WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #35

Erwin Blumenfeld photography

  • Brighton, UK ambient/shoegaze/slowcore/folk singer, songwriter, musician Jacob Ware, aka RAPT “Siren Bay” from upcoming cassette album “None Of This Will Matter” on Z Tapes

The first preview from Brighton musician is an enticing distillate of expressive and melodic essentiality, edged with desolate restlessness, profoundly intense and evocative, with brittle crystalline guitar strings, linger ominously around poignant dual male/female vocals, falling desperately into layers of beautiful breathless fear and slowly disappearing detachment.

  • Phoenix, AZ chill-wave/dream pop/synth-wave solo project Secret Attraction “Lovesick” from new EP “Strawberry” on Stratford Ct.

Phoenix favorite chill-waver delivers a dense and warmly enveloping 5-tracker rife with his distinctive heady balance between ethereal and giddy overflowing synths and genuine retro rhythmic grooves to shed glowing dreamlike swathes of deep emotional angst and brooding bittersweetness.

  • Washington, D.C. bedroom /psychedelic/dream pop husband/wife duo The Infinite Daisy Chains “Memory Lane” new second single

Sophomore single by husband/wife duet is a sweet touching and heartfelt recollection about falling in love, framed by emotional guitar melodies that skillfully and gently pierce and illuminate the moody hazy backdrop of breezy synth, steady drum beats and pulsing bassline, for dreamy, romantic female vocals left wandering in blissful memories.

  • Swedish indie/electro-pop duo TILLMANNS – “Naturliche Liebe” title track from the new EP on Possible Motive
  • Melbourne, Australia indie/electro-pop quartet CUT COPY “Love Is All We Share” from the 6th LP “Freeze, Melt” via Cutters Records
  • Australian trip-hop/dream pop/ shoegaze studio project by Darren Barnes (Trillion) and Tony Hubbard, aka Pluto Is A Planet “Stand Behind” from debut EP “Dying Every Second” on Shore Dive Records
  • Athens-based, Greek/Australian electronic/dream-pop duo of RΠЯ and Jessica Bell, aka Keep Shelly in Athens – “Neon Glare” first single taken from our upcoming EP ‘Defy Me’ on their own Athenian Aura Recordings.
  • Montréal, Canada indie pop/electro/tropical/synthpop trio Le Couleur “Silhouette” from the upcoming “Concorde” album on Lisbon Lux Records
  • Atlanta new wave/disco/synthpop band TRUE BLOSSOM “Serious Boys” from the upcoming album “In Bliss” on Citrus City Records
  • Danish indie guitar rock quartet from Aarhus, YUNG “New Fast Song” B-side of forthcoming 7’’ single “Progress” via PNKSLM Recordings.
  • Melbourne, Australia based shoegazey/dream pop/indie band KODIAK GALAXY “She was Right and I was Left” from Kodiak Galaxy’s new album “A Bad Time For Dreamers”
  • Vancouver alt shoegaze trio Did You Die “We Can Do Whatever” new single
  • Seattle, Wa lo-fi/shoegaze/garage/indie-rock band led by brothers Erik and Evan Foster (the Boss Martians), DIRTY SIDEWALKS “Girl” new single on No-Count Records
  • Long Beach, Ca DIY sunshine noise-pop punk outfit Peach Kelli Pop “Cut Me Off” from “Lucky Star” 7″ vinyl single EP on Lauren Records
  • London, UK baroque pop/garage/psych-pop 4-piece (former members of New Electric Ride, Hidden Masters, the Magnetic Mind and the Lysergics), Green Seagull “Made To Be Loved” from the sophomore album “Cloud Cover” on Mega Dodo
  • Australian psych/post-punk/dream pop musical project from Brisbane by Kelly Hanlon (Terra Pines/ DEAFCULT) playing multiple instruments and Chris Preindl (Leavings, Vestiges & Apparitions) on drums, aka ANCIENT CHANNELS “Cosmic Dark” from the debut album “Moments In Ruin”
  • Los Angeles shoegaze/post-punk/dream-pop band SMALL PLANETS “Breathe (Single Version)”
  • London, UK indie pop singer/songwriter Charlie Darling “This Is The Life” from the album “A Radio Romance” on Les Bicyclettes de Belsize
  • San Francisco DIY indie/power pop/jangle-pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “Last Summer In A Rented Room” from upcoming 12″ vinyl album “You Might Be Happy Someday” on Tough Love
  • Californian noisy dream pop band from San Francisco, Lavender Blush “I’m In Love” from forthcoming LP “The Garden of Inescapable Pleasure” on Shelflife Records                                                                                  
  • Hull, UK dream pop/shoegaze band BDRMM “Gush” new single via Sonic Cathedral
  • Australian shoegaze /alt-pop band from Sydney, Grids and Dots “The Great Divide” new single
  • Kraków, Poland psych/shoegaze/dream pop 5-piece Strangers In My House “The Other Home” from the S/T debut EP on Wynik Wspolpracy
  • Buenos Aires-based krautrock/dreampop/shoegaze solo project of Ferran Pont Vergés (AKA DNF), founder member of post-punk and shoegazer bands such as Rayos Catriel, FMH, Horacio, a.k.a. Die Noia Futuriszka “Viento” from the debut album “Horizonte de un salón”
  • Washington D.C. dream pop/post-metal/doom/post-rock/shoegaze band BOUND “The Bellows” from the second LP “Haunts”, out October 1, 2020, via Jetsam-Flotsam and Diehard Skeleton Records.                   
  • Philadelphia shoegaze/dream-pop/indie rock 4-piece Suburban Living “Glow” third single from the new album “How To Be Human”
  • Los Angeles based songwriting project of Justin Sullivan (Kevin Morby, The Babies, Flat Worms), aka NIGHT SHOP “Waiting” from the upcoming EP “The Fountain”
  • Orlando, Fl lo-fi/power pop/jangle-pop 5-piece Daisy-Chain “Like Velvet” from new EP “Tragic Magic”
  • UK bedroom/dream pop/shoegaze trio from Exeter, SOOT SPRITE “It’s Summer and I Don’t Feel Like Smiling” new single on Specialist Subject Records
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland lo-fi indie rock duo BOBSLED TEAM “You’re so Cool” new single
  • Prague, Czech Republic power indie band PAGE TURNER “Reason to Stay” new single                                                  
  • Sydney, Australia/Omihachiman, Japan doom/post-metal/psychedelic/psychgaze band Slowly Building Weapons “Foal To Mare” from the new album “ECHOS” – Out 23rd October 2020 on Bird’s Robe Records
  • UK mid-90s Britpop/power pop trio from Weymouth, Garfields Birthday “Molly’s Eyes (Alternate Mix)” from the ‘best of’ compilation album “Typically Stereo”
  • New Jersey dreamo/sadgaze band Heavy Sigh “Downtime, All the Time” from the upcoming LP “Hard to Care”
  • Brazilian Shoegazing/Dreampop band from São Paulo, TIMELESS AGENTS “problemas psicologicos e como lidar com eles” title track from the new EP
  • Cork, Ireland dream pop/indie rock band formed in 1992, Emperor of Ice Cream “Know Me” from 10-track debut album ”No sound ever dies” via FIFA Records
  • Early ’80s Glaswegian indiepop trio The Wee Cherubs “Two Things At The One Time” from “The Merry Makers” a remastered CD/Vinyl collection of lost recordings made in Glasgow between 1982 & 1985 via Optic Nerve Recordings
  • Midwest indie-rock emo trio Thank You, I’m Sorry “Backpack Life” from the album “I’m Glad We’re Friends” on Count Your Lucky Stars
  • Maryland dream pop/shoegaze bedroom project THE PLEASURE HOLES ”Nada” from the album “Summer Oddities II”
  • Rye, Australia based synth spectral pop project of Raven Mahon (former member of Grass Widow) and Mikey Young (recording engineer and band member of Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring), aka The Green Child – ‘Low Desk : High Shelf’ from the upcoming LP ‘Shimmering Basset’ on Upset The Rhythm                                                     
  • Vancouver‘s indie/jangle pop/dream pop 5-piece Leisure Club “Hard To Find” off the new single “I Want You In The Dark”                                                                                                                                                       
  • UK downtempo electro-pop trio, Kinships ‘Fall’ new single.
  • Ottawa, Ontario dream pop/jangle/indie rock duo SKYTONE “Beach Front” new single
  • Texas lo-fi/bedroom/slowcore project HELLEN “Hotel in Topeka” (single) from “Bliss Tape Side A” EP
  • Philadelphia dreamy-synth-art-pop solo project of Palberta member, NINA RYSER “Dancing in the Street” from upcoming 6th album “Paths of Color” on Cowgirl Records
  • Tokyo, Japan indie/emo/shoegaze/grunge solo project とがる – 散瞳不良 – 1st single                           
  • Indonesian indie-pop/dreampop solo project of Guntur(Tores) of hardcore band Veisalogia and Total Struggle, A Zu La “20th” from s/t Ep (Shiny Happy Digital Club 06) via shiny happy records
  • Málaga, Spain shoegaze/dream pop 5-piece ARISTA FIERA “Walden” from the debut LP “Cromatismo Doméstico” on El Genio Equivocado
  • Nashville, TN dream-pop solo project Occult X “With You” new single
  • Slovenian indie project based in Ljubljana, BUDDHIST BUBBLEGUM “Fellini” new single
  • New York alt/indie/folk singer/songwriter Samia Finnerty, aka SAMIA “Waverly” from the debut album “The Baby”
  • Hereford, UK ambient/field recordings/folk duo of Mark Maters & Kate Gathercole, aka Alula Down “Poor Cow” from the album “Postcards from Godley Moor, Summer 2020” 

Erwin Blumenfeld photography