WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – SEPTEMBER #36-23

photo by Navina Khatibs


  • Indonesian twee /indie pop singer-songwriter, anselmus – “My Life Is Better With Indiepop” single on chaotic pop recs
    Indonesian twee /indie pop solo project of musician and composer Cud, aka The Cuddly Strum – “Where the Sun Always Shines” single on chaotic pop recs   

Looks like a thriving moment for pure good old Indie pop with a twee flair, especially from Asia, but not only, even a group from Panama this week. chaotic pop records is a brand new label from Indonesia that promises to deliver chaotic “twee as fuck!” music. The early refreshing and effervescent two releases, both framed by lovely artworks, which absolutely deserve the seven-inch format, fully hit the target with rambling guitars that shimmer and swell back and forth; strummed, introverted and slightly distorted The Cuddly Strum, urgent and rife with passion Anselmus, this latter a stirring ode to Indie Pop and the comforting feelings it brings, with heartfelt nostalgic vocals, enraptured by uplifting spirals of dancing joy. However plenty of records you can later listen to, it will be precisely those early precious moments on the radio, in your bedroom, with your friends, that regularly come to mind, whilst lingering ceaselessly around. It’s the magic of music as a healing obsessive pleasure that captures our soul and imagination, fatally seduced and enchanted to remain etched forever.

  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania lo-fi dream-pop /indie folk singer-songwriter Tyler Burkhart “Little One” new single.

Born and grew up in the open countryside of Pennsylvania, DIY ‘whatever man’ singer/songwriter Tyler Burkhart has crafted, since the beginning of 2010, at a rather prolific pace, a distinctive atmospheric, introspective and unadulterated take on the lo-fi folk canons ala Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, Iron & Wine and so on, with a strong emotive melodic sensibility. The America-tinged single, imbued by a contemplative, subtly restless, sentimental breeze, unfurls over a swaying and shimmering laid-back vibrant carpet of steady percussions, gentle yet energetic acoustic strums, sparkling rippling jangles, and smoothly flickering slide guitar whines, to transport angsty, melancholic vocals through a bittersweet confession of regret and longing.

  • Queens, New York indie /shoegaze /dream pop quartet Iceblynk “Enter the Sky” single on 5BC records

Let’s talk again, after the mesmerizing ethereal early glimpses in 2021, and last year’s endearing first EP, about the New York quartet back with an entrancing  Sundays-esque new single that pulses through steady mid-tempo drums and humming bass lines, layered with the whimsical introspective rippling of sad twinkling guitar melodies, along with insistent weeping echoes, exploring the fear of the unknown in unison with piercing aching vocal longing and hope.

  • Loughborough, UK minimal /electronica /post-rock /ambient project of guitarist Jon Attwood, aka Yellow6 “Keep Track” from the CDr album “Civil Twilight” [sound in silence]
  • Russian dream-pop / shoegaze duo of Dmitry Gruber & Nika Ámotnik, aka Echoedreaming “Cold And Soulless” from “I Can’t Get Rid Of The Thought” [EP]
  • Wales, UK indie folk-rock-pop band (John Mouse, The School, Simon Love & Sweet Baboo), Spencer Segelov & Great Paintings “Disco In Your Heart” second 7″ single from the forthcoming album “You’re A Lighthouse, I’m At Sea” via Country Mile Records
  • Piedmont-native, Italian guitar rock /orchestral /jangle /folk /indie-pop solo project of singer-songwriter Andrea Calvo, aka Grand Drifter “Paradise Window” title track of the new album “Paradise Window” on Subjangle
  • Stockholm, Sweden electronic /darkwave /dream pop /trip-hop /shoegaze duo Isoberlinia “Otherlife” third single off the upcoming album “Silhouette Bound” on Black Hair Records
  • UK synth-pop /trip-hop /electronica /avant-pop duo Andrew Hargreaves (Tape Loop Orchestra, The Boats) & Beth Roberts, aka THE MISTYS “Strange Shadows” from the third album “Detached Engagement” [Castles In Space]
  • Lund, Sweden Italo-Disco /Synthpop duo Sally Shapiro “Rent” (Pet Shop Boys cover)
  • Budapest, Hungarian dream pop /trip-hop /electronic outfit AGAVOID “Sötétben” single on PLUTO Sound
  • Panama-based twee /indie pop band Solamente Muero Los Domingos “Me perdí el eclipse” from “Qué difícil es, qué bien se siente” EP
  • Austin, TX twee /indie pop band Touch Girl Apple Blossom “Dream From an Eyelash” from EP
  • Essen, Germany synth pop /indie romantic pop band Orkestra Zajenie “Pastoral Day” single
  • Indie pop unit from Japan, Jennifer Juniper “Chocolate and Lemonade” from the EP “Dusted Tape” (collection of tracks recorded between 20192020)
  • German Jangle Indie Pop band from Cologne, Die Zärtlichkeit “Star” from the debut LP “Heimweh Meisterwerke” via Tapete Records
  • Sheffield, UK indie /shoegaze band formed in 1990, THE SUNCHARMS “3.45” from upcoming second LP “Things Lost” on Sunday Records
  • Michigan-based twee /C86 /indie-pop solo project of London-native Sean Turner AKA The Photocopies “The Promotion (single version)” [a composite of The Promotion (part one) and The Promotion (part two) from the ‘Top of the Pops’ LP]                                                                                                                                                                      
  • MünsterGermany bedroom /dream-pop /indie-pop band led by Sebastian Voss (Cinema Engines, Herr Wade, Nah…, The Grindcore Poppies), aka The Fisherman and his Soul “Land Of Wit” from the forthcoming 4-track EP “A Picturesque Marina” on Subjangle and Bureau Platiruma!!!                                   
  • Japanese 4-piece indie guitar pop band from Tokyo, Ferri-Chrome “Another Space-Time” from the upcoming 7″ EP “Dazzling Azure” on TESTCARD RECORDS
  • Los Angeles / Chicago 90s influenced indie pop duo of Tiffany Preston (Rainbow Arabia) and Dylan Ryan (Fatal Jamz, Man Man, Cursive), CIAO HOWDY “Go To Hell” debut 2-track single [Time No Place]
  • Maine’s 5-piece indie /jangle pop band Sullen Eyes “Getting There” from the CD/vinyl album “Hardwood Floors And A Hand To Hold” (expansive edition of the original 2021 EP) on Sunday Records
  • New Jersey garage-pop /folk /jangle-pop band Lightheaded “Mercury Girl” from upcoming EP “Good Good Great!” on Slumberland Records
  • Paris-based coldwave /shoegaze /dream pop /indie rock duo Coward Syndrome – “Mithridates VI” single on Spirit Goth Records
  • Late ’90s Japanese indie rock /shoegaze /power pop band Penpals “Summer” from the new vinyl/CD album “1973” [TESTCARD RECORDS]
  • Swansea, UK indie-pop punk quartet featuring Amelia Fletcher (Talulah Gosh, Heavenly), Swansea Sound “CLICK IT AND PAY” from the new LP “TWENTIETH CENTURY” on Skep Wax
  • Adelaide, Australian indie /jangle /synth-pop project New Labour “Houses of Parliament” single
  • High Peak District, UK indie popular beat combo featuring former members of The Bodines (Creation Records), Bison and The Soil Brothers, aka MAMTOR ‘Days And Days Like These’ off the third single ‘Days And Days Like These’ / ‘The Abyss’ (both reimagined tracks composed by Paul Brotherton in summer 1986, as a member of The Bodines)
  • Californian five-piece Dream-Pop /Shoegaze band from Sacramento, Soft Science “Hands” off the 4th LP “Lines” [Shelflife Records]
  • Sheffield, UK indie rock/synth wave /dream pop band, Rehearsed Living “Repetition of Us” new single
  • Indie /Shoegaze /Dream Pop / Electro Rock duo from Tel Aviv, Screens 4 Eyes “Patterns” off upcoming single “Trip to the North / Patterns”
  • Remsen, New York vintage indie /dream pop solo project River Westin “Sweet On Me” single
  • Long Beach, CA, veteran post-punk /shoegaze band Echolust “Keep” single
  • Munich-based US Psychedelic Rock /Shoegaze solo project HAYIEN “Mile High” single
  • London, UK dream pop /shoegaze band WHITELANDS “The Prophet & I” single via Sonic Cathedral
  • San Jose, Costa Rica alternative rock /shoegaze /dream pop 4-piece Adiós Cometa “Diente De León (feat. Carlos González de No Somos Marineros)” single
  • Seattle, WA ethereal dreamwave band led by singer-songwriter Jenn Taranto, Medejin “Sea Stacking” from upcoming debut LP “The Garden” via Den Tapes (US) and Icy Cold Records (EU).
  • Swedish shoegaze /dreamgaze trio from Malmö, Echo Ladies “Dirty Dancing” from the sophomore LP “Lilies” via Rama Lama Records and Republic of Music.
  • Washington, DC-based early ’90s indie rock /noise pop band, Velocity Girl “My Forgotten Favorite- ABBA Version” (1991) from “Setting the Night on Fire with Rock and Roll” EP (charity 4-tracker of alternate versions of early VG songs plus an unreleased track)
  • Ontario-based noise rock /folk /shoegaze band led by Julia Maja, Blosum “sink” from the debut “thank God you’re here” EP
  • Boston, Massachusetts dream pop /indie rock /shoegaze band Beta Hands “Sleep Paralysis” from the debut EP “Pretty Cage”
  • Salt Lake City, Utah “Dirtgaze” band Lovelor “Muffin 57” (All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors cover) off V/A “Soft Focus” compilation on Cassette Drift
  • Northern Ohio post-rock/ shoegaze instrumental band FLOURISH “Burn Bright” from the EP “The Body Will Lead You”
  • Kansas City, Missouri drum & bass /electronic /breakbeat /shoegaze band forever ☆ “Shine Your Eyes” from “3 Series” EP on à La Carte Records
  • Indonesian bedroom /twee /power /indie pop /shoegazer ‘sneaker looker’ act Crayon Case “Gravits” debut single
  • Raleigh, North Carolina Indie Shoegaze outfit My Sister Maura “In A Car” from the album “So Long”
  • Long Beach, CA indie rock /shoegaze solo project Morning Eagle “Something Will Find You (featuring Silktail)” from the EP “Something Will Find You” [Setterwind Records]
  • Austin TX based lo-fi /indie /dream-pop /shoegaze artist Raul Gonzalez Jr, aka Creature In The Spiral “Friend” single
  • Los Angeles jangle indie rock /shoegaze /dreampop band Helen Stellar “Seismic Heartbeats” from the EP “Moonlight Amnesia”
  • Shoegaze band from Colorado Springs, Blanket Slut “Dogwood” from the debut single “Ever Since”
  • Singapore indie rock /slowcore /shoegaze quartet Blush “Crush” from forthcoming LP “Supercrush” single on No Sleep
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma slowcore /noise rock /heavy shoegaze band Cursetheknife – “Reach” off the new LP “There’s A Place I Can Rest” via New Morality Zine
  • Austin, TX shoegaze /psych /noise-pop band DAIISTAR “Say It To Me” single from DAIISTAR’s debut album “Good Time” via Fuzz Club Records
  • Turin, Italy indie rock /jangle-pop act THE WENDS “Loud Quitting” single on We Were Never Being Boring Collective
  • Pensacola, Florida power pop /indie rock band Glazed Eyes “Tried” from cassette “Promo” EP on Sunday Drive Records
  • Brighton, UK 3 Piece Indie /Psych /Garage band School Disco “Through Dimensions” from upcoming LP “Denton Rock” on Copper Feast Records and Krautpop
  • Philadelphia indie-rock band Gladie “Chaos Reigns” new single
  • Cincinnati, Ohio indie-folk solo project of Ivory Jane Snow of indie duo Sungaze, aka Dust Hunny “Ashes in the Medicine Cabinet” debut single
  • London-based indie rock /baroque pop /synth-pop /new wave /artist Oliver Marson “Agony Uncle” from the upcoming LP “Why Did I Choose This?”
  • Paraíba, Brazil, trip-pop /psychedelic pop duo Mar Di Fuego “Vermelho” single [HominisCanidaeREC]
  • NYC-based Chicano Doo Wop ‘n’ Soul Singer-Songwriter, Jonny Benavidez with Cold Diamond & Mink “Your Last Song” from “Do What You Wanna Do” 2-track 7″ single [Timmion Records]

photo by Navina Khatibs