WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – August #32-21

  • Oklahoma City‘s dream rock /shoegaze duo Neon Cathedral “Slow” debut from the debut EP “Velvet”

Oklahoma City‘s dreamgazers craft atmospheric sinuous, magnetic and pulsating sonic spirals that envelop in mesmeric purple neon-lit hues, amid dense mists of intoxicating and introspective melancholic bittersweet harmonies, darkened by meandering restlessness, which surge in swirling yet caressing reverb-drenched walls of distorted guitars and lancinating cathartic leads, brimming with emotional heft, in a perpetual melting of light and shadow, deceitful calm and hectic angst, for a debut EP rife with an evocative shoegaze sound, with splashes of post-rock, certainly familiar, but fresh and inebriating, absolutely compelling.

  • Prague, Czechia dream pop/indie rock trio WHYYES “Years Passing By” new single from upcoming debut album “Pochemuda”                                                                                                                                     

After getting noticed through their first EP, the trio from Prague previews their debut LP with a wandering and melancholic Dream Pop lullaby stirred sad meandering guitar strings to wind wistful melodies along with hearty organic bass pulses and scattered drum beats, around soft sweet female vocal’s bashful whispers sinking desperately, reverberated by high-pitched, whining 6-string emotional leads, into the painful dreams of mending frenemies.

  • Collingswood, New Jersey lo-fi /indie /slowcore /shoegaze outfit Pale Shade “Lucky 13 (Ten of Swords)” new single on Flesh and Bone Records                                                                                                             

New Jersey band back with a new single of their 90s infused, ‘loud and slow’ fine balance of shoegaze, noise-rock and slowcore. Cloaked in anxious tragic moods, “Lucky 13 (Ten of Swords)” triggers heavy, tortuous drum beats, lagging, gurgling bass lines, muted agitated coiled guitar strings and hypnotic swaying layers, both magnetic and disturbing, of subdued abrasive riffage, squeaking simmering reverb strewn mist around the dead detached male vocals relentless toil and masquerade of fading love and cold lies.

  • Perry, Georgia indie rock solo project WASHED OUT “Miles’ Lullaby” from 2-track single “Sidney’s Lullaby” on Sub Pop
  • Melbourne‘s experimental /ambient /electronic /country /acoustic folk duo of Nigel Yang & Jonnine Standish aka HTRK “Kiss Kiss and Rhinestones” from upcoming LP “Rhinestones”
  • Norwegian fuzz noise-pop trio from Oslo, The Age of Colored Lizards “We don’t care” new single on Sotron Records.
  • Edmonton-based Psych-Dream Pop project of guitarist Arthur Bennell, aka BLUME “New Dawn” 2nd single off the upcoming album “In Reverse” out later this year.
  • UK DIY lo-fi /bedroom /jangle /hypnagogic pop project of Grant Gillingham, aka Baltimore at an Angle “Split” off 2nd cassette album “I’m a Victor” on Crafting Room Recordings
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee heavy shoegazers LACING “Something” lathe cut 7″ vinyl single (Nirvana cover) on Bummer Recordings
  • French improvisational folk duo Delphine Dora and Mocke “Un Songe Élémentaire”                                         
  • Tokyo, Japan lo-fi /dreamgaze /dream pop band リューネ [LUNE] “I can’t be with you” (Single)
  • Montreal, Quebec electronic /psych-pop trio SUUNS ‘Clarity’ new single off the album ‘The Witness’ due out September 3, 2021 on Joyful Noise Recordings
  • Ukrainian lo-fi bedroom/ synthpop artist from Kharkiv, Marianna Diakova, aka Diakova “Догоняй”                        
  • FrenchAmerican electro /dream /psych /cosmic pop duo Pearl & The Oysters “Evening Sun” from the upcoming third album “Flowerland” via Chicago’s Feeltrip Records and Tip Top Recordings.
  • Brooklyn via-Chicago electronic pop/dream pop/shoegaze husband-wife duo Silver Liz “Roman Candle Part II” new single.
  • Groningen based dream pop /ne wave /psych-pop musician B Disco – “Actors” off the split EP “Ilimitado” with Her Dadamo via No Me Escucho Records and Zorro Camarón Discos
  • UK indie-dreampop duo of Lucie Hill and Benjamin Wesley Morgan, STARRGAZY “Octopus” second single.
  • Chicago, IL experimental /drone pop /dream pop trio Desert Liminal ‘Rainbow Sherbet Sky’ new  single off the forthcoming sophomore album ‘Glass Fate’
  • English shoegaze /dreampop /indie band from Sussex, PEACHBLOOD “Katyusha: Like Sparks From Rockets” new single on Shore Dive Records.
  • Tokyo, Japan indie rock /shoegaze /dream pop all-girl band SPOOL – さめない (Single)
  • Russian indie /shoegaze /dream pop duo buráni ‘незачем’ from the EP ‘хорошо, что не август’
  • Houston, TX indie /shoegaze /dreampop trio Astragal “Felt the Pain” off the upcoming Split EP with Bug Bites
  • Toronto, Canada analogue synth /kraut /psychedelic band Absolutely Free “Interface” from upcoming LP “Aftertouch” on Boiled Records
  • Bay Area/Los Angeles indie /shoegaze band FILM SCHOOL “Said Your Name” third single from the upcoming 6th full-length album “We Weren’t Here” on Sonic Ritual
  • Scotland/New Zealand indie/shoegaze band SugarCandy Mountain “Senseless” from the debut LP “Embers”
  • Dyer, Indiana shoegaze /dream-pop band made of Krissy Vanderwoude (Vocals) and Neil Burkdoll (Music and Production), aka WHIMSICAL “Snail” (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)
  • Osaka, Japan indie /grunge /shoegaze band BLUE TEA “Left Behind” from the album “Meaningless Message”
  • Indianapolis, IN Dream Pop /Shoegaze trio, Fern Murphy “Go For It” first single off the upcoming album, “Violet Hours”.
  • Maryland dream pop /shoegaze bedroom project THE PLEASURE HOLES ”The Vulture” (Single)
  • Bath, UK dream rock /shoegaze project of Jenn Zed, aka ZED POINT “Sun Runner”
  • L.A. based slacker /grunge /shoegaze /indie rock band JULIE “April’s-bloom” from “Pushing Daisies” EP
  • West Salem, North Carolina fuzzy /gloomy /psych /shoegaze trio Spirit System “Nebula” from the LP “Whatevermind”
  • Nashville‘s Noise Rock /Post-Punk /Shoegaze solo project YOUR GAZE “Stems from a Rose” from the LP “Mind Palace Technique” on Somewherecold Records
  • Cincinnati, Ohio dreamgaze duo SUNGAZE “Storm Chaser” new single from the debut LP “This Dream”.
  • Houston, TX post-rock /shoegaze /slowcore /bedroom rock duo DRAGARM “Running Up That Hill” (Kate Bush cover) from the single “Deal With God”
  • Canadian Shoegaze /Dream Pop group hailing from Windsor, Ontario, Talking Violet “Slow Dance” new single.
  • London, UK based afro-funk /outer jazz /avant-garde /kosmic pop /psychedelic 4-piece, Vanishing Twin – “Phase One Million” from upcoming LP “Ookii Gekkou” on Fire Recordings
  • Stockholm, Sweden indie /psych /dream-pop duo of Einar Ekström (previously of Le Futur Pompiste) and Siri Af Burén (Testbild!, Band In Box, Vit Päls), ASTRAL BRAIN “Five Thousand Miles” from upcoming album “The Bewildered Mind” on shelflife records
  • Arizona-via-Alberta cinematic psych garage rock project of Evan Uschenko, aka Ghost Woman “Dead & Gone” from the “Lost Echo’s” EP on Full Time Hobby
  • Copenhagen based Garage /Psychedelic Rock band The Velvet Doors “In The Sun” (Single)  
  • Portland, OR queer jangly indie-pop band The Crystal Furs “Miss Hughes” from 2-track single “Miss Hughes / Please Fade Away”
  • Los Angeles ethereal dreamwave /dream-pop outfit Magic Wands “Land of My Dreams” (Single)
  • New York garage /synthwave /new wave duo RICH GIRLS “La Novia” (Single) on Minimart Records
  • Jangle dreampop /shoegaze /indie rock solo project of San Bernardino, California’s Manuel Joseph Walker, ❀ Foliage ❀ “Start a Fire feat. Andrew Younker” (Single)
  • Jangle /dream-punk band from Russia/Estonia, Lurve “Right Moment” new single on Library Group Records
  • Wrexham, UK jangle /indie rock 4-piece KIDSMOKE “Speaker Avenue” new single on Libertino Records
  • Detroit, Mi indie rock band HANDGRENADES “All Talk” from “After Hours” album
  • Melbourne, Australia power pop /noise-pop trio Lunatics On Pogosticks “Just Blame Me” from the album “Whatever Gets You Through”
  • Oslo, Norway indie /shoegaze /noise rock duo Porto Geese “Also Void” from upcoming LP “Duck” on Sheep Chase Records
  • Malmö, Sweden garage /indie rock /goth pop solo project of punk band Arre! Arre! singer and bassist Katja Nielsen, aka She/Beast “No Regrets” from the upcoming debut LP “Violent Tendencies” via PNKSLM Recordings
  • Lausanne, Switzerland bedroom bossa psych-pop project Saint Estrela “The Cut” (Single)
  • Early ‘80s Manchester, UK sophistipop /jazz-funk /indie-pop trio The Bernhardts “I Hear You Calling” from compilation EP “Moonglow” via Smiling C
  • London based L.A. born indie-pop artist Platonica Erotica “Marriage Of Convenience” from the single “Marriage Of Convenience/ I Can’t Be Your Everything” on Slow Dance
  • Reading, UK Sarah Records‘ indie-pop legends Blueboy “Toulouse (BBC Peel session)” from upcoming double gatefold vinyl single “Blueboy – John Peel session 03.12.94” on Precious Recordings of London
  • Costa Rica bedroom pop /indie /synth-pop solo project of Rolffrom, aka Furry Loser “Flesh World” new 2-track single
  • San Francisco lo-fi dream-pop collective, April Magazine “If the Ceiling Were a Kite” from the upcoming album “If The Ceiling Were A Kite: Vol. 1” on Tough Love
  • Bratislava, Slovakia indie pop /indie-folk singer /songwriter DANIEL B “Pain” from the cassette album “Tidal Wave” on Z Tapes
  • Montreal, Quebec jazz /classical /Bossanova /folk solo project by composer, singer, and guitarist Steph Yates (of Esther Grey, Cupcake Ductape, French Perfume), aka COTS “Sun-Spotted Apple” from the debut LP “Disturbing Body” on Boiled Records and Arts & Crafts México
  • Texan acoustic guitarist and soundscape composer from Amarillo, Hayden Pedigo “Letting Go” title track from the upcoming LP “Letting Go” on Mexican Summer


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