WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #38

  • East Sussex Alt/Shoegaze/Dreampop 5-piece (formerly known as Longingsky/Avantbored), PEACHBLOOD “Stay” from the EP “Longing Sky” on Shore Dive Records

The fine Brighton-based label runs by Nico Beatastic, keeps on its streak of excellent weekly releases, this time, after last enchanting LP from New York’s Just Like Honey, taps into the surrounding area with a brilliant debut 5-tracker from the West Sussex band Peachblood with an equally catchy, nostalgic and wistful sound, just less distorted, equal parts ethereal early 4AD introspection and entrancingly melodic early ’90s shoegaze intensity, in a riveting and engaging reverb-drenched hazy swaying balance of bright sparkling riffs and lush, crystalline cascading chords, swirling airy keyboards, lithe steady rhythms, and emotionally-ridden deep female vocals that ebb and flow, with lilting somber harmonies and hypnotic detachment, down the memory lane.

  • Washington C86/noise fuzzy pop band STAR PARTY “Veil Of Gauze” from debut 4-track ‘Demo’ EP

‘Misty coastal rock music’ from Washington State with a first 4-track demo rife with a fine marriage of noise and melody, C86 and JMC infused UK noise-pop sensibilities, and shambolic US punky vibes to create an unpolished intense web of sinuous abrasive fuzz interspersed with sharp, heavy distortion and searing catchy melodies, fueled by sonorous pulsing bassline and snapping off-tempo drum beats, over detached, angry female vocals releasing subdued whiny rants into the loud boisterous noisy haze.

  • Cross Atlantic indie/psych/dream pop collaboration between fellows Scots Gary Hoggan and Buffalo-based Alison Eales (both formerly of All My Friends and Butcher Boy), aka THE COLOR WAVES “Wilderness Words” from upcoming S/T album

A most welcome juicy comeback for the indie-pop aficionados, the long-distance home-recording project finally announces the long-awaited first album that ‘brings together new songs and old, all freshly mixed and mastered’, 5 years since the debut 7″ single on Cloudberry. The first song unveiled, apparently, a new tune, in their seemingly hazy and soothing style with an angsty underlying tension, and hints of Galaxie 500, makes its way through radiant ringing keyboard, rubbery vibrating bass oscillations and light gently pulsing rhythms, push fearful breaths of betrayal against a dense crystalline web of prickling brittle guitar strums, whilst quivering, emotional male vocals elicit unrelenting pain into “a bitter end for a fallen friend.”

  • Houston, TX ambient/shoegaze/dream pop solo project of half of Angel Aura, Wendolyne Barrios, Wendolyne “Substance Of A Dream” new single
  • Sidney-based experimental pop singer, producer and songwriter, Ela Stiles “Lover” off upcoming album “Songs On Harmonium With Voice”, a collection of 7 songs – both old and new, performed on harmonium with only vocal accompaniment.
  • Swedish experimental ethereal jazzy dream-pop trio from Malmö, Hey Elbow ‘Life Hack’ off the new full-length ‘WE THREE’ on Adrian Recordings
  • Asheville, NC based singer-songwriter and musician from St. Louis, and L.A. composer, pianist, singer and producer, Angel Olsen & Emile Mosseri “Mr. Lonely” cover of Bobby Vinton’s 1962 classic off the soundtrack of Miranda July’s new film KAJILLIONAIRE (Jagjaguwar 2020)
  • Swedish indie-pop singer/melody maker from Stockholm, Pocke Öhrström “See Lydia Dancing”                         
  • Brighton, UK ambient/shoegaze/slowcore/folk singer/songwriter/musician Jacob Ware, aka RAPT “Headlights” from upcoming cassette album “None Of This Will Matter” on Z Tapes
  • Novosibirsk, Russia lo-fi/bedroom pop/dream pop solo project Priboj ‘Son” second single                                          
  • Seattle Dream Pop project of Ryan Davis, PET DREAMS “Endless Weekend” from “Time Away” EP                 
  • Swansea, UK indie-pop quartet featuring Amelia Fletcher and Hue Williams of the Pooh Sticks, SWANSEA SOUND “Corporate Indie Band” from the debut 2-track 7″ vinyl single “Corporate Indie Band / Angry Girl” via Lavender Sweep Records
  • Shoegaze/dream pop/indie rock five-piece from Los Angeles, Draag “Clube Da Esquina N°2″ (Milton Nascimento, Lô Borges Cover)
  • Washington, D.C. bedroom/psychedelic/dream pop husband/wife duo The Infinite Daisy Chains “Moreno Beach Club” new single
  • Norwegian dream pop /psych-pop duo of Megaphonic Thrift members Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust from Bergen, MISTY COAST “In a Million Years” new single
  • Barcelona-based indie/shoegaze/dream pop duo SLOW CONNECTION “A fragile state of mind” new single
  • Woodstock, New York-via-London, UK indie/ethereal/dream-pop duo Tessa Murray & Greg Hughes, aka STILL CORNERS “The Last Exit” final chapter of the Still Corners Road Trilogy
  • London, UK dream pop/synthpop 4-piece SUNKEN “Visions Of You” from the EP ‘Hometime’
  • Northampton, UK bedroom/dream pop/post-punk/indie rock solo project bloody/bath “I Stood Bleeding” new single
  • Sydney, Australia indie/shoegaze/dream pop duo EGOISM “Here’s The Thing” new single
  • Hattiesburg, MS lo-fi /sadgaze/shoegaze/dream pop band project GOTH DAD “Neon Moon” new single
  • New York lo-fi/slacker/bedroom jangle pop artist JW Francis – “Good Time” new single on Sunday Best
  • Jakarta, Indonesia bedroom pop producer Raoul Dikka, aka LOW PINK “Keep Yourself Away” from upcoming release “Dominance” on Kolibri Rekords.
  • Brooklyn, NY psych-rock/shoegaze project of Gil Israel, aka GILAH “So Close, but Still So Far Away” from upcoming cassette EP “From Where I’m Standing” on Window Sill Records
  • Australia based collaboration between synth spectral pop duo of Raven Mahon (Grass Widow) and Mikey Young (Total Control, ECSR) and elctronic artist Max Crumbs, aka GREEN CHILDEN “Geranium” off the V/A “The Searchers & Hobbies Galore Compilation” on The Searchers
  • Athens, Greece post rock/shoegaze/dream pop 5-piece MESSIER 13 “Beach Khaos” from the “Demo” EP
  • Sevilla, Spain indie/jangle/dream pop quartet Terry Vs. Tori – “Magic Hours” third single from the upcoming debut LP álbum “Heathers” on El Genio Equivocado
  • Estonian dreampop /shoegaze collective Pia Fraus ”The New Water (Single Version)” new single on Seksound
  • Portland, Or shoegaze/dream pop/indie rock 4-piece NEUMA “Calico” from the debut S/T album
  • DIY jangle/indie-pop project of Amsterdam-based music-blogger Estella Rosa and Munster-based psychotherapist Sebastian Voss, NAH… “Finger On The Map” new single on Shelflife Records.
  • Tampa, FL dream pop duo Planet Loser “Sunbeam” new single on 6131 Records
  • US shoegaze/post-rock group from Oklahoma City, CARVIST “Brooken Mountain” from the debut album “Peach Square”
  • Melbourne, Australia bedroom dream guitar pop producer Anika Ostendorf, aka HACHIKU “I’ll Probably Be Asleep” from upcoming LP ”I’ll Probably Be Asleep” on Milk! Records
  • Jakarta, Indonesia garage-pop 5-piece Puff Punch “Homebody” from the EP “Can We Go Out Now?”
  • Swedish fuzzpop quartet from Malmö, Mary Anne’s Polar Rig – “Your House” from their upcoming debut album ”Makes You Happy” on Feverish
  • Melbourne-via-Wollongong indie rock trio Obscura Hail – “Penumbra” new single from their new EP ‘Siren’ – out now via Remote Control Records/ Dot Dash.
  • Melbourne, Australia alt indie pop duo of James Seymour (Feelds) & Rhiannon Atkinson-Howatt (Merpire), WILSON’S PROM “Love Fool” from upcoming 10″ vinyl S/T EP
  • Leeds, UK jangle psychedelic pop band VAN HOUTEN “What I Need” new single
  • Cardiff, UK lo-fi/bedroom/indie/folk pop solo project Rosehip Teahouse “I Meant What I Said” new single on Big Indie Records
  • Detroit, Michigan lo-fi/shoegaze/grunge/noise-pop band lead by Chloë Drallos, ZILCHED “Velcro Dog” from the upcoming debut album “Doompop” on Young Heavy Souls
  • Australian four-piece indie rock/emo/slowcore band from Adelaide, Nuclear Family “Crash Mat” from “Demos” EP
  • Los Angeles based doomgaze quartet IRESS “Thieves” from the debut LP “Flaw”
  • Connecticut indie noise rock band waveform* “Tell You” from the new album “Last Room”
  • Washington, D.C. alt/indie rock trio CONTINUALS “So This Is Immortality” from new 2-tracker “Captivating Year”
  • Gothenburg based alt/jangle/power/guitar pop duo FORT NOT “Hanging On” from the sophomore “The Club Is Open” album on Meritorio Records
  • Oslo based indie pop rock duo comprised of Ludvig Moon members Anders Magnor Killerud (former Team Me), TAPE TRASH “Over” new single                                                                                                                              
  • Orange County, Ca surf noise-pop solo project of Josh Hwang (aka Castlebeat), Jaded Juice Riders “Nowhere” new single on Spirit Goth                                                                                                                       
  • San Diego, CA bedroom/jangle/twee/indie pop duo Sugar World “Time To Kill” third single
  • ItalianIrish band shoegaze/pop/noise-rock/drone duo Submotile “Segregation” first single from upcoming second EP.
  • Canadian atmospheric /shoegaze project Prepare My Glider “Losing Daylight” off the new 3-track EP “She Flows On”
  • Japanese shoegazers Stomp Talk Modstone – “Only Illusion” new single
  • Alicante, Spanish noise pop/dream pop/shoegaze 4-piece UNIFORMS “Brazil” from the album “Fantasía Moral”
  • Hamburg-based dream pop/synthpop duo KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA “Darker Darkness” third single taken from upcoming new album “DARKEST DREAMS” on Italians Do It Better
  • Amsterdam based 60s Pop/Dark Pop/NDW/Cold Wave/Hypnagogic Pop project by German musician Till Hormann, DÉLAGE “Letzter Halt” from second album “Twist And Doubt” on Field Mates Records
  • L.A./Nashville electronic/dream-pop duo of Kelsey Bulkin & Joseph Bogan, aka FIERO “Reunion” title track from debut “Reunion” EP                                                                                                                                               
  • Icelandic/Norwegian electronic/synthpop producer duo consisting of Special-K & Farao, ULTRAFLEX ‘Never Forget My Baby’ taken from Ultraflex’ upcoming debut album ‘Visions of Ultraflex’ on Street Pulse Records        
  • Miami, FL based deep cosmic electronic dream-pop producer, VIRGO “Disappear (M7 Slo Rmx)” unreleased on Revera Corporation                                                                                                                                            
  • Wrocław, Poland noise-rock/shoegaze/darkgaze band GIVE UP TO FAILURE “Million Words” from the debut album “Burden”
  • New Orleans based ambient/psychedelic/shoegaze project of Melissa Guion, MJ Guider “FM Secure” from the album “Sour Cherry Bell” on Kranky
  • Swedish indie pop-rock duo of Erik Bergqvist and Christian Gustafsson, aka Victorian Tin “Borders” from the second S/T EP on Everlasting Records
  • Montreal-based Canadian-American ambient/experimental/melogaze band founded by Alexander Julien, VISION ETERNEL “Moments of Absence” from the album “For Farewell of Nostalgia” on Somewherecold Records

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