WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – Sept. #38-21

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  • Canadian ambient /dream pop /shoegaze project of James Callan, aka Prepare My Glider “Convertible Full Speed” feat. Russian singer/songwriter gouachepaint on lead vocals

Canadian atmospheric one-man band hosts the evocative and captivating vocals of Russian singer/songwriter gouachepaint that glides comfortable, with emotionally crushing bittersweet intensity, over vibrating electric guitar strums and noisy reverb-laden searing flurries of hazy foaming distortion, dripping in dreamy vivid lyrics to elicit the grungy euphoria and freedom of driving a “Convertible, Full Speed.”

  • Singapore‘s noise /dream /indie pop band SUBSONIC EYE “Dijangka” from the double A-side 7-inch single “Dijangka / Matahari” on Middle Class Cigars

Indonesian 5-piece genre-defying indie rockers put aside their noise and edgy leanings with a ’90s tinged dreamy indie-pop number laced with yearning mellow moods and introspective lyrics of intoxicating romance.
Nostalgic treading guitar stums rock back and forth, weaving obsessive shimmering somber melodies through an increasingly energetic fuzzy wandering of screeching and distorted 6-string solo-infused emotions conveyed by the whimsical and dreamy female vocals’ lovelorn and angsty harmonies. Peppier, breezing and jangly yet equally delicious, moving, and enticing the Sundays-esque flip.

  • Ottawa, Canada moody synthpop /dreamy darkwave duo VIOLENTENE “September Falls” new single from forthcoming EP “Otherworld”

The second single from the Canadian duo is a dreamy and melancholic synth-laden wave affair, modern and retro at the same time, moderately danceable, rife with swirling and shimmering introspective melodies, fueled by the pulsing, enveloping and magnetic glowing reverb of a dizzying coalesce of synth, percussion, bass, and guitars, to lift the ecstatically evocative breathless female vocals and hypnotic celestial echoes into an intense and bittersweet realm of angst and longing until the twilight of “September Falls.”

  • Sydney-based ghost-folk singer-songwriter (Twin Caverns vocalist), LOU MILLAR “Brave (intro)” from upcoming LP “Affection”
  • Cologne, Germany experimental pop/electroacoustic /psych /folktronica project (fka Wechsel Garland, 17 Pictures and Wunder), MIMSY “Sans mobile apparent” from the new album “Ormeology” on Karaoke Kalk
  • New York bedroom pop /dream pop /indie rock artist Vlad Holiday – “Skinny Dipping” (Single) from upcoming EP ‘Write Me Off The Show’
  • L.A. post-punk /dream pop duo GHOST TAIL “If She” from the new second debut EP “In Her Garden”.
  • FrenchIrish dream pop /dreamwave /shoegaze band based in Dublin, A RITUAL SEA “Serpentine” from the debut s/t album out now on Icy Cold Records
  • Baltimore, Maryland-via-Brisbane and Sydney experimental /post-punk /psych-pop trio Smoke Bellow “Fee Fee” from the debut LP “Open For Business” on Trouble In Mind Records
  • Detroit, Mi sophistipop /indie pop /dream pop duo Shoestrings “Gone” from the upcoming LP “Expectations” on shelflife records along with Discos de Kirlian (Europe) and Fastcut Records (Japan).
  • NYC/Connecticut shoegaze /dream pop band Punchlove “Ghost” from the new single “Solstice // Ghost”
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina shoegaze/dream pop duo PLANETARIA “Cansada” from the first EP “Movimientos Cercanos”
  • London, UK lo-fi /electronic /shoegazey /dream pop duo, Japan Review “Kvetch Sounds” title track from upcoming LP “Kvetch Sounds” on Reckless Yes
  • Japanese shoegaze band COLLAPSE “Garden” new single [Only Feedback Record]
  • Sidney, Australia noise /shoegaze band All Sparks Burn Out “Happy Accidents” (feat. Jade Tyers from Relay Tapes) new single
  • New York indie /psych /ethereal /dream pop 5-piece, Lightning Bug “WingsofDesire” from the new single “AColoroftheSky” on Fat Possum Records
  • Olympia, WA new wave /noise rock /shoegaze 4-piece Waves Crashing “Nightmare” new single
  • Moscow, Russia dream-pop /shoegaze outfit Echoedreaming “Catch The Wave” from debut EP “Songs From The Dream”
  • Chicago, Illinois drone /psych /shoegaze duo SHALLOBOI “don’t want to dream” title track from the new EP   
  • Las Vegas-based indie /new wave /shoegazer 4-piece Luxury Furniture Store “Glum” final single off of debut album “Bedrot”
  • Boston, Massachusetts lo-fi /noise pop /shoegaze duo RIGS&ME “This moment, in you” debut single
  • Atlanta, GA ambient /psych-pop /indie-rock 4-piece Secret Towns “Together” from the debut LP “Nightlights”
  • Vancouver, BC shoegaze /electronic /psychedelic rock solo moniker of Dubliner musician Stephen Nicholas White (The Orange Kyte/House of Dolls/The Subterranean Satellite Band/Magic Shoppe), aka REVOLUTION ABOVE DISORDER “Illuminate” debut single
  • Madrid, Spain indie dream pop /shoegaze band DHARMACIDE “Breexing” from the debut LP “Cult Band Member”
  • Brussels based, Belgian new wave /synthpop /shoegaze /post-punk 4-piece Turquoise “Voix Off” title track from the 2-track single “Voix Off” on Freaksville Records
  • Seattle‘s dreamy post-punk /shoegaze outfit FOTOFORM “You Set Fire to the Sun” new single from the upcoming “Horizons” album.
  • Los Angeles psych-rock/ shoegaze solo project HAYIEN “Laminar Flow” new single
  • Dallas, TX indie rock /shoegaze trio New Avenues “Taking Flight” (Single)
  • Canton, Ohio dream pop /shoegaze solo project Shame Chamber “Morning Garden” from the “Shame Chamber” EP
  • New Brunswick, NJ ambient /post-rock /shoegaze /dream pop band GATES “Where To Begin” from the upcoming EP “Here and Now” on Wax Bodega
  • Manchester, UK mid-80s indie pop/psych noise rock band Magic Roundabout “She’s A Waterfall” from the upcoming EP “Up” on Third Man Records
  • Paris-based noise /garage rock /shoegaze band Bryan’s Magic Tears “Excuse” from the upcoming “Vaacum Sealed” album on Born Bad Records
  • Barcelona-based psychedelic rock band The Zephyr Bones – “Sparks” from the upcoming album “Neon Body” on La Castanya
  • Chicago‘s power pop /art-rock trio Friko – “Get Numb To It!” from “002” zine and album tape compilation via Chicago’s exit
  • L.A. based power-pop 4-piece THE REFLECTORS “Dial Tone” from the sophomore LP “Faster Action” via Time For Action (Germany), Beluga (Sweden) and Snap! (Spain)
  • L.A. post-punk /indie rock 4-piece Cuffed Up “Bonnie” from upcoming EP “Asymmetry” on Royal Mountain Records
  • Luleå/Göteborg, Sweden experimental post-punk /indie rock band Levande Död “Arbete & Fritid” from the upcoming sophomore LP “Ingen Framtid” on Happiest Place Records
  • Edmonton, Canada surf rock /shoegaze /psych-pop outfit BEACH TOWELS “Washed Away” new single
  • Swedish indie rock quartet from Gothenburg, GREAT HARE “Archipelago Of Dreams” (Single)                 
  • Italian mid-80s-founded garage /psychedelic pop band lead by Giovanni Ferrario, VIEWS “Fast on Time” from the mini-album “Homo Dust and Bums” on We Were Never Being Boring Collective / Area Pirata
  • Brighton, UK-based bedroom pop /jangle /garage pop one-person recording project of Dan Reeves (member of post-punkers Cold Pumas, and former overseer of Faux Discx label), SOFT WALLS “You’re a Fool” (Single)
  • Liverpool, UK dream pop /shoegaze /indie rock singer/songwriter King Hannah “A Well-Made Woman” single on City Slang.
  • Leeds, UK indie rock /proto-grunge /post-punk all-female, queer punk trio Grandmas House “Golden” from the upcoming s/t EP 7″ on Brace Yourself Records
  • L.A. garage pop /indie rock trio GUPPY “Aliens” (Single)
  • Connecticut-bred indie / fuzz-rock 4-piece OVLOV “Land of Steve-O” from the forthcoming album “Buds” via Exploding In Sound Records
  • Brooklyn, NY groovy indie rock /dream pop 4-piece Lunarette “Low Sky” single out now via Babe City Records.
  • Germany based indie/noise /dream-pop duo lead by English singer and songwriter Anna Olive, aka SLOE NOON “Underwater (I Am Blue)” from ‘(Storeys of) Embassy Court’ E.P on Box Bedroom Rebels
  • Philadelphia‘s dream pop /indie rock inlaw duo Midnight Flowers “That’s Life” (Single)
  • Italian/Swedish shoegaze /dream-pop collaboration Dead Rituals & Francis Moon – “Tangled Up” (Single)
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania jangle /psych /dream pop band FLOWER CROWN “Islands In The Sky” from the third album “Heat” on Crafted Sounds
  • Somerville, Massachusetts jangle pop /indie rock /folk songwriter Doug Tuttle “Planting Weeds” from the single “Planting Weeds/Parting Gifts”
  • South London, UK based indie rock/dream pop 5-piece MARGOT “Watercolour” (Single) on Full Time Hobby
  • New York electronic /chill /dreamy synthwave artist Brothertiger “Heaven” single
  • Paris based synth-pop /new wave musician-singer-songwriter Rémi Parson “Les sentiments” first single from the third album “Pour un empire” out on the 19th of November 2021 on Isolaa Records.
  • Philadelphia‘s solo electronic pop project of Angel Jefferson, aka Catherine Moan “Chain Reaction” title track from the new LP “Chain Reaction” on Born Losers Records
  • Russia new wave /synthwave /synth-pop solo project БЛИЖЕ [Blizhe] “Endless Night” from the debut 2-track single “Hyperactive”
  • Italian dream-pop /psych /synth-pop project of Be Forest bassist and vocalist Costanza Delle Rose, aka KOKO “Polar Wander” first single on We Were Never Being Boring Collective
  • Berlin-based, Swedish dream pop/electro-pop duo The Ghost Of Helags “Scandinavian Summer”                         
  • Berlin-born dream-pop artist THALA “Contradictions” from the LP “Adolescence” on Born Losers Records and Duchess Box Records.
  • Victoria, B.C. synthfunk /synthpop solo project of Tristan Thompson, aka Diamond Cafe “Say You Will” off the debut album “Say You Will”
  • Barrie, Ontario power-pop /indie-rock quartet CLUB SILENCIO “When Things Go Missing” from the debut LP “The Silent Answer”
  • Geneva, Switzerland indie /garage /psych /French pop solo project of Le Pop Club Records founder, KACIMI feat. Audrey K. “A L’heure du Thé” (Single) on Le Pop Club Records
  • Reykjavík, Iceland indie pop duo Pale Moon “Strange Days” (Single)
  • San Francisco indie /dream pop 5-piece PALOMAS “Always There” from the debut 4-track EP
  • Brisbane, Australia lo-fi /slowcore /folktronica /folk trio, A Country Practice “Gardening concerns” from the upcoming debut album “I will leave this town while there’s still light”
  • Toronto-based indie alt-pop musician, singer and songwriter Hannah Georgas “Change” off of “All That Emotion (Acoustic)” EP on Brassland
  • Ambient /ethereal /electronic collaboration between L.A. based husband and wife duo and Réunion Island native, Awakened Souls & From Overseas “Any Of Those Lies” from “Keep The Orange Sun” album on Past Inside the Present

Friedrich Seidenstücker Photography

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