WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – AUGUST #32-22

  • Palo Alto, Ca indie pop /jangle pop band The Variable Stars “Lights Above Los Gatos (Mystery Lawn)” from the upcoming cassette album “All signs point to life” on Recorded Psychic Readings

Rocking between the British glorious DIY Indie-Pop and C86 legacy sprinkled with Sarah Records, Medium Cool, Subway Org. and 53 and 3rd Records flavours combined with the equally rich melodic quality of ’90s US groups such as The Aislers Set, Camera Obscura or Tiger Trap, the bouncy jangle pop from the Bay Area collective wrapped in a breeze sun-kissed California twist and an irresistible aura of romance and melancholy is ready to refresh and energize our stifling hot summer with sparkling and thrilling moments of pure pop pleasure.

  • New York bedroom /chill pop /surf /indie pop duo Cruise Awayy “Daffodil” single.

A carefree, surfy, sun-dazzled, soulful new single that elegantly lilts through sinuous silky bass palpitations, bouncy tinkling guitar lines and warm airy keyboard washes, swaying with sultry bittersweet moods around evocative romantic vocal harmonies revealing heartfelt memories into the loving echoes of aching emotional vibrancy.

  • Californian indie pop /shoegaze /dream pop band led by Cyrus VandenBerghe, AKA Welcome Strawberry “Harvest Apartments” from the upcoming debut S/T album via Too Good To Be True Records (EU) and Cherub Dream Records (US).

The third single extrapolated from the upcoming debut album is a breezy and endearing distillation of atmospheric gauzy whisps, 90s hazy fuzzed-out shoegazing riffs and 4AD mesmeric sheen, that sways and wafts in droning distortions and harmonious entrancing garlands of crystalline guitar glitters around lost nostalgia and maudlin regret from airy layered vocal interplays swirling with poetic lyrical introspections of insight and catharsis.

  • Veteran English pedal steel guitar legend, BJ Cole – “Ely Revisited” from V/A “Luke Schneider Presents Imaginational Anthem vol. XI: Chrome Universal – A Survey of Modern Pedal Steel” compilation on Tompkins Square
  • Bellevue, Ohio ambient /slowcore band fronted by Gary Murray, LN “Falling Out Of Cars” from the album “Monkeys & Spoons” on Velvet Blue Music
  • San Francisco, Ca slowcore/ dream pop 4-piece CINDY “Take My Place” from “Little Liability/Take My Place” (originally released as a bonus 7″ as part of the ltd. edition dinked pressing of Cindy’s third album, “1:2”) on Tough Love
  • Los Angeles-based lo-fi kraut/psychedelic pop project of musician Joe Stevens, aka Peel Dream Magazine ”Pad” title track from the upcoming new LP “Pad” via Slumberland/Tough Love
  • Wiltshire, UK based atmospheric dream-pop solo project of songwriter and producer Jack Jazrawy-Brown AKA Sunspire “At Last” first single from the upcoming sophomore LP ”The Ancient Place” on Crafting Room Recordings
  • Japanese experimental /folk /indie pop duo based in Tokyo of Saya & Takashi Ueno, AKA Tenniscoats “バイババビンバ / Baibaba Bimba (2022 Remaster)” from the remastered vinyl/CD reissue of the 2007 album “Tan-Tan Therapy (2022 Remaster)” on Morr Music
  • Hamburg-based German synth-pop /sophisti-pop /dream pop trio unhappybirthday “Nova” from the upcoming 5th album “Stella Loops” on Tapete
  • Brighton UK based indie-pop songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist (formerly guitarist and singer of 70/80’s band Dolly Mixture), RACHEL LOVE “City Girl” from “Stories From Another Time” EP
  • Sassuolo, Italy shoegaze /post-rock band Baffodoro “Breathe Out” from “Fleeting Ardor” EP
  • Aberdeen, Scotland‘s psych /jangle /power-pop solo project of founding member and one-fifth of The Vapour Trails, Kevin Robertson “Magnify The Sun (Stripped Back )” from the album “Teaspoon of Time (Unplugged and Demo Versions)”
  • Brisbane, Australia indie rock /jangle pop solo project of singer-songwriter and musician Madeleine Keinonen, AKA Renovator’s Delight “Bark All Night” title track from the upcoming debut album “Bark All Night” on Little Lunch Records
  • San Francisco‘s indie pop /psychedelic pop collective featuring Bay Area scene stars Jordan Almond (Rays, The World), as well as Muzzy Moskowitz (Froogie’s Groovies, Color Green), Tika Hall (Warp), Staizsh Rodrigues (Children Maybe Later), Britta Leijonflycht (Rays, Galore) and Pat Thomas (Cool Ghouls), AKA Almond Joy “Candy” from 7″ EP “Oh Henry!” a co-release between Perennial and K Records
  • New Jersey based indie rock /psychedelic folk solo project Wizard Brain “Down the Shore” single
  • Cannock, UK ambient /shoegaze /psychedelic instrumental solo project LIMOSKA “Shimmer” from “Shimmer” EP
  • Quito, Equador doomgaze /slowcore band Pequeñas Derrotas “Tigre” title track from the EP “Tigre”
  • Michigan-based, London-native twee /C86 /indie-pop solo project THE PHOTOCOPIES “Blindsided” from “Departure” EP
  • New York based bedroom pop /indie freak pop singer-songwriter Emmett Kai “Nature’s Voice Is A Cry” single
  • Tokyo, Japan indie pop /twee /jangle pop /shoegaze band BOYISH “LILAC (DEMO)” from the album “Sketch For 8000 Days Of Moratorium ((DEMO))”
  • Wattignies, France dream pop /shoegaze solo project Jōetsu Shore “First Look” from the 9th album “The Elegant Exit”.
  • Dublin-based shoegaze /indie rock /dream-pop singer-songwriter Faith Nico AKA Cruel Sister “Chihiro” single
  • Kyoto, Japan shoegaze /dream pop quartet TIP TOP NAP ‘街の灯り/ City Lights’ third single
  • Berlin based noise pop /shoegaze /dream pop band led by GermanCuban multi-instrumentalist Kenneth Estrada y Santiago, AKA Unkenny Valleys “Crawl” single
  • Sidney, Australia indie rock /shoegaze band Dial Tone “Stay away” debut single
  • Seoul, South Korea post-rock /indie rock /shoegaze solo project of Minha Kim, AKA Brokenteeth “Spring” single
  • London, UK genre-bending ‘synth-gaze’ duo ZETRA “Float” single
  • Orange, Ca bedroom pop /indie rock /shoegaze solo project SUAVE PUNK “Tongue” single.
  • New Hampshire based Noise /Emo /Dreampop /Shoegaze band, The Dreamtoday – “Grind” first single off of the upcoming debut album “A Static World”
  • Los Angeles, CA shoegaze band LUSTER “Thorn in Yr Kiss” new single
  • Bedroom blackgaze /noise pop solo project of Lydia N (formerly of Sleeping Peonies) from the UK, Flora Lux Victoria “Let Them Devour Me” from the debut demo album “A Body Made To Have A Pearl Heart (Demo)”
  • Brazilian shoegaze / power-pop /psychedelic pop band Churrus “A Promenade Love” single on midsummer madness
  • Chicago‘s indie rock /shoegaze band Muted Color “Pseudoshine” from the new two-song EP “Radial” via Fever Ltd.
  • Richmond, Virginia fuzz /noise psychedelic rock /shoegaze trio TWIN DRUGS “Dust Worship” from the upcoming LP “In Now Less Than Ever” on Crazysane Records
  • French lo-fi /post-rock /dream pop /shoegaze solo project Ruined Church “Online” from the album “See You Next Life”
  • Brooklyn, NY dreamcore /shoegaze project of Colton Walker, AKA Ringing “Sleeptalker” from the cassette EP “Tripsitter” on Candlepin Records
  • Austin, TX indie /fuzz pop /shoegaze band OBSERVER “Synthetic” from the EP “Absence of Humanity”.
  • French indie /shoegaze /noise pop outfit Ursa Pops “Undone (The Sweater Song)” from V/A “Weezer Covers Compilation” on Z Tapes.
  • UK indie rock trio Bad Progress “The Real Housewives of Atlantis” first single from upcoming debut LP “Different Englands”                                                                                                                                                       
  • Russian shoegaze /post-punk /indie rock band Всеволод Хоменко – “Цветной бульвар” (Single)                     
  • Toronto indie /C86 /jangle pop duo (formerly Ducks Limited), Ducks Ltd. “In Between Days (feat. Jane Inc.)” [A Cure cover] on Carpark Records and Royal Mountain Records
  • Cardiff, Wales indie /psych-rock 4-piece RED TELEPHONE “All I Really Want” single                                                                              
  • Newport, UK psychedelic pop one-man band Blokeacola “Taste the Brainbow” single from the upcoming new EP “Wig Game”.
  • Berlin-based indie /nu-disco /post-punk /synthpop 4-piece No Romance “Glitters” first single from the upcoming EP
  • Leeds, UK lo-fi /rock’n’roll /garage punk trio Nervous Twitch “Forgive Yourself” from the upcoming LP “Some People Never Change” on Reckless Yes
  • New-York Garage Psych trio Sun Voyager “Some Strange” from the upcoming sophomore self-titled album on Ripple Music.
  • Brisbane, Australia indie rock trio Lackadaisies “God In Love” from the debut album ‘Payphone Text’ on Zang! Records
  • Bradford, UK krautrock /post-punk /noise /indie rock duo formed in 1987, Salem Trials – “Are We The Baddies?” second single from the forthcoming triple album “Postcards From The Other Side OF The Sun” on metal postcard records
  • UK garage /indie rock band The Veras “Sevens & Nines” from the upcoming LP “V For Veras” on Spinout Nuggets
  • Nottingham, UK punk /new wave /soul /power-pop trio Sharp Class “Tales Of A Teenage Mind” [Single]
  • Brighton, UK Britpop /indie rock band FUR “Her” single on 777 MUSIC
  • New Orleans, Louisiana noise pop /indie rock trio POPE “Liar’s Kid” single
  • Istanbul based psychedelic rock solo project of Russian Angel Milk‘s singer-songwriter, Sarah Persephona “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” title track from the album “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”
  • New Wave /Indie Dream Pop / Electro Rock duo from Tel Aviv, Screens 4 Eyes “Ever Restless” new single
  • Manchester, UK ethereal shoegaze DIY solo project TTSSFU “California” single
  • Los Angeles based indie rock /psych-pop duo CONES “Juniper’s Eyes” from the new LP “Almanac”
  • Indonesian indie-pop trio TRIPOV “So Easy” single
  • Southern California based dream pop /guitar pop project of Ken Aki, aka Hero No Hero “Missing Tooth” new single.
  • San Diego, CA indie /synthpop /dream pop band TWIN RITUAL “Mercy” new single.
  • Queens, NYC indie/ dream pop singer-songwriter dayaway “Cool Water” from the s/t EP
  • Winnipeg, Canada synthpop /chillwave /dream-pop solo project of Felicia Sekundiak, FLOOR CRY “Answers” single
  • Australian-born, Oakland-based dream /surf /psych /indie pop artist Hazel English “Hamilton” new single
  • Queens, NY blues /psychedelic rock artist Breanna Barbara “Diamond Light” from upcoming second LP “Nothin’ But Time” on Fuzz Club Records
  • London based soul /r&b singer-songwriter Abi Farrell “Nobody Else” single on Big A.C Records