WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – SEPTEMBER #37-23

photo by Tania Franco Klein


  • Melbourne, Australia lo-fi /jangle /indie pop band Soft Covers “Every Week” the second single from the upcoming debut album “Soft Serve” on Little Lunch Records and Hidden Bay Records

Melbourne‘s trio delivers the 2nd foretaste from the LP with a folksy-jangly pop ditty Dunedin sound style, cloaked in Baroque-tinged organ accompaniment, spiraling breezy 60s psych-pop vibes, over a relentless nostalgic strumming flow of sparkling guitar melodies sprawling around ‘ho-hum’ baritone broods, haloed in angsty choral echoes, to manifest the dystopic daydream that surrounds us all as we struggle to survive.

  • Malang, Indonesia dream pop /indie pop /alternative pop quintet Girl and Her Bad Mood – “Heals” single on Haum Entertainment

Not a newcomer, but active since 2018, the Indonesian quintet returns with a fresh, sparkling and nostalgic bittersweet Indie Pop tune that ebbs and flows on seemingly mercurial swells of truth, pain, and tears, carved by spiralling poignant twinkling guitar melodies, whimsical synth flutters, and a loose-limbed drum beat, whilst inspirational dual vocals, alternating angsty cries with emotional broods, enter into a harsh bourgeoning dawn of wisdom and strength fueled horizons.

  • London-based indie rock /psych /dream pop /shoegaze project Rainsong “Burn” single

Likewise early Ride or Catherine Wheel, Rainsong’s new single fuses bittersweet melodies and sharp-edged noise with cosmic escapism, weaving urgent rolling syncopated drumming, obsessive piercing weeping guitar distortions, and dreamy harmonies into a chaotic outer shell of restless floating energy around lost daydreamy vocals, falling hopeless into the vibrant trippy flights of the imagination.

  • South Wales-born, Liverpool-based impressionistic dream-pop songwriter Alex Stephens, aka Strawberry Guy – “F Song (Strings Version)” from “F Song & Mrs Magic (Strings Versions)” EP 12″ [Melodic Records]
  • Boston, MA ambient /psych /dark electronic /cosmic synth band Violet Nox “Loki” from the album “Vortex and Voices” on Somewherecold Records
  • Wigan, UK ambient /shoegaze /krautrock /electronic musician and producer (Engineers songwriter and co-founder, Ulrich Schnauss collaborator), MARK PETERS “Sundowning (Live at The Band Room)” charity live version from the latest album “Red Sunset Dreams” [Sonic Cathedral]
  • Mission Viejo, CA heavy shoegaze outfit Blood Pact “Always” off the 2-track single “Off the edge”
  • Norwegian lo-fi /jangle pop /shoegaze /noise-pop trio from Oslo, The Age of Colored Lizards “Never See Tomorrow” single on Sotron Records
  • Seattle, WA bedroom /surf pop /indie pop /shoegaze /dream pop solo project BEACH VACATION “Before We Go” from the cassette album “Coping Habits” on Start-track.com
  • Los Angeles, CA slowcore /new wave /indie rock /dream pop duo Ruby Haunt “Between Heavens” title track of the new album “Between Heavens”
  • Brussels, Belgium-based indie /synthpop duo Birsen Uçar and PJ Seaux, aka Hydrogen Sea “Wine” from the upcoming third full album “Creature Comforts” on Unday Records
  • Kansas City, Missouri lo-fi /bedroom pop /indie rock band led by Jonathon Smith, The Cosmonautopolitans “Angel Suit” from the album “Tickling Ears
  • English Bedroom /Dream Pop duo Harper “Us Now (demo)” from the cassette “Spider (deluxe version)” expanded edition of last February’s EP
  • Tokyo, Japan indie pop /neo-acoustic 5-piece band led by Mr. Watashi, aka Cycling In Marmalade – 夜空- from second album “Who’s he?” [blue-very label]                                                                                               
  • Indie-Pop Band from Medan, Indonesia. Moongazing and Her – “Head Over Heels” off Drizzly. and Moongazing and Her split cassette EP “Best Prom Ever” on Paska Records
  • Indonesian twee /indie pop singer-songwriter, anselmus – “Shala la la la la You’re a Complete Rip – Off” from the CDr single “My Life Is Better With Indiepop” on chaoticpoprecs
  • Glasgow, Scotland’s indie-pop-rock-folk songwriter and The Trash Can Sinatras guitarist, John Douglas “We Let The Stars Go (Prefab Sprout)” from the solo acoustic self-titled album (recorded live in the studio) via Reveal Records
  • Texas dream pop /indie rock /shoegaze producer and songwriter Semiwestern “Technique” off debut self-titled album on Spirit Goth Records
  • Tokyo based indie-pop band Hazy Sour Cherry  たかが世界の終わり single on KiliKiliVilla
  • Tokyo, Japan Shibuya-Kei /Neo Acoustic /Indie Pop band Keichi & The Coconut Groove “All about no” from Keichi & The Coconut Groove / Small Garden‘s “Split EP Series Vol.7” [blue-very label]
  • Indonesian indie pop 4-piece Drizzly. “We’re on a Date!” off Drizzly. and Moongazing and Her split cassette EP “Best Prom Ever” on Paska Records
  • Nashville, Tennessee-based Springfield, OH native indie pop /surf /dream pop singer-songwriter Jack Landess “Drift” single
  • Hattiesburg, Mississippi surf rock /shoegaze /dream pop solo project Beach Novels “Deathbed” single
  • Grand Rapids, MI indie rock /dream pop brother duo Cal in Red “Habits” single
  • Fresno CA indie /dream pop duo Paradise Blossom “Glitter Eyes” single                                                             
  • Stockholm, Sweden indie pop 4-piece band Tiger Lou “Shitty Bushes” from the LP “Acts” on Startracks
  • London, UK folk /indie pop band from the late 90s/early 2000s, The Coronets “Bike Crash!” (unreleased) from the CD reissue (plus bonus tracks) of the 2003 album “Veld: 20th Anniversary Edition” on Harriet Records
  •  St Paul, Minnesota indie rock /power pop band The Persian Leaps “Jeane” (The Smiths cover, 1985)
  • Glasgow punk popsters BIS “Rebel Soul (BBC Peel session version)” from “John Peel session 16.06.96″ 4-track EP 10” [Precious Recordings of London]
  • Edmonton, Canada lo-fi /slowcore /noise /shoegaze solo project The Exit Bags “At Least I Know Now” from the CD/cassette second album “Our Sun Will Clean its Holy Wounds” [Drongo Tapes]                                   
  • Melbourne, Australia shoegaze /new wave duo Human Intrusion “Into The Sky” from the self-titled debut EP
  • Oamaru, New Zealand scuzz indie pop DIY 4-piece Cuticles “Discarded Cream Pavlova” off “Pavlova” EP 12″ vinyl via Wormwood Grasshopper
  • Californian Five-Piece Dream-Pop /Shoegaze Band from Sacramento, Soft Science “True” off the 4th LP “Lines” [Shelflife Records, Spinout Nuggets and Fastcut Records]
  • Montreal, Quebec indie rock solo project Hotel Decor – “I’m Not Laughing” single
  • Christchurch, New Zealand alternative pop /dream pop quartet Yumi Zouma “KPR” single
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK indie pop /Europop /synth-pop female producer (former Chkbns), ada ardor “Horse” single
  • Ottawa, Canada-based Dream Pop /Dar Wave /Synth Pop duo Violentene “Thin Lines” single
  • Sweden dream pop /indie pop /synthpop duo Magnus Haderborg (The Vapour Veils) and Linus Giertta (Blanka, The Grand Opening), The Jilted “Oblivion” 3rd single from the end of the year’s forthcoming debut album,
  • Swedish indie pop /synthpop collaboration between Stockholm-based  producers and musicians Tobias Isaksson & Erik Lindestad (former member of Wild At Heart), Azure Blue & The Land Below “Rise” single on Hybrid                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Auckland, New Zealand bedroom pop /indie rock /dream pop singer-songwriter Amelia Murray, aka Fazerdaze “Bigger” single
  • San José, Costa Rica Bedroom Pop /Shoegaze /Dream Pop artist Lentamente “Trágico y Cómico” new single
  • Indie /Dream /Jangle Pop duo of Gretchen DeVault & Andy Jossi, aka The Blue Herons “Echoes in the Dust” new single
  • Albacete, Central Spain‘s shoegaze /noise pop band Pálida Tez “Medio vivo, medio muerto” off upcoming EP on El Genio Equivocado
  • UK dream pop /indie rock trio CIEL “Talk” single off upcoming EP “Rather Be Alone”
  • Russian indie pop /post-punk band from Moscow, Культодиночества [kultodinochestva] “лонгслив с блек метал принтом” single
  • Brooklyn, NY indie rock /jangle pop trio Trinket “Figure Skater” second single on Sad Club Records
  • Christchurch, New Zealand psych-folk /prog /indie rock band WURLD SERIES “Lord of Shelves” from upcoming album “The Giant’s Lawn” on Meritorio Records and Melted Ice Cream
  • London-based lo-fi /shoegaze /indie-pop /electronic duo Mount Kimbie “Boxing (featuring King Krule)” single [Warp Records]
  • Hattiesburg, Mississippi shoegaze /indie rock solo singer-songwriter Jon Morrow “I Don’t Mind” single
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin dream pop /psych /indie rock /shoegaze band Cream Vellum “Devotions” from the first and final full-length album “Whip Lush”
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania dream pop /shoegaze band DRAMAMINE “Another Sound” from the upcoming album “Dreamcatcher”
  • Italian dream pop /shoegaze solo project of Tommaso La Rocca based in Leghorn, Inframell0w “Big Ray Of Light” (Single)
  • Miskolc, Hungary experimental /shoegaze /alternative /noise rock solo project Bleft “Whenever” from the debut Cdr album “Will you stare”
  • Los Angeles-based indie rock /psych-fi singer-songwriter Lillian Nanette Villines-Combe, Lilliana Villines “Yours” single
  • Hamburg, Germany dream pop /shoegaze trio The First Eloi “Your Halo” from the mini-album “Low Glow”
  • Japanese alt /noise pop /shoegaze solo project Kinoue64 焦燥 from the album 放課後の芸術部
  • Melbourne, Australia emo /alternative /indie rock /shoegaze band Garage Sale ‘‘Blank Again’’ new single
  • Australian dream noise pop /shoegaze multi-instrumentalist Steve Matzkov, aka Seven Hour Days “Time To Shine” title track of the new CD EP via Shore Dive Records
  • London-based dream pop /shoegaze band Atmos Bloom “Sea Legs” single
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania alt-noise rock /shoegaze band Gloomer “Being And Nothingness” from the debut LP “Embrace The End” [Friend Club Records]
  • Galway, Ireland alt /indie rock four-piece NewDad “Angel” single from the upcoming debut album “Madra”
  • Heavy shoegaze band from Richmond, VA. Somei “Barbarella (melt away)” debut single
  • French grunge /noise rock /heavy shoegaze band DEAD HORSE ONƎ “REGƎNERATED” single
  • Bordeaux-based French shoegaze /noise rock band led by TH da Freak bassist Sylvain Paliz, SIZ “Illuminated” from upcoming LP “Blind” via Flippin’ Freaks Records and Howlin’ Banana Records
  • Salt Lake City, Utah bedroom /indie rock /shoegaze solo project of Caden Abilla, aka Another Quiet Morning “Cinders” from “What if it’s all True?” EP
  • Philadelphia‘s college rock /shoegaze /psych /dream pop band Golden Apples “Waiting For A Cloud” from the upcoming third album “Bananasugarfire” on Lame-O Records                                                                             
  • Sheffield, UK-based psych-rock quartet, Electric Tape Recorder – “No!” from their upcoming EP “Strange Holiday”
  • Stoke-on-Trent, UK garage rock /acid folk /psychedelic band The Crystal Teardrop “By The River” single
  • Belgian lo-fi /jazz /hip-hop /dub /electronics /ethno /psych project of guitarist Tim Vanhamel (former member of Evil Superstars, dEUS, Millionaire, Eagles Of Death Metal, Broken Glass Heroes), Comité Hypnotisé “Aquarium Breakout” from the third album “Danza Del Piri-Piri” [Cortizona]
  • UK krautrock /post-rock /synth solo project of Ramsgate, Kent-based artist Nick Bonell AKA Lone Bison “In Midnight Run” from V/A “Moonbuilding – Back to School 2023″ exclusive CD with the new Moonbuilding! colour 48-page A5 magazine [Castles In Space]
  • Downey, CA psychedelic folk rock band (former members of The Blasters, Camper Van Beethoven, Toadies, Cracker, Better Than Ezra and Counting Crows) fronted by singer Jesse Sykes, The Third Mind “Groovin’ Is Easy” single from The Third Mind’s new album, “The Third Mind” on Yep Roc
  • Tucson, AZ lo-fi /indie /garage /power pop band Freezing Hands “Wax Cups” from upcoming third LP “Empty the Tank”
  • New York indie rock singer/songwriter Nico Hedley “I Just Wanna Be Alright” from the second LP “Nico Hedley Wants to Sing It So Loud That It Makes It Alright” on Ruination Record Co.
  • Christchurch, New Zealand emo /indie rock 4-piece Model Home “1984 Ford Laser/Amateur Dryer Repair” from the debut LP “…And Nobody Made A Sound”
  • Mexico City-based experimental pop collective of Mabe Fratti, Gibrana Cervantes, Concepción Huerta, and Camille Mandoki, aka Amor Muere “Love Dies” off upcoming debut album “A time to love, a time to die” via Scrawl (formerly known as SA Recordings)
  • Sevilla, Spain-based reggaeton /wave /experimental electronic /synth /leftfield pop singer-songwriter Luna Maria Cedrón, aka Fiesta En El Vacío – “Rosal” title track of upcoming vinyl 12″ album “Rosal [TeenageMenopause Records]
  • Cork, Ireland jazz /pop /indie folk singer-songwriter Cormac O Caoimh “Aliens” from the upcoming LP “Where The World Begins”

photo by Tania Franco Klein


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