WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – JUNE #24-22

  • Los Angeles, CA slowcore indie rock /dream pop duo Ruby Haunt “Moonlighting” from the single “Shipwreck / Moonlighting”

Since 2015 with a rare consistency,  the Los Angeles based duo Victor Pakpour and Wyatt Ininns have, time and again, touched the deepest strings of the listeners’ souls, conveying heartfelt, melancholic sentiments in their nocturnal, confidential and nostalgic minimalism. Last, but not least is the 2-track new single; “Moonlighting” meandering wistfully through swaying, pulsing acoustic guitar chords, moving piano drops and enveloping bittersweet keyboard emotions to carve desperate emotional paths of hopeless nostalgia around reflective, sad husky vocals confessing painful alienations into a tragic ripple of helpless pain.

  • French dream pop /indie pop band led by Thierry Haliniak (Meyverlin), aka MY RAINING STARS “Behind Her Lovely Smile” the 3rd single from the upcoming sophomore album “89 Memories”, a co-release between Shelflife (US) and Discos de Kirlian (Spain).

Through the latest unveiled track before the full LP, Thierry Haliniak as always offers immaculate indie-pop quality without ever lacking warmth and intimacy, with its fresh and infectious melodic embrace that perfectly blends crisp and sparkling 6-string chords, captivating rhythms, and irresistible hooks. Shimmering guitars strum and jangle laced with ravishing, bittersweet nostalgia to bear angsty, vulnerable vocal croons through tumultuous spirals of heartache and longing to confess a loving curiosity for what lies “Behind Her Lovely Smile.”

  • Aarhus, Danish dream pop /indie rock /shoegaze trio Catch the Breeze ”Into the Wide”, 3rd single from the upcoming sophomore full-length album of the same name on Slowburn Music

By apologizing for being delayed, Aarhus‘ shoegaze trio have dropped the last preview and title track from their upcoming sophomore LP to unfurl organic, atmospheric and poignant layers of airy synth and sinuously warm bass pulses, inlaid by reflective, sparkling and wandering spider web of vibrant guitar melodies, framing heartfelt vocals with aching swathes, distant celestial breaths, and romantic lyrics about moving on “Into the Wide” unknown. 

  • Connecticut ambient /post-rock /shoegaze solo project INERTIAL “Troika” from “Troika / Silhouette” single
  • Washington DC ambient /dream pop /shoegaze /post-rock band led by guitarist David Nicholas, aka Sansyou “Will I Dream?” from the 10″/cassette EP “True North Coast”
  • Toulouse, France slowcore duo DOCKS “Lilas” new single (A5 vinyl postcard with a hand-written note)
  • L.A.-based ambient /kraut /psychedelic /noise pop band DUMMY “Pepsi Vacuum” B-side from “Mono Retriever” 7″ single on Sub Pop Singles Club.
  • San Francisco-based lo-fi dream noise-pop project of David Diaz (April Magazine), AKA Plastic Candles “Silhouette” from “Do what you wanna (demos)” EP
  • Manchester, UK dream-gaze duo ATMOS BLOOM “Time” 3rd single ahead of the new album due this Summer on Spirit Goth Records
  • Minnesota based Indie /Dream Pop band Sleeping Jesus “Outside” second single from the forthcoming debut album “Leave the Party Early”.
  • Athens, Greece indie pop /shoegaze /dream pop band Youth Valley “I Don’t Want To Go Out With You, Veronica (feat. Serafim Tsotsonis)” new single on Make Me Happy Records
  • Montreal, Quebec indie pop /synthpop musical project of singer-keyboardist Adèle Trottier-Rivard and guitarist Nicolas Basque, AKA Bibi Club “La nuit” from the upcoming album “Le soleil et la mer” on Secret City Records
  • Phoenix, AZ based Dream Pop /Dark Wave DJ duo Bella Lune “Up The Down Escalator” (The Chameleons cover, 1983)
  • Indonesian ambient pop group from Jakarta, Bedcover Scene “I’m Leaving” single
  • Barcelona, Spain shoegaze /dream pop /indie rock solo project MIRELIGHT “Taken From Eve” single
  • Houston, TX shoegaze /dream pop /indie trio Cherry Mom “I Wanted to Kiss You at the Red Light but It Turned Green” from 2-track single “LoveJoy St.” single                                                                                           
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma indie /shoegaze /dream-pop band PUSH “Long Gone” from the album “hard2bhuman”
  • France-based dream pop /shoegaze collaborative music project started by British musician Andrew Rose in 1984, Callière “Golden” from the upcoming LP “Barcelona”
  • Sidney, Australia noise /shoegaze 5-piece All Sparks Burn Out “Happy Accidents (Transmute Mix)” from the single “Happy Accidents Remixes”
  • Seoul, South Korea-based lo-fi noise rock /shoegaze project Precocious Neophyte “AIWA” from the album “Home In The Desert”
  • Chelmsford, UK alternative rock /shoegaze outfit SHEER “Sway” from the single ” Sway // Amber Prison”
  • Brooklyn, NY sufi /dream pop /psych /shoegaze band of songwriters Shrenik Ganatra and Liam Christian, and drummer Steve Carlin, AKA Minaxi – “August” from the new Minaxi’s album “Lazuleen” via Oscarson Records
  • Canadian noise /grunge /post-rock /shoegaze solo project from Toronto, SLOWLY “Planes and Trains” from the upcoming LP “Distance”
  • Durant, Oklahoma alt /noise rock /shoegaze 4-piece HEAVYTRIP “Wasted Days” from “Death Dreams” EP
  • Reno, Nevada psych /noise rock /shoegaze 4-piece SWIVEL “Eclipse of the Sun” single
  • French post-punk /post-rock /shoegaze band led by Laurent Guerrier (Liquid Sphere, SedCo, DIGIT, A Screw), DIVE AND DROWN “Silenced” from the EP “Now and Then”
  • Boston based dream pop /shoegaze band Emerald Comets “Sore Eyes” new single
  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming Alternative Indie Rock /Shoegaze quartet (Fka The Tetons), BOX ELDER “Gothling” from the second EP “Minimums” on Sell The Heart Records
  • Califonian Heavy Desert Psychedelic Fuzzsters (former members of Fu Manchu), NEBULA “Highwired” from the upcoming LP “Transmission From Mothership Earth” via HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records
  • Melbourne, Australian desert /stoner rock band FOOT “I’ll Be Just Fine” from the album “You Are Weightless”
  • Austin, TX psychedelic rockers The Black Angels “El Jardín” from the upcoming LP “Wilderness of Mirrors” on Partisan Records
  • Los Angeles psych /indie rock/dream pop /shoegaze 4-piece Supergloom “Better Life” single.
  • Nashville, TN-based Shoegaze /Post-Punk /Indie Rock band led by songwriter and producer Joseph Lekkas, Palm Ghosts “Amaya” single on Ice Queen Records
  • Chicago based lo-fi /post-punk /indie rock band Oddysseys “Sewer” from the album “Softcore”
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina shoegaze /noise-pop 5-piece El Club Audiovisual – “Madrugada”single on Casa del Puente Discos
  • CanadianItalian dark-drone-noise rock twin sister duo Bonnie Trash “Teeth” single Hand Drawn Dracula
  • New York‘s indie rock band Been Stellar “My Honesty” single on So Young Records
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania dream pop /indie rock 4-piece THE REAL SEA “Ceiling Lines” (Single)
  • Indie rock band from the Netherlands, Snow Coats “Chevy” single on Alcopop!
  • Aalborg, Denmark 60s inspired garage rock duo The Courettes “Daydream” from the album “Back in Mono B Sides & Outtakes” on Damaged Good Records                                                                                                 
  •  London, UK lo-fi electronic /dream pop trio NIGHT TAPES “Humans” new single
  • London-based dream pop /synthpop solo project of Marianthi (one half of Greek duo Marsheaux), MeLLLo “Fireworks” single
  • UK indie pop-disco-punk-rock band from Wales, HELEN LOVE “Come Out Sunshine” single on Alcopop! Records
  • Pittsburgh, Pe Indie Rock /Casio-pop band HARM “Process, Remain” from the upcoming LP “i am suddenly aware” (unreleased album recorded in 2001)
  • New noise /indie pop band comprised of Sarah Records alumni, (members of Action Painting! and Secret Shine, and featuring Even As We Speak), USELESS USERS “I Am Forton Wreck” from the upcoming first LP “We Are All” on Emotional Response                                                                                                
  • New York lo-fi indie-pop solo project by Phil Sutton (Pale Lights, Cinema Red and Blue and once of Comet Gain, Velocette, The Projects, Kicker and The Soft City), Love, Burns “Something Good” from “Tom Gallo Session” EP on Calico Cat Records
  • Clare, Australia guitar-pop /jangle pop solo project ENGLISH SUMMER “An English Summer’s Day” from the ltd. CD album “Dénouement: The Art of English Summer” on Too Good To Be True
  • Bay Area based Paisley Rock /Jangle Pop singer-songwriter R.E. Seraphin “Big Break” from “Swingshift” EP on Mt.St.Mtn., Tear Jerk Records, Dandy Boy Records, and Safe Suburban Home Records.
  • Norway/Germany indie /jangle-pop collaboration of Jørn Åleskjær (The Loch Ness Mouse, Sapphire & Steel) and Sebastian Voss (Nah…, The Fisherman and his Soul), AKA HERR WADE “Dummer Sommersong” from the debut S/T EP on Platiruma!!!
  • Glasgow, Scotland 80s founded indie-pop band The Orchids “This Boy Is A Mess” from the upcoming album “DREAMING KIND” on Skep Wax
  • Brooklyn-based, Portuguese dream pop /shoegaze band, Hause Plants “Small Talk” single on Spirit Goth
  • Los Angeles‘ cosmic rock ’n roll band comprised of Noah Kohll and Corey Madden, COLOR GREEN “Ill Fitting Suit” from the debut S/T album on Org Music
  • French garage /kraut /psych rock artist Alexis Kacimi, aka KACIMI “Les Rois feat. Lionel from The Limiñanas (45 edit)” off upcoming 2-track 7″ vinyl single “Les Rois” on Six Tonnes De Chair Records and Echo Orange.
  • São Paulo‘s Tropicalia /indie /folk /cosmic /chamber pop Brazilian singer, songwriter, musician, composer, and producer (of  tropicalia-indie group O Terno), Tim Bernardes “Mistificar” from the upcoming sophomore LP “Mil Coisas Invisíveis” on Psychic Hotline

Image by Matias Montecinos