WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #21

Photo by Eliza Bourner


  • Ukrainian jangle/dream-pop/indie trio, Mandarinaduck “Night Air” new single

Bustling, swirling, and shimmering new single from the Ukrainian band, bright fizzing guitar riffs and strums, jaunty rhythms, bright piano flourishes and subtle early New Order-like inflexions, build an extremely bright, and bleeding air of emotional urgency, as dreamy sad vocals fluctuate in breathless intensity and angst culminating in an overwhelming release of bliss.

  • Athens, Greece indie rock quarte JIMMY KNOWS “Pilot” from the 7″ single “Pilot/Eye Of The Storm” on Old Bad Habits Label

The invigorating new single, with hints of Arctic Monkeys, from Athens quartet, oozes energy from every pore, driven by anger and passion that merge into a distressing climate of lost longing create by icy organ flows, intense persistent crispy beats, sinuously pulsing bassline and sharp emotion-ridden guitar work, to fuel seemingly carefree vocals turn to pained emotional nostalgia.

  • Bloomington, Ca bedroom-pop/indie rock project of Arturo Ibarra, PALM THIEVES “In the End” from the debut EP “It Won’t Be Like This Forever”

It is not difficult to identify the inspiring muses of the Californian one-man project Palm Thieves, joining the dots between the US indie of the new millennium (Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing, Real Estate) with the new wave and post-punk of the ’80s (The Cure, The Smiths), that debuts with a handful of catchy and engaging songs, put together in his bedroom in Bloomington, made of sparkling impassioned jangly guitar melodies, to weave dreamy and emotional moods of love and longing, over deep heart-pounding basslines, as euphoric heartfelt vocals exhale the uber romantic lyrics. It’s always worth a listen on Soundcloud.

  • Louisville, Kentucky alter ego of former Young Widows‘ guitarist / vocalist Evan Patterson, aka Jaye Jayle “Guntime” from the upcoming LP “Prisyn” on Sargent House
  • Swedish experimental ethereal jazzy psychedelic pop trio from Malmö, Hey Elbow “Missit” new single from the forthcoming third album out this fall on Adrian Records
  • Taiwan sample-based psychedelic trio MONG TONG “Chakra” from the upcoming album ‘Mystery 秘神’ on Guruguru Brain
  • Norwegian dream pop/psych-pop trio from Trondheim, Gold Celeste “Tell Me Something” from “Common Ground” EP on Diger
  • Wiltshire, UK bedroom pop/ambient/shoegaze/dream pop musician, singer and songwriter (aka Eligia and bassist of Cosmic Lightshow), Archie Sagers “Beneath The Surface” first single off of Archie Sager’s upcoming album on his own Crafting Room Records
  • Aarhus, Denmark indie rock band YUNE ‘’Running Down The Hourglass’’ from their debut LP ‘’Agog’’ on Crunchy Frog
  • Philadelphia, PA indie-pop-punk quartet LITTLER “This Boulder Won’t Push Itself” from the new 2-track single “Where Is Reality?”
  • Canadian shoegazer from Halifax, NS. Daniel Trainor-McKinnon “Feel” new single
  • Mexican dream pop/nugaze duo Fryturama “Amigxs” from the new EP “El Mutante Más Lindo”
  • East Bay, CA lo-fi/jangle/indie pop new project of Ryan Marquez (Carnival Park, The Haircuts, Apple Orchard, Golden Teardrops), The Umbrella Puzzles “Anesthesia” (Dean Wareham/Luna)
  • London, UK indie/dream pop duo PIZZA DADDY “Too Many Boyfriends” new single
  • Paris, France blackgaze/dream pop 5-piece Pam Risourié “Cinnamon Leaves” from the upcoming EP “Noctessa”
  • Atlanta psych-space-folk duo of Bailey Crone (of Bathe Alone) and Sean Bryant (of Big Brutus), MANGO CAT “Hello” debut single
  • Los Angeles post-punk/shoegaze/jangle/indie band MO DOTTI “Glow In The Dark” from cassette EP “Blurring” on Smoking Room
  • Tokyo, Japan indie/shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece ユノハナ / Yunohana – 浮き沈みのつづく世界 – off of debut single 浮き沈みのつづく世界 / 夏のゆめ
  • Gothenburg, Sweden indie-pop 5-piece Bye Bye Bicycle – “Mirrors” from forthcoming “Specular” EP on Lazy Octopus Records
  • Scottish musician Suse Bear (Tuff Love, Pictish Trail, Martha Ffion, The Pastels, Tracyanne & Danny, Malcolm Middleton collaborator), aka GOOD DOG “Secret Paint” from the album “Creature” on Lost Map Records
  • New Jersey dream-pop outfit DOUBLESHOT “Windrunning” from the new album “Xmas Party Video Compilation”
  • Depok/BSD City, Indonesia twee/indie pop band The Lousy Pop Group “Friends” from V/A “Shiny Happy Fanzine 04 – Please Rain Fall Compilation” on Shiny Happy records
  • Swedish indie rock band MAUV “Goodbye Friend” new single on VÅRØ Records
  • Shoegaze/dream pop/grunge/noise-rock quartet of Marina Tadic (Eerie Wanda), Adam Harding (Dumb Numbers), Thor Harris (Swans) and Bobb Bruno (Best Coast), KIDBUG “Stay” from S/T album on Joyful Noise Recordings
  • Sevilla, Spain post-punk/psych/noise/shoegaze trio BELADRONE “Cemento” new single from upcoming debut album “Andévalo” on El Genio Equivocado
  • Moscow, Russia coldwave/synthpop/synthwave duo яблоня [yablonya] ‘время/time’ new single
  • Synth-pop /synth wave project TRIT95 // “Ruby” from the album “Black Velvet” on San Diego’s COLA FREAK RECORDS                                                                                                                                                 
  • Sheffield, UK late ’80s/early ’90s jangly/shoegaze/indie pop band The Suncharms “Monster Club” from “A split tape: The Suncharms/Mirrorlakes” on Shiny Happy records
  • Seattle, WA indie/folk/jangle/dream-pop solo project of Danny Rowland (Seapony), Space Daze “Get By” from the new album “Phantosmia”
  • Swedish dream pop project of Stockholm based musician Tom Serner, aka Sindy – “Trash Burn” from “Hits for Kids” [EP] on Punk Slime Recordings/PNKSLM Recordings
  • Chicago‘s dream pop/shoegaze husband-wife duo Silver Liz “Microwave S’mores” new single
  • Los Angeles, Ca shoegaze/dream pop band NIGHTJACKET “Lonely Archer” first single from the upcoming EP, ‘Following The Curves’, out September 25, 2020
  • Los Angeles lo-fi/garage/psychedelic rock singer/songwriter (aka White Fence, ex-Darker My Love, The Fall and Ty Segall collaborator), TIM PRESLEY “Must Let Go” new single on Looking Glass
  • Portland, OR country/cosmic/psychedelic rock project of guitarist/vocalist Ripley Johnson (Wooden Shjips and one half of Moon Duo), Rose City Band “Wildflowers” from the new sophomore LP “Summerlong” on Thrill Jockey Records
  • Los Angeles, Ca r&b/jazz/sophisti-pop project of Lucas Nathan, aka JERRY PAPER “Cholla” from the new album “Abracadabra” on Stones Throw
  • Athens-based, Greek/Australian electronic/dream-pop duo of RΠЯ and Jessica Bell, aka Keep Shelly in Athens “I Won’t Cry” off of the upcoming “Steady to Go” EP on Athenian Aura Recordings.
  • Los Angeles, Ca indie rock trio Happy Hollows “Great Unknown” new single
  • New York-based legendary ’80s Christchurch, New Zealand noise-rock trio led by former Gordons guitarist Alister Parker along with Gordons bassist John Halvorsen and drummer Brent McLachlan, BAILTERSPACE “Delta”
  • Brisbane, Australia progressive indie-punk trio ELDER “Greenhouse Effect” final release on 4000 Records