WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #32

Photo by Charles Émile Joachim Constant Puyok (1857-1933)


  • Uppsala, Sweden indie guitar pop duo (former members of mid-’90s bands Able and Seashells), Fantasy Postcards “Polaroid Epitaph” sophomore single

Second brilliant single in close succession for a brand new band, Fantasy Postcards, based in Uppsala, comprised of two stalwarts of the ’90s Swedish indie-pop scene, exuding easy going peaceful guitar melodies of enthralling grace that soothe and swirl beneath tragically deep and emotional vocals dragged in urgent broken-hearted blues regarding the life-changing effects of modern technology. Echoing early Aztec Camera captivating warm melancholy, a real pleasure to listen to.

  • Johor Bahru, Malaysia dream pop/shoegaze/indie poppers, Forgotten Wish “A letter to Tel Aviv” from the debut EP “Home6ick” on District Records

Although after apparently troubled circumstances, the Malaysian duo Forgotten Wish debuts with a 4-tracker, that surprisingly is a striking trip down memory lane of what I did like most about the shoegazing UK sound of the early ’90s whilst retaining a fresh modern twist, replete with elated high energy pace combined with flashing nostalgic angst, that bursts into emotionally dreamy vocal harmonies wrapped in abrasive hazy guitar distortion, layered over pulsing rhythms, to create mesmerizing distant homesick memories, drenched in noise and reverb.

  • Lancaster, PA psych /shoegaze /dream-punk band led by Nate Zerbe, Vicious Blossom “May” new single

Equally ethereal yet powerful at the same time, Vicious Blossom‘s “May” oozes emotional and introspective hazy moods steeped in mesmerizing melancholy, infused into dreamy deep aural distorted textures, charged by punchy erratic drumbeats, whilst blissful layered vocals float in breathless haunted intensity pierced by blistering guitar swirls.

  • Bahrain ambient/orchestral/chill/soundtrack/guitar duo The July Project “Waves” from debut EP “Elements”
  • London, UK chill/soundtrack/doo-wop/indie-pop singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist VERONICA DAJANI “Perseverance” from the debut album “Memoirs” on Meat ‘n’ Tatty Tapes                                                               
  • Moscow, Russia ambient/dream pop/post-rock/nu-gaze project IN THE EVENING “Fastfood” from the debut album “Sleepless Dreamscape”.
  • Tallinn, Estonia instrumental dream pop/shoegaze/post-rock 4-piece led by the drummer of Pia Fraus and Jan Helsing, Margus Voolpriit, Wolfredt “The Forgotten Man” from the upcoming album “Tides” on Somewherecold Records
  • Novosibirsk, Russia lo-fi/bedroom pop/dream pop solo project Priboj ‘Ustal” debut single
  • Brighton, UK based dream pop/soundtrack/Bossanova/trip-hop/psych-pop/sadcore artist Crysalice “Mulholland Drive” new 2-track single
  • Los Angeles indie/meditative pop/dream-pop solo project turned 4 person live band, SONODA “Tears In The Typing Pool (Broadcast Cover)”
  • Hamburg-based German synth-pop/post-punk/sophisti-pop/dream pop trio unhappybirthday “Margo” 2nd single from the upcoming album ”Mondchateau” due September 4th, 2020, on Tapete Records.
  • Malmö, Sweden, based bedroom indie pop singer-songwriter (Kluster B), Linnea Hall “Bloom With Me” new single upcoming debut album ‘Fern’ on Rama Lama Records
  • Malmö, Sweden electro-pop/post-punk project of the bassist of indie rock band Hater, AGACY “Remember” from the Crafting Room Recordings‘ ltd.cassette edition of the album “The Space Between Our Lips” originally released in 2019 via Yellow Step Records
  • Melbourne 5-piece garage-pop (members of The Tropes, Dianas and Plaster of Paris), Junior Fiction – ‘Can I Help It?’ from the new sophomore album “Your Love”
  • Byon Bay, Australia four-piece indie/dream-pop band SEASIDE “Dopamine” new single
  • Tokyo, Japan dreampop/shoegaze 4-piece, Seventeen Years Old And Berlin Wall [17歳とベルリンの壁] – 楽園はない – パラグライド – Paraglide – from the new EP “Abstract”
  • Cádiz, Spain jangle/indie pop 5-piece formed in 2012, Detergente Líquido “Camión” from the cassette compilation album “Monta una banda para vender camisetas” via Galaxy Train Records
  • Atlanta indie/dream pop band MAGIC HOURS “Hi” from the EP “New Color”
  • Seattle, WA indie rock band Sleeping Bag 寝袋 – “Sexy Kitty (Cat)” from the new album “Pets 3: Who Saved Who”
  • Australian psych/post-punk/dream pop musical project from Brisbane by Kelly Hanlon (Terra Pines/DEAFCULT) playing multiple instruments and Chris Preindl (Leavings, Vestiges & Apparitions) on drums, aka ANCIENT CHANNELS “Pangs” new third single
  • Rotterdam-based Peruvian shoegaze/dream pop/noise-pop duo RESPLANDOR “Sensitive” (The Field Mice cover) from the new single “Sensitive / Until She Comes”
  • Barrie, ON shoegaze/post-rock/psych-rock/indie quartet MOUNT MURAL “Northbound” new single
  • Argentinian noise-rock/post-punk/psych/shoegaze power trio from Mar del Plata, Tomates en Verano ”Anestesiada” new single from the upcoming album “Todos los días son felices” (produced by Graham Sutton) on Casa del Puente Discos
  • UK dreampop/shoegaze/guitar rock trio Presents for Sally “Three” (unreleased track from 2011)
  • London-based Japanese/English Indie/Electronica husband/wife duo SKYGASM “Marshmallow Lollipop” from the debut EP “Fan Fiction”
  • Southend, UK based fuzz loving-grungers HIGH/LOW “It’s a Good Thing” from the new 7″ EP “Remote Control”
  • L.A.–based jangle/noise/ guitar power pop 4-piece (current and former members of Alice Bag Band, Future Shoxxx, Cody ChesnuTT, Lassie Foundation, and Ray Barbee), EXPLODING FLOWERS “Far, But Never Gone” from the sophomore album “Stumbling Blocks”
  • Portland, OR fuzzy/dreamy psych/post-punk/shoegaze 4-piece TEN MILLION LIGHTS “Never Let Go” new single
  • Bangkok, Thailand shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece Death Of Heather “Drovvn” from “In The Box Session” EP (Recorded live on 31st May 2020)
  • Boston, Ma lo-fi/bedroom pop/indie pop solo project BEDBUG “Birds Nest” from “Life like moving pictures” cassette album
  • Isabela, Puerto Rico dream pop/shoegaze band led by Gardy Perez Ruiz, UN.REAL “Tu abismo” from “Años Tape II” retrospective album (recorded between 1995-1999).
  • California‘s lo-fi jangle dreampop solo project of Josh Hwang (Jaded Juice Riders), CASTLEBEAT ”TI-83” new single on Spirit Goth                                                                                                                                              
  • Ukrainian lo-fi minimal wave /dream pop project by Evgeniy Mychak from Kyiv, Станция Видеопарк [Videopark Station] ‘Когда я летаю’                                                                                                                       
  • Stoke-on-Trent, UK alt-indie guitar rock band Psyence “Tusk” new single                                                           
  • Bristol, UK guitar rock/heavy pop band INDIGOS “Silhouette of You” from upcoming S/T EP on Club AC30      
  • Melbourne, Australia guitar-noise-pop band PLASTIC “Baby Steps” off upcoming album “New Hands” on Spoilsport Records
  • Rutherford, NJ prog/psychedelic/indie rock band, Garcia Peoples ‘One at a Time’ from the album “Nightcap at Wits’ End” on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records
  • Santiago, Chile power pop/punk/garage solo project LOS STARS “Voy A Mutilarme” from “Demo 2020” EP
  • Malaysia shoegaze/noise rock duo WAVE “Confinement” new single on District Records
  • Swedish alt-rock/shoegaze quartet fronted by HologramsAndreas Lagerström, INITIATES “The Last Man” debut single from the upcoming debut LP “Esoteric Pop” on PNKSLM Recordings
  • Sevilla, Spain post-punk/psych/noise/shoegaze band BELADRONE “Las Monjas” from the debut album “Andévalo” on El Genio Equivocado
  • Denver‘s dream pop/post-punk/shoegaze 5-piece Lowfaith “Clean” from the upcoming EP “Earth Falls Quiet, Heaven & Hell Sing” on Flesh and Bone Records.
  • Brooklyn, NY lo-fi/indie rock band Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts “Saturated” from the debut LP “Departures”
  • Oakland, Ca twee pop-punk 4-piece THE LEAVE ME ALONES “Choice” off the second EP “Be Alone”               
  • Leon, Mexico jangle indie dream guitar pop 4-piece CAPOCANNONIERE “Cannoniere” from the S/T debut album
  • Slovenian jangle hypnagogic indie-pop project based in Ljubljana, Buddhist Bubblegum “Merry-Go-Round” from debut single “Buddhist Bubblegum / Merry-Go-Round”
  • Nashville surf/dream pop/indie rock duo MOTO BANDIT “Curbside” from the EP “Guzzler” EP
  • Swedish 60s influenced indie guitar pop musician Björn Falk “Pony (ft. Caroline Landahl of Hater)” from the Crafting Room Recordings‘ ltd.cassette edition of the EP “Rock’n’Roll For Hopeless Romantics” originally released in 2019 via Yellow Step Records
  • San Francisco‘s DIY indie/power pop/jangle-pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “New Light” new single
  • Northern Irish dreamy bedroom pop DIY solo project of singer and guitarist of Belfast’s guitar pop janglers Sea Pinks, Neil Brogan “Painting Butterflies” from “Life Itself” EP
  • Glasgow based studio-driven indie/punk/new wave collaborative project helmed by producer and The Creeping Bent Org. owner Douglas MacIntyre (The Nectarine No9 / Sexual Objects), PORT SULPHUR “Olive Avenue” from the new single “Olive Avenue / Green Water ” on via South Lanarkshire independent label The Creeping Bent Organisation
  • Eau Claire, Wisconsin lo-fi/shoegaze/dream-pop project SPINCAT “Little Moon” from the S/T debut EP
  • Napa, Ca bedroom pop/indie rock project of Kyle Stringer, aka House Plants “Weed Eater” from the upcoming vinyl/tape S/T album
  • Piriápolis, Uruguay indie-pop band NewCastle “Far” from the “Minimalistic B-sides” EP
  • Oakland, Ca indie-pop duo LUNCHBOX “Every Time I Go Away” new single
  • Bratislava, Slovakia bedroom/indie-folk solo project DANIEL B “Lean On” new single
  • Philadelphia, Pa lo-fi/shoegaze/dream pop/sadcore project by Haley Butters, ABSINTHE FATHER “Pedestal (demo)” from “Pedestal” EP
  • Paris based bedroom/indie pop/touching pop solo project of Fiasco guitarist Jean Duffour, aka UNEIMA “La Défense 2000 (demo)” from the CD edition (included 2 unreleased demos) of debut album “Bel-Air” on Melotron Recordings
  • Walthamstow, UK experimental/drone/psych-folk artist Alison Cotton “Shirt of Lace” (Dorothy Carter cover) from the cassette album “Only Darkness Now” on Bloxham Tapes

Photo by Charles Émile Joachim Constant Puyok (1857-1933)