WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #28

Brett Weston, 1947, ‘Ocean Dunes’

Picks Of The Week:

  • Heavy Shoegaze and Grunge outfit from Washington, D.C. DAY ACHES "Dormant" off of S/T debut EP

Elusive, most likely solo project from Washington D.C. channels a constant, subtle and intense play of contrasts between Slowdive's contemplative reverb-charged ecstasy and grungy Nirvana's fuzzy edginess in an intriguing haze of melancholy, sadness, energy and bliss.

  • Glasgow, UK indie-guitar-pop 5-piece Wojtek The Bear "A long wait for bad news" new single from the forthcoming limited edition 10” vinyl  "Old names for new shapes" out November 2019 on Scottish Fiction Records

Glasgow's bands rarely leave me cold, a moving pop song of refined songwriting made of crystalline jangly guitars, alluring plaintive vocals and subtle West Coast flavors, laced with warm melancholia and bittersweet emotional intensity to those with eternally hungry hearts.

  • Philippines' shoegaze 4-piece Polar Lows "Yesterday is Today" from the debut EP "Hereafter"

'Your typical shoegaze band' affirm the Philippines' quartet, cannot go wrong with their natural talent to combine rich and atmospheric textures sparsely covered by layers of noise and distortion with such a engaging, melodically heartfelt and fresh appeal to create 'our typical shoegaze heaven'.

  • London, UK based ethnic/jazz/pop/psychedelic duo of French multi-instrumentalist Kit Martin and Instanbul‘s singer and multi-disciplinary artist Merve Erdem, aka KIT SEBASTIAN “Tyranny 20” from the debut album “Mantra Moderne” on Mr Bongo
  • Melbourne-born/London-based minimal art-pop/dream-psych/experimental pop artist Carla dal Forno “Took a Long Time” the first single from forthcoming sophomore LP ”Look Up Sharp” out October 4th on Kallista Records                                                                                                                                                     
  • Scottish electronic krautrock /kosmische /new wave /psychedelic/electro-pop solo project by Gerard Espie (Red Sands, Figure 5) from Glasgow, Tomorrow Syndicate “Captain, I am Fading” from ltd 10″ vinyl album “Citizen Input” via Polytechnic Youth
  • Fuzzy noise-pop/shoegaze band from Minneapolis, BRILLIANT BEAST “uncontested divorce (with children)” from last final EP “Pageant Fatigue”
  • Wellington, New Zealand indie guitar pop 4-piece Terror Of The Deep “Beat Myself Up” from the cassette album “The A-Team” on Melted Ice Cream
  • Melbourne, Australia indie/guitar pop/’jazz-gaze’ band Cool Sounds – ‘More To Enjoy’ title-track from their forthcoming debut album ‘Dance Moves’, out September 20th via Meritorio Records, Osborne Again and Hotel Motel Records.
  • Greek synthgaze 4-piece band from Athens, MOUNT ECHO “Shout” from the new EP “Garden house meditation”.
  • East Yorkshire, UK indie/fuzzy/jangle pop band PRIESTGATE “Summ(air)”                                                           
  • Brooklyn, NY alt/indie/shoegaze 4-piece fronted by Z. Cole Smith, DIIV “Skin Game” from upcoming third album “Deceiver” out October 4, 2019 on Captured Tracks
  • Central Coast, Australia guitar rock trio NELIPOT “Lucy’s Better” new single                                                           
  • Dark Shoegaze/Psychedelic band from Norway, Rancho Relaxo “Barbwired Sluts” from the new EP “DOOM”
  • London, UK psych/indie/post-pop MONO CLUB “I Stopped to Ask You” from the upcoming “Sleeping” EP
  • Kalamazoo, Michigan bedroom pop/shoegaze/slowcore husband and wife duo (also members of shoegazers Glowfriends), Overly Polite Tornadoes “Tiny Voice” from the debut album “Anyway”
  • Los Angeles, CA shoegaze band LUSTER “Dream” new single off of upcoming debut full length “Turbulence” on Atwater Records.
  • Swedish indie/dream pop quartet from Stockholm, Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes “Change of Heart” new single on Rama Lama Records
  • León, Mexico shoegaze/dream pop quartet, DUVVII “Lugares” title-track from new EP
  • West Midlands, UK jangle guitar pop foursome (formerly The Cudgels), The Proctors ”Footsteps” new two-song 7″ single “Letters To The Girl b/w Footsteps” out now on shelflife
  • Melbourne indie-pop trio Low Key Crush “Shelter” new single
  • Brisbane, Australia noise-pop/post-punk/shoegaze 4-piece Start Together “Az Nem Várhat” new single
  • South-Wales-born, Liverpool-based dream-pop songwriter Alex Stephens, aka Strawberry Guy – “Mrs Magic” from the upcoming ”Taking My Time To Be” EP on Melodic Records                                                           
  • Vancouver, Canada based trip-hop/shoegaze duo of vocalist and bassist Anna Wagner and guitarist and producer Lucas Inacio (aka Fløver), PALM HAZE “Almost Soon” from forthcoming album “Rêve Bleu” on YHS Records
  • Long Beach, CA psych-rock/dream pop/shoegaze trio SPACE WAVES “Driving Around” from the upcoming 5th album “Delusion Days” out August 23, 2019
  • Phoenix, AZ shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece DOVI “Shimmer” new single from upcoming LP
  • Peckham, London psych/soul-gaze band VIDEOCEAN “On Your Own (Feat. Sea Of Bees)” new single               
  • Walla Walla, WA post-hardcore/post rock/punk/ shoegaze band REVERIES “Lost Words” new single on Cardigan Records
  • Chicago lo-fi dream-pop six-piece Perfect Blue “Wicked” debut single
  • Sevilla, Spain post-punk/psych/noise/shoegaze trio BELADRONE “La Flecha” debut single on El Genio Equivocado
  • Caba, Argentina shoegaze/dream pop duo LUNCIL “Nunca lo Harás” new single from upcoming debut album “El lenguaje de las Estrellas” on No Me Escucho Records
  • Rostov On Don, Russia new wave/indie/shoegaze project of Dmitry Gruber, Surfing Vega “Rocket” new single on his own label Hjördis-Britt Åström
  • Los Angeles-based indie/synthwave/dream pop/guitar pop singer/multi-instrumentalist Kamtin Mohager, aka The Chain Gang of 1974 “From Here Who Knows” new single                                                                               
  • Cincinnati, OH psych/shoegaze trio SLOW GLOWS “Spiderland” from the upcoming album “Stargaze Rock ‘n’ Roll”
  • Brooklyn, NY-based Chilean Indie Dream Pop band, Parrot Dream “The Best” from the EP “Light Goes (B-Sides)” 3 B-Sides from debut LP, “Light Goes,” out now via Good Eye Records.
  • San Francisco lo-fi/shoegaze/psychedelic outfit Aspen Aix “Rivera” from 2-track debut single “Rivera / Wish”
  • South-Wales-born, Liverpool-based dream-pop songwriter Alex Stephens, aka Strawberry Guy – “Mrs Magic” from the upcoming ”Taking My Time To Be” EP on Melodic Records                                                      
  • Brooklyn, New York indie guitar pop band FIELD MOUSE “In Blue” from the third full-length album “Meaning” out August 16, 2019 on Topshelf Records                                                                                             
  • Philadelphia new wave/dream-pop duo of Chelsea Brennan and Chris Schackerman (formerly a touring member of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart), ARCH OF LOVE “Say” debut single via 6131 Records
  • Vancouver, BC indie/dream pop band FRANKIIE “Compare” from the debut album ”Forget Your Head” out Sep 20, 2019 via Paper Bag Records                                                                                                                       
  • Singapore Fuzz/Noise-Rock/Rock N’ Roll/Shoegaze/Psychedelic trio STELLARIUM “Dinasty” from the sophomore album “Untitled”
  • Palmerston North, New Zealand post-punk/post-rock/noise-rock trio FIRST MOVE “Compromise” from forthcoming EP “Provincial Blight”
  • Glasgow, Scotland indie guitar rock band YOUTH GROUP – “Your Busy Lifestyle” from V/A “Negative Hope Records Launch Sampler” on Negative Hope Records
  • El Paso, TX bedroom pop/shoegaze/dream pop solo project LOW PERFECTION “Wasn’t enough” new single
  • Montreal, Quebec French pop/dream pop/neo-synth-folk solo project of Josianne Boivin, aka MUNYA “Dove” new single on Luminelle
  • Shaoxing, China shoegaze/dream pop/psychedelic band, CITY FLANKER – 核子咖喱(Atomic Curry)- from ‘B-side’ single
  • Manchester, UK based lo-fi psych rock ‘n’ roll band (formerly members of Sex Hands, Irma Vep, Klaus Kinski, Aldous RH, Egyptian Hip Hip, Human Hair, Sydney, lovvers), The Birthmarks “Dog Man” from “No Slash” EP on CD and D/L, out 26th July! Listen to ‘The Worm’ on Permanent Slump
  • Wollogong, Australia psychedelic folk project of The Pinheads member LUKE SPOOK “Small Town” title-track from debut album out now on Third Eye Stimuli Records
  • Montreal‘s indie-rock singer-songwriter Brigitte Naggar, aka COMMON HOLLY “Central Booking” from the forthcoming sophomore album “When I say to you Black Lightning” on Solitaire Recordings
  • Austin, TX alt/slowcore 4-piece On Being An Angel “In and Out” from S/T debut EP
  • Edinburgh, Scotland dream-pop/ethereal folk singer/songwriter Ailsa and the Seahorses “The Centre of Everything” title-track from the debut EP

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