WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips / JULY-AUGUST #31-22

1978 © Richard Kalvar-Magnum Photos

  • Malmö, Sweden dream pop /shoegaze solo project of the LKWRM and Slowmotion Club drummer Paul Saarnak, AKA The Beremy Jets – ”Still Corner” from the upcoming sophomore album “Devastation” on Somewherecold Records

 Paul Saarnak‘s project The Beremy Jets returns after an emotionally challenging four-year-long hiatus, to reflect on his upcoming sophomore LP, teased by the noisy yet mesmeric angsty fuzzy bursts of obsessive distorted guitar layers, stumbling beats, and humming bass lines, to enshroud dreamily lost vocals in relentless waves of chaotic moods, whilst swarms of metallic mists shred, drone, and spin into restless anxieties of rambling gloom.

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania emo /post-rock /dream pop /shoegaze solo project S. Green “Sometimes I Disappear” first single from the upcoming debut album.

New single for ‘rainy day music’ craftsman S. Green with a crashing downpour of emo-tinged mesmerizing atmospheric shoegaze to unfurl sad, warped blurry auras layering dreamy pain-fueled vocals, haloed in comforting celestial swathes, with spinning crushed melodies, gurgling bass lines, and stumbling rhythms to surge into tumultuous sways of distorted, mercurial moody riffs, mercilessly treading to stay afloat amid stinging tinny reverbs and icy bright twinkles of distant hope.

  • Australian ambient /post-punk /dream pop /new wave project of Tom Crandles (formerly one half of Au.Ra), aka PRUDENCE “Waste some time” first single from the upcoming “Negatives” album

After his early atmospheric shoegazing inception as half of Au.Ra, the Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tom Crandles has slowly developed into something intensely distinctive, never dull, with an imaginative and unpredictable hybridization of genres, ​​as ambitious as it is equally refined, engaging yet difficult to pin down, laced with a melodic sensitivity not too striking, but that peeks out between the dust and the haze of a desolate and melancholic existentialism. The emotionally draining, yet utterly entrancing new single, “Waste some time”, steeped in a hypnotic tormented introspection and bleak intoxicating restlessness, throbs hopelessly through a densely intricate, murky and tinkling instrumental texture, whilst haunted morose vocals disclose a disenchanted reality of fading love, purpose, and desire from under a veil of superficial dreams.

  • London based ambient /ethereal /electronic producer and musician from Yokohama, Hinako Omori “Heartplant (Revisited)” from the album “A journey with friends…” on Houndstooth
  • Brighton, UK based ambient /slowcore /dream folk singer-songwriter Jacob Ware, AKA RAPT “The Nest” from the upcoming album “Wayward Faith” on Z Tapes
  • Oklahoma-native country-folk-pop singer, songwriter, and record producer Lee Hazlewood “Big Town (1965 studio demo)” from the archival collection “The Sweet Ride: Lost Recordings 196568” on Light in the Attic Records
  • Malvern, Arkansas garage /folk pop band The Yardleys – “Just Remember” (1967) from upcoming V/A “Ghost Riders” [19651974] 2xLP/CD on Efficient Space
  • London, UK dream pop /electronic /folk project from vocalist Elizabeth Fraser and percussionist Damon Reece, AKA Sun’s Signature “Make Lovely The Day” from their eponymous debut EP via Partisan Records
  • Melbourne, Australia experimental acoustic indie rock band featuring Emma Russack, Nathalie Pavlovic and Dylan Young, led by musician and songwriter Liam Halliwell (formerly of The Ocean Party), SNOWY “Lifer” from the third album “-quintet”
  • Boston, Massachusetts ethereal dream pop /indie folk band Paper Lady “Winter Comes” single.                         
  • Canterbury, UK indie rock sibling trio Lotusbliss “Nightshade” from upcoming new EP ‘An Aching Sea’             
  • London-based Indie /Psych /Dream / Experimental Pop band led by brothers Angus James and Oliver James, The Death Of Pop “For A Minute” title track from the forthcoming EP “For A Minute” on Discos de Kirlian and Hidden Bay Records
  • Montreal, Quebec indie /electronic /cold wave /synth-pop duo Chevalier Avant Garde – “Funeral Parade” from the vinyl 12″ album “Death Drive” on Too Good To Be True
  • Norwegian electronic dream-pop project led by Erlend Eilertsen’s (aka ESSENCE OF MIND’s frontman), aka LIGHTS A.M “Insecure” from the 10-track new album “Clouds” on Alfa Matrix
  • Paris, France dream wave electronic music producer VIQ “Driving Forever” from the cassette album “Waiting For The Dawn” on Stratford Ct.
  • Montreal, Québec dream pop /electronic /synthpop trio Dawn to Dawn “Stereo” from the upcoming debut album “Postcards From The Sun To The Moon” out October 6 on SSURROUNDSS.
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana chillwave /dream pop /indie pop 4-piece RIAROSA “Cloud” single
  • João Pessoa, Brazil dream pop /psychedelic band GLUE TRIP “Marcos Valle” from the third album “Nada Tropical”
  • England, UK indie rock /jangle pop /’bockety pop’ trio The Happy Somethings “Not In This Life” from the album “RUNNING AWAY with THE HAPPY SOMETHINGS” on Subjangle
  • Brisbane based indie /dream pop multi-instrumentalist-songwriter, Lachlan Buckle AKA Seasoning “Change” from “The Condensation” EP
  • Portland, Or indie-rock /power-pop singer-songwriter Mo Troper – “I Fall Into Her Arms” from the upcoming 4th album “MTV” on Lame-O Records
  • San Francisco‘s DIY kitchen pop /post-indie project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “The Future’s Just More of the Same” from the new album “Still Clouds at Noon”
  • Los Angeles based Psychedelic/ Shoegaze solo project HAYIEN “Heavn” from 2-track single “In Sight Of Heavn II Heavn”
  • Malmö , Sweden kraut /shoegaze /indie rock 4-piece Lille Mads “Top Dollar” debut single              
  • California-based chill-surf-dreampop-indie-garage-jangle pop singer, songwriter and musician Josh Hwang, aka CASTLEBEAT “Become” from the 4th album “Half Life” on Spirit Goth
  • Fresno Ca indie /dream pop duo Paradise Blossom “Run Away With Me” single on BIRTHDIY.                         
  • Oslo, Norwegian fuzz noise-pop band led by Christian Dam, The Age of Colored Lizards “With You” new single from the forthcoming 4th album “Fake” on Sotron Records
  • Liverpool-based dream pop/shoegaze/psych/indie rock collective Sunstack Jones feat. Tan Cologne – “Even Though” single                                                                                                                                                             
  • Chicago‘s shoegaze /indie guitar rock band Cassettes on Tape “Daylight Fades” single
  • England shoegaze /dream pop project of Staffordshire-based producer/musician Jamie Duddy, DREAMBACK “Maybe She Will” from the new EP “Awake”
  • Lo-fi /electronic /noise /dream pop /shoegaze project Sterile Cuckoo “Clint” from “Phantasma” EP           
  • Chicago, IL bedroom /dream pop singer-songwriter Ghost Days “Far from myself” from the upcoming cassette album “Swans Cry”.
  • Austin, TX dream pop /shoegaze solo project of Thomas Blank AKA Sea Forever “In a whisper” debut single
  • Los Angeles, Ca bedroom dreamgaze band led by Christopher Leopold, AKA Human Barbie “No worries” single
  • Savannah, Georgia-based dream pop /shoegaze one-man band SLO MOON “Still Running” from the debut album “Off World”
  • Italian shoegaze /dream pop band from Verona, YOU, NOTHING “Call” new single
  • Largo, FL ambient /dreampop /shoegaze /psychedelic rock band The Stargazer Lilies “Bending the Lines” from the upcoming album “Cosmic Tidal Wave” on their own new label Floravinyl Records
  • Los Angeles, CA based dream pop /psych-pop band Triptides “Blow Away” from the new LP “So Many Days” on Curation Records
  • Birmingham, UK indie /shoegaze singer-songwriter Finlay Hatton “Sight Of The Shore” single.
  • Japanese four-piece dream pop /shoegaze /indie rock band from Tokyo, KOLKS “Over” from the debut mini-album “LIKE(S)” on Raft Records
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania grungegaze /shoegaze band SLIDE “Stay” from the album “PULL”
  • Colorado‘s prog goth/ shoegaze project A Shoreline Dream “Alarms Stop Ringing” from the upcoming 6th album “Loveblind”
  • Dallas, Tx by way of Muscle Shoals, Al post-punk /indie rock /shoegaze band (members of The Northern Lights & Viva Voce), 9-VOLT VELVET “Thrill Ride” from “Mirrors” EP
  • Brisbane, Australia dream pop /shoegaze band Pole Star “Stasis” single
  • NoiseGaze 4-piece from Boonton, NJ, HIGH “Painbox” single
  • New York alternative /grunge /shoegaze 4-piece SOUL BLIND “Stuck In A Loop” single on Other People Records.
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee shoegaze band LACING “Windswept” from the cassette EP “Never” on Bummer Recordings
  • Salt Lake City, Utah alt-rock /shoegaze 4-piece NO SUN “In My Heaven” from the upcoming LP “In the Interim” on Church Road Records
  • Dublin, Ireland indie rock singer-songwriter Ciara Lindsey AKA Kynsy “Love Of Your Life” single                            
  • UK indie rock /dream pop /shoegaze trio from Exeter, SOOT SPRITE “Lazy” from upcoming “Poltergeists” LP on Specialist Subject Records
  • New York‘s shoegaze /indie rock trio Me You Us Them “Dead Parentheses” from the debut LP “Sound Confirms”
  • Prague, Czechia-based dream pop /shoegaze /indie songwriter-singer ROYE “A wish that still remains” from the album “Slow”
  • US electronic /shoegaze /dream pop /indie solo project featuring vocalist Stephanie Yavelow, AKA hipKnowsis “I Speak Your Every Word” (The Curve cover) from the cover EP “Chick Tracts”
  • Oakland, Ca based lo-fi /shoegaze /dream pop /sadcore project by Haley Butters, ABSINTHE FATHER “Bells” single
  • London-based Indie /Noisepop band led by German singer, songwriter and guitarist Silvi Wersing, AKA Chorusgirl “Don’t Go Back To ’89” from the upcoming LP “Colapso Calypso” on Reckless Yes
  • Gaithersburg, Maryland lo-fi indie rock musician SUN ERA “Goldfish” from the upcoming album “Brother”
  • London, UK indie garage-indie-pop trio Cheerbleederz “love/hurt” from the new album “Even in Jest” on Alcopop Records
  • New York indie rock band Wild Pink “ILYSM” title track from the upcoming “ILYSM” album on Royal Mountain Records
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia‘s garage /folk /psychedelic rock band Shadow Folk “House of Mirrors” from Shadow Folk’s upcoming 5-song EP “ROB/STEAL” on Human Sounds Records
  • Brooklyn, NY twee indie rock band Foyer Red “Pickles” single
  • Los Angeles new wave /power pop 4-piece The Linda Lindas “Tonite” (The Go-Go’s cover) single on Epitaph
  • L.A.-based indie pop /dream pop duo Madeleine Mathews (MAWD) and Josiah Mazzaschi (Light FM, Bizou), AKA Child Seat “Burning” from the upcoming LP “Bad Holiday” on Moonboot Records
  • Melbourne, Australia garage /indie rock band The Pinstripes – ‘Rock Song’ single on Critter Records
  • Brooklyn, NY dream pop /sob rock /jangle-pop 4-piece Forever Honey “I’ve Been Down” single 
  • Toronto, Canada ethereal dream pop project of multimedia artist Kaelen Ohm aka AMAARA “Alsatian Darn” (Panda Bear cover)
  • Toronto, Ontario bedroom pop amateur artist LlariaDs “The End of the Storm” single
  • Los Angeles, Ca bedroom dream pop artist Neggy Gemmy “Daydream” third single off of the upcoming yet-to-be officially announced upcoming album
  • L.A. ambient /ethereal /cinematic /drone /psychedelic solo project of producer and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Royal King (founding member and lead guitarist of orchestral-rock ensemble This Will Destroy You), aka SYMBOL “Elevation Hammer” from the 2-track 7″ single “Elevate” on Mystery Circles


La Baule, beach, sunrise, March, 1977