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Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – AUGUST//SEPTEMBER #35-23

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  • Michigan-based twee /C86 /indie-pop solo project of London-native Sean Turner AKA Then Photocopies “Estranged” from the debut album “Top Of The Pops” ltd. 13-track 7” [Plastidisc Lathe Cut Records inc. The Ultra Modern Label]

An unapologetic old-school kaleidoscope of nuanced mid-80s-to-early-90s inspired Indie-Power-Pop sounds, spanning 13 bonsai songs each less than 50 seconds long, for just under 12 minutes overall, as a 7″ 45rpm album, apparently already sold out. 13 miniatures brimming with immediacy and urgency laced with nostalgic bittersweet melodicism, centered on heartfelt distressed vocal confessions woven with abrasive, mist-casting guitar riffs and at times dramatic backup supports, to deliver an array of emotional lyrical content tied to insecurity, jealousy, and the age-old search for meaning within a world that doesn’t quite make sense. An absolutely not-to-be-missed interlocking pleasure to affirm once more the playful, compelling, and timeless, subtly unsettling, essence of guitar pop, if, absolutely like in this case, done properly.

  • Helsinki based shoegaze /dream pop band Hattara “Filmi” single

Helsinki based 4-piece reverb-strewn dream-pop band with their captivating third single unfurls on sad alienated vocals, longing in heartfelt harmonies of angst and nostalgia, to glide on a shimmering whirring sea of soft distant echoes, rippling distorted riffs and dreamy celestial skies, to evoke bittersweet feelings of stirring pensive melancholy.

  • Californian grunge /indie rock /shoegaze trio Ceramic “Kingdoms” from upcoming debut “Endless Noises” EP

After a couple of demo releases that seem to have little in common with the first loud, feedback-drenched preview in the classic Swirlies/MBV noise-swirling shoegaze trope. Murky introspective gloom compels swaying surges of dense fuzzed-out guitar mists, tumultuous jarring distortions, excruciating swirling flourishes, heavy trembling bass lines, and stumbling plodding drum beats, to swallow dreary lost aching vocals with relentless chaotic outflows from the immanent, senseless fall of ‘kingdoms.’

  • Scottish ambient /jazz /folk collective lead by double bassist Jon Thorne (Lamb, Yorkston Thorne Khan), guitarist Peter Philipson (Fenella) and singer-multi-instrumentalist Nancy Elizabeth, aka Makushin “More Easily” from the debut album “Move into the Luminous” via Blackford Hill
  • Bangor-born UK psych folk singer-songwriter Dave Evans “Only Blue” from the CD/vinyl 12″ reissue of the 1972 album “Elephantasia” via Earth Recordings
  • New York psychedelic folk band led by veteran N.Y. folk singer-songwriter Pat Gubler, aka P.G. Six “I Don’t Want To Be Free” from the album “Murmurs & Whispers” on Drag City Records
  • US guitarist-singer-songwriter (1/2 of the duo Arborea) Buck Curran and Italian singer-songwriter Adele H., Buck Curran & Adele H “13th Mountain” (Bruce Cockburn cover) [Obsolete Recordings]
  • London-based electro-acoustic folk rock project of Comet Gain co-founder, singer-songwriter and guitarist David Feck (aka Charlie Damage), aka David Christian “THEY KEEP YOU ALIVE THE WONDERFUL TIMES BUT THERE’S ALWAYS FURTHER YOU CAN FALL” from the album “FOR BIRDS WITH TIRED WINGS”
  • Bristol, UK electronic /downtempo /dub folk /avant pop band Tara Clerkin Trio “The Turning Ground” from “On The Turning Ground” EP 12″ [World of Echo]
  • London-based ambient /experimental pop music duo Digital Roses “Under The Sea” second single from the future first album “Noise Petals”
  • Bern, Switzerland psych /dream pop /experimental pop duo SILVER FIRS “Annihilation Party (feat. Loner Lawrence)” single via Oh, Sister Records
  • Los Angeles based transcendental folk /space pop project of singer-songwriter, Lael Neale – “I’ll Be Your Star” an outtake from the latest “Star Eaters” LP sessions [Sub Pop]
  • Stockholm, Sweden kraut /psych rock band Les Big Byrd “I’m Living a Saved Life Now” title track of the upcoming 2-track 7″ single on Chimp Limbs
  • Los Angeles, CA slowcore indie rock /dream pop /new wave duo Ruby Haunt “Cold Front” third single from the upcoming album “Between Heavens”
  • San Francisco-based bedroom dreamy rock project of Brandon Setta, aka You Wish “Carinae” from the “Vril” EP
  • Munich, Germany indie /dream pop solo project Phantom Youth “Slide Back” from the EP “Slide Back” on Spirit Goth Records
  • UK-based acoustic /power pop /jangle /psych /indie pop singer-songwriter Paul ‘Trip’ Ryan aka SUPER 8 “Susan Revolving” (original demo by Andy Partridge of XTC, 1983?) from the cover album “Raindrops On Roses”
  • Kent, UK-based indie rock /psychedelic pop collective led by Ian Button (formerly guitarist with Death In Vegas, Thrashing Doves, and Gare du Nord Records co-founder), Papernut Cambridge “Cinderella Crazy Golf” title track of the 7″ EP “Cinderella Crazy Golf” 
  • Athens, Ohio lo-fi jangle indie pop band formed by brothers Evan and Quinn Seurkamp, aka The Laughing Chimes “Laurel Heights” title track of the 3-track 7″ single via Prefect Records & Slumberland Records
  • Sheffield-based indie pop three-piece led by Emma Kupa (Mammoth Penguins, the Hayman Kupa Band), Standard Fare “Philadelphia (BBC session)” from “STANDARD FARE – Huw Stephens session 01.07.2010” vinyl 10″ EP [Precious Recordings of London]
  • 1984 founded Bristol, UK C86 /wave /indie pop 5-piece band, The Five Year Plan “Useless” from the vinyl 12″ album “1985”
  • Chatham, UK jangle guitar-pop Medway musician band made of former members of 90’s indie legends The Dentists, Bob Collins & Mark Matthews with drummer Bob Collins (Secret Affair), bassist Nick Rice (Groovy Uncle and The Dutch Embassy) and Jetstream Pony’s Beth Arzy on backing vocals, aka THE TREASURE OF MEXICO “Beaming” from the vinyl/CD third album “Burn The Jets” on Spinout Nuggets
  • Hamburg-based German singer-songwriter-jingle-jangle-fuzz-power-baroque-pop-wallofsound-DIY-Home-Studio-Project of Heiko Schneider AKA theCatherines “She Found Her Peace” from the album “Wanna Meet Our Neighbours?”
  • Oakland, CA-based twee /power pop husband-wife duo Funeral Cake “Flowers” from the cassette EP “One Place Left” via Dandy Boy Records
  • Sydney-based indie rock band Victoria “Justify” from the vinyl debut LP “Treats”
  • Columbus, OH punk /garage /power pop DIY solo project of Brian Baker (Dana, D.O.T.S., Hydrone, Brat Curse, Astro Fang, Yakuza Heart Attack, Jet Kid Committee), Brian Damage “Back To My Old Ways” from the cassette album “Miserable Schemes” on Just Because Records
  • Trondheim, Norway shoegaze /indie rock band Fuckleberry Hinn “Fortuna” single from the 2xLP double album “Neither/Nor”
  • Los Angeles-based indie rock /garage-pop duo Diamond Hands “Fruit Trees” from the LP “Cookie” on Lilipop Records
  • India new wave/ shoegaze/ dream pop trio Long Distances “Delicate Surrender” third single from upcoming EP, “How the Mighty Will Fall”
  • Saxon, Switzerland post-punk /shoegaze /dream pop /jangle rock project of David Liso, aka Dynamo Stairs “Feast” from the album “Hope Is The Last To Die” [Eversore Records]
  • Queens, NY surf /indie/ dream pop singer-songwriter dayaway “Hot Blue Summer” off “Blue Summer Moon” EP on Turn to Wind.
  • Devon, UK indie /dream pop trio Pale Blue Eyes “Simmering” from the second album “This House” on Full Time Hobby
  • Taiwan Indie Pop /Noise Rock /Shoegaze band, Manic Sheep “Morning Fragment” title track of the new EP “Morning Fragment”
  • Thailand jangle pop /shoegaze /dream pop band Lesssugär “Wanna get hurt” from the first EP “Internet Teenage Lover”
  • Oakland, CA indie /jangle rock /dream pop 4-piece Sleepworld “Waves Of Summer” from the debut “Dream Waves” EP
  • Creswick, Australia shoegaze /folk /psych /dream pop trio Pyrex – “Say Something” from the debut LP “Noise For No Reason”
  • Oakland, CA 4-piece lo-fi /indie fuzz pop band, Smile Too Much “Memorial Park” off cassette “EP 2” on Dandy Boy Records
  • Californian Five-Piece Dream-Pop /Shoegaze Band from Sacramento, Soft Science “True” off the upcoming 4th LP “Lines” [Shelflife Records – US | Spinout Nuggets UK | Fastcut Records JP]
  • Seattle, WA noise pop /shoegaze /indie rock band Guest Directors “Nico” from the LP “Interference Patterns”
  • Los Angeles post-punk /indie rock /slowcore solo project, After A Fashion “Crumble” single off forthcoming debut “When the leaves fall”
  • Oslo, Norway /Tampa, FL goth /dream pop /shoegaze /dark wave post-punk collaboration, Mirror Of Haze & Violent Vickie “Brighten Up My Life” single
  • Post-rock /Psych /Shoegaze /Dream Pop cross-continental duo of French singer Sylvia Solanas and New York‘s Bipolar Explorer co-founder and multi-instrumentalist Michael Serafin-Wells, aka Tremosphere “Creature of The See” from upcoming third LP “Becoming Creatures” on Slugg Records.
  • Łódź, Poland shoegaze /dream pop duo Hollow Street “Now’s the time” from debut EP “Sleepwalk”
  • Moscow, Russia dream pop /shoegaze band Dog Silent “Outcast” from the debut EP “Flying Fish”
  • Brooklyn-based post-punk /shoegaze /grunge /indie rock band OMAT “Pollen” from “Pollen / Knot” single on Fire Talk imprint Open Tab
  • Argentinian noise-rock /psych /dream pop /shoegaze band from Mar del Plata, Tomates en Verano ”Su forma de mirar” new single on Casa del Puente Discos
  • Colchester, UK shoegaze /indie rock band She’s In Parties “L Word” 2nd single from debut “End Scene” EP [Submarine Cat Records]
  • San Francisco-based bedroom dreamy shoegaze rock project of Brandon Setta, aka You Wish “I Hate Myself And Want To Die” (Kurt D Cobain)
  • Italian psych /shoegaze/ dream pop three-piece band from Rome, La Casa al Mare “This Astro” from the vinyl reissue of the debut 2015 EP “This Astro” (plus 3 bonus tracks) via Dreams Never End Records
  • Chicago-based lo-fi noise rock /dream pop /shoegaze project of South Korean singer-songwriter Jeehye Ham, aka Precocious Neophyte “AIWA” off the vinyl 12″ debut album “Home in the Desert” (home-recorded in 20212022) on Graveface Records & Curiosities
  • Brooklyn, NY indie rock /shoegaze solo project of Brandon Reese, aka Mötley Jëw “Lost Grace” single off debut “Seasons of Grief” EP
  • Italian psychedelic rock /dream pop /shoegaze trio Human Colonies “WAWWA” off forthcoming album “Kintsukuroi” on Shore Dive Records
  • Dublin, Ireland dream rock /shoegaze /fuzzy psychedelic noise band, Sun Mahshene “Reverie” single
  • Wattignies, France dream pop /shoegaze solo project Jōetsu Shore “Turn” (previously unreleased) from V/A “Rave Down Tracks – Volume 2” compilation [Rave Down]
  • Birmingham, UK orchestral Grunge-Gaze /Shoegaze band Umbilical “Pull Me Back Down to the Earth” debut single
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota sludgegaze 4-piece band ANOTHER HEAVEN “Arab Stardust” from the 4th LP “IV: Heaven Sent”
  • Paris, France alternative /slowcore /shoegaze duo Pencey Sloe “Us Blazing” from cassette split EP “Strangers” by Pencey Sloe & Sorcerer via Delivrance Records
  • Virginia/Washington D.C. Heavy Shoegaze /Grunge outfit DAY ACHES “Everything Blu” from the upcoming debut LP “One Last Dream Before Dying” [REALLY RAD RECORDS]
  • Auckland, New Zealand post-punk /psych /shoegaze /fuzz noise-rock 3-piece Swallow The Rat ”Gravois Park” from the vinyl 12″ third album “South Locust” on Shifting Sounds
  • Los Angeles shoegaze /psychedelic /experimental band led by musician and record producer Brad Laner, Medicine “Sail On” from the album “Silences”
  • Oslo, Norway emo-punk /shoegaze /indie rock duo TAPE TRASH “Old Highs” off upcoming debut album “TAPE TRASH 4-EVER”
  • Japananese Blackgaze /Depressive Black Metal act from Gifu, Self Destruction in Your Dream – 終焉 II – from 終焉 (1st Demo)
  • US atmospheric /shoegaze /post-black metal solo project Sadness “Her” from the cassette album “Somewhere Along Our Memory” [Show Me A River Records]
  • Arizona-via-Alberta cinematic psych garage rock project of songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Evan Uschenko along with percussionist Ille van Dessel, aka GHOST WOMAN “Alright, Alright” first single off the third album “Hindsight is 50/50” [Full Time Hobby]
  • Gothenburg, Sweden-based darkwave/ shoegaze /psych rock US/Swedish husband-wife duo ROUTINE DEATH “Gouge Away” from the third LP “Comrade” on Fuzz Club Records
  • Montreal-based rock’n’roll /garage punk band THEE RETAIL SIMPS “Itch is the Sitch” from the second LP “Live On Cool Street” on Total Punk
  • Perth, Western Australia indie pop/post-punk band led by David West, Rat Columns “Cerulean Blue” from the upcoming 5th LP “Babydoll” [Tough Love Records]
  • Washington, D.C. indie rock /garage-punk-pop singer-songwriter Elisabeth Nelson, aka The Paranoid Style “I Love the Sound of Structured Class” single [Bar/None Records]
  • Princeton, NJ indie /folk rock project of former singer /songwriter of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Kip Berman, AKA The Natvral “Stephanie Don’t Live Here Anymore” from the album “Summer of No Light” 
  • Indonesian dream pop /indie rock band Pathway Pleasure “Kelana” off “KELANA / STAY FOR SOMETHING” single on Outta Sight Records
  • L.A. indie rock /pop singer-songwriter Janelane “Useless” single
  • Chicago, IL jazz /avant-pop singer-songwriter Maria Elena Silva “Love, If It Is So” from upcoming first LP “Dulce” [BIG EGO Records]
  • New York-based indie-folk-pop singer-songwriter (Containe, the Pacific Ocean, Alkaline, and Smog), Connie Lovatt “Gull” off upcoming debut album “Coconut Mirror” [chickfactor’s Enchanté Records]
  • Dublin, Ireland dream pop /dark folk singer-songwriter Maija Sofia “Saint Aquinas” from the album “True Love” on TULLE
  • Indie folk singer-songwriter from East London, Art Block “England’s Dying” title track of the “England’s Dying” EP
  • Japanese lo-fi /experimental /folk /indie pop duo based in Tokyo of Saya & Takashi Ueno, AKA Tenniscoats “My car is burning” from cassette album “Tasmania Bootleg” (recorded live on 5th of February 2009, at The Brisbane Hotel in Hobart, Tasmania with Lawrence English on drums) [Room40]
  • Washington, DC-based ambient /post-rock solo instrumentalist, Sutras “Spiritual Bypassing” from the charity cassette EP “Dāna” [Strange Mono]

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