WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – June #25-21

Albert Lamorisse

  • Kansas City, Missouri four-piece soft psych-pop band EGGS ON MARS “Brighter Now” title track from the new EP “Brighter Now” on Subjangle

Kansas City-based Eggs On Mars have ridden with lightheartedness and freshness, through five albums and a bunch of EPs, a certain rickety and emotive 80s indie guitar-sound, smoothly psychedelic, joining the dots between Dunedin, C-86, Aussie and Scottish-pop leanings, closely related to the garage-rock of the 60s, stripping it all down of any distortion while condensing it into a song-format that rarely exceeds three minutes. The new 7-tracker does not change the quality and the intrinsic strength of the band’s flawless and sparkling songwriting replete with evocative catchy melodies and nostalgic breath, along with vibrant rich vocal textures and simple yet captivating refrains, while the vivid and crystalline guitar riffs jangle, glisten and twang like an endless aural dream, add a whimsical and wandering shiny keyboard, as in “Brighter Now”, and you will be fully flown in orbit on Mars. Choosing a favorite song will not be easy yet at the same time a very pleasant undertaking.

  • London, UK genre-bending ‘synth-gaze’ duo ZETRA “Life Melts Away” from upcoming EP “From Within”

With a doomy yet melodic alchemy of metal, new wave and shoegazey synth-rock, London‘s duo unleash ominous thundering rhythms, heavy slabs of Sabbath riffage, and icily-bright, weeping synth strains to blow mesmeric sinister spells around depressive, haunted male vocals and eerie, evil sermons, decaying desperately into a ghostly ragged pool of deadly dimensions.

  • Perth, Australia dream noise pop /shoegaze multi-instrumentalist Steve Matzkov, aka Seven Hour Days “Stay Away” (Single)

Perth based shoegazer is back with a fine immersive, mesmerizing single. In a multi-coloured heady balance of shimmering, gauzy fragility and swirling, soaring energy, dreamy, euphoric ethereal vocals swoon airily into a teeming hazy breeze of abrasive reverb-strewn guitar glimmers along with lithe and pulsing rhythms, ebbing and flowing restlessly into a lost horizon of fear.  

  • Wellington, NZ dream-pop /avant pop solo project of Amber Johnson, WATERFALLS “Balconies and Cherry Trees” (Single)
  • Toronto-based indie alt-pop musician, singer, and songwriter Hannah Georgas “Pray It Away (feat. Matt Berninger)” from the EP “All That Emotion Versions” on Arts & Crafts / Brassland
  • French new wave /dream-pop /synthpop singer and musician (Astrobal, Institut, Laëtitia Sadier Source Ensemble), NINA SAVARY “Par Millions” from the upcoming debut album “Next Level Soap Opera” on Tin Angel Records
  • London, UK based experimental /dream pop /alt-pop collective FIRESTATIONS “Sun In Your Eyes” from Ltd. CD-R “Pixel Wilderness” third and final installment of the “Automatic Tendencies” EP trilogy via Lost Map Records
  • Brest-based indie /art-pop /dream pop project of Slow Riders member Victor Gobbé aka, LESNEU “Est-ce de ma faute” new single on Music From The Masses
  • US shoegaze /ethereal dream-pop collaborative project of Baltimore-based Puerto Rican indie artist Andres Lugo (Pneuma, Los Dientes Hundidos En La Garganta) and Philadelphia noise-pop musician Tom Lugo (Stellarscope, Phanophonic, Dream Turn Black, etc.), aka CIELO OCEANO “Too Late To Stop” from the upcoming LP “Have You Stared At The Sea?” on Jak Jonson Tapes
  • UK experimental/ shoegaze /noise pop /dream rock 4-piece Amusement Parks On Fire “Boom Vang” from the new LP “An Archaea”
  • Moscow, Russia indie /shoegaze /dreamy grunge band Heavy Plane “Ни о чём” from the debut EP “На Своей Волне”
  • Barcelona-based noise /shoegaze 4-piece featuring RJ Sinclair (member of Tokyo Sex Destruction, Lost Tapes and It’s Not Not,), The Lions Constellation “Don’t Realize” from the debut EP “Under the Skin” on Beauty Fool Records
  • Philadelphia, Pa indie /power-pop project of Matt Scottoline, aka HURRY “Where You Go, I Go” from the new album “Fake Ideas” on Lame-O Records
  • Hong Kong indie pop /shoegaze 5-piece Lucid Express “Hotel 65” from the upcoming S/T album on Kanine Records / Fontana North.
  • Montreal, Québec psych-pop /shoegaze trio T R A C E S “In Fragments” (originally appeared on the compilation “Taking It To Heart Vol.2” on Treeline Records).
  • Wellington, New Zealand shoegaze /dream-pop trio WOMB “Love” from “Holding a Flame” EP on Flying Nun
  • Cincinnati, Ohio dreamgaze duo SUNGAZE “Body in the Mirror” new single from the forthcoming debut LP “This Dream”.
  • Norwalk, Connecticut funk /indie pop band Similar Kind “Parked Car Conversations” (Single)
  • Dublin, Ireland dream-pop /shoegaze /synthwave band A  R I T U A L  S E A “Because You Hate to Care About” (Single) on Icy Cold Records
  • Oxford, England electronic /post-rock /dream pop producer Peter Lloyd aka Kid Kin “Control (feat. The Bobo)” from the EP “Discompose”
  • Hamilton, Ontario sad pop /dream pop artist ELLIS “What if love isn’t enough” from new EP “Nothing is sacred anymore”
  • Swedish indie / dream pop four-piece from Malmö, HATER “Bad Luck” new single on Fire Records
  • Odesa, Ukraine downtempo /trip-hop /indie pop trio KURL “Тихо” from the debut album “Fickle”
  • Toronto‘s alt dream-pop project of Beliefs co-founder Jesse Crowe, PRAISES “A World On Fire” from upcoming “EP4” on Hand Drawn Dracula
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania dream pop /indie rock 4-piece THE REAL SEA “Paper Machete” (Single)
  • Mexico City shoegaze band led by multi-instrumentist and singer Guillermo Palma, aka Palma Carpets “Hunt” from the single “Hunt / Someday” on Autómata Records
  • Beirut, Lebanon’s dream gaze trio Postcards “Sea Change” from the forthcoming LP “After the Fire, Before the End” on T 3 records                                                                                                                                                  
  • New York indie /psych /ethereal /dream pop outfit, Lightning Bug “The Right Thing Is Hard To Do” from the cassette album “A Color of the Sky” on Fat Possum
  • Santa Monica, Ca indie pop solo project Opus Orange – “Breaking Mirrors” new single from upcoming LP “Object Lessons”
  • Sydney-based noise pop /indie pop two-piece BRIDGE DOG “Lemon” third single
  • South London, UK based indie rock/dream pop 5-piece MARGOT “Fame” (Single)
  • Los Angeles bedroom /psych-pop artist Johnny Cisneros “Let’s Talk” debut single                                             
  • Memphis, TN. dream-funk /dreamrock /psych pop band SPACEFACE “Happens All The Time” (Single)
  • Oslo, Norway yacht rock /indie pop /synth pop band Autoyacht “All Inclusive” (Single)
  • Brooklyn-based, South Florida native of Ecuadorian heritage avant synthpop artist Helado Negro – ‘Gemini and Leo” from upcoming LP “Far In” on 4AD
  • Toronto‘s psych-pop 4-piece MR. JOY “Temptation” from the upcoming EP “Yes! Yes! Yes!” out July 9th on Blob Records
  • Los Angeles dreamy indie-pop duo (Fka Ablebody), Always You “Crimson Red” off the upcoming new album “Bloom of the Rose” via discosdekirlian & Shelflife Records
  • Rochester, UK alt county /new wave /indie Medway supergroup These Guilty Men “This Year it’s Our Year” from the album “The Quiet One”
  • Leeds, UK indie rock quartet L’objectif ‘Do It Again’ third single off upcoming debut EP “Have It Your Way” on Chess Club.                                                                                                                                                               
  • Swansea, UK indie rock outfit Trampolene “Shoot The Lights” from the ”Love No Less Than A Queen” via Pete Doherty’s Strap Originals label                                                                                                                               
  • Los Angeles-based indie rock artist PETEY “Lean Into Life” title track from the debut album on Terrible Records
  • Vancouver indie /alternative rock band Boy Breaking Glass “A Way To Remember” from the new LP “Desolations”
  • Pamplona, Spain indie /garage pop 4-piece MELENAS “Osa Polar” Cover of Grauzone´s “Eisbär”
  • Menifee, California surf /garage /indie-rock 4-piece The Extrangers – “Summer’s Song” (Single)
  • Swiss surf /psych /garage-punk trio from Bern, The Flying Tiger Claw “Space Wave” from the new EP “Face Gaze” on Cold Storage Records
  • Canterbury, New Zealand garage-punk three-piece TRANSISTORS “Good Years” (Single)
  • Glasgow’s minimal C86 /noise rock /post-punk 3-piece SOURSOB “Blow” from S/T debut album via HoZac Records
  • New York-based indie /garage duo of guitarist-vocalists, Nicholas Gillespie and Serg Cereja, aka Laurel Canyon “Enemy Lines” (Single)
  • Christchurch, New Zealand DIY underground pioneer, experimental guitarist, singer and songwriter Roy Montgomery “Meet Me” from the album “That Best Forgotten Work” volume 2 from Roy Montgomery 40th Anniversary 2021 4xLP Series on Grapefruit
  • French cosmic /kraut /garage /psychedelic 4-piece PERILYMPH “Le Sombre Et Le Rire” from the album “Tout En Haut” on Six Tonnes De Chair Records
  • Ambient explorer based in Nashville, TN. RICH RUTH “It’s The Water” from the upcoming album “Where There’s Life”