bedroom pop artist Seagoth ‘Dreamworld’ new single
  • Paris-based sophisti-pop/r&b/psych-pop solo project of Lyon’s Cyril Angleys (member of Brace ! Brace !), aka PAPER TAPES “A Promise Can’t Get Old” off debut EP “Homecoming” on GÉOGRAPHIE
  • Brooklyn, NY synthpop/synth wave/new wave band TOY CITIES “Awake” from the new LP “Digital Waves / Ocean Bloom” on discosdekirlian
  • French electro-pop project of UK producer Joe Moore (The Perfect Kiss, The Yearning) and singer Julie Big (Le SuperHomard), JULIE ET JOE “Arcade” from the 10″ Mini-LP “Marelle” on Elefant Records
  • Tartu, Estonia psychedelic folktronica solo project MACAJEY “Oceans” off the new album “Daydreamin”
  • Auckland, New Zealand lo-fi/drone/folk-rock, now-duo, of Stefan Neville and founder Jade Farley, PUMICE “Necklace on a Necklace” from the upcoming “Table” album on Soft Abuse

Photo by © George Hoyningen-Huene