WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – JUNE #23-23

A.W. Dow – Cyanotypes – c.1900


  • Philadelphia, PA post-punk /shoegaze /dream pop /indie rock solo project, Daoda “Hold Fast” single

Philly-based solo project returns, after a soulful hip-hop-tinged experiment, with a tune written back in 2019, typical of his dreamy and moody reverb-filled guitar-driven sound with nods to DIIV, Beach Fossils and The Cure.
“Hold Fast” injects urgent, emotional resonant obsessions into sparkling, piercing, impassioned 6-string melodies, relentless drums, and pulsing droning bass lines, to steer angsty breathless, disheveled vocals through hot rippling waves of sad, pain-filled feelings.

  • Italian psychedelic rock /dream pop /shoegaze trio Human Colonies “Air 909” from the forthcoming album on Shore Dive Records and Moquette Records                                                                                         

Italian band teases the upcoming album with a concise and invigorating fuzzed-out and misty 90s-infused shoegazing number, lead by a metronomic dry drum programming and thick churning bass lines, to stir buzzy reverb-soaked distorted guitar swells, stabbed by searing and swirling achingly emotive flourishes over soft dreamy vocals and soft whispery backups, to elicit feelings of claustrophobic urgency amid romantic longing.

  • Adelaide, Australian indie /synth-pop project New Labour “Death Rattle” from the first EP “Immorality & Luxury”

From the latest of the countless aliases of Aussie musician and composer Caleb Carr (English Summer), a refreshing and blasting orchestration of ’80s flourishing bittersweet nostalgia through a vibrant array of gleaming euphoric synth melodies, icy bright swirling quivers, and light skipping drum beats around dreamy sad vocals, waiting in angsty sadness to be happy again.

  • Los Angeles ambient /drone /shoegaze /ethereal /ambient pop sound artist and singer Cynthia Bernard, aka MARINE EYES “raindrop roof” single
  • Northern Canada “ambient rock” solo project Twilight Fields “Song to The Siren” (Tim Buckley cover)
  • Stockholm-based progressive /psych /folk rock collective Me and My Kites “Simons sång” from the new album “A Safe Trail”
  • Leeds, UK psychedelic /Brit folk duo of ATA Records label boss, and bassist, Neil Innes and vocalist Fuzzy Jones, aka Love Of The Brave “The Untold Story Of The Love Of The Brave” from the vinyl reissue of the 2010 debut  s/t album [ATA Records]
  • Idaho-based psych /jazz /folk and western singer-songwriter Jake “Freeman” Dejongh, aka Freeman DeJongh “Dreadful Feelings” title track of the debut solo album via Curation Records
  • Denver, CO-based lo-fi /indie /dream pop /synth-pop music project founded by artist and producer Meghan Holton, aka Mon Cher “Fate” single
  • Northampton, Massachusetts lo-fi /bedroom pop /indie folk /indie pop band led by songwriter Chloe Deeley, Sailor Down “Skip The Line” from the cassette album “Lookout Park”
  • UK indie psych folk band (members of Hutch, Fliptophead, Welly and Skydaddy) led by songwriter and frontman Austin Pritchard, TINMAN “Lady By The Lake” cassette single on Crafting Room
  • Louisville, Kentucky psych /post-punk /folk /indie rock band Wombo “Wolfe Ave 40” off “Slab” EP via Fire Talk Records
  • Los Angeles-based ambient /electronic /indie rock solo project of Luis Cosio, aka Group Photo “Faith In My Dreams” from the first album “Stoked on Nothing”
  • San Francisco, CA based psych /indie rock band Lofi Legs “Breakup Sex” single on We Were Never Being Boring Collective
  • Tijuana, Mexico folk /indie pop project led by singer-songwriter Daniela Sandoval along with musician Ana Cossio, aka Surcarilita “Silly freaky” off upcoming cassette album “Mírala Mirando” via Bud Tapes
  • Japanese C86 /indie pop 5-piece The Paselines – “Always Sleepy” from the cassette “Orwell / the paselines” – split EP series vol.5 via blue-very label
  • Montreal, Canada indie-rock /dream-pop group Grand Eugène “Mon Amour” off upcoming eponymous EP ‘Grand Eugène’ on Délicieuse Records
  • Düsseldorf, Germany indie rock /jangle /guitar pop band started as the bedroom project of former Subterfuge drummer Lars, The Radio Field “The Version (feat. Robert Stadlober)” single on Less Records
  • Moscow based shoegaze /indie rock /dream pop band Mental Map “just a pop song” single
  • Newcastle, Australia jangle /indie rock 4-piece VACATIONS “Midwest” single on Nettwerk Music Group
  • Glasgow, UK-based Sci-F /Kraut /Cosmic Electronic Pop collective, Tomorrow Syndicate “Twin Galaxies” from the new EP “Higher Resolution” [Feral Child]
  • Belgian diy lo-fi indie rock /pop duo Wio, aka Mus 🔥 Wio “Plainsong” from the tribute of The Cure‘s “Disintegration” album on ltd. cassette via Almost Halloween Time Records
  • Stockholm-based Indie Wave / Dream Synth Pop duo of Magnus Haderborg (The Vapour Veils) and Linus Giertta (ex-Blanka and The Grand Opening), The Jilted “Close Encounters” second single
  • Rennes, France indie pop band The Soap Opera “Magic Number” from the second LP “Back On Tracks” on Howlin Banana Records
  • Brooklyn, NY bedroom pop /jangle /indie pop band Beach Fossils “Feel So High” from the first new album, “Bunny, in six years via Bayonet
  • San Francisco shoegaze /jangle /indie pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums, etc) and friends, The Reds, Pinks & Purples “Richard in the Age of the Corporation” from “Unloveable Losers” EP
  • Tokyo, Japan indie /sadcore /slowcore band Lavish Are The Living – 鎹 – from the debut “untitled #1” EP
  • Rome, Italy indie /dream pop solo project of Eleonora Danese, aka Kuni “Piece of Land” single on Factory Flaws
  • Brooklyn, NY dream pop /shoegaze /indie rock solo project Melody English “Parasite” single
  • French Shoegaze /Dream Pop duo from Metz, Sugar in Wine “Every People Need a Friend Who Care” single on Kaputt Records                                                                                                                                       
  • Virginia dream pop /shoegaze band Keep “Sodawater” single
  • Italian dream /psych pop band, Bluedaze “Flesh” single
  • Charlotte, NC post-punk /jangle /shoegaze /dream pop band WINE PRIDE “Ms Fortune” from the vinyl 12″ s/t album via Crafting Room Recordings
  • Los Angeles Psychedelic Rock / Shoegaze solo project HAYIEN “Left In You” single.
  • Albacete, Spain indie /dream pop /shoegaze /noise pop band Pálida Tez “Arquitecta de mi propia tristeza” single on El Genio Equivocado                                                                                                                       
  • Boston, Massachusetts post-rock /slow core /shoegaze solo project of Caroline Bailey, aka Eloise Chamber “Dead in the Water” from the debut EP “Departure” EP
  • Aberdeen/London heavy shoegaze duo The Death Of Us – “waste.” single
  • Madrid, Spain indie dream pop /shoegaze band DHARMACIDE “Lovers” single
  • Chicago based indie rock /noise pop /shoegaze duo sunshy “Dissolve” second single
  • Swiss/US dream pop /indie rock /post-rock /shoegaze project led by multi-instrumentalist Andy Jossi along with vocalist & lyricist Krissy Vanderwoude, THE CHURCHHILL GARDEN “Birds (2023)” from the “Metamorphosis” album (a collection of previous 7 songs remixed and remastered)
  • Salt Lake City, Utah post-metal /post-rock /shoegaze 4-piece Trainsurfing “As Above” off the second EP “Coldface”
  • Seattle, WA alternative rock /shoegaze /grunge band Divaria “Violet” single                                                   
  • Paris, France shoegaze /psych /grunge /indie rock duo VELVET SUNSET “Go Kid” single
  • Philadelphia-based post-punk /indie rock /shoegaze project of Tom Lugo (Stellarscope, Cielo Oceano, Dream Turn Black, etc.), PANOPHONIC “Dissolve” title track of the upcoming EP “Dissolve” [Patetico Recordings]
  • Widnes, UK alt /guitar /indie rock band The Spase “Glue” single
  • Guadalajara, Mexico experimental /world music /kraut /hauntology /psychedelic rock band DOROTHEO “Las Nubes” from the upcoming third LP “Nada Escrito” on Six Tonnes de Chair (EU) and Half Shell Records (US)
  • Hamburg, Germany-based indie rock /dream pop /psych rock band Dunya “Kader” from the upcoming debut LP “Zaman” on La Pochette Surprise Records
  • Guadalajara, Mexico tropicália /fuzzy /psychedelic /space rock band UAY “Recado” from the album “Kukulkan” on Half Shell Records
  • Erfurt, Germany post-punk /new wave /indie rock solo project DROPPED “My Reminiscence” from “Melancholia” EP
  • Melbourne-based lo-fi /indie pop /post-punk group (featuring members of The Shifters, The Living Eyes, and Parsnip), The Toads “Ex-KGB” from the debut LP “In The Wilderness” through Upset The Rhythm (UK) and Anti Fade Records (AU)
  • Richmond, VA garage /surf rock band Deathbirds Surf Club “Summer” from the album ” Pier Pressure”
  • Pittsburgh, PA shoegaze /noise-pop /indie rock 4-piece Feeble Little Horse “Slide” from the second LP “Girl with Fish” [Saddle Creek]
  • Emo/math rock band from South Korea, Mountains “Stride” from the sophomore LP “Old Friends”
  • Los Angeles, CA indie rock trio Gal Pal “Say No” off the album “This and Other Gestures”
  • London-based grunge rock /indie slacker pop Cardiff‘s artist, Aderyn “I Wish I Had A Dog” single from upcoming debut EP “Sea Glass”
  • London-based Shoegaze /Indie Rock /Alt-Rock Project of musical artist Sarah-Jayne Riedel, aka Dutch Mustard “Feel Everything” single on Chiverin
  • New York based shoegaze /indie rock solo project of Atlanta-bred bedroom pop artist Adeline Warncke, aka Computerwife “Lexapro” from coming s/t album on Danger Collective Records
  • Minneapolis-based melancholic synth-pop duo Plastik Boxes “Tonight” single
  • Melbourne electro-pop /synth-rock music artist Sarah Stockholm “Wonder” from the debut album “Trace of Humanity”
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK indie /synth pop /new wave/electronic solo project, Si Farrier “Turn The Heater On (Vocals by John Dredge)” from the album “FICTIONUS8+ (1980 -1982)”
  • Christchurch, New Zealand home recording /lo-fi /folk /noise pop project multi-disciplinary artist and musician, Folina E Vili “No Cut (you got me wrong)” from the album “UN-EASY LISTENING (19972001)” on stabbiesetc
  • Leicester, England based gazing dream pop band Dayflower “Whensong (AJH Remix)” [off of the incoming the Nimbus mixtape: a selection of unheard Dayflower music (p)reworked and woven into a gleaming, expansive technoscape by audiovisual artist Andy Harper]

A.W. Dow – Cyanotypes – c.1900