WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #33

Erika Parfenova – BOTANICAL GARDEN

Peaks Of The Week:

  • Guatemala‘s post-punk/dream pop/post-rock/shoegaze 4-piece ASIMOV “Evasión” second single

The second single from Guatemala‘s outfit glides with glistening, searing guitar notes that slowly ebb and flow and emotionally interplay with forlorn vocals to build a cloud of shimmering bittersweet ambience, overflowing with loveless apathy and anguish, of staggering depth and aching beauty. A stunning confirmation!

  • Ottawa, Ontario ethereal/synthwave/dream pop/nu-gaze duo VIOLENTENE “The Victim Effect” from the new EP “Phantom Youth” on Shore Dive Records

A stunning take on 80s-infused new wave and modern shimmering dream-pop, made of sparkling reverb-charged guitar chimes, evocative synth riffs and hypnotic synthetic rhythms over dreamily seductive vocals, that brings the listener into a shadowy yet ethereal mesmerizing sonic experience throughout its duration. 

  • Oklahoma City’s dream pop/new wave duo HUSBANDS “Mexico” new single                         

A dizzy, sun-soaked “Talking Heads-inspired escapist love song”, a perfect fit with that current end-of-summer melancholy feeling, peppered with sharp groovy guitar riffs amidst peppy mechanical rhythms and densely smooth bassline, along with sultry bright sunny synths, yearning and wistful vocal harmonies, whose melodic ecstatic spells linger long while the dreams drift away.

  • Walthamstow, UK former Hefner, and The French singer-songwriter and guitarist DARREN HAYMAN “First Flush, Second Flush, Autumn Flush” from the upcoming instrumental album “Songs of High Altitude” via Audio Antihero.
  • Durham, UK dreamy indie pop band formed by Stephen Maughan (former Kosmonaut and Bulldozer Crash), THE MEMORY FADES “Big Pop Stars” off of “4-track EP “Space Pilot”
  • Wivenhoe, UK DIY lo-fi jangle guitar pop alias of Martin Newell (aka The Brotherhood of Lizards, The Stray Trolleys), aka The Cleaners From Venus – “The Essex Princess” title-track of the new 3-track EP
  • Melbourne, Australia indie/guitar pop duo Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton “Love For Myself” from the forthcoming album “Take The Reigns” on Bobo Integral
  • Oklahoma City‘s shoegaze /dream pop 4-piece (members of Cherry Death), PIGMENTS “Haze” from the new EP “Nothing At All”
  • Liverpool, UK Dreampop/Shoegaze band BECOME THE SKY “My Favourite Escape” from debut EP “Aurora”
  • Vancouver, Canada based trip-hop/shoegaze duo of vocalist and bassist Anna Wagner and guitarist and producer Lucas Inacio (aka Fløver), PALM HAZE “Second Round” from the album “Rêve Bleu”, available August 30th on YHS Records.
  • Cornwall, UK dream pop/grunge/shoegaze 4-piece FLASHES “Hark” new single
  • Philadelphia‘s grunge/shoegaze punk trio DOUSE “Leech” off their forthcoming debut album
  • Los Angeles new wave/garage punk quartet The Paranoyds “Face First” from the upcoming album “Carnage Bargain” on Suicide Squeeze Records
  • New York experimental noise-rock trio lead by Andrya Ambro (best known as half the duo Talk Normal), GOLD DIME “Hindsight II” from upcoming second album “My House” on Fire Talk
  • Ipswich, Australia indie punk solo project Breadcrumb Trail – “I Can’t Make You Stay” debut single on Temporary Insanity Records
  • London, UK dream pop/shoegaze band +Velveteen+ ”Fall Under” new single                         
  • Thomas, West Virginia lo-fi mountain gloom rock trio Corpse Factory “Party Girl” debut single
  • Busan, South Korea surf indie-pop four-piece SAY SUE ME “George & Janice” off of ‘George & Janice’ / ‘Don’t follow our van’ 7″ single on Damnably
  • Richmond, VA Twee/Punk/Indie Pop band ATTA GIRL ‘九月(September)’ from 2-track single ‘九月(September)/错过(Regret)’ on BoringProductions
  • San Francisco/Brooklyn jangly/dream pop/indie pop band NO VACATION “Estrangers” off of No Vacation’s EP ”Phasing” out on October 18, 2019 via Topshelf Records                          
  • San Diego, CA twee/jangle pop/dream pop/indie pop outfit Sugar World “Sad in Heaven” debut single
  • Ukrainian post-punk/noise-rock duo from Kiev, Bichkraft – “Desire” from the upcoming 7″ Flexi single “Desire b/w Rod” via Wharf Cat Records
  • London, UK noise rock/shoegaze/neo-psychedelic duo BLACK DOLDRUMS “Mae’s Desire” second single from upcoming EP “She Divine” on Club AC30
  • Dublin, Ireland electronic/krautrock/noise-rock/shoegaze trio PERCOLATOR “Freshin” new single
  • Athens, GA alt/art-punk trio Dead Neighbors “Nu Ew” from the upcoming album “Without” on Fall Break Records
  • Melbourne, Australia indie/dream pop/dark pop duo Eternal Crush “Lucifer” debut single
  • Lakeland, FL shoegaze/dream pop band Spirit and the Cosmic Heart “Last Song” from the sophomore EP “Memories”
  • Brooklyn, NY ambient dream-pop collective led by songwriter Greg Gonzalez, CIGARETTES AFTER SEX “Heavenly” from the upcoming album “Cry” via Partisan Records
  • Canadian five-piece indie project from Hamilton, CAPITOL “In Ceremony” off of the upcoming album “Dream Noise”
  • Auckland, New Zealand singer/songwriter (former guitarist of the disbanded punk band Cool Runnings), ROY IRWIN “Bully” off the upcoming new album on 1:12 Records                                                                     
  • Melbourne-based indie/dream pop/shoegaze/guitar rock trio lead by Adelaide‘s Steph Crase, SUMMER FLAKE “Domino” from the third album “Seasons Change” on Rice Is Nice
  • Northern Virginia dream pop 5-piece DISTANT CREATURES “Absolved” new single
  • Wales, UK electronic/psychedelic musical collective The Cult of Free Love “Visions” new single
  • Los Angeles based dream-pop project by Rhyan Riesgo, aka TODAVIA “Europa” new single
  • Atlanta, GA experimental electronic/indie pop/dream pop project of Thomas Howard, Orchid Mantis “Where you are (feat. Josh Augustin)” off of the upcoming cassette album “Light as Leaving” via Z Tapes
  • Minneapolis jangly dream-pop 5-piece DELILAH FANG “Impostor Syndrome” from the debut EP “Lonely Once Too”
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia DIY/lo-fi/indie/post-punk/jangle pop solo project RUSH TO RELAX “Drugari” from upcoming debut S/T cassette album on Look Back and Laugh
  • Seattle, WA jangle pop/power pop/guitar rock 4-piece The Rallies “All Over Town” from new album “Upside Down”                                                                                                                        
  • Brisbane, Australia indie/synth-pop/dream pop collective HOLIDAY PARTY “No One” new single
  • Auckland, New Zealand dream-pop/synth-pop artist SO BELOW “Clear” new single          
  • Swedish ethereal/dream pop/dark pop artist STAINWASHER “Drying” new single on Feverish
  • Brooklyn, NY based lo-fi dream-pop solo project of Josh Hwang (also in Jaded Juice Riders), CASTLEBEAT ”East Coast” new single from the upcoming album via Spirit Goth Records.   
  • Swedish summer pop/skånes pop artist August Olsson “Dekakeru” from the cassette album “Goodbye to Love” on zeon light
  • Los Angeles lo-fi/shoegaze/noise-pop/dream pop 5-piece ADULT BEVERAGE “In The Sun” new single
  • Curitiba, Brazil emo/grunge/post-rock/shoegaze 4-piece Fogo Caminha Comigo “Nenonena (feat. Júlia Roos)” from the debut album “O Lamentoso cair de pétalas dança dentro da primavera de minha cabeça” on Crooked Tree Records
  • Chicago, IL-based lo-fi pop made out of electric pianos & drum machines by Owen Ashworth (formerly of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone), ADVANCE BASE “Alien Being” from the remastered CD edition of the cassette EP “Tomorrow’s Home Today” (versions of tracks from The Magnetic Fields’ ‘The House Of Tomorrow’ 1992 EP) out now on Orindal
  • Mexico City noise-pop/shoegaze/dream pop trio Destello Floral “No Molestar” from the debut LP ”El Tiempo Lo Destruye Todo”
  • Glasgow, UK indie-guitar-pop 5-piece Wojtek The Bear “Tonic Youth” new single from the forthcoming limited edition 10” vinyl “Old Names for New Shapes” on Scottish Fiction
  • Oakland, California power pop duo THE 1981 “Easy (It’s Not)” debut single
  • Stockholm-based Swedish psych-pop project of Hannes Ferm from Umeå, HOLY “Hot on the Heels of Love” new single on PNKSLM Recordings
  • Canadian shoegazey, noisy, post-rock-y music side-project of Toronto shoegaze band Soft Wounds, SLOWLY “Say No More” from the upcoming album “Reveal”
  • Brighton, UK indie/dream pop/shoegaze duo Dreams of Empire “Radiation” new single from forthcoming debut album “Nothing’s Ever Finished” on their Duck Race label.
  • Filipino lo-fi/bedroom/twee/indie pop/sadcore artist NOA MAL “Brand New Lover” from upcoming cassette EP “It’s Sunny Outside” on Gerpfast Record
  • New Jersey-born, Brooklyn-based prog/psych-pop 6-piece GARCIA PEOPLES “One Step Behind (single edit)” from the forthcoming third album “One Step Behind” on Beyond Beyond is Beyond
  • Sheffield, UK psych-folk singer, musician, and songwriter Sharron Kraus “Gwydion” bonus track from the second edition reissue of 2015 album “Friends And Enemies; Lovers And Strangers”
  • English psychedelic folk poet Misty Bywater – “The Absence” from V/A “Undulating Waters 3” cassette compilation via Woodford Halse

Erika Parfenova – BOTANICAL GARDEN