WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – SEPTEMBER #38 – 22

Evelyn Hofer photography

  • Swiss/US Indie /Dream /Jangle Pop duo of Andy Jossi & Gretchen DeVault, aka THE BLUE HERONS “Autumn Leave” new single

New deliciously scintillating single, to lose ourselves and keep warm in the coming rustling downfall breezes, from the well-proven SwissAmerican jangly pop pair, which once again floats with vibrant grace and charm, carried by crystalline, sparkling guitar melodies, slightly dimmed by the poignant tones of Hook-like bass pulsations, to weave fretful wandering moods around high angst clear vocal maladies, lost in a sullen reverie of nostalgic Fall fantasies, to evoke a palpable surge of discomfort for the incoming chilly swirls under “Autumn Leaves.”

  • Saint Petersburg, Russia dream pop /indie rock band (Fka Castletroy), Каслтрой “Холмы” new single

Ever further away from the noisy riffs of the beginnings, recently developed into a solo venture that experiments with different sound elements, last but not least the new single, an intimate atmospheric semi-acoustic bittersweet elegy based on the verses of Joseph R. Brodsky about a couple sitting on a hill overlooking the city, to inspire soft emotional vocals infuse with romance whilst an intoxicating flow of winding shimmering arpeggiated guitar melodies, light rolling brittle piano notes, and warm organic lush strings, carry the listener into the nostalgic realms with a sentimental rush of bliss.

  • Swedish lo-fi /fuzzy /indie pop duo Robert Church & The Holy Community “Catch You On The Rebound” new single

Enigmatic Stockholm‘s duo mesmerizes, with the same hazy lo-fi prowess of The Radio Dept. “Never Follow Suit” period, in their third single almost in a row, after a long hiatus, steeped in bittersweet wistful moods and romantic desolation, that pulses through heart-stopping muffled synthetic beats, effect-filled wiry guitar melodies, thick warm basslines, awash by angsty buzzing and glowing keyboard flows, to swirl over dreamy layered vocals, recollecting helpless nostalgia and longing for the lost mist of San Francisco nights.

  • Stockholm, Sweden ambient /experimental folk duo Petter Herbertsson and Siri Af Burén, AKA Testbild! “Glömma, glömma. Bara glömma” from the EP “Mörka stjärnan Jorden” tape on Zeon Light
  • Charlottesville, Virginia library /pastoral electronic psychedelic musical project of Dave Gibson (Personal Bandana, Weird Mob) and Travis Kokas (Cryptids After Dark), HERON & CRANE “Phase 4: Waning Convex: Valley Of Light” from V/A “Enko Landmann’s Empire of the Four Moons” compilation CD via Gruselthon
  • Montreal, Québec dream pop /electronic /synthpop trio Dawn to Dawn “Lanes” from the upcoming debut album “Postcards From The Sun To The Moon”
  • Sheffield, UK ambient /psych-folk singer, musician & songwriter Sharron Kraus “The World Within the World” from the album “KIN”
  • New Zealand based ambient /drone /ethereal /slowcore /folk artist Alicia Merz, aka Birds of Passage “Between the Hours” single
  • Montreal, Québec ambient /dream pop /ethereal /dark folk artist Anna Arrobas “Farther West” off upcoming LP “Made to Touch” on Éditions Appærent
  • Ambient /ethereal /dream pop /electronic collaboration between Lebanese electronic producer-musician-engineer Fadi Tabbal and singer-songwriter Julia Sabra from Beirut-based indie trio Postcards, Julia Sabra and Fadi Tabbal “All The Birds” from the upcoming LP “Snakeskin” via Ruptured and Beacon Sound
  • German/US dream pop /ethereal wave duo of GermanBrazilian multidisciplinary visual artist, musician & singer Gloria de Oliveira and L.A. based longtime David Lynch collaborator Dean Hurley, Gloria de Oliveira and Dean Hurley “Something to Behold” from the LP “Oceans of Time” on Sacred Bones Records
  • Brighton, UK cinematic /Jazz /Post Rock /Trip-Hop band fronted by singer Hannah Boulton, Bledig “Television Eyes” from the forthcoming album “Universe Arrangements”
  • Copenhagen, Denmark shoegaze /synthpop /dream pop solo project TOM And His Computer “Heart Blossom feat. Cosette Gobat” new single on hfn music
  • Manchester, UK indie pop /electronic /disco pop trio The Orielles “The Room” from the upcoming sophomore LP “Tableau” on Heavenly Recordings.
  • Portland, OR lo-fi /ambient /shoegaze /slowcore /drone project of Kyle Bates, aka DROWSE “Untrue in Headphones” from the upcoming LP “Wane into It” on The Flenser
  • Estonian dark cinematic shoegaze/psychedelic band from Tallinn, Holy Motors “Superstar” (Delaney And Bonnie Cover) on Wharf Cat Records
  • Experimental /Drone /Shoegaze /Psychedelic trio from Baja California based in Mexico City, TAJAK “Dulce Amargo” from forthcoming fourth 2xLP album “La Sombra Del Agua” via Little Cloud Records (US), The Acid Test Recordings (UK) and Hole Records (MX)
  • Philadelphia dream pop /jangle /indie pop duo Blood Sound “Winter Sleep” single on BIRTHDIY Records
  • Manchester, UK DIY bedroom /indie pop duo SCREEN PRINTS – “Holding On” from the new album “European Jeans”
  • Indie-pop band from South East London, The Sundries “Triumph Herald” from the EP “Full of the Joys of Spring”
  • Toronto indie /dream pop duo Soft Set “Parka” from the debut album “Still Life”
  • East Bay, CA lo-fi /jangle /indie pop project of Ryan Marquez (Carnival Park, The Haircuts, Apple Orchard, Golden Teardrops), The Umbrella Puzzles “Get What You Want” from the EP “On The Meadow” on Subjangle
  • Vallejo, California lo-fi bedroom indie-pop music project by girlonbus, AKA The No-Yeahs “Rio Vista” single
  • Queens, NY lo-fi indie pop new project by Phil Sutton (Pale Lights, Cinema Red and Blue and once of Comet Gain, Kicker and Velocette…), Love, Burns “What To Do About Us?” from 2-track single “It’s a Shame (Catford Gyrations Remix) / What To Do About Us?” on Calico Cat Records
  • Glasgow, UK jangly psych-pop band Order of the Toad “Golden Rod” off the third album “Spirit Man” upcoming on Gringo Records and Hidden Bay
  • Aberystwyth, Wales jangly psych-pop project of former Race-Horses and Radio Luxembourg, Dylan Hughes, Ynys ”There’s Nothing the Sea Doesn’t Know” new single from the upcoming self-titled album on Libertino Records
  • Rimini, Italy alt-rock /blues /jazz /psych pop band Tangerine Stoned “Deadhead” single on We Were Never Being Boring Collective
  • Columbus, Ohio power pop /indie rock 4-piece Smug Brothers “Treasure in the Beholder” from the split 7-inch vinyl EP “Puppet Scripts by the Month / Treasure in the Beholder” with Honey Radar via Third Uncle Records.
  • Christchurch, NZ indie psych /jangle /garage pop band led by singer-songwriter and musician James Sullivan (Salad Boys, Wellness), Jim Nothing “Never Come Down” from “In The Marigolds” album on Meritorio Records and Melted Ice Cream
  • Washington, DC-based indie rock /new wave /post-punk DIY project of writer and producer Mike Toohey, aka Irish Basement “Shadow Sickness” single
  • Manchester, UK ethereal shoegaze DIY solo project TTSSFU “Palms” single
  • Long Beach, CA shoegaze /dream pop trio STILLFILMS “Drag Me Down” single
  • Athens, Greece post-rock /shoegaze /dream pop band MESSIER 13 “Fandango” single
  • Singapore-based shoegaze /dream pop band Motifs “Fluorescent” single
  • Queens, New York indie pop /shoegaze /dream pop trio Iceblynk “Tragic” single
  • Los Angeles-based shoegaze /dream-pop band Powder Pink & Sweet “Slightly Hopeful” from the upcoming “Little Stories” EP
  • Antioquia, Colombia ambient /indie rock /post-rock /dreampop solo project, W o o d w a v e s “Leafs” from the album “Woodtime”
  • UK Bedroom Lo-Fi Dream Pop /Shoegaze solo project Geneva Drive “Brittle Star” new single
  • Seattle, Wa lo-fi /indie rock /shoegaze duo RILEY’S MOUNTAIN “Bay” from s/t EP
  • Los Angeles based atmospheric /dream pop /psychedelic /shoegaze band Daydream Cathedral “Eyelids” from the compilation album “Creations” (remastered and remixed original material from previous Singles, EPs, and LPs)
  • Stockholm/Malmö fuzzy shoegaze /noise rock duo NOVA BLAST “Tablätt” from the debut “Eccolalia” [LP] on Rama Lama Records
  • Durham, NC emo /noise pop /shoegaze band Sweet homé “Dream” from the upcoming debut album “Advice”
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil dream gaze /shoegaze trio Devilish Dear “The Hypnotist” from the second album “Army of Nothing” on midsummer madness
  • Bristol, UK dream pop/psych/shoegaze band Nossiennes “Luminal Space” from “Liminal” EP on Shore Dive Records
  • Incheon, South Korea post-rock /dream pop /shoegaze band puleunsan / 푸른 산 – 안녕하세요 – from the LP 님의 침묵
  • Indonesian Shoegaze /Dream Pop band from West Kalimantan/Borneo, Lullaville “Bianca” from the CDr EP ‘Unheared’ via Dead Set Eyes Records
  • South Australia Indie Rock /Dream Pop /Shoegaze Guitarist, Songwriter and Producer Dave Thomas, AKA Hey Calamity “Ocean In Between Us” single
  • Alt-heavy shoegaze /grunge band from Brazil, SLOWHAZE “Afraid” single
  • Nashville, TN grunge /post-rock /progressive /shoegaze 4-piece Maiden Mother Crone “Drift” first single off of the upcoming debut album “The Sky Lay Still, While All Around Us Fell”                                                     
  • Philadelphia garagegazers Flatwaves “Run” from the cassette debut EP “Numbra” on Dum Dum Records
  • Richmond, Virginia fuzz /noise psychedelic rock /shoegaze trio TWIN DRUGS “Eyelets & Aglets” from the upcoming LP “In Now Less Than Ever” on Crazysane Records
  • Buffalo, New York emo /dream pop /shoegaze /indie rock quartet Elemantra “No Shadow” from the debut LP “Only Momentary”
  • Atlanta, GA experimental /psychedelic /dream pop project of singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Thomas Howard AKA Orchid Mantis “Lucid Dream” single from Orchid Mantis LP7 upcoming on Spirit Goth Records
  • Kansas City, Missouri-based dream pop /shoegaze moniker of songwriter Chris Thomas, aka BOLINAS “Ge” single
  • Toronto, ON new wave /indie rock band Hollow Graves “Heatwave” from “Heatwave” EP
  • Swedish dream pop /shoegaze /psychedelic solo project of Jonatan Westh (formerly of early 2000’s shoegazers Blackstrap), HOLY SHIP “Hail Haze” single from upcoming EP “Sun Macabre” soon on Declared Goods
  • Medway, Kent indie rock 4-piece THE PASTEL WAVES “Still Light” from the upcoming LP “Back In The Land Of The Living” on Spinout Nuggets
  • Stockholm, Sweden post-punk /indie rock 4-piece The Vapour Veils “Eleanor” third single from the forthcoming debut album, “The Last Hurrah”
  • Shoegaze /post-rock /alternative rock band from Austin, Texas, Roundearthers “Perchance to Dream” from “Summer ’22 Demos” EP
  • Nashville, Tennessee indie rock duo Kettleflower “New Day” single
  • Brooklyn, NY based indie-rock band GLOM “12:21” single
  • Toronto, Ontario instrumental psych surf rock 4-piece The Surfrajettes “El Condor Pasa” single
  • Late 70s Portland, OR rock’n’roll /garage punk trio led by future Dead Moon legend Fred Cole, KING BEE “Moon On The Rise” from upcoming CD/vinyl compilation LP “King Bee” (unreleased studio and live tracks, as well as the 3 tracks from the band’s 1978 7” EP.)
  • Minneapolis garage noise-pop punk 4-piece Green/Blue “Gimme Hell” from the 7″ single “Worry / Gimme Hell” on Feel It Records
  • London, UK indie /garage /power pop trio More Kicks “Colour Me Stupefied” from the album “Punch Drunk” on Dirtnap Records / Stardumb Records
  • Amsterdam based indie rock outfit Personal Trainer “The Lazer” single
  • Canadian noise-pop band led by Michael le Riche from Toronto, Fake Palms “Flags” from upcoming ”Lemons” LP on Hand Drawn Dracula.
  • London-based electro-indie one-man-band Sleephawk “Backseat Psychiatrist” from “Love & Anxiety” EP
  • Dublin, Ireland indie rock singer-songwriter Ciara Lindsey AKA Kynsy “Simple Life” from “Something To Do With Love” EP
  • Shelby, North Carolina bedroom pop /Americana /indie folk singer-songwriter Kim Ware and the Good Graces “capital R” from the album “Ready” on Fort Lowell Records
  • Raleigh, North Carolina lo-fi guitar pop singer-songwriter Max Gowan “Ornamental” from “Glossolalia” album on sound as language
  • UK indie /dream pop creative project led by singer-songwriter Joanna Wolfe, AKA Blue Lupin “Soak” debut single                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Glasgow-based drone folk project featuring Debbie Armour (Alasdair Roberts, Green Ribbons) and Gayle Brogan (Pefkin, Electroscope), AKA Burd Ellen “The Hermit” from the upcoming album “A Tarot Of The Green Wood” on Mavis Recordings
  • New Zealand folk singer-songwriter Maxine Funke “South Dunedin” from the upcoming album “Pieces Of Driftwood” (a collection of non-album singles, tracks recorded for compilations, and new material)

© Inge Morath photography

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