WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #30

Knights Ferry, California

Peaks Of The Week:

  • Texas goth/ shoegaze/dream pop project THE BRADLEY “Their’s” new single

Enigmatic outfit from Texas often deliver genuine diamonds-in-the-rough, seductively lo-fi, disturbingly goth-tinged, deliciously reverb-drenched shoegazey gem suffused of infinite melancholy and sadness, utterly fascinating.

  • South East London, UK DIY jangly indie-pop foursome The Hannah Barberas “Hideous” from new EP “Dial H for Hannah Barberas” via Subjangle

1954’s Alfred Hitchcock’s movie that inspires the title of the EP was at the time translated in Italian as “Il delitto perfetto”, and it is precisely ‘perfect pop’ what The Hannah Barberas deftly craft through 6 tunes peppered with shimmering, energetic jangly guitar melodies and irresistible male/female vocal harmonies, proof of a distinctively rich and vibrant songwriting talent.

  • Bay Area‘s Dream Pop / Shoegaze / Post-Punk 4-piece of Gray Tolhurst (Gray Tolhurst, Coo Coo Birds), Jeremie Ruest (Cerf Volant, Your Friend, Lavender Blush), Justin Oronos (Solip), and Lauren Grubb (Minipop, To The Wedding), TOPOGRAPHIES “Cherry Blossom” new 2-track single 7” on Sonic Cathedral singles club.

In the two new track for the Sonic Cathedral singles club, Bay Area trio leave aside the post-punk leanings for a classic sumptuous and mind-melting reverb-drenched guitar-charged shoegaze sound veering from introspective, brooding and dreamy, to fuzzy and distorted with their modern and unique personal edge of pure aural pleasure. A band still has plenty potential to grow and explore.

  • UK instrumental/ambient/electronic/balearic soul musician/guitarist/fashion photographer Steve Hiett “Are These My Memories?” from the upcoming album “Girls In The Grass” (taken from artist’s ‘Paris Tapes’ 1986-1997) on Efficient Space
  • Oakland, CA dream pop/ambient-Americana duo of composers Marielle Jakobsons (Fender Rhodes, organ, synthesizers) and Date Palms’ co-founder Chuck Johnson (pedal steel guitar and treatments),  Saariselka “Void” from the forthcoming album “The Ground Our Sky” on Temporary Residence Ltd.
  • South American dream pop/synthpop singer/songwriter (former Selebrities) from Equador, Maria Usbeck “Obscuro Obituario” from the upcoming new album, “Envejeciendo” on Cascine
  • Busan, South Korea indie-pop 4-piece Soumbalgwang / 소음발광 ”Shine” new single                             
  • Beijing, China alt/shoegaze/psych band featuring members of The Imajinary Friends, Birdstriking and Carsick Cars, Baihu 白虎 – 光线 (Train Of Light) – from the debut album ‘Power of the Light, Beauty of the Shadow’
  • Kansas City, MO dream pop/shoegaze solo project SEVENTEEN YEARS “Black Lotus”                                     
  • Sydney, Australia indie/shoegaze/dream pop duo EGOISM “What Are We Doing?” new single
  • Austin, TX shoegaze/dream pop trio GLAZE “Yuki” from new EP “Glaze TV”
  • Birmingham, UK indie/baggy 5-piece IVORY WAVE “Uptown” new single                                                         
  • Melbourne, Australia psych/indie guitar rock 4-piece Shiva and the Hazards “Angkor Wat” new single
  • Glasgow, Scotland ‘lost’ early 2000s indie rock band THE ECHO SESSION “Mystery Man” first single from forthcoming debut album ‘’Wait and See’’ (early recordings around 2005) out 25th October 2019 on Flowers In The Dustbin
  • Boston, MA indie power pop duo Pushflowers – “Bed song” from the upcoming EP “Close for Comfort” on Forged Artifacts
  • Vancouver, Canada-based indie rock group Leisure Club “Strange Times” new single                                                  
  • UK-based acoustic/power pop/indie pop singer/songwriter SUPER 8 feat. LISA MYCHOLS “Timebomb”
  • Austin, Texas lo-fi / bedroom-pop / dream pop duo HOVVDY “Problem” from the upcoming third album “Heavy Lifter” out October 18th, 2019 via Double Double Whammy                                                                    
  • Wellington, New Zealand Alternative/Dreampop/Shoegaze project of Ash Smith, Secret Knives “Snuff” new single
  • Jangle dream pop/shoegaze solo project of San Bernardino, California‘s Manuel Joseph Walker, aka FOLIAGE “Song To Myself (Pt. I)”                                                                                                                                
  • California experimental/celestial shoegaze solo project of Alyssa “Lee G” Bec, aka Spirit Lapse “Silberstrom” new single
  • Austin, TX indie/space rock/dream pop/shoegaze band led by Stephen Thurman, THE TELEWIRE “Hold On Tight” from the new EP “Years”
  • Oegstgeest, Netherlands jangle/psych-pop outfit Mo Bedick “Getaway” from the new EP “Sicko” on Geertruida
  • Philadelphia‘s heavy shoegazers NOTHING “We Are Real” (originally By Silver Jews 1998) a tribute to David Berman R.I.P.
  • Queens, NY grunge/noise rock/punk 4-piece WIVES “Hit Me Up'” from debut album ‘So Removed’ out 4th October 2019 on City Slang
  • Sidney, Australia primitive garage rock ‘n’ rollers, ROSA MARIA “Howlin'” from upcoming limited split 7″ single “Release Your Love / Howlin” with Misty Lanes
  • Barcelona, Spain indie/noise rock/shoegaze power trio Autosleeper “Blue Blood” second single
  • Canadian shoegaze/dream punk/krautrock/psychedelic trio from Toronto, MIMICO “New Haze” from the upcoming full-length album “Hi-Action” on Hand Drawn Dracula
  • Philadelphia, PN shoegaze/indie pop/dream pop collective ASTER MORE “Blame” from debut album “Dog-Eared”
  • Chicago’s bedroom pop/jangle/dream-pop project of Kenneth Foss, aka TEEN BLUSH “Felt Like Home” new single on BIRTHDIY
  • Sydney, Australia jangle indie-pop trio LITTLE LOVERS “Jonathan Richman” from 5-track 7″ green vinyl EP “Look out! It’s The Little Lovers” on Stable Label
  • Albany, NY indie/surf/guitar pop 4-piece Pony in the Pancake “Summer Has a Way” first single from the upcoming debut album “Summer Sun”
  • San Francisco, CA noise pop/psychedelic/shoegaze trio Lavender Blush “Awake” from the new cassette EP “Join Our Cult of Beautiful Noise”
  • Brisbane (via Melbourne), Australia-based indie garage rock quartet Thigh Master “Mould Lines” from the second LP “Now for Example” on Goner Records
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia indie/shoegaze 4-piece LAST EXIT “Aesthetics of Fusillade Indoors” from new EP “Storm Trojan”
  • Los Angeles‘ shoegaze/slowcore trio MILLY “Talking Secret” first single from Milly’s installment in Dangerbird Records‘ monthly music series Microdose
  • Los Angeles shoegaze/post-punk/dream-pop trio TER NURA “Slow Burn” off new EP “Mind-Reading”
  • Jakarta, Indonesia post-punk/dream pop/shoegaze/indie rock band Jirapah “Matahari” from debut album “Planetarium” out August 30th on Kolibri Rekords.
  • Portland, OR synthpop/powerpop/dream pop trio MEEPING “Jinx” from “Meeping [demos]” EP
  • Brooklyn, New York dream pop/shoegaze outfit 4VESTA “Sea Plastic” from the debut EP “Light & Chemicals”
  • Brooklyn, NY based pop-punk/power pop project by Canadian singer/songwriter Ben Cook, YOUNG GUV “Exceptionally Ordinary” from new LP “GUV I” out now via Run For Cover Records
  • Toronto, Ontario jangle/dream/guitar pop trio Laughed the Boy “Skeleton Key” from the new album “Change of Scenery”
  • Los Angeles, CA new wave/dream pop duo RUBY HAUNT “Jeune” 2nd single off upcoming new album ‘The Middle of Nowhere’ – out August 30th, 2019
  • Danish indie/new wave/dream pop 4-piece out of Copenhagen, FELINES “Close To You” new single on Crunchy Frog
  • Boulogne-sur-Mer, French lo-fi/indie/dream pop 5-piece fronted by Quentin Isidore aka Pastel Coast – “Vacation” from 2-track cassette “Single” via Belka Records
  • Malmö, Sweden jangly pop-rock band HATER “Four Tries Down” off of upcoming ‘Four Tries Down/It’s A Mess’ 7″ single out 6th September on Fire Records                                                                                                                
  • Sacramento, CA psych/dream pop/shoegaze quartet THE SURROUNDED “Don’t Go” from s/t EP
  • Austin, TX experimental/shoegaze/dream pop female artist DOTTIE “Laces” from the debut album “Part”
  • San Francisco‘s space rock/psychedelic duo MOON DUO ”Lost Heads” from forthcoming album ”Stars Are the Light” out September 27 on Sacred Bones
  • L.A.‘s Ariel Marcus Rosenberg, aka Ariel Pink “We’ve Only Just Begun” (The Carpenters cover)                 
  • Austrian dream pop/shoegaze duo from Innsbruck, MOLLY “Weep, Gently Weep (Maps Remix)” on Sonic Cathedral
  • Rennes, France dream pop/shoegaze band Tristesse Club – “Everyone” from V/A “Fisuras Veraniegas” on Anhedonia Records
  • Paris, France space rock/shoegaze band GARDEN DYNAMICS “Heroes Lost” from upcoming EP “Stranger Kid”
  • North Wales/Merseyside shoegaze/dream pop duo BECOME THE SKY “Ganwyd Eto” from upcoming debut EP
  • Melbourne, Australia experimental electronic dark psych duo Fabulous Diamonds “G.B.H.” from the upcoming album “Plain Songs” on Alter.
  • Flagstaff, AZ lo-fi indie folk singer/songwriter Donivan Berube “Rain Dog’s Dream” from the upcoming album “Endlessly Won’t Last for Long” on Katuktu Collective
  • Louisville, Kentucky goth-Americana project of Young WidowsEvan Patterson, JAYE JAYLE “Soline (ft. Emma Ruth Rundle)” an outtake from the ‘No Trail and Other Unholy Paths’ sessions via Sargent House
  • London-based psych-folk-rock 6-piece Red River Dialect “Snowdon” from the forthcoming album “Abundance Welcoming Ghosts” on Paradise of Bachelors                                                                                             
  • Paris, France acoustic folk duo Viq & Flora “All My Trials” (traditional)

Knights Ferry, California