WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – MAY #21-23

Painting by Inka Essenhigh


  • Ottawa, Ontario lo-fi /dream pop /jangle /synth-pop duo SKYTONE “In The Dark” single

An introspective reverie stirs a nostalgic icy-bright synth-laden phantasmagoria, swirling and chiming atop a vibrant heart-skipping rhythmic underlying, along with warm pulsing basslines, and sparkling jangly guitar reiterations, spiraling into cool cloudy mercurial airs around sad dreamy vocals, drifting helplessly, “In the Dark.”

  • Turin, Italy power-pop /jangle /indie rockers (Fka Smile), The Wends “A Better Will” single [We Were Never Being Boring Collective]

Turin-based foursome add spiky, edgy and chiming post-punkish guitar riffs to the jangly formula they are renowned for, to take a soul-stirring dive into the harsh realities of Western life where atmospheric angsty desperate vocals breathlessly unleash hopelessness and despair into a relentless toxic flow of humming bass lines, tumultuous drum beats, and scathing pain-fueled guitar abrasions. Replete with full-bodied rhythms, invigorating loud emotional energy and heartfelt impassioned vocal harmonies, the Italian rockers always deliver.

  • Detroit, MI shoegaze /dream pop 4-piece VAEGA “Soft” debut single

The intoxicating and immersive first single by Detroit‘s band triggers a relaxing yet restless mental escape that coasts dreamily over swaying spindly strands of glistening guitar glimmers, radiating over a steady bouncy wave of a subtly broody, throbbing bassline along light skipping drum beats, to echo insistently over soft silky intimate layered vocals, drifting into drowsy breaths of longing and bliss.

  • Hamburg, Germany electronic disco /funk /soul project of Carsten Meyer, aka Erobique “Salut Les Copines! (featuring Luis Baltes)” from the second album “Erobique No. 2” [Mr. Mellow’s Music]
  • Edinburgh, UK indie rock /folk singer-songwriter and former One Dove frontwoman, Dot Allison “Unchanged” from the upcoming LP “Consciousology” via Sonic Cathedral
  • Athens, Georgia-based doo-wop/ wave /disco /indie /folk /soft rock singer, songwriter & producer Christina Schneider, aka Locate S,1 “You Were Right About One Thing” of off the upcoming third album ‘Wicked Jaw’ on Captured Tracks                                                                                                                                              
  • Dreampop solo project of multi-instrumentalist Bailey Crone based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Bathe Alone “In Your Wake” single [Nettwerk]
  • Poland/US experimental /kraut /psychedelic folk collaboration A.J. Kaufmann / Z.M. Wise “Old Nick” off the poetry album “Ch’ulel” via The Swamp Records
  • Austin, TX indie folk /dream pop duo aeseaes “Desire” single
  • Bristol, UK indie /dream pop project of Pocket Sun member Gina Tratt, AKA Pebbl ‘Sound Of Violence’ off the EP ‘Moonbeams’ [Nice Guys]
  • Tucson, AZ lo-fi homespun indie pop band led by Dimitri Manos (Golden Boots and American Monoxide), Dimitriam “Bug Spring” from the Ltd. cassette edition of the 2021 album “Blowing Dust” via Almost Halloween Time Records
  • Toulouse, France lo-fi emo-pop project of Daniel Selig, Walk Home Drunk “Canadian Ducks” from upcoming split cassette EP “Split Screen” with Comité balnéaire via Safe Suburban Home (York) and Hidden Bay Records (Toulouse)
  • London, UK indie /slowcore solo project Counting Wildflowers “Eggshells” from “Songs About Grieving” collection of demos
  • Tennesse lo-fi indie folk singer-songwriter Phoneswithchords “Darren” from upcoming 2nd LP “somebody had to” [ZTapes Records/Totally Real Records]
  • Jakarta, Indonesia dream pop /shoegaze /indie rock solo project (member of the band Sound Of Rain), theandino’s “Wait” single
  • UK bedroom pop /indie rock outfit Lone Striker “Lone Striker” single on Safe Suburban Home Records
  • Saint Petersburg, FL new wave /indie garage rock /power pop composer and musician, Billy Summer “Sugar Coated” from “Snooze” EP
  • Portsmouth, UK indie/jangle-pop 4-piece (formerly early 90’s band The Kites), LOST SHIPS “Brittle Heart Foundation (single a-side)” from upcoming CD album “Atoms Collide Forever” on Subjangle
  • South London twee /C86 /jangle /power /indie pop foursome The Hannah Barberas “Love Them? Tell Them!” off the sophomore LP, “Fantastic Tales of the Sea” via Spinout Nuggets, Subjangle and Gazer Tapes
  • Norway-based indie rock /power pop and Elephant 6 collective affiliated band, The High Water Marks – “Dream Some More” last single from the album “Your Next Wolf”
  • Scottish neo-acoustic /indie guitar pop band formed in 1982, THE KINGFISHERS “Lapwings” from “Reflections In A Silver Sound” album on The Creeping Bent Organisation
  • UK folk /synth-pop /indie pop duo Greg Goldberg and Craig Willse, aka The Ballet “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” from the LP “Daddy Issues” on Fika Recordings
  • Paris based dream pop /indie rock trio Berezina “The Future Holds” debut single
  • Estonian dream pop /shoegaze collective Pia Fraus – “Regret Everything” from the upcoming album “Evening Colours” [Seksound Record Label]
  • Verona-based, Italian Experimental /Post-Rock /Shoegaze 4-piece band Zugabe “No Way Out” from “Lowland” EP
  • Glasgow/Edinburgh, Scotland DIY bedroom jangle indie pop project of composer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Kay Terence, aka Swiss Portrait “All I Want” single
  • San Francisco, CA dream pop /shoegazing duo Night Hikes “Ethereal Shore” from the upcoming sophomore LP “Keeper of Reality”
  • Athens, Greece shoegaze /new wave /indie rock band YOUTH VALLEY “February” from the upcoming debut album “Lullabies For Adults” via Make Me Happy Records (Europe) / Shelflife Records (USA)
  • Buenos Aires-based shoegaze /post-punk /psych /indie-rock /dream pop solo project by French musician Cyril Degilles, aka Ural Mountains “Haunting East” first single from upcoming LP “Dead Oceans” on No Me Escucho Records
  • Beirut, Lebanon-based free-rock /post-folk /Arabic poetry sextet SANAM “Ayouha Al-Taiin Fi Al-Mawt (He Who Stabs Death) أيها الطاعن في الموت” from the upcoming album “Aykathani Malakon صنم – أيقظني ملاكٌ” [Mais Um]
  • Düsseldorf, Germany post-punk /shoegaze /dream pop 5-piece Attic Ocean “Pistachio” from the second single “Pistachio / Fall”
  • Cologne, Germany dream pop /shoegaze band hyperlilly “springs (the oracle)” second single.
  • Hamburg, Germany indie rock /shoegaze trio The First Eloi “Laika” single
  • Japanese dream pop /shoegaze band Nanocycle “Over and over again” from the EP “24 to 42”
  • Seattle, WA shoegaze /dream pop singer-songwriter Natalie Lew, aka Sea Lemon “Cellar” new single on Luminelle
  • Boston MA. shoegaze / indie rock /dream pop 5-piece Paper Lady “Starcross” debut single
  • Los Angeles psych /indie rock/dream pop /shoegaze 4-piece Supergloom “Silhouette” single off upcoming EP
  • Modesto, CA dream pop /kraut /shoegaze band Sloome “Wonderful Nice” title track of the upcoming EP on Cherub Dream Records
  • Los Angeles post-rock /post-punk /shoegaze /indie rock trio Osnova “Cities In Dust” (Siouxsie and the Banshees cover)
  • West Salem, North Carolina fuzzy /grunge-gaze /shoegaze band Spirit System “Down To You” single
  • Philippines dream pop /shoegaze /post-rock duo Vicegrip “Gates (ft. Fei)” single
  • Indonesian post-rock /shoegaze band Hallway “Senapan Di Bola Mataku (feat. Ais Pradyasti)” single off the upcoming EP on Haum Entertainment
  • Argentinian shoegaze /indie rock /noise pop 5-piece band from Buenos Aires, Montegrande “ciudad de las luces” single
  • Hemet, CA country-gaze /emo /indie rock /shoegaze /twang punk DIY 4-piece, Grave Saddles “Edible Arrangements” from the cassette EP “There You Ain’t” [REALLY RAD RECORDS]
  • Mexican experimental /psychedelic rock duo Lorena Quintanilla and Alberto González aka Lorelle Meets The Obsolete “Invisible” from the upcoming album “Datura” via Sonic Cathedral
  • Austin, TX shoegaze /psych /noise-pop band DAIISTAR “Burning Wheel” single on Fuzz Club Records 
  • Chicago, IL noise-pop /grunge /indie rock solo project of singer and multi-instrumentalist Austin Smith, aka Honeysick “Never” second single
  • Detroit, MI via Brooklyn, NY dark psychedelic trio Moonwalks “Joy of Geraniums Pt II” from the third LP “Western Mystery Tradition” on Fuzz Club Records
  • Sydney psychedelic cosmic rock ‘n’ rollers The Ramalamas “Funtastique” single off “Le Cape Noir” album via Half A Cow Records
  • Salt Lake City, Utah indie rock /psych pop trio, the Poppees “Lazy Susan” single
  • Vienna, Austria female-fronted Psychedelic Heavy Blues-Rock band, Portobello Express “B.P.M.” title track of the new album “B.P.M.”
  • Helsinki, Finland shoegaze /indie rock /dream pop trio Lala Salama “Summer Love” single [All That Plazz]
  • London-based synth /indie pop /girl band duo Panic Pocket “OUT OF THE WOODWORK” from the LP “MAD HALF HOUR” on Skeep Wax
  • Italian dream-pop /indeìie /psych-pop project of Be Forest bassist and vocalist Costanza Delle Rose, aka KOKO MOON “Sleep Demons” new single on We Were Never Being Boring Collective
  • UK analog retro /new wave /electro-pop synth act Analogue Electronic Whatever ”Our Studio 54″ title track of ”Our Studio 54″ EP 7″
  • Paris, France lo-fi /indie /dream pop band Soap “Roll The Dice” single
  • Indonesian post-punk /new wave /synth-pop trio re:NAN “Grateful” from “4:1 Leaving Depression” on Haum Entertainment
  • Marseille, France electro-pop music producer and songwriter, French 79 “Burning Legend” from the new album “Teenagers”
  • Moscow-based electronic dream pop /new wave /synth-pop project of Dmitry Gruber featuring Anastasia Zavershinskaya, aka Galatée “Ton De La Voix” from the album “Funeral De La Futur” [Hjördis-Britt Åström]
  • Oxford, UK-based electronic /ethereal /dark pop solo project of Polish-native Maria Rozalska, aka The Bobo “Could Have” off the EP “For Me, The Sun”
  • Antwerp, Belgian ambient /field recordings /art pop /pastoral folk composer and multi-instrumentalist Jonas De Houwer, aka Jonas Shepherd “Madeleine” off the debut album “Magdalena” [Avian]

Painting by Inka Essenhigh