WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER #39-23

photo by Patrice Moreau


  • Australian indie guitar rock band Pop Filter “Heaven Sent” from upcoming album “CONO” via Bobo Integral

New Indie Rock band from Melbourne, Australia with a first single, rife with nostalgic tension-releasing vibes, that wobbles through syncopated drumming, warm snaky basslines, obsessively jagged, rough and scraping guitar riffs laced with weeping and screeching leads, whilst angsty troubled vocals, obsess about life struggles amid rising pressures and minimal support. Catchy and straightforward Garage Pop ala The Strokes, as we have heard millions of times before, but it pulses fresh, genuine and groovy, what rock’n’roll is supposed to be after all.

  • Australian bedroom shoegaze duo from Adelaide, LUCE CARGO “I Don’t Belong Here” single

Adelaide’s Luce Cargo have unveiled the relatable, emotional, and melancholic new single that layers sad and anxious twinkling echoing guitar melodies, soft skipping drum beats, and humming bass lines, to underlie fragile heartfelt vocals, achingly confessing “I Don’t Belong Here” into soaring abrasive fuzzed-out distortions of disconnected moods.

  • Clare, Australia lo-fi bedroom pop project of guitarist Joel Carr, Foulness Island “Lost Highway” second single

Released at the same time as the trio, which he’s part of, The Boltons, both on their second single in the space of a few days, Foulness Island is the solo project of the guitarist Joel Carr (also one half of New Labour), new nom de plume of Caleb Carr (English Summers, The Guild, Arts and Letters ). Departing by the contemplative sparkling downbeat despair of the dream poppish first single “Isle”, the song unravels as a vibrant, daring and ecstatic escape down a “Lost Highway”, sizzling with twinkling icy bright jangly guitar melodies and glowing wistful synth swirls, swaying somberly with urgent restless vocals, constantly tormented by misdirection and gloom.

  • Boston, MA spooky /shoegaze /ethereal folk singer-songwriter GISH “Midén” off “The Lidian” EP
  • Warsaw-based Polish ambient /neo-classical pianist, composer and musician born in Gdansk, HANIA RANI “Don’t Break My Heart” from the upcoming double LP “Ghosts” [Gondwana Records]
  • Durham, NC ethereal folk singer-songwriter Emma Geiger “All Your Words” single
  • French chanson française /folk /psych-pop artist GAÉTAN NONCHALANT “La B​é​r​é​zina” from the debut LP “Changement de programme” on Objet Disque
  • Chicago, IL jazz /folk /avant-pop singer-songwriter Maria Elena Silva “Silver Linings” from the first LP “Dulce” [BIG EGO Records]
  • New Zealand chamber pop /folk /dream pop band French for Rabbits “Baring Head” from upcoming EP “In the End I Won’t Be Coming Home” [AllGood Absolute Alternative Records]
  • San Francisco-based lo-fi /shoegaze /slowcore project of David Diaz (April Magazine guitarist and Black Thumb collaborator), AKA Plastic Candles “Daisies” from the cassette album “Futon Stereo Mix” [Paisley Shirt Records]
  • Australian lo-fi indie folk foursome (current or former members of Dick Diver, Deaf Wish, Total Control, UV Race and Exhaustion), Lower Plenty – “Cold Room, Shut Blinds” off upcoming fifth studio album, “No Poets” on bedroom suck records
  • San Francisco-based punk / indie-rock /psychedelic-pop band Violent Change “Mr. Lay” from the upcoming vinyl album “Starcastle” via Sloth Mate Productions
  • Kansas City, MO bedroom pop /shoegaze /dream pop /solo project SEVENTEEN YEARS “You heavy feather” from “Heavy Feather” EP  
  • Sandbach, UK jangle /indie /power pop solo project of singer-songwriter Paul Hughes, aka The Candy Strypers “Square Eyes” from the CD double album “Now and Then” on Subjangle
  • Sussex, UK psych /jangle /indie pop trio The Beighley Grange “In A Place That Was Loved (feat. Rebecca Riedtmann)” off upcoming EP “En Un Lugar Amado”                                                                                                     
  • Indonesian twee /indie pop band The Rosebuds Riot – “Poppy Crappy Band” on Chaotic Pop Records
  • Melbourne, Australia lo-fi /jangle /indie pop band Soft Covers “Nth Qld, late 80s” the third single from the upcoming debut album “Soft Serve” on Little Lunch Records and Hidden Bay Records
  • UK jangle /twee /indie pop trio The Happy Somethings “Hey Tricky!” from “UNHINGED” EP
  • New York‘s indie pop/ tweegaze band Still Submarine “Photos I Never Took” from the debut EP “Warmer Shades of You”
  • Clare, Australia jangle pop trio The Boltons “Don’t leave ” first single
  • Depok, Indonesia indie pop band led by Razif Mudarsyah Haragi, aka The Sweetest Touch – “When It’s All Over” from the split CDr single “The Sweetest Strum: The Cuddly Strum / The Sweetest Touch” via chaotic pop records
  • Melbourne-based jangle pop /indie rock trio (members of Chook Race and Peach Time), The Small Intestines “You Make Me Feel” from the first LP “Hide in Time” via Meritorio Records
  • Bristol, UK grungy indie rock trio Wych Elm “Burnt At The Stake” single
  • Oakland, CA  twee /indie pop /power pop band Blues Lawyer “Our Divide” from “Sight Gags On The Radio” EP 7″ on Dark Entries Records
  • Charlottesville, VAbased dream pop /slacker rock /shoegaze /indie-rock band Films On Song “Christine” from the upcoming debut album, “Slightly Nightly”
  • French shoegaze /indie pop solo project Maud Anyways “Absurd” from the debut LP “Impermanent Lane” CD on Shore Dive Records
  • Brighton, UK-based schrammelig post-punk /power pop /indie-pop band of Beth Arzy, Shaun Charman, Kerry Boettcher and Hannes Müller, aka Jetstream Pony “Sixes And Sevens” from double A-side 7″ single “Sixes And Sevens / Into The Sea” on Spinout Nuggets
  • Brighton, UK veteran jangle /indie guitar band The Popguns “Red Cocoon” off the 4-track 7″/CD EP “POPISM” [Matinee Recordings]
  • Ukrainian noise-pop /shoegaze /indie pop band from Kyiv, Layuchi Kvity ‘Колесо’ [electricity]
  • Birmingham UK post-punk /indie rock /dream pop /shoegaze singer-songwriter Oliver Beardmore “Details Leave, Sentiment Remains” from “Tailspin” (EP)
  • Boulder, CO ambient /chillout /house /leftfield /dream pop /downtempo /ethereal pop /electronic project of Dustin Kniffen, aka White Flashes “Party Crasher (Feat. Indoor Voices)” from the album “Fracture Glows”
  • Russian electronic /trance /synth-pop collaboration between post-punk/shoegaze bands, Chernaya Rechka feat. Faience Knife “Земля” single                                                                                                                                
  • Los Angeles sophistipop /synth-pop duo Allison Goldfarb (Geranium) and Jackson Macintosh (Drugdealer, formerly of TOPS), aka Paycheque “Next In Line” debut single
  • Charlotte, NC indie /dream pop duo WOAH  “Manic” from the upcoming 2nd EP “Sitting in an Open Room”
  • Ontario‘s 4-piece synth /indie pop band Olinda “Reverie” single                                                                   
  • Italian shoegaze /dream pop band from Milan, Novanta “Volta” single off the album “Punk for Introverts” [Factory Flaws]
  • Greece post-punk /dream pop /shoegaze instrumental band Urban Space “Fireworks” single
  • Early ’90s short-lived San Jose, CA’s shoegaze /ethereal dream pop band Ozean “Fall” single from the next year’s remastered 12″ on Numero Group
  • Kansas City, Missouri indie rock /shoegaze band Angelsigh “All along the concrete” single
  • Swedish alternative rock /shoegaze three-piece Spunsugar “San Jose” the third single off their upcoming second album “A Hole Forever” on Adrian Recordings
  • Allentown, Pennsylvania indie /shoegaze /psychedelic rock trio Catatonic Suns “Sublunary” from the new S/T album
  • Boston, MA grunge /post-hardcore /shoegaze band No/Nations “Randall Shields” from upcoming cassette album “Mystical Valley Parkway” via Candlepin Records
  • Doncaster, UK psych/ space rock/ shoegaze band 93 Million Miles From The Sun “Lovesong” from “CURE – GAZE” EP [1991 Recordings]
  • San Francisco‘s fuzz-pop /jangle gaze 4-piece SEABLITE “Blink Each Day” from the sophomore album “Lemon Lights” on Mt. St. Mtn (vinyl 12″)
  • Los Angeles slacker rock /shoegaze /grunge /noise rock band JULIE “Catalogue” single
  • US dark synth-wave side-project of Florida‘s Matt Messore (Cathedral Bells), aka Midi Memory “Angel Of Death” from the upcoming LP “Far Out And Gone” via Born Losers Records
  • Canadian noise-pop /dream pop punk band from Toronto, Fake Palms “Curtains” from “Heavy Paranoia” EP on Hand Drawn Dracula
  • French drone /noise /psychedelic band Stuffed Foxes “Rough Up” off the “Belgrade” EP on Reverse Tapes
  • UK kraut /psych-rock new band formed by Simon Scott from Slowdive, Three Quarter Skies – “On Fire” from the upcoming EP “Universal Flames” on Sonic Cathedral
  • Nottingham, UK lo-fi /ambient /experimental /noise /psychedelic solo project from Ryan DelGaudio (of ‘The Cult of Dom Keller‘ and ‘Monumentals‘), aka Cathode Ray Eyes “Have you ever been there” new single
  • Melbourne drone /indie rock /psychedelic duo (fka Brain Drugs), Drain Brugs – “Elevator” second ltd. 7″ single via Cease and Desist and Cannery Records.
  • Atlanta, Georgia disco /new wave /psychedelic /post-punk solo project of David Mansfield, aka Stranded “Hollow Morning” from the new LP “Velvet Trace” on Grey Market Records
  • Olympia, WA alternative rock solo project of DeathProof Inc member Alexander Konschuh, aka Malice K “PHD” single on Jagjaguwar
  • Gdynia, Poland post-hardcore /emo /synth /noise rock trio Żurawie “Szum” single
  • Yekaterinburg‘s post-punk /indie-rock duo, Сова [Sova] “Твой взгляд” single                                                 
  • Mexico City-based Art Rock sextet Descartes a Kant “Raindrops of Poison” from the LP “After Destruction” on Cleopatra Records
  • Italian dream pop duo from Lodi, Six Impossible Things “Lemme Give Your Heart a Break” from the EP “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living”
  • London-born, Chicago-based indie rock /electronic pop singer-songwriter Lillie West, aka Lala Lala “HIT ME WHERE IT HURTS” single on Hardly Art
  • Australian folk rock singer-songwriter multi-disciplinary artist Ben Salter “Sublimation” title track of the new LP “Sublimation”
  • Salt Lake City, Utah blues rock /indie folk acoustic singer-songwriter Elephant Path “Sun Will Rise” from the EP “Keep Walking”
  • Melbourne-based indie rock /folk singer-songwriter Hannah Cameron “Haiku Song” from the third album “Holding Pattern”
  • Denver, CO acoustic gothic folk singer-songwriter (Wovenhand and 16 Horsepower), David Eugene Edwards “Lionisis” from the album “Hyacinth” on Sargent House
  • Los Angeles based ambient /drone /experimental /psychedelic multi-instrumentalist (Hala Strana, Ulaan Khol, Ulaan Markhor, Ulaan Passerine, etc.), Steven R. Smith “Owling Harp” from the cassette album “Arroyo Tree Complex” [Worstward Recordings]