WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – AUGUST #35 – 22

Photo by John Severson

  • Stockholm, Sweden post-punk /indie rock 4-piece The Vapour Veils “I Am Human And I Need To Be Loved” 2nd single from the upcoming debut album “The Last Hurrah” set for release in October 2022.

As the epic title suggests, taken from the unforgettable line “I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does” (The Smiths “How Soon Is Now”), the brand new single from the Swedish 4-piece steers soaring and anthemic mid-80s indie rock vibes drenched in twinkling vibrant sentimentality, blending sad angsty call and answer dual vocal longings with glorious, emotional ringing guitar melodies, humming bass lines, and dynamic drum beats, to conjure bittersweet nostalgia from a lost well of brooding sadness.

  • Copenhagen, Denmark lo-fi /indie rock /slowcore band IGNORAN “Circuit” from the debut EP “Floats”

Debut 5-track EP from the enigmatic Danish outfit Ignoran replete with an intimate and reflective, at times bittersweet, lo-fi stripped down slowcore sound, oppressively desolate and monochromatic laced with a subtly introspective lyrical storytelling, built on slowed percussions, lonesome strummed guitars, hypnotic glum grainy riffs, streaked by restrained strung out energy, fleetingly distorted, along with pensive, emotionally detached vocalizations, perpetually saturated by the sober yet penetrating poignancy of forlorn and sulky moods. Close to Codeine vibes, “Circuit” unfurls lost meandering moods to compel dry and ringing stringed obsessions to weave distorted pain and dread around numb listless vocals, longing and struggling to find light and meaning amid relentless spirals of melancholy and despair.

  • Cincinnati, Ohio dream-pop/ post-punk/ shoegaze solo project of John Paul Wang, aka DEEP//FAKE “Be Me” single

The one-man ‘hobby project’ from Cincinnati crafts a swirling and wistful, reverb-cloaked sparkling shoegaze guitar sound permeated with dark and brooding 80s wave undercurrents, that ignite chaotic swarms of angst and alienation, weaving relentless ringing guitar melodies, distorted, harrowed riffs, muffled retro-charged throbbing synthetic beats, and low rumbling bass lines, into frenetic surges of disconnected vibes over dreamy, anxious vocal energies, rising and falling in helpless breathes of desperation and regret.

  • UK ambient /post-rock /dream pop /chillwave /ethereal /electronic producer Stumbleine “The Cracks Let the Light In” from the EP “The Information Superhighway”
  • Melbourne, Australia r&b /trip-hop /downtempo /electronic act The Safety Word “Into The Fire” from the album “Moving Forward In Reverse”
  • Vienna based harmonica /hand organ /e-piano experimental pop musician, singer & composer, STEFAN GEISSLER – “Paradeiserbaum” upcoming 2-track 7″ single via Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten|KUS
  • Camberwell, UK kraut /experimental pop /electronic father and son music duo Malcolm Doherty (Go-Kart Mozart The Great Electric) & Calum McQuattie (A Lifetime With Mercury, Gabi Garbutt), AKA Sweet Juice “Ariel Vendor” from s/t album on wiaiwya
  • AngloFrench electro-pop project from Glen Johnson and Cédric Pin (both former members of “ghostrock” group Piano Magic), AKA Future Conditional “Demolitions (feat. Bobby Wratten & Beth Arzy)” from the sophomore album “Isotech” upcoming on Second Language Music                                                                    
  • London, UK noir-pop /shoegaze /dream pop duo of Dean Garcia (formerly of Curve) & Rose Berlin, aka SPC ECO “Lost Underground” from the new EP “Hush” August 2022 Series
  • Hamilton, Ontario electronic pop group, founded in 1999, Junior Boys “Night Walk” from the upcoming 6th album “Waiting Game” on City Slang
  • Perth, Australia lo-fi /gloom /shoegaze /dream pop /experimental pop /electronic solo project Ocarth “It means a lot” from the debut “Is this your first time?” album                                                                   
  • Baltimore, MD mid-’80s lo-fi /bedroom pop /indie pop cassette artist (member of 80s post-punk band The Woods), Linda Smith “Variation 8” from the soon-to-be-released instrumental album “THEMES AND VARIATIONS”, inspired by Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony.
  • London-based dream pop /synth-pop /new wave /indie pop band led by brothers Angus James and Oliver James, AKA The Death Of Pop “Record High” from the new “For a Minute” EP on Discos de Kirlian and Hidden Bay Records
  • Krasnodar, Russia dub /experimental pop project of Nikolai Dolgov, AKA пайта “Касание (А разве это всё важно)” from the album “Прозрачность солёных ресниц”
  • Brighton, UK ambient/shoegaze/slowcore/folk/electronic singer, songwriter, musician and producer Jacob Ware, aka RAPT “Last Night In Exile” from the cassette album “Wayward Faith” on Z Tapes
  • Romania 60s dreamy psychedelic pop solo project of singer-songwriter Bianca Sima, aka LAL “Venus Infers”
  • Wellington, NZ alternative folk collective Recitals “Rock Dove” from the debut album “Orbit I” via Flying Nun Records.
  • Montreal, Quebec 60s folk /chanson française singer-songwriter Rachel Leblanc, AKA Vanille “À bientôt” single
  • Veselí Nad Moravou/Prague based, Czech Dream Pop /indie folk bans fronted by Lenka Zborilova, aka BILLOW “Dark Blues” from the new single “Loon / Dark Blues” on Z Tapes
  • New Orleans, Louisiana industrial /ethereal /shoegaze /dream pop duo Gabrielle “Delores Galore” Washington and Dexter “Pearce” Gilmore, aka CLING “Pioneer” from debut s/t EP tape on Strange Daisy Records
  • Brisbane, Australia psych/ shoegaze /dream pop duo DARLING. “Midnight” single via 4000 Records
  • Portland, OR based psych /post-rock /dream pop /art rock duo Lore City “Animate” from the upcoming 7″ EP “Under Way”
  • Early ’90s founded London-based punk /psych /indie rock band led by David Feck, COMET GAIN “The end of the pier” from the next week’s new album
  • UK DIY lo-fi jangle /guitar pop alias of Martin Newell (AKA The Brotherhood of Lizards, The Stray Trolleys), AKA The Cleaners From Venus – “Jubilee Line” from the forthcoming album “That London”
  • Los Angeles, CA new wave /dream pop duo RUBY HAUNT “Gilder” first single from the upcoming album “Cures for Opposites”
  • Oak Harbor, WA bedroom /surf pop /indie pop /shoegaze /dream pop solo project BEACH VACATION “All For Me” single on Z Tapes
  • Seattle, Wa jangle pop/indie trio Cozy Slippers “Nobody Knows Me, Anyhow” from the upcoming album “Cozy Slippers” on Subjangle and Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten.
  • Yeovil, Somerset indie pop band, originally formed in 1984, The Chesterfields “Mr Wilson Goes To Norway” from Spinout Nuggets label’s “Mr Wilson Goes To Norway / Year On The Turn” 2-track 7″ single (both will be part of their forthcoming September album ‘New Modern Homes’ via Mr. Mellow’s Music)
  • Sidney-based garage-pop outfit FLOWERTRUCK “Hopeless” from upcoming sophomore album “Partly Cloudy”
  • Michigan based, London-native twee /C86 /indie-pop solo project THE PHOTOCOPIES “M B V” from the 2xCD collection “Pop Trivia” [‘Greatest Hits Volume 1’ + ‘Et Cetera: B-sides & more’] on Subjangle
  • UK indie rock band of Davey Woodward (Brilliant Corners, Winter Orphans, Experimental Pop Band), Hugo Morgan (Loop, The Heads) & Tom Adams (Secret Shine), KAREN “Carrier bag” from upcoming s/t album on Raving Pop Blast! Recordings
  • Hamilton, New Zealand doomgaze /shoegaze /slow rock 4-piece band LANDLORDS “Haunt” from the EP “Codeine” on Church Road Records
  • Oslo-based, Norwegian fuzz noise-pop band led by guitarist and vocalist Christian Dam, AKA The Age of Colored Lizards “Don’t Say Goodbye” from the next full-length album due in early 2023 on Sotron Records.
  • Auckland, New Zealand emo /slowcore /shoegaze duo Baecorp “Pak N Gap” from the debut album “Joy On Tick”                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Christchurch, New Zealand lo-fi /indie pop /psych /folk singer-songwriter and musician Jim Nothing – “Fall Back Down” from forthcoming LP ” In The Marigolds” on Meritorio Records and Melted Ice Cream   
  • London, UK indie /dream pop 4-piece Bleach Lab ‘Obviously’ new single on Nettwerk Music                                                     
  • Mexican dream-pop /shoegaze quintet based in Villahermosa, Lasitud “Triste Pop” single
  • Spain-based Russian-born dreampop /indie-pop artist Victoria Zolotukhina, AKA April June “biking to your house” single on Spirit Goth Records
  • Sydney-based retro /psych /indie-rock duo Thom Eagleton and Renee de la Motte, SALARYMEN “Young Guns” first single from the upcoming sophomore EP
  • Fresno, Ca indie /dream pop duo Paradise Blossom “Change ur Mind” from the LP “Sunset Getaway” on BIRTHDIY.
  • São Paulo, Brazil post-punk /shoegaze /dreampop solo project Sonhos Tomam Conta “borderline” from the double-A single “borderline / dias perdidos”
  • Montreal, Québec dream /indie pop singer-songwriter Alicia Streijffert, AKA Alicia Clara “Only Fools Wish For Love” from the upcoming “Velveteen” EP on Hot Tramp
  • Kansas City lo-fi /jangle /shoegaze /dream pop solo project SEVENTEEN YEARS “Rain Baby” single.
  • Seattle, Wa Shoegaze /Indie /Post-Rock duo The Devil and Her Chauffeur “Listening To Your Heartbeat” new single.
  • Bath, UK dream rock /shoegaze project of Jenn Zed, aka ZED POINT “Strange Things at Very Low Temperatures” single
  • Kingston, NY dreamrock band Tiny Blue Ghost “Heavy Days” from the vinyl debut album “Between the Botanicals” on Count Your Lucky Stars.
  • Spanish dreamy shoegaze trio from Canary Islands, Mal Ride “That’s Positive Energy” from the upcoming debut album “Optimistic Selfish” on Nagoya‘s galaxy train label
  • Phoenix, AZ shoegaze /ethereal dream pop project of guitarist and producer Andrew Saks (Millia Pink and Green, This Was Tomorrow- Saint Marie Records) & vocalist Gwendolyn, AKA Goodbye Ranger “Remember Everything” from the debut EP “Memories and the Sky” on Sillas Famosas Recordings
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia indie rock /emo /dream pop/ shoegaze band Ищейка [Isheika] ‘Друг’ new single.
  • Tokyo, Japan dream pop /shoegaze /J-Pop 5-piece エイプリルブルー / AprilBlue – 春の病 – new single.
  • NYC-based dream-pop /surf-gaze /shoegaze duo Surf Rock is Dead “Back and Forth” first single from the upcoming LP “Drama” on Born Losers Records
  • Aarhus, Danish dream pop /indie rock /shoegaze trio Catch the Breeze ”Embrace” from the sophomore full-length ”Into the Wide”
  • South Australian dream-pop /indie rock /shoegaze guitarist-songwriter and producer Dave Thomas, AKA Hey Calamity “On The Run” single
  • Birmingham, UK indie /shoegaze singer-songwriter Finlay Hatton “She Still Lives Here” single.
  • Chicago, IL shoegaze /indie rock solo project of multi-instrumentalist Austin Smith, AKA Triangle Rain Club “High” new single
  • Boston, MA grunge /shoegaze band Still Life Sounds “Tereska” from the debut EP “Blends the Light”
  • Spanish noise-pop /dream pop /shoegaze four-piece band UNIFORMS “Nomofobia” single
  • US grunge /shoegaze outfit Bloodsonnet “Howl” off of the EP “Gravitism”
  • Washington, DC indie rock /garage punk band featuring Christina Billotte (Slant 6, Quixotic, Autoclave), Kathi Wilcox (Bikini Kill, Frumpies) and Steve Dore (Snoozers, Deep Lust), The Casual Dots “The Frequency of Fear” from the upcoming LP “Sanguine Truth” on Ixor Stix Records
  • South African experimental /post-punk /noise rock /psych rock musical brainchild of Cape Town-based producer-musician-engineer Ruan Vos AKA Sold Ash “Intuitive Dog” from the debut album “Howl A Little Louder Just Don’t Spit In My Mouth”
  • Columbus, OH post-punk /indie rock duo YAWNER. “Juvenile” from “Sunkissed” LP
  • Bloomington, Indiana indie rock solo project, Mike Adams At His Honest Weight “Tie-Dyed & Tongue Tied” from the upcoming LP “Graphic Blandishment” on Joyful Noise Recordings
  • Portland, Or experimental raw indie-rock 4-piece Shop Regulars – “Emerson Run Down” from the cassette EP “Merrie Melodies #04”
  • UK esoteric indie-pop collective based out of Cardiff, Live, Do Nothing “The Real Animals of…” from the upcoming LP “Hiraeth & Loathing” on Specialist Subject Records
  • Australian sadly departed folk /indie pop artist (member of The Ocean Party, Ciggie Witch, Hobby Farm, Pregnancy, No Local, and Cool Sounds), Zac Denton “Cut the Chains” from the collection of unreleased recordings “Love Lust Lost” on Emotional Response
  • Providence, Rhode Island jangly indie twee pop band STRAWBERRY GENERATION “Miss Me” new single
  • London based indie-pop duo Sparky’s Magic Piano “Tiny Shiny Shoes” from the upcoming sophomore album “Never Twice the Same Colour”
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia new romantic /dream /indie pop trio FEIR “Fall (Again)” single
  • Manchester, UK lo-fi /dream /indie pop solo project of Xenya Genovese, Freak Slug “Alien” from the “I’m in love” EP
  • London, UK indie rock duo Prima Queen “Eclipse” single
  • London, UK based indie rock /electro-pop artist Fauness “Mystery” from the upcoming debut LP “The Golden Ass” on Cascine
  • Tartu, Estonia psychedelic folktronica solo project MACAJEY “Transmitter” new single
  • San Diego, CA based chillwave /new wave /synthwave act TEEEL – “Airport Rosé” from the album “We Live Here Now”
  • Copenhagen, Danish experimental /electronic / dream /gloom orchestral pop project by multi-instrumentalist Brian Batz aka Sleep Party People ”Tide” from the upcoming LP “Heap of Ashes” on Joyful Noise


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