WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – July #27-21

Photo by Pierre de Fenoÿl

  • Sevilla, Spain post-punk / shoegaze / dreampop band feat.3 members from Blacanova (Cristian Bohórquez, Inés Olalla and Paco Arenas), Davis Rodriguez (Escuelas Pías) and Erica Pender (Terry vs. Tori), Martes Niebla “Helsinki I” from the upcoming debut album on El Genio Equivocado

5-piece side project of fine purveyors of pop craftsmanship such as Terry vs. Tori, Blacanova, Escuelas Pías o Beladrone, delivers an enchanting whirlwind of poignant reverb-strewn dream pop with a snaky organic post-punkish bass line that throbs nervously under layers of wistful, sparkling guitar melodies, steady punchy beats, and icy gleaming synth chimes to weave shimmering and refreshing bittersweet harmonies around the lost dreamy female vocals obsessive streams of mercurial pain.

  • Eskilstuna, Sweden electro /synth-pop duo Stefan Eriksson (Brotherhood, Sister Electra) and Louise Marchione (Thermostatic, Planet R), aka FENIX “Sommarregn (Edit)” new single

Swedish duo departs from the previous atmospheric offering, to supply a nostalgic yet exhilarating gust of spangly, strobe-lit disco-tinged synth-pop seduction in an addictive tidal wave of thumping rhythms, bouncing bassline, Chic-like glittering guitar grooves, wistful tinkling piano chords to carry effervescent, carefree, and breathless female vocals away in a high energy rush of refreshing “Summer Rain.”

  • Wilmington, North Carolina‘s dream indie pop /shoegaze /nugaze band, Lauds “Wasted Hours” from the self-titled Digital EP on Fort Lowell Records

With hints of Real Estate and beyond, shoegazey indie-pop outfit from North Carolina, Lauds, preview the upcoming EP through a wistful mesh of jangly chimey guitar strings that glisten hypnotically around a supple throbbing bassline, rapid dynamic drum beats, and soft dreamy vocals releasing a nervous stream of consciousness about wasted time, loneliness, and life’s predictable loop of ups and downs.

  • Swiss ambient /post-rock trio HOLM “Flickering Leaves” (Single)
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina ambient /drone /shoegaze /dreampop project of Andres Lugo, aka Los Dientes Hundidos en la Garganta “Distant From Human Prescence” from the EP of the same name on No Me Escucho Records
  • Tel Aviv-based psych /ethnic /shoegaze /electronic producer (bassist of Soda Fabric and Haxxan as well as contributing to releases from Red Axes, Simple Symmetry and Age Of Self co-founder Autarkic), Tamir Hassan “Guitarot” title track from upcoming LP “Guitarot” on Age Of Self
  • London, UK based ethnic /jazz /pop /psychedelic duo of French multi-instrumentalist Kit Martin and Instanbul‘s singer and multi-disciplinary artist Merve Erdem, aka KIT SEBASTIAN “Agitate” from upcoming sophomore LP “Melodi” on Mr Bongo
  • New York electronic /chill /dreamy synthwave artist Brothertiger “Westerlies” from “Fundamentals, Vol. III” third collection of instrumentals
  • Quebec-based Canadian ethereal dream-pop project by singer and violinist Margaux Sauvé aka Ghostly Kisses “Don’t Know Why” (Single)
  • London, UK emo /electronic/ dream pop trio See You At Home “CRT” (Single)
  • Auckland, New Zealand psych /dream pop 4-piece Phoebe Rings “Spissky” (Single)
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania lo-fi bedroom dream-pop musician Tyler Burkhart “The Light Will Come Find Us” new single
  • Melbourne folk /dream-pop singer-songwriter Tom Larkey, aka Sainthill – “As Long as I Know” from “Go Pet” EP
  • Hudson, NY lo-fi indie /sadcore /folk artist Maya Bon, aka BABEHOVEN “Alt. Lena” from the EP “Nastavi, Calliope”
  • Four-piece indie pop band based in the Bay Area, TORREY “Recycle” from the LP “Something Happy”
  • Ottawa, Ontario bedroom /shoegaze /dream pop /indie pop solo project FROWN LINE “(tired of) always getting older” (Single)
  • Chicago, IL experimental /drone pop /dream pop trio Desert Liminal ‘New Tongue’ lead single off the forthcoming sophomore album ‘Glass Fate’ on Whited Sepulchre Records
  • L.A.-based noise pop /dream pop band Soft Blue Shimmer “Fruitcake Remake” free remake
  • Portugal‘s indie pop /shoegaze/ dream pop solo project of Pedro R., MIDPOINT UNION “Morning Light” from album “Displacement Patterns”
  • Los Angeles, CA new wave/dream pop duo RUBY HAUNT “Pyro” first single off upcoming album “Watching The Grass Grow”
  • Livingston, UK surf /jangle /dream /psych-pop/ ‘slacker-gaze’ 5-piece The Tropicanas “Sunflowers” new single
  • Los Angeles/Dublin psychedelic folk collaboration Jack Name & Aoife Nessa Frances “Watching the Willows Burn” (Single)
  • Michigan ambient /freak folk singer /songwriter Izzy Johnson “Growing” from the LP “Earth Tones”
  • Cambridge, UK post-rock /acid psychedelic folk 5-piece FUZZY LIGHTS “The Graveyard Song” from the album “Burials”
  • Mid-80s longstanding noise pop /psych guitar rock project of guitarist, singer and composer Nick Saloman, aka THE BEVIS FROND “Little Eden” title track from the upcoming LP “Little Eden” on Fire Archive
  • Shoegaze /indie rock band lead by Southern California based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jason Martin, aka Starflyer 59 “Like To Lose” Flexi 7″ single from the upcoming full-length record ‘Vanity’ on Velvet Blue Music
  • Santiago, Chile Dream Pop/Shoegaze project of Francisco Undurraga, NO INVIERNO “Espinas En Mis Manos” new single
  • Irish shoegaze /psychedelic band The Altered Hours “Radiant Wound” new single Pizza Pizza Records
  • Portland, Or shoegaze /dream pop band GLOOMCHURCH “Coin Heaven” from the second EP “Matching Luck”.
  • Oklahoma City‘s dream rock /shoegaze duo Neon Cathedral “Drab” debut from the upcoming debut EP “Velvet”
  • Dallas, TX experimental /ambient /shoegaze /post-rock /experimental project of Will Kraus, aka KRAUS “Glass Valley” from the upcoming album “View No Country” on View No Country.
  • Washington, DC. Heavy Shoegaze /Grunge outfit, DAY ACHES “Shed” from vinyl 12″/tape (Bummer Recordings) “Promo 21” EP
  • US modern Grunge /Shoegaze band from Southeastern Kentucky, KANASHII “Ego Death” from Self-Titled EP on Cardigan Records
  • Scotland‘s dream pop /noise-pop /shoegaze 4-piece Sunstinger – “Bonnie’s Kaleidoscope” from the vinyl 12″ EP “Beyond The Frame” 
  • Doncaster, UK psych /space rock /shoegaze band 93MillionMilesFromTheSun “The View From Woodhead” title track from the new EP “The View From Woodhead”
  • Los Angeles psych-pop/ shoegaze solo project HAYIEN “Stralis” new single
  • Vaporgaze /shoegaze /dreampop project CALISTA “Listen” from s/t EP on Glasgow’s Vaporgaze
  • Spanish synthwave /synthpop /dream wave duo of Alex Brujas  and Susana Egea, STEREOSKOP “The Mist” new single from the upcoming 6th LP “Silk” on Reptile Music
  • Los Angeles dream-pop /psych-pop project of Adam Sabolick, aka Double Wish “Sugary Plum” (Single)
  • Chicago, IL new wave /synthpop duo PULSARS “Perfect” from the LP “Lost Transmissions”
  • Melbourne, Australia indie-rock punk band The Vovos “Honey” from the cassette mini-album “Jana” on Roolette Records
  • Vancouver, British Columbia power pop /punk band Tough Age – “Giuseppe Pizzeria” from “Pizza Punks” ltd. split 7″ single with Dumb on Mint Records.
  • UK C86 /guitar pop project of Alan Brown (former member of John Peel favourites bIG*fLAME, A Witness, Inca Babies, Sarandon), aka The Great Leap Forward “Revolt Against An Age Of Plenty” from the upcoming LP “Revolt Against An Age Of Plenty” via A Turntable Friend Records
  • London / Brighton UK punk /indie-pop band SHRAG “Punk Grammar” 7″ single (two early tracks, previously only available on the Japanese CD version of their 2010 debut album) on wiaiwya
  • Leeds, UK indie /krautrock /shoegaze outfit Fehlt – “Light Porcelain (ft. Boshe)” on Clue Records
  • Brisbane, Australia shoegaze /dream pop duo Devotions “Excess” from the upcoming album “Pusher” on Somewherecold Records
  • Italian synth-gaze duo Raffaele Galasso and Alessandra Cesano from Brindisi, Nightcrush “Wish” new single on Shunu Records
  • UK DIY lo-fi /bedroom /jangle /hypnagogic pop project of Grant Gillingham, aka Baltimore at an Angle “She’s a Mirage” second single from Baltimore at an Angle’s 2nd album “I’m a Victor” on Crafting Room Recordings
  • Winnipeg/Chicago/Austin, and beyond fuzzy indie-pop 4-piece Central Heat Exchange “Living Hour – Tulips at My Bedside” off upcoming self-titled debut album out September 10th via Birthday Cake Media/Citrus City Records/Sunroom Records
  • Queens, NY based lo-fi /indie-pop solo project of Phil Sutton of Pale Lights, and Cinema Red and Blue (formerly Comet Gain, Velocette, The Projects, Kicker, and The Soft City), aka LOVE, BURNS “Say What You Mean” from the new EP “She Will Leave Unless”
  • L.A. garage /kraut /psych-punk pop band led by John Dwyer, OSEES “The Ceiling” (Single) on Castleface Records
  • San Francisco DIY kitchen pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “I’d Rather Astral Project” originally released as a limited edition bonus 7″
  • Aberdeen, Scotland‘s jangle power-pop solo project of founding member and one-fifth of The Vapour Trails, Kevin Robertson “Rather Hide (Home demo)” from the EP “The Four Walls Sessions”
  • San Francisco lo-fi dream-pop collective, April Magazine “Shrine” from the upcoming cassette album “Sunday Music For An Overpass” on Paisley Shirt Records
  • Canadian post-punk /jangly power-pop trio MOTORISTS “Through To You” from upcoming debut album ‘Surrounded’ a co-release between We Are Time, Debt Offensive and Bobo Integral Records.
  • Toronto indie /C86 /jangle pop duo (formerly Ducks Limited), Ducks Ltd. “18 Cigarettes” from the upcoming debut LP “Modern Fiction” via Carpark
  • Oak Harbor, WA bedroom /surf pop /indie pop /shoegaze /dream pop band BEACH VACATION “Moving On” new single on Z Tapes
  • Palembang, Indonesia indie-pop duo LAZY EYE “Meridian” from the EP “Palisade”
  • Columbus, OH indie-pop married duo The Halamays “Wasted Time” new single
  • Madrid-based indie pop solo project of Marina Gómez Marín aka MARINITA PRECARIA “Siento Todavía” first single on Elefant
  • Yogyakarta / Jakarta-based Indonesian fuzzy noise pop foursome Skandal “Lemon (feat. Amelia Vindy)” from “Lemon/Bosan” (single) on Winona Tapes
  • Californian retro indie pop/rock collective from Berkeley, Casachanclas “1849” title track from the debut album “1849”
  • Brisbane indie rock /power-pop band lead by Durham based Brisbanite Laura Kovic, Fortitude Valley “Cassini” from upcoming s/t album on Fika Recordings
  • Philadelphia, Pa indie rock /rock’n’roll band SUN GOD “Noninvasive Local” Species” from the single “Waiting for the Mail to Arrive”
  • Madrid, Spain guitar rock /indie pop band Viaje a Sidney “Piezas de montar” new single on Lunar Discos
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland lo-fi indie rock duo BOBSLED TEAM “Cool Water” off the debut LP “The Colours Blur”
  • New York indie pop /synthpop /avant pop artist Lizzie Loveless “Window” from upcoming “You Don’t Know” LP on Egghunt Records
  • Chicago, Il noise rock trio LUGGAGE “”Fear” from upcoming LP “Happiness” on husky pants records
  • Dallas, TX emo /punk /noise rock band UPSETTING “Scrooged Starring Bill Murray” (Single)
  • French post-rock band from Lyon, Where Mermaids Drown “We grew up together (live)” from the upcoming “Live POST. Lyon Festival” album (live stream festival May 30th, 2021 at Hard Rock Cafe Lyon)
  • Seversk, Russia indie /post-punk solo project Uselessmuse “сны / dreams” (Single)

Photo by Pierre de Fenoÿl