WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #27

  • Bournemouth, UK DIY lo-fi/bedroom/jangle/hypnagogic pop project of Grant Gillingham, aka Baltimore at an Angle “Here” off of V/A “Crafted and Enchanted” charity reinterpretation of Pavement‘s 1992 debut LP on Crafting Room Recordings

I too am one of those who have been dazzled by that “Perfect Sound Forever”, with early ‘slacker’ and ‘lo-fi’ hints, radiating from Pavement‘s first LP, born out from a dizzyingly urgent array of oblique off-kilter melodies and distorted scratching guitars amid Malkmus‘ distinctly wry vocals, as raw and unrehearsed, as it is infectious and entrancing. A group of international musicians revisit 1992’s beloved debut album “Crafted and Enchanted” by Pavement in 14 re-worked tracks of nostalgic bliss, spinning each song with their unique and personal style, while maintaining the DIY integrity of the original work, with 100% of the proceeds from digital sales donated to the Truro Foodbank in Cornwall, England.

  • London, UK based jangly/dream pop project from singer/songwriter Graham Sampson “With Your Heart Hollowed” new single                                                                                                                                               

London-based singer/songwriter delivers an achingly hypnotic jangly ballad infused with deep despair and glimpses of hope, through sinuously pulsing bass, sparkling guitar chords and weeping piercing melodies, along with tinkling piano notes, to weave an impassioned vintage melancholy, that delves into the emotional vulnerability of a sorrowful soul, as sad nostalgic croons long in lonely heartache for the pain to reside.

  • Texan eclectic shoegaze band from El Paso, EEP “Hogar” first single from the upcoming debut album “Death of a Very Good Machine”

Brand new eclectic shoegaze 5-piece from Texas showcases a fresh and vibrant take, interspersed by an ecstatic atmospheric interlude, on the fuzzy, reverb-soaked wall of sound through a noisy flow of distorted guitar melodies, scattered, lively drum beats, low pulsing bassline buzz, whilst dreamy euphoric female vocals, fall happily into the fluffy heartfelt radiant haze.

  • Manila, Philippines ambient/lo-fi/bedroom pop/experimental solo project SAVEDHISTORY “Everyone else seems to have left” from “Distantly speaking in the language of silence”
  • Portland, Or based ambient/drone/noise/fuzz/experimental pop project of Jasmine Lineé Wood ( previously known for Haste), aka LOTA LEONA “Pink Sun (Single Master. Feat. Benoît Pioulard)” from the upcoming cassette album “Pink Sun”
  • San Diego, Ca lo-fi/goth/shoegaze duo MUMBLE “Dim the Lights” from S/T EP
  • Los Angeles, CA new wave/dream pop duo RUBY HAUNT “Avalon” first single off upcoming album “Tiebreaker” out 7/29/20
  • Brighton, UK shoegaze/dream/indie pop duo Dreams of Empire “Reflection (Acoustic)”
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina shoegaze/dream pop duo LUNCIL “Trátame Suavemente” (originally from Soda Stereo, 1985) bonus track from the upcoming debut LP “El lenguaje de las Estrellas” on No Me Escucho Records
  • Hamburg-based German synth-pop/post-punk/sophisti-pop/dream pop trio unhappybirthday “Delon” from the upcoming album ” Mondchateau” on Tapete Records
  • Oslo, Norway indie/psych-pop solo project of former The Lionheart Brothers, Audun Storset, aka SPIRIT HEAT “Numb” new single
  • Philadelphia dream pop/electronic singer/producer, one half of the Pom-Poms, founder of Pretty Wavvy label, KITTY “It Never Hurts (feat. Teen Suicide)” from “Charm and Mirror” album on Pretty Wavvy
  • California dream pop/power pop/elevator rock duo Cape Weather “Try Harder” from upcoming debut LP “Slow Dance”
  • Montreal, Canada dream/psych-pop artist Jean-Sebastian Audet, aka Yves Jarvis “Victim” new single on Anti- Records
  • Moscow based, Far East-bred dream-pop duo Mashmellow “Melt” from “Someday Club” (EP)
  • Tampa, FL dream pop duo Planet Loser “Small” new single on 6131 Records
  • Russian indie/dream pop/synthpop solo project of Alina Stolyarova, aka ВСПЫШКА/Camera Flash ‘Капли Вдоль’ from the debut album ‘Параллакс’                                                                                                               
  • New Zealand indie rock duo FRILLS “I’m Going Under” new single
  • Brooklyn, NY indie rock duo TOLEDO “Fomo” new single                                                                                          
  • New York indie/psych/ethereal/dream pop 5-piece, Lightning Bug “The Onely Ones” from the new single “The (I)onely ones” on Fat Possum Records
  • Australian garage/psych-pop project The Vanilla Fuzz  “When Times Were Simple” 
  • Vancouver, BC dream pop/jangle-pop/power pop band The Sylvia Platters “Invisible Ink” new single
  • Portland, OR queer jangly indie pop band The Crystal Furs “Pretty Mind” from the new CD album “Beautiful And True” on Subjangle
  • Melbourne/Wollongong/Hobart guitar pop band (members of Ocean Party), POP FILTER “Big Yellow Van” from upcoming album “Banksia” via Bobo Integral, Osborne Again and Spunk
  • Toronto, Canada jangly indie-pop 4-piece SWiiMS – “Fill Me Up” debut single on n
  • Moscow, Russia dream pop/shoegaze band TELETAPE “Полынь” new single
  • Jakarta, Indonesia mid-’90s shoegaze/indie-pop band Planetbumi “For You” from their 4th and last 2012 album ‘When You’re Mad’ digital reissue on Tarsius Records
  • Phoenix, AZ twee/indie rock/dream pop trio Sweet Season “Never Been Before” from S/T debut single
  • San Francisco, Ca lo-fi power pop 4-piece Tony Jay “Symbolism Of The Barn” from the upcoming cassette album “A Wave In The Dark” on Paisley Shirt Records
  • Asbury Park, NJ indie rock/dream-pop solo project of Sara Barry, aka TEEN IDLE “Memories” off of “Insomniac Dreams” EP on Sunday Records
  • Cardiff, UK lo-fi/bedroom/indie/folk pop solo project Rosehip Teahouse “Regretting It” new single on Sad Club Records
  • Berlin-based dreamy/jazzy/chill/psych-pop band The Lemon Soda Sunshine Band “Summerwind” from the debut “Slackin'” EP on Schrott Rec.
  • Portland, OR psychedelic pop trio lead by Sarah Nienaber (also of Candace and Web of Sunsets), aka Blue Tomorrows “Violet Shine” new single
  • Portland, OR shoegazey, indie rock duo Phosphene “The Wave” from upcoming album “Lotus Eaters”
  • Nashville‘s Post-Punk/Shoegaze/Noise Rock band YOUR GAZE “Black Afternoon” from V/A “Resistance Compilation II: In Support of the ACLU” compilation on Somewherecold Records
  • Langen, Germany shoegaze/noise pop/indie rock duo Minor Fading Zero “Adrift” title track from the new EP “Adrift”
  • Japanese noise rock/shoegaze band BLOOD PICK ME “Timeless” new single
  • Munich, Germany guitar rock/post-rock band TAV “Beggar’s Dream Of Death” from S/T debut LP on Ván Records
  • Bournemouth, UK psych/indie rock/psych pop trio LEECHES “Man Up” from the collection of singles “Easy” on Leisure Records
  • Los Angeles noise pop/indie rock/shoegaze band The Meeting Places “Millions (demo)”
  • Malmö-based, Swedish/American/British noise-pop/post-punk foursome FEWS – “Charm” off new EP “DOG” on Hello Dog
  • German/Swiss fuzzy garage pop trio Bikini Beach “Stay At Home” from upcoming LP “Atoll” on la pochette surprise records                                                                                                                                                               
  • L.A. spacegaze trio VAST ASTEROID “Champagne Ambassadors” new single
  • Toronto/Vancouver indie/pop/punk trio TOUGH AGE “Repose” from the upcoming new album “Which Way Am I?” on Mint Records
  • Vancouver, Canada based vaporwave/trip-hop/shoegaze duo of vocalist and bassist Anna Wagner and guitarist and producer Lucas Inacio (aka Fløver), PALM HAZE “Drop In” from the album “Rêve Bleu” via YHS Records
  • Jacksonville, FL lo-fi/noise rock/shoegaze 4-piece ROSEWILDER “You Don’t Belong Here” from the debut EP “The Light That Bends”
  • German ‘dream punk’/shoegaze duo from Hamburg, SEASURFER “Too Wild” new single fom the upcoming third S/T LP on Reptile Music
  • Sydney, Australia dream pop/shoegaze 6-piece TRILLION “Don’t Be Sorry” from the new EP “Move To You”
  • Conwy, UK DIY post-punk/shoegaze solo project BLEACHED HEAT “Everyone is bleeding” from the upcoming EP “Seaglass”
  • Rome, Italy fuzz noise pop duo La Naissance • “Night Doves” debut single on Lady Sometimes Records
  • Coventry, UK indie-rock 4-piece THE INSTITUTES “Heal In Time” new single                                                            
  • Bakersfield, California-based dreampop/shoegaze married duo, Fawns of Love “Someday (Robin Guthrie Version)” 2-track single 7″ on Kingfisher Bluez
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland jangle guitar pop trio SEA PINKS “Secret Garden” from “Crocuses” EP
  • Malmö based, Swedish dream-indie-pop band from Lund, THE RADIO DEPT. “You’re Lookin’ at My Guy” new 7″ single
  • London, UK noir-pop/shoegaze/dream pop duo of Dean Garcia (formerly of Curve) & Rose Berlin, SPC ECO “Draw The Line” from the new ‘7月EP July EP”
  • Los Angeles space/psych/celestial pop artist Vinyl Williams ‘Freshly Picked Diamond’ from the new EP ‘Naked Sanctuary’
  • Amsterdam-based Twisted Dark Melodic Pop trio fronted by German artist Till Hormann, aka DÉLAGE ‘Twist And Doubt’ from the upcoming album “There Is No God” on Field Mates Records
  • Pittsburgh, PN dream-pop duo DRAUVE “LMK” new single
  • Ottawa, Ontario dream pop/jangle/indie rock duo SKYTONE “Without You (Legendary House Cats Remix)” new single “Without You – Legendary House Cats REMIX”
  • Brooklyn, NY electronic synthpop duo of Leanne Macomber & Joel Ford aka Young Ejecta “Call My Name” off the upcoming “Ride Lonesome” LP on Driftless
  • San Francisco‘s electronic synthpop husband/wife duo NRVS LVRS “Little Cults” from the EP “Cult Lite”
  • Hamburg-based dream pop/synthpop duo KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA “Faces Replaced” rework of 2010 single “Porcelain” on Italians Do It Better
  • Saint Jérôme, Québec acid house/electronic act 122 North “Drive (Love Dance remix)” from “Drive” EP
  • New York-based UK experimental/ambient/modern classical/r&b/avant pop artist Lafawndah “You, at the End” from upcoming EP “The Fifth Season” on Latency
  • French electronic/indie/avant pop solo project by Louis-Louise Kay, aka MOWUKIS “Misaligned” from upcoming “Was this part of what you believed?” on MARE NOSTRUM Records
  • Japanese ambient/post-rock/shoegaze/electronic solo project of multi-instrumentalist Nao Kakimoto, based in Tokyo, aka [.que] “Film” from the album “And Inside” on Athens’ sound in silence

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