WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #26

Wigan Casino Dancers 1975

Peaks Of The Week:

  • Toronto, Ontario 4-piece alternative shoegazy band SICAYDA “Only Worried” from the debut EP “Sown”         

With 5 songs of dense, melodic and utterly beguiling guitar-driven shoegazing noise-rock, swerving between layers of breezy, wistful, atmospheric washes and abrasive and energetic outbusts of pent-up emotion, Canadian quartet have put together a bright and consistently compelling introduction. 

  • Austin, Texas shoegaze /dream pop quartet BLUSHING “So Many” new single from Blushing’s upcoming debut LP releasing September 6th 2019 on Wallflower records.                                                                           

New Blushing‘s dream-gaze single showcases the band at their boldest and sublime yet, stirring up a fire of blistering intensity from the 2:35 mark, casting its ecstatic guitar-charged cosmic spell. Complement your listening experience with the amazing visuals here.

  • Nashville‘s Post-Punk/Shoegaze/Noise Rock one-man-band YOUR GAZE “Underground” from the second album “Noisedive” out now on Forbidden Place Records

Produced by Sam Nicholas of Corrections fame, Paul Rhodes‘ sophomore LP, under his Your Gaze alias, masterfully coalesce 90s shoegaze and noise-rock with 80’s goth/post-punk elements into crackling, hazy and immersive reverb-laden guitar soundscapes permeated with bleak and unsettling vibes and sharpened with enough depth, intricacy and alluring profound wells of melancholia to deserve repeated listens to be fully appreciated in all its nuances. 

  • London, UK based trippy cosmic pop psychedelic band (formerly known as Orlando) founded by songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist Cathy Lucas (Innerspace Orchestra and Fanfarlo) with drummer Valentina Magaletti, bassist Susumu Mukai, synth/guitar player Phil MFU and visual artist/filmmaker Elliott Arndt, Vanishing Twin “You Are Not An Island” from new album ‘The Age Of Immunology’ out now on Fire Records
  • Melbourne‘s ambient/electronic/synth-pop duo of Nigel Yang & Jonnine Standish aka HTRK “You Know How to Make Me Happy” from the forthcoming 4th album “Venus in Leo” on Ghostly International
  • South London, UK experimental/electronic/psychedelic collaborative duo of Scud FM members Gavin Mysterion and Dan GB, aka SONIC EYES “Graphite Sweepers” debut single.                                                            
  • Guatemala‘s post-punk/dream pop/post-rock/shoegaze 4-piece ASIMOV “Furtivo” debut single
  • Melbourne-based jangle/dream pop project of Dean Valentino, SLOWCOACHING “Between The Walls” new single
  • Bay Area synth/shoegaze/dark-pop quartet (formerly Never Young) DYE ‘’Tilt’’ first single from debut EP “Psychic Data” out on August 2nd through Copper Mouth Records                                                                      
  • Sweden ambient/doom/post-rock/shoegaze duo Daniel Änghede ( Crippled Black Phoenix, Hearts of Black Science ) and Heike Langhans ( Draconian, LOR3L3I ), ISON ft. NEIGE (Alcest) – “Radiance” from the upcoming album ‘Inner-Space’ due for release late August 2019
  • San Diego, CA indie pop trio TWIN RITUAL “Strangers” new single
  • Los Angeles, CA new wave/indie/synth-pop/’retro-futuristic pop’ trio Gemini Rising “Just Because” new single
  • Barcelona indie/techno-pop solo project Toni Poni X “Otro Mundo” from the album “Producto Final” on Jeanne d’Arc
  • Liverpool, UK indie/synth-pop solo project PIZZAGIRL “Body Biology” new single on Heist or Hit
  • London, UK based dark tropical indie rock band Crash Island “In the Distance” from forthcoming new album “In the Distance”, due out later in 2019                                                                                                                          
  • German dream-pop/psych-pop duo LOVEBYRD “Getting Depressed” new single
  • San Diego, CA noise rock/dream pop/shoegaze trio Sugar Violets “Amor al Revés” new single
  • California psychedelic shoegaze trio FLEETING JOYS “Kiss a Girl In Black” from the new album “Speeding Away to Someday”
  • Turnhout, Belgium indie/jangle pop foursome POPPEL “Listen” first single from Poppel second album “Make Sense” due out in September 20th 2019, via Meritorio Records/Gazer Tapes                                                         
  • Sweden indie-pop outfit from Malmo, EMERALD PARK “Rules don’t apply” new single on Aenaos Records
  • Boston‘s dreamy surf rock trio HONEY CUTT “Suburban Dream” new single on Kanine Records                           
  • South American dream pop/synthpop singer/songwriter (former Selebrities) from Equador, Maria Usbeck “Nostalgia” new single from the upcoming new album, “Envejeciendo” on Cascine
  • Stockholm’s indie/new wave duo Black Beach Baby “All I Know” new single                                                            
  • Miami, FL dream pop/shoegaze 4-piece AIRHOCKEY “Hidden by the Sun” new single
  • Nantes, France shoegaze duo of guitarist of Extreme Shoegaze Jimmy Arfosea and singer Elsa Muller, An Ocean Of Embers “Flashes Of Your Firt Kiss” (re-recorded version of original 2018 song) on Ovvk Recordings
  • Sussex, UK indie pop band SUNS UP – “Do What You Feel Like” new single                                                               
  • Birmingham, UK fuzzy garage punk trio BLACK MEKON “Immunity” taken from the new album “Destroy Nostalgia”, out August 16 via PNKSLM Recordings
  • Cologne, Germany indie pop 4-piece XUL ZOLAR “Perfume” first track from upcoming new EP                             
  • Los Angeles based experimental pop outfit TOTAL HEAT “On the FM” A-side of Total Heat’s installment in Dangerbird Records‘ Microdose monthly music series
  • French psych-pop quartet ARCHE “My Only” new single                                                                                         
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil indie-electronic duo ALDO “Papermaze” new single from the upcoming ‘’Trembling Eyelids’’ EP via Full Time Hobby.
  • Moorpark, California fuzzy shoegaze/alt-pop 4-piece SUSTAINS “Coronary” from the new 2-track single “S Is For Sustains” on COLA FREAK RECORDS
  • Leeds, UK indie guitar rock 4-piece Party Hardly “Rats In The Kitchen” from upcoming EP “Modern Strife Is Snobbish” on Healthy Eating Records
  • Austin, TX  jangle/indie pop band SLIDESHOW ”Midnight Language” from the incoming debut EP on Terminal House Records
  • Hamburg, Germany indie rock solo project of Ilgen-Nur Borali, aka ILGEN-NUR “Easy Way Out” new single from the upcoming debut LP “Power Nap”                                                                                                               
  • Melbourne, Australian indie /jangle /guitar pop new band of former The Ocean Party‘s member, Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic “A Brother” title track from the forthcoming album due July the 19th via Bobo Integral and Osborne Again.
  • Texas psych-pop-garage quartet Flower Graves “Anything Else” 3rd single from Flower Graves’ new album “Living In Disguise” out now on Wallflower Records
  • Montana-bred, Philadelphia-based dream pop/indie rock 4-piece Strange Ranger “Message To You” from their upcoming album “Remembering The Rockets” out on July 26 via Tiny Engines
  • Berlin-based electronic psych-pop trio (led by New Zealander Mitchell James), APORIA ”Psychic Driving” from the upcoming sophomore album “Hotel Aporia” via Fantasy Fiction and Cosmic Compositions
  • Copenhagen based Danish/American shoegaze/dream pop/noise pop duo GLISS “Broke Me” new single from the upcoming album “In Utopia”
  • London, UK based shoegaze/noise four-piece band HETHER “Over”
  • Ottawa, Ontario grunge/indie/shoegaze trio PINE “Maladroit” from upcoming s/t debut album on No Sleep Records
  • San Francisco, CA indie rock/noise-pop band PARDONER “Sugary + Sweet” from the new album “Playin’ On A Cloud”
  • Los Angeles punk-pop/power pop trio Tidal Babes “Tamagotchi” from debut “OMG” EP on Nevado Music
  • Christchurch, New Zealand shoegaze/post-punk/psychedelic 5-piece KOOL AID “Greased Up On A Pony” from the EP “Family Portrait” on Melted Ice Cream                                                                                                 
  • Southampton/Brighton, UK indie /grunge /dream pop/ shoegaze trio Burning House “Languor” from the debut full-length album ‘Anthropocene’ out now on MIOHMI RECORDS
  • Austin, TX dream pop/shoegaze band Silver Bars “Lost You to L.A.” from upcoming debut album “Center of the City Lights” via Shifting Sounds
  • Auckland, New Zealand jangle pop/surf rock band Surf Friends “New Wheels” from the upcoming album “Doing Your Thing” via Flying Nun Records
  • Australian indie/alternative foursome from Melbourne, City Calm Down – “Flight” taken off the forthcoming album “TELEVISION” out on the 23rd August via IOHYOU Records                                                                        
  • London, UK indie/noise rock trio Crushed Beaks “Sky Burial” from upcoming album ‘The Other Room’, out August 2019 on Clue Records
  • Copenhagen, Denmark DIY lo-fi/twee/indie pop trio TAMPOPO “Swordfish” from the EP “Atompop”
  • Texas ambient/dream pop/shoegaze/slowcore solo project Jordan McGuire, aka BULLET GIRLS “Afterglow” debut single