WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #32

Peaks Of The Week:

  • Los Angeles post-punk/paisley pop/goth pop project of former Corners, TRACY BRYANT “Bury Me (feat. Kimberly Fitzner)” seconds single from the upcoming third album “Hush” via European Taxi Gauche Records

L.A. based singer/songwriter Tracy Bryant steps into an increasingly mature songwriting with a lovely, jangly semi-acoustic bitter-sweet pop ballad sparsely awash by breathes of glassy evocative organ, enriched by contrasting yet deadly alluring aloof/angelic, male/female vocal interplay that will lull your ears to no end.

  • Brighton, UK indie pop folk project of Roxy Brennan (AKA Two White Cranes), aka Radisson Blue “Whitby” from “Three” EP

Following a precious NZ blog called Pop Lib, I was drawn in by the fragile, minimalist, somehow slightly restless, crystal clear pop from guitarist/singer/songwriter Roxy Brennan made of stripped-down chocked guitar chords delightfully reminiscent of Stuart Moxham and subdued yet bracing vocals. Intimate, terse, rarefied and magnetic, just sparse guitar notes and a distinctive voice that warm the heart.

  • St Helens, UK lo-fi garage/psych-folk/post-punk outfit, THE BORDELLOS “Gospel According To Julian Cope [lo​-​fi dance mix]” from the 4-tracker “bordellos underground tape 25” 

Latest and last free tape of the underground series from The Bordellos, the longstanding North West of England outfit fronted by Brian She, certainly not their last musical venture, as at the same time they just dropped the debut single under new moniker ROI (check for it below). As usual a mix of previously unreleased tracks/radio session tracks /demo tracks or different mixes of previously released songs, the EP no.25 ends the series in great shape with a deep lo-fi bass-pulsating remix of their Julian Cope-inspired ‘should have been’ classic turned into an hypnotic art-post punk stomper, a The Bowery’s early 70s vintage blurry postcard of electric guitar minimalism and a nostalgic, quivering, delicious folk number. Dig the band’s fragile, discordant, rickety yet intriguing 22 years back-catalogue, you will inevitabily find something special to treasure. 

  • Scotland-based indie-pop duo of Mark Tramner (The Montgolfier Brothers, GNAC) and James Hackett (The Orchids), aka Vetchinsky Settings “Accidental Beauty” preview of the forthcoming debut album “Underneath The Stars, Still Waiting” due out this Autumn.
  • Montreal, Québec bedroom pop/folk/dream pop solo project of Michael Charles Hansford, aka MOLLY DRAG “Charlotte” from upcoming vinyl album “Touchstone” on EggHunt Records
  • Los Angeles‘ bedroom baroque 60s indie-pop artist Tara Obregon, aka Peaches In Honey “Swing Time Dream” new single on Burger Records                                                                                                                   
  • Boston/L.A./NYC cross-coastal darkwave/electronic/shoegaze/dream pop trio IEVA “Breaking the Cycle” (Demo)
  • Brisbane, Australia ambient/shoegaze/dream pop solo project RELAY TAPES “Vesselhome” new single
  • Springfield, MO shoegaze/alt guitar rock 5-piece DAISYPUSHER “Flowers” from “Sharon” EP
  • UK bedroom rock/shoegaze from Exeter, SOOT SPRITE “Bleed” from upcoming sophomore EP ‘’Sharp Tongue’’ on Specialist Subject Records
  • San Francisco, CA noise pop/psychedelic/shoegaze group Lavender Blush “Teardrop” from the new cassette EP “Join Our Cult of Beautiful Noise”
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana psych/shoegaze/dreamgaze outfit NECROMOON “Casts and Flowers” from the debut EP “I’m so Lucky to Die Here”
  • Athens, Georgia psych/dream pop 4-piece HOYAS “Asteria” from the S/T EP
  • Bay Area‘s power pop/guitar pop band SMILES “This Boy” b-side from 2-track 7″ single “Gone For Good” on Slumberland Records
  • Indie pop/dream pop trio from Charlottesville, Virginia, STRAY FOSSA “Eyze”
  • Berlin-based folksy/dream-pop solo project of Dominik Jureschko of dream punk trio I Drew Blank, WHITE HAND GIBBON – “Daughters” off of upcoming second album „Songs About Cars” via Späti Palace
  • Japanese Shoegazer/Post-Rock band from Tokyo, Once Grace Forever “Radiogazer” from debut album “Surely all this”
  • Tokyo-based Japanese indie-pop band THE PLANET WE CAN SEE “Steps”                                                     
  • Austin, TX-based dream pop/garage/psych band Semihelix “Only to go on”
  • Boston post-punk/new wave/dream pop trio HOUSE OF HARM “Catch” (Single Mix)                                            
  • Chicago, IL indie/shoegaze duo Laundry Sauce “Whispers” from the debut album “Merchandise Mart”
  • Carlisle, Massachusetts lo-fi/bedroom pop/new lounge/electro-pop solo project CLAIRO “Bags” from the album “Immunity”
  • Seattle, WA dark synth pop/dream pop duo NAVVI – ‘All Finesse’ from the LP ‘2502’ on Hush Hush Records
  • Malmö, Sweden lo-fi/indie solo project of Hater‘s Lukas Thomasson, aka I Met Famous People – “That Will Save Me” debut single on Feverish
  • Moscow, Russia indie pop/dream pop 4-piece Vtoroy Etazh Porazhayet [Второй Этаж Поражает] ‘Ne Udivlyaisya’ from the sophomore cassette album ‘Крайности/Kraynosty’ on Paris’ Belka Records
  • Pittsburgh’s dream pop/electro-pop/’depression pop’ artist WWMAN “Chuchi” new single on Future Gods 
  • Wuppertal, Germany indie/grunge/shoegaze band Casino Garden “Eternal Monster” from the sophomore LP “Get Your Shit Together”
  • Saint-Petersburg, Russia emo/indie/dream pop solo project YOUTH RESORT ‘думаю’ from ‘plxna2’ on Colanade Magic Bros.
  • Bath, UK based drone/post-rock/shoegaze/noise-rock band, Charivari “Lotus Eater” second single from upcoming debut album “Descent”
  • Manchester area 60s pop/indie/power pop/garage rock 3-piece Silver Sound Explosion “Sidekick” from the album “Pop Dithyramb”
  • Swedish veteran garage rock/power pop 4-piece from Nyköping, THE MANIKINS “Bad Times” title-track from the upcoming 5th album co-released via FDH Records/Secret Identity Records and No Front Teeth Records
  • Swedish/Spanish dream-pop/synthpop collaboration between Stockholm‘s trio and singer/ukulele player from Fuerteventura, Red Sleeping Beauty and Cristina Quesada – “Chicas De Madrid” off the 2-track single “Chicas De Madrid / Love At Third Sight”
  • London, UK lo-fi/dream pop trio NIGHT TAPES “Forever” from debut 3-track cassette EP “Dream Forever In Glorious Stereo” on Breaker Breaker Label.
  • Los Angeles, CA based dream pop project of Melina Duterte aka Jay Som ”Devotion” from the album “Anak Ko” via Lucky Number.
  • Chicago indie/twee/punk pop solo project of Sex Dream front-girl Maria Surfinbird “He Likes To Drink Fanta”
  • Chicago area indie/shoegaze/synthwave trio SPILLS “Afterglow” new single from upcoming ”Reflexions EP
  • Turnhout, Belgium indie/jangle pop foursome POPPEL “Don’t Wait” second single from Poppel second album “Make Sense” due out on September 20th, 2019 via Meritorio Records/Gazer Tapes
  • Los Angeles, CA new wave/dream pop duo RUBY HAUNT “Curtain Call” off of upcoming new album ‘The Middle of Nowhere’ – out August 30th, 2019                                                                                                                 
  • Georgian post-punk/indie/dream pop duo from Tbilisi, Eko & Vinda Folio – “თერაპია / Therapy” title-track from the forthcoming album on Talitres
  • Brooklyn, NY alt/indie/shoegaze 4-piece fronted by Z. Cole Smith, DIIV “Taker” from upcoming third album “Deceiver” out October 4, 2019 on Captured Tracks
  • Olympia, WA based psych guitar pop band Oh, Rose “25, Alive” from the debut album “While My Father Sleeps” via Park The Van Records
  • Hamburg, Germany psychedelic/shoegaze band GARLANDS “If the pharma suits you” from debut EP “Condor”
  • Australian jangly/dreamy guitar-pop foursome from Sidney, Sunscreen “Own Two Feet” from their new EP ”Falling In An Elevator” via Spunk Records!                                                                                                                                                  
  • London, UK noise rock/shoegaze outfit Dogbar Cinema “Creeping Forward” title track from the debut EP
  • Oslo, Norway indie pop/power pop band THE NEEDS “Hey Wake Up” from upcoming debut album “You Need the Needs” on Jensen Records
  • Cincinnati, Ohio psych/shoegaze trio SLOW GLOWS “Tangerine” from the new album “Stargaze Rock ‘n’ Roll”
  • Manchester, UK indie/dream pop/guitar pop project of Ryan Kennedy, Horsebeach “Mourning Thoughts” from the new 4th album “The Unforgiving Current” out now
  • Auckland, New Zealand lo-fi psychedelic project of A. Evans, BLACK SAND – ”Don’t Come Down” from the forthcoming “Kaleidoscope” EP                                                                                                                             
  • New York indie/psych/ethereal/dream pop outfit, Lightning Bug “The Roundness of Days” from the upcoming album “October Song” via Marble Arm
  • Copenhagen, Denmark indie/psych rock trio SHINY DARKLY featuring Sharin Foo [of The Raveonettes] “Roll The Dice” new single on Crunchy Frog Records
  • Memphis, TN psychedelic folk outfit lead by founding husband/wife duo J.B. Horrell (Ex-Cult) and NOTS alumni Laurel Horrell, Aquarian Blood “There’s A World” from the second album “A Love That Leads To War” on Goner
  • UK lo-fi/indie/psychedelic new project of Brian Shea (Bordellos), ROI “Dormouse Records” 2-track single on Metal Postcard Records
  • Kent-born, English late 60s/70s reggae and ska musician JUDGE DREAD “Je t’aime (Moi non plus)” [1974] from upcoming compilation album “Rude Boy” on Cleopatra