WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #25


  • Saint-Petersburg, Russia post-punk/dream pop/post pop duo TAPENIGHT “Cigarettes Of Love” off the new EP “НА ДНЕ”

Debut EP from the Russian trio highlights the lush, refined, and wondrous ‘post-pop’ gem “Cigarettes Of Love”, that brims with the enticing melodic delights of a dreamy nostalgic sultry haze, steeped in slow-burning euphoric bliss.

  • San Francisco, Ca slowcore/dream pop 4-piece CINDY “Fixed Idea” from the upcoming tape album “Free Advice” on Paisley Shirt Records

Heartfelt timeless music from Bay Area 4-piece suspended in time, that delves deep into the darkness of the heart, amidst sluggish rhythms, stripped-down yet vibrant twinkling guitar strums, wistful lustrous keyboard chords, drawing slow nostalgic emotional moods swept in fragile breathless vocals lost to hopeless despair, which deserves to be relished in its every sheer single note.

  • Indonesia indie-pop band Guntingkuku “Leisure Time” from Guntingkuku’s upcoming EP on Shiny Happy Records

A deliciously blurred slice of enticing lo-fi indie-pop from Indonesia, that unfurls winding melancholic synth swells, subdued shiny guitar strums, sinuous deep bassline hums, punctuated by sparse loud twinkling piano notes, to create a dense claustrophobic sunburnt haze over lonely numb emotional cries left helplessly hoping “there’s nothing I can do.”

  • Oakland dream folk singer-songwriter Sasha Reynolds, aka FIELDRESS “Redeem Remorse” from S/T EP
  • Swedish experimental ethereal jazzy dream-pop trio from Malmö, Hey Elbow ‘Nurture/Aptitude’ off the forthcoming full-length ‘WE THREE’ on Adrian Recordings
  • Chicago space psych-pop duo Gold Star Gold Star “Talkin Need My Friends Blues” from the upcoming album “Introducing…Gold Star Gold Star” on Earth Libraries
  • Swedish fuzzy shoegaze/psychedelic band from Stockholm, The Janitors “Indifferent state of mind” 5th installment in the Noisolation series.
  • Cheboksary, Russia psychedelic band Cosmic Letdown ‘Эсхатон’ from the new album “Pustoid” on Opium Eyes Records
  • English acoustic punk/soul/indie pop band from Solihull, active since 1977, The Drain On The Balcony ‘Don’t Care’ taken from the forthcoming vinyl album ‘Greetings From Solihull’ on Local Underground
  • Bay Area post-punk/jangling power-pop project of ex-Talkies frontman, R.E. Seraphin “Leave Me in the Tide” from the EP “A Room Forever” via Paisley Shirt Records
  • London, UK minimalistic art-rock/indie collective comprising members of The Red Cords, Holiday Ghosts and The Black Tambourines, lead by Falmouth‘s singer/songwriter and former Lost Dawn drummer, Ben Woods, aka The Golden Dregs “Just Another Rock (Vogued) ft Anna B Savage” from upcoming EP “Sorry For Your Loss” on Nothing Fancy
  • Australian 4-piece psychedelic rock band based in Sydney, THE LAZY EYES “The Seaside” from the debut “EP1”
  • San José, Costa Rica dream pop/shoegaze 4-piece Adiós Cometa “Franco” debut single
  • Gothenburg based, Swedish indie/jangle pop duo Fort Not “The Club Is Open” the first single from the upcoming album “The Club Is Open” on Meritorio Records.
  • Brooklyn, New York indie guitar pop band FIELD MOUSE “Valley Winter Song” (Fountain of Wayne cover) from V/A “Saving for a Custom Van” Adam Schlesinger tribute fundraising compilation on Father/Daughter Records
  • Doncaster, UK psych/space-rock/shoegaze 3-piece 93MillionMilesFromTheSun ”All Am Now” new single
  • Riverside, CA dream pop /goth-gaze solo project of Daniel Romero (former Dream Suicides), Star-Crossed Lovers “In the Shadows” new single                                                                                                                        
  • French post-metal/shoegaze band MASCARA “Reach” from the upcoming EP “Cameo Blue Estate”
  • Washington, D.C. Heavy Shoegaze/Grunge outfit DAY ACHES “Fluorescent” from the sophomore EP “Fever Dreams”
  • Sacramento, CA-based post-punk/dream pop/shoegaze band, Weathering “Changing Colors” from fundraising split 7″ vinyl single with Ease on Sunday Drive Records
  • England, UK indie/shoegaze/post-grunge solo project of former Moose Blood, Glenn Harvey, aka Paper Flowers “Bluea” new single
  • Leeds, UK alternative pop and rock four-piece fronted by Daniel Parker-Smith and Ben Schrodel, THE HARRIETS “Cafe Disco” from the upcoming album “Hopefuls”
  • Brooklyn, NY based ambient/psych/shoegaze band To The Wedding – “Light” (originally by Nervous) off “PLIGHT / LIGHT (Nervous / To The Wedding) split single
  • Philadelphia post-punk/noise rock/shoegaze band BLEACH BOYS “Yellow Spirits” new single
  • Palembang, Indonesia indie-pop duo LAZY EYE “Everyday In Love” from the EP “Digital Primavera”
  • UK dream pop/indie producer and multi-instrumentalist, Harry Christensen, from the Isle of Wight, MOST AKIN “Hourglass”
  • Byon Bay, Australia four-piece indie/dream-pop band SEASIDE “Joyride” from the new EP “In Another Life; a collection of songs”
  • Galway, Ireland shoegaze/noise-rock/guitar rock band NewDad “Cry” new single
  • Wiltshire, UK bedroom pop/ambient/shoegaze/dream pop musician, singer and songwriter (aka Eligia and bassist of Cosmic Lightshow), Archie Sagers “Through the Leaves” second single off of Archie Sager’s upcoming album on his own Crafting Room Records
  • Los Angeles‘ shoegaze/dream pop solo project YOUTH “Shiine” from the new LP “Fly” on Moon Bus Records
  • Kansas City, MO dreampop / shoegaze solo project SEVENTEEN YEARS “Rabbit” new single
  • Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine shoegaze 4-piece POVOD “Странный / Strange” from debut EP “Китч / Kitch”
  • Asbury Park, NJ indie rock/dream-pop solo project of Sara Barry, aka TEEN IDLE “Love Is A Matchstick” off of “Insomniac Dreams” EP
  • Birmingham, UK shoegaze/dream pop solo project Graywave “With Me” new single
  • Oakland, Ca based shoegaze/indie pop duo LUNCHBOX “New Year” new single “New Year/All Around the World”
  • Brazilian dreamy indie guitar pop 5-piece CHURRUS “Sweet Tides of Esperança” first single from the upcoming “Besides” compilation on Midsummer Madness
  • São Paulo, Brazil dream-pop 4-piece Crime Caqui “Your Forehead” new single
  • Cleveland, Ohio bedroom pop/dream pop/folk singer/songwriter Emma Shepard “Orange Light” from “This Place After Dark” EP
  • New York indie/dream pop quartet Absolutely Yours “Fumble and Float” the second single off the upcoming LP “Natural Wonder”
  • Adelaide, Australia shoegaze/dream-pop duo SUR LE FIL “Sleep the clock around” (Belle & Sebastian cover)
  • Los Angeles based shoegaze/dream-pop project by Rhyan Riesgo, aka TODAVIA “So Close” off the compilation “Nicer Living Presents” and opening track to “ORANGE FAINT OF SKY” LP coming 2020
  • Utah‘s lo-fi/bedroom/ dream pop solo project Ösla “Marina” new single
  • Cardiff-based new wave/pop band Private World “Hypnagogia” first single “Hypnagogia” off of the debut album “Aleph” on Dais Records
  • Brooklyn psych/dream pop/shoegaze outfit Minaxi “Theresa” off forthcoming EP, “Luna”                                              
  • Canadian synthpop/dreampop project of Patrick Fiore from Toronto, NOBLE OAK “Different Places” from the new LP “Horizon”                                                                                                                                                       
  • Berlin-based, South of France-born indie/dream pop project of Tanguy de la Panouse, aka Adélaide ‘Rêverie’ new single                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Bellingham, Wa dream pop/psych/synthpop 4-piece Shimmertraps “Shutter View” from the new LP “LOOK!” on Spirit Goth Records
  • Siliguri, India indie/electro-pop project of Debo Sanyal, aka DREAMHOUR “Until She” from the upcoming LP “PROPSTVR”
  • Side project of one member of Swedish electro-pop duo The Ghost of Helags, aka HELAX “Tech Noir (Soulstar) – (feat. Sidsel Marie Søholm)”                                                                                                                 
  • Kalmar County, Sweden lo-fi ambient/post-rock/shoegaze solo instrumental music project of Calle Thoor, aka The Electric Sea Gospel “Mareld” off Random Songs for Inconsistent People EP