WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #37

  • London, UK indie-rock 4-piece FIGHTMILK “If You Had A Sister…” second single from forthcoming sophomore LP on Reckless Yes.

London based quartet’s new single take aside their usual punk-infused loud and noisy tones, while remaining vibrant and gripping, to weave sad regretful moods through meandering bassline sorrow into steady mechanical crispy drum beats fueling poignant, bleeding guitar melodies and strong emotional female vocals to elicit dormant psychological realms of self-discovery.

  • Russian dream pop/grunge-gaze/shoegaze band from Yekaterinburg, SHOE SHINE SIX “Lovelorn” new single

Old acquaintances of ours since the early days of the first single “Sunday” back in 2018, the Russian collective drop, despite rumours of a possible split, a new powerful and poignant new single with a groovy elastic bassline that bounces amid off-tempo drum beats and sparkling reverb-drenched guitar melodies that overflow and bleed into abrasive distortion over distant, sad female vocals obsessed with a brutal farewell, to become lost in the devastation.

  • Sidney, Australian indie rock 4-piece Stressless “Airport Flowers” from the second single “airport flowers / 1080p”

Unlike the more brisk, anxious and male-voice-led debut earlier this year, the elusive Sidney band is back blending 90s shoegaze and 60s melodic tones with a dreamy and immersive mesh of energetic strums, noisy reverb-infused guitar distortions and glowing lysergic keyboard swirls over Lush-like swirling deadpan mesmerising female vocals layered with elated harmonies that fall serendipitously into groovy blissful realms.

  • French trip-hop/dream pop/electronic artist from Paris, EKA “Tonight” from the EP “Shadow Play”
  • Austin, Tx based ambient pop singer/songwriter (previously known as Pat Moon), Katherine de Rosset “Sacred” from the new album “The Tower”
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland experimental folk artist Joshua Burnside “Noa Mercier” from the new album “Into the Depths of Hell” on The Orchard
  • Malaysian instrumental post-rock/shoegaze trio from Kuala Lumpur, The Pale Ones “I, Revelator” from the new EP “In Threes”
  • Beijing-born, Paris-based ambient pop musician P. Murk ‘朝着眼睛 / → Eyes (feat. Sijiang Chen of Hiperson)’ from new EP ‘You Really Should Come To The House’ on Merrie Records
  • Auckland, New Zealand psychedelic rock n roll project of A. Evans, aka BLACK SAND – “Revolution” from the new cassette album “Elevation”
  • Liverpool, UK dream pop/shoegaze/indie rock singer/songwriter King Hannah “Crème Brûlée” debut single
  • Dutch dream pop/folktronica singer/songwriter from Utrecht, Robin Kester – ‘Sweat & Fright’ from the upcoming mini-album ‘This Is Not A Democracy’ on At Ease                                                                   
  • Portland-based gray-pop/art-pop multidisciplinary Uchinanchu American artist and DIY veteran Maya Stoner, aka Floating Room “Held Open Door” from upcoming 7″ EP “Tired and True”
  • Norwegian noise/shoegaze/fuzz-pop trio from Oslo, The Age of Colored Lizards “Walk Alone” from the new sophomore album “Messed Up” on Sotron Records
  • Madison, Wi slowcore/shoegaze band Slow Pulp “Falling Apart” from upcoming “Movies” debut LP on Winspear.                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Los Angeles, London, San Diego jangle/indie pop/dream pop collective with former members of Aberdeen, Fonda and Trembling Blue Stars, THE LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL “2:22” from the upcoming LP “The Long Now” on Shelflife Records
  • South-West Wales longstanding indie pop band from Llanelli, THE HEPBURNS “Floating” from the new album “Electric Lliedi Land” on Radio Khartoum
  • Spanish punk indie-pop 4-piece from Madrid, FRED FREDBURGUER “15 Minutos” new single from the eponymous Mini-LP on Elefant Records
  • Clare, Australia dream pop/jangle pop project of Caleb Carr, aka English Summer “Reprise”
  • Seinäjoki, Finland shoegaze/post-rock/psychedelic quartet Kairon; IRSE! “Mir Inoi” from the upcoming album “Polysomn” on Svart Records.
  • US shoegaze/dream pop/dark pop five-piece from Los Angeles, Draag “Loro (Pinback Cover)”
  • Japanese alt/shoegaze solo project Kinoue64 – 通過 – from – あの子は幻 – LP
  • Philadelphia‘s heavy post-shoegaze band NOTHING “Say Less” from the upcoming album “The Great Dismal” on Relapse Records
  • Shanghai, China indie rock/shoegaze band RUBUR “Red Room Omen” from the second album “珀耳塞福涅的四季 Persephone’s Seasons” on Ruby Eyes Records
  • Malmö, Sweden alt/shoegaze/dream pop trio SPUNSUGAR “Belladonna” new single from the upcoming debut LP “Drive​-​Through Chapel” on Adrian Recordings
  • Bangkok, Thailand shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece Death Of Heather “Hard to Cure” taken from the upcoming debut LP out in 2020 on Yell Recordz
  • Portland, Or solo shoegaze project of Will WIlliams, aka LAVENDER “Minerva” from the debut “Halcyon” EP
  • Catalan indie rock band MOURN “This Feeling Is Disgusting” from the upcoming LP “Self Worth” on Captured Tracks
  • Philadelphia‘s grungey psych rock trio Total Rubbish “Honey Ryder” from the upcoming album “Triple Negative” on Born Losers Records
  • Santiago, Chile kraut/psychedelic rock 4-piece VUELVETELOCA “La Sangre del Oro” from the new LP “Contra”
  • Portland, Or Dreampop/Psychedelic/Darkwave band Devoured By Flowers “Phantom” from the upcoming LP “Phantom Time Traveler”
  • San Francisco, Ca indie/noise pop band TORREY “Screens” first single from the upcoming debut album.
  • Italian power pop/garage trio Bee Bee Sea “Day Ripper” title track from the upcoming 3rd album “Day Ripper” on Wild Honey Records
  • Leeds indie rock quintet EADES ‘I Want More’ new single out via Bam Bam Records                                                 
  • Madrid, Spain dream/noise/indie-pop duo, Marcos y Molduras “La Merienda” new single
  • Riverside, CA dream pop/goth-gaze solo project of Daniel Romero, aka DREAM SUICIDES “Slowly Dying In Love With You” title track from the new EP “The Darkness That Follows Me”
  • Perth, Australian dream pop/psych-pop/shoegaze band HYLA “Known To fall” third single from the upcoming sophomore album.
  • Spanish synthpop/dream pop/indie-pop solo project of guitarist and frontman of Madrid‘s band Cosmen Adelaida, Javier Egea, aka COSMEM “La Canción Perfecta” new single on El Genio Equivocado
  • Tampa-based, FL indie/dream pop band TAVERNS “Patience” off the debut EP ‘Melting’                                         
  • Rotterdam’s indie-pop project of Sjaak Douma, aka Analogue Dear “Something Real” from upcoming EP “‘Parting Thoughts”                                                                                                                                                               
  • Burlington, Ontario indie pop/folk band THE PAINT CHIPS “This Lung” off debut single “The Paint Chips (vol. 1)”
  • Atlanta indie rock/dream pop project Heavenly Girlfriend – “Please” from the EP “Your Funeral”.
  • Russian indie/dream pop project based in Yekaterinburg, Бужба [Buzhba] “Темыч-сэндвич” from the upcoming EP “Еще чуть-чуть веселых риффов”.
  • West Midlands, UK ’90s indie jangle dream pop foursome (formerly The Cudgels), The Proctors “A Part I Never Knew Existed” from the upcoming retrospective album “Summer Lane (1993-1997)” on Sunday Records
  • Wrexham, Wales fuzzy noise pop band Mowbird “Astral Advice” off 2016‘s “Greetings All!” EP 7″ via The Popty Ping Recording Company
  • Glasgow-based electronic kosmische pop project of musician and producer, Finlay Macdonald (formerly Lenzie Moss and Music and Movement), wor_kspace “Weekend” debut single
  • Tokyo, Japan indie rock/dream pop/shoegaze all-girl band SPOOL ‘スーサイド・ガール’ new single
  • Sacramento, Ca dream pop 4-piece DUSTY MILLER “Had Enough” from the EP “Empathy”
  • New York-based American/German alt/folk/indie/dream-pop band Just Like Honey “Rain” from the album “Into The Wild” on Shore Dive Records
  • Californian bedroom/jangle/surfgaze/shoegaze/indie pop solo project of San Bernardino‘s Joseph Walker, ❀ Foliage ❀ “Better Man” from the upcoming S/T album on Z Tapes 
  • French noisy pop band from Nantes (1990-1992), Nos Etés Trop Courts “Nos Etés Trop Courts” from “Sunset Demo” EP (1991) on Ovvk Archives
  • Melbourne indie rock/psych/garage band Hannah Kate “Sunday Mourning” new 2-track 7″ single from the band’s upcoming debut LP on Roolette Records
  • London experimental pop four-piece Landshapes “The Ring” from the upcoming third LP “Contact” on Bella Union
  • Evansville, Indiana post-rock/shoegaze/dream pop/indie rock quartet Thunder Dreamer “House and Garden” from the upcoming cassette EP “Summer Sleeping”
  • New Orleans, Louisiana indie rock duo LAWN “Nighttime Creatures” from the sophomore LP “Johnny” on Community Records
  • Portland, Or shoegaze/psychedelic/guitar rock 4-piece Pacific Latitudes “Going Coasts” new single
  • Wiltshire, UK bedroom pop/ambient/shoegaze/post-punk/dream pop musician, singer and songwriter (aka Eligia and bassist of Cosmic Lightshow), Archie Sagers “I Don’t Wanna Leave Home” off of Archie Sager’s debut album “Happy New Year” on his own Crafting Room Records
  • Indie dream-pop three-piece from Los Angeles, CRYOGEYSER “Pretty” new single on Terrible Records
  • Mexican dreampop duo COMA PONY “Los Cocos De La Playa De Atrás” new single
  • Tasmania’s pastoral cinematic folk collaboration of guitarists Tim Evans (Sea Scouts, Degreaser, Mouth, Bird Blobs) and Aldous Kelly (Stickmen), WASH HOUSE “Wind In The Cane” from the cassette album “The Long Road Out” on Solar/Sonar

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