WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – JUNE #26-22

Inside a Glasgow chippy, 1970s. Photo by Douglas Corrance

  • Barrie, Ontario 90s Indie /Psych-Rock /Shoegaze /Post-rock 4-piece ban MOUNT MURAL “Moment” single

New atmospheric and immersive single, teeters between Shoegaze and Post-Rock, from the Canadian quartet ceaselessly able to intoxicate the listener with their painstakingly crystalline guitar work. Introduced and interspersed by frustrated atmospheric conversation clips, an iridescent, reflective and vivid tapestry knitted by twinkling guitar chords waxing and waning, stirred by broken and scattered drum beats, with anxious chiming and subtly achingly discordant intensity, tormented by a lingering penetrating, oppressive devilish darkness, from which to flee in a cathartic release from breathy, anxious whispers of fear and melancholy. A mesmerising, heartfelt and immaculate piece of music that rambles along the fine line between pensive nostalgia and a dystopian shattered present.

  • UK post-shoegaze quartet based in Leeds, THYSEN “Splinter” from the upcoming EP “Saigon”

First teaser from the next EP from the Post-Shoegaze band from Leeds, yet flavoured with an insistent lithe bleak post-punk bassline that wanders and pulses with wistful rubbery intensity, relentlessly pierced by obsessive effect-laden downcast guitar melodies and discordant abrasive splinters, whilst aching confessional vocals layered with hopeless whispers and distant emo-like wailing chorus, to drop swelling angst and gloom into a haunted unravelling of refusing to let go.

  • Hartlepool, North East of England‘s Mod Garage /PowerPop 4-piece Thee Strawberry Mynde “Lord I’m So Tired” from “Lord I’m So Tired / Try As I Might” 7″ vinyl single on Spinout Nuggets

One of the nights that ‘marked’ my tireless activity as a concert goer was most likely the one from the greatest mod-oriented combo of the ’80s, The Prisoners, in a small, yet intimate, club lost in the misty Piedmontese region. Later I attended more than a couple of shows from the new incarnations of the Prime Movers With Faye Hallam and the Acid-jazz tinged James Taylor Quartet pre-fame as well, but due to its spontaneity, that infamous one from the foursomes from Kent, just before their split in 1986, is priceless. Consequently, it is a genuine delight to listen to the new 7″ two-tracker by beautifully named Thee Strawberry Mynde that follows the same timeless trail of Hammond organ-fueled Garage-Beat with colourings of ‘Maximum’ R&B as dictates the Medway aesthetic, brimming with groovy restless moods and soulful heartfelt vocals.

  • Belgian ambient /avant pop /drone rock /doom folk sextet (members of Mote, Joe Speedboat and Annelies Monseré) aka LUSTER “Espace, éther” from s/t album on morctapes
  • East-Londoner kraut /shoegaze /psychedelic /soft core singer-songwriter Gionatan Scali “Cortazar” from the album “A prophet after his Turkish Bath”                                                                                                 
  • San Francisco lo-fi dream-pop duo Michael Ramos (Tony Jay) and Karina Gill (Cindy), AKA Flowertown “Half Yesterday” title track from the upcoming album “Half Yesterday” on Paisley Shirt Records (tape) and MtStMtn (vinyl)                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Taos, New Mexico kraut/ /shoegaze /dream pop/ psych/ folk duo of Lauren Green (Mirror Travel) and Marissa Macias, TAN COLOGNE “Floating Gardens” from the upcoming sophomore album, “Earth Visions Of Water Spaces”, out September 9 via Labrador Records.                                                                                         
  • Mexico City psychedelic pop rock band Petite Amie “Otra Vez” single on Devil In The Woods                         
  • Brooklyn, NY dream pop /indie rock /shoegaze band fronted by Zachary Cole Smith, DIIV “Air Conditioning (Demo)” from “Oshin – 10th Anniversary Reissue” album on Captured Tracks
  • Santiago based, Chilean electronic /new wave /dream pop /synthpop outfit led by Angelo Santa Cruz, AKA Hablemos del Alma “Jardin de Noche” from the cassette album “Hypnotica” via Poxi Records
  • Seattle, WA surf/ doo wop/ indie rock trio LA LUZ “Spider House” from “The Instrumentals” album on Hardly Art
  • London-based AngloFrench kraut /electronic /avant-pop group formed in 1990, led by the songwriting duo of Tim Gane and Lætitia Sadier, STEREOLAB “Robot Riot” from the upcoming 2xCD/3xLP archival album “Pulse Of The Early Brain [Switched On Volume 5]” on Duophonic
  • Brooklyn, NY dream pop /indie rock /shoegaze band fronted by Zachary Cole Smith, DIIV “Corvalis” from the 3×7″ Boxset “Sometime / Human / Geist” collection of DIIV’s inaugural three 7″s on Captured Tracks
  • Austin, TX indie /shoegaze /dream pop trio Glaze “Wave Runner” new single
  • Liverpool, UK indie /post-punk /shoegaze 4-piece AVALYN “When We Were Nothing” second single.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio dream-pop/ post-punk/ shoegaze solo project of John Paul Wang, aka DEEP//FAKE “Tied With Leather” from the debut S//T EP
  • Turkish Shoegaze /Dream-Pop music band Astrovelvet “Yaz Bahçesi Düşlerdim” from the album “Büyülü Ayna”
  • Indie /dream pop solo project Phantom Youth “All Your Light” debut single
  • Motorik Power /Dream /Indie Pop band made in Detroit, OF HOUSE “The Fall” from the album “Ripoffs”
  • Costa Rica shoegaze /indie /dream pop 5-piece Sábado Santo “Marte” debut single
  • Austin, TX Lo-Fi /Post-Punk /Indie Rock /Dream-Pop solo project EVNTYD “Thinking Of You” single.
  • Los Angeles-based shoegaze/ dream pop musician John Cudlip, AKA Launder “Intake” from forthcoming LP “Happening” via Ghostly International
  • Nashville, TN bedroom pop /indie rock solo project of Sophie Allison, AKA Soccer Mommy “Shotgun” from the album “Sometimes, Forever” on Loma Vista Recordings.
  • Canadian indie /dream pop duo from Toronto, SOFT SET “Diamond” new single
  • Savannah, Georgia dream pop /shoegaze solo project SLO MOON “Please Don’t Wake Me, I’m Dreaming” new single off the debut album “Off World” 
  • Eugene, Or ethereal wave /dark wave /shoegaze outfit OZMA “Trust and Proximity” from the debut EP “Remnant 1”
  • Kansas City lo-fi /jangle /dream pop /shoegaze solo project SEVENTEEN YEARS “Raspbunny” single
  • Brighton-based electronica /indie pop/shoegaze/dream pop side project of French musician Nicolas Pierre Wardell (aka Beatastic, Tears On Demand), aka XERESA “Ghost In Your Mind (Ft Ural Mountains)” from the album “IV” on his own Shore Dive Records
  • Birmingham, UK indie rock /shoegaz solo project Graywave “Rebirth” title track from the new EP “Rebirth” via Church Road Records
  • Italian dream pop /shoegaze band from Genoa, SWEAR “Wide awake” from the debut “Lucent” EP
  • Japanese shoegaze band COLLAPSE “Underwater” from the CD/tape debut album “BLACK SHEEP IS STILL DREAMING” via Only Feedback Record (JP), Gerfast Recs (Indonesia) and Disappearing Records (US)
  • Russian electronic /shoegaze band from Moscow, Secrets of the Third Planet/S3P – “Здесь” off of the new EP “Cosmo Meadows”
  • Portland, OR-based ambient /post-punk /psychedelic /shoegaze band Lost Echoes “Running Out Of Time” from the debut album “Stars” on Velouria Recordz
  • Japanese Shoegazer /Post-Rock DIY band from Tokyo, Once Grace Forever “Ye” from the upcoming 4th album “Darkest,sweetest and devoted”
  • Manchester, UK based Post-Rock /Shoegaze /Alternative-Rock trio WILT “Amour” second single from the upcoming self-titled collaborative EP featuring vocals by Thomas Lee & Mayzie Cocco Wallen of the Melbourne shoegaze outfit Oceans via Shelflife Records
  • Hong Kong indie rock /shoegaze duo ARCHES “Candy” new 2-track single
  • Texas grunge /shoegaze /alt-rock 5-piece NARROW HEAD “T.W.I.N.” from single 
  • Dublin, Ireland dream rock /shoegaze /fuzzy psychedelic noise band, Sun Mahshene “When The Bomb Drops” from “Closing Circles” EP on Reckless Records
  • French Coldgaze / Post-Punk trio from Paris, FTR “White Light” from upcoming third LP “Vicky Vivid Experience”
  • Swedish dream pop /shoegaze /psychedelic solo project of Jonatan Westh (formerly of early 2000’s shoegazers Blackstrap), aka HOLY SHIP “Beyond Frames” single on Declared Goods
  • Tokyo, Japan dream pop /shoegaze band RE:LAPSE “Say” (originally released as a CD-exclusive bonus track on re:lapse’s “II” EP) on DREAMWAVES RECORDS
  • Belgian doomgaze project by Tannhauser Orchestra frontman Erick de Deyn, AUERBODE “The Book of Stone” from s/t EP
  • Bintulu, Malaysia grunge /slowcore /shoegaze outfit ObiMullberry “Noisy little mind” from the mini-album “Behind Shadow”
  • Brooklyn, NY emo /shoegaze band Bedridden “Soft Soap” from “Demo” EP
  • UK lo-fi bedroom pop /shoegaze /indie-rock solo project Whose Body Is This “red wine is good for yr heart” from the album “how to make friends”
  • Flint, Michigan slowcore /shoegaze band Greet Death “Panic Song” from “New Low” EP on Deathwish
  • Indie Dream Pop band from Taiwan, Angel Heart “飛踢 Jumpkick” from the album “Lumine”
  • Birmingham, UK indie /shoegaze singer-songwriter Finlay Hatton “Together (Forever)” from “Together” EP
  • Barcelona, Spain shoegaze /dream pop /indie rock solo project MIRELIGHT “Dance With An Iron Heart” single.
  • Swiss shoegaze/ indie rock duo Metrophobia “Falling Down” single
  • Brooklyn-based, Portuguese indie rock/shoegaze /dream pop band, Hause Plants “Wherever You Are” from “Sleeping With Weird People” EP on Spirit Goth Records
  • Salvatierra, Mexican post-punk /indie pop /surf /dreampop solo project ELEPHANT GARDEN “I See You In The Dark” title track from the new LP “I See You In The Dark”
  • Portland, Or post-punk /indie rock /psychedelic pop band Shadowgraphs – ”Prescribed Burn” from the new s/t album on Royal Oakie Records LLC
  • Vienna, Austria C86 /jangle-pop /indie-twee-pop four-piece Laundromat Chicks “My Head Fell Off” from the album “Trouble” via Siluh Records
  • Maidstone, UK Jangle-pop /Indie guitar 4-piece band, THE SHOP WINDOW “Eyes Wide Shut” (ft. Beth Arzy on backing vocals) A-side from the new 2-track 7″ single out now on Spinout Nuggets
  • San Francisco 4-piece indie pop /jangle-pop group THE UMBRELLAS “Write It In The Sky” 2-track 7″ single out now on Slumberland, Meritorio, Fastcut and Tear Jerk labels
  • London based indie /psych-pop solo project by the singer of mid-80s C86 band 14 Iced Bears, Robert Sekula “Pamela” second single
  • Oslo, Norway garage /indie-rock teen 4-piece VEPS “UFO” single on Kanine Records.
  • New Jersey surf /garage /psych-rock trio fronted by guitarist and vocalist Melissa Lucciola, Francie Moon “Going Through My Head” from the new LP “What Are We Really Even Doing?”
  • Des Moines, Iowa alt /grunge /shoegaze 4-piece DAIZEY “Residue” from “Demo” EP
  • Carlisle, UK garage pop /indie rock band FAT DADS “Trust & Promises” single
  • Chicago, IL emo /indie rock band Emblems “Animals” single
  • Ruston, Louisiana bedroom pop /indie rock /dream pop singer-songwriter RUPE “Growing up is strange” single
  • Phoenix, AZ indie rock singer-songwriter Sydney Sprague “Think Nothing” single on Rude Records
  • Toronto duo Dreampop /Art Rock duo Vox Somnia “Sins” new single
  • Portland, Or indie /psych /dream pop duo Shady Cove “High Divide” single on Park The Van
  • Indie folk solo project of L.A. based via Minneapolis‘ singer-songwriter Sophie Weil, AKA Syko Friend “Balloon” from the upcoming third LP “The Code” on Post Present Medium
  • WelshAustralian indie pop singer-songwriter based in Perth, Stella Donnelly “Flood” from the upcoming sophomore LP “Flood” via Secretly Canadian
  • Vancouver, BC psyche-pop /experimental folk project of drummer-composer Jen Yakamovich, AKA Troll Dolly “Sauna Song” from the debut EP “Heaven’s Mini Mart” on Astoria Tracks
  • Parisian experimental psychedelic folk duo Delphine Dora & Mocke – “Est-ce Le Prix De La Nuitée?” from V/A “Two Years Of Spring” cassette compilation on Are You Before

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