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Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – MAY 2024 – #20-24

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  • Australian bedroom ambient /shoegaze DIY musician and composer Witherbride “Grunt” single

Homespun Aussie shoegazer harnesses reverb-drenched guitars and heavy distortion, to deal with the senseless nature of war through driving tumultuous drum beats and fuzzed-out buzzing guitar waterfalls carved by weeping blinding melodies of overwhelming pain, to drift over aching ghost-like vocals, floating detached and devastated through the shredding grey mists of eternal trauma.

  • Indonesian 4-piece indie pop unit from Jakarta, Splitz “No Bye Bye” debut single via Guerrilla Records

Bright and sparkling Indie Pop from a new Indonesian foursome, bouncing between restlessness and cheerfulness, of guitar-drenched pop urgency, with a debut about searching for comfort in an old home, brimful with distorted ringing riffs along with neurotic piercing high-pitched melodies, fueled by relentless vibrant drumming and serpentine warm bass pulses, to rush nostalgic vocal longing through the back and forth between leaving and staying, left convinced of, “No Bye Bye.”

  • Munich, Germany-based Psychedelic/ Shoegaze solo project HAYIEN “Darksign” single

In a boundless exploration suspended on the nuanced and liminal edge between Psychedelia and Shoegaze, the Bavaria based musician’s new single triggers muted silvery atmospheric harp glissando hints glimpse of glimmers over a soul lost in the darkness while searching for light, gliding through stumbling rhythms and obsessive glistening emotive guitar melodies, washing sad dreamy vocals and falling echoes with serene flutters and twinkling hope.

  • Paris-based ambient /drone /ethereal /soundscapes /experimental Australian artist, vocalist & musician Karen Vogt “Cloud fifty-two” from upcoming cassette album “Diary #5” [sonic-dialogue]
  • Québec‘s dreamy pop music of singer-songwriter Margaux Sauvé, AKA Ghostly Kisses “Silver Screen” from the sophomore album “Darkroom” via akirarecords
  • Edinburgh, UK dream pop /indie folk singer-songwriter Ailsa McEwan, aka Ailsa and the Seahorses “Hermit” single
  • Copenhagen folk /slacker rock /dream pop singer/songwriter and producer Fine “Coasting” from the upcoming debut album “Rocky Top Ballads” via Escho
  • Los Angeles psych /acid folk /weird pop musician Jack Name “The Devil Comes Inside” from the 4th album “Fabulous Soundtracks” [Maple Death Records]
  • Swedish experimental /shoegaze /kraut /psych/ sunshine pop /electronic solo project of Toby Bernsand from Malmö, Orange Crate Art “The Endless Summer” from the upcoming soundtrack album “Taking Liberties: The Pop-Art World of John Van Hamersveld (Original Soundtrack)” score for the short documentary about the midcentury West Coast artist John Van Hamersveld, directed by filmmaker Brian Chidester.
  • Los Angeles lo-fi ambient /field recordings /kraut /baroque psychedelic folk project of musician and composer Cashew, aka Head Shoppe “Séance” from upcoming debut S/T album
  • California surf /psychedelic /indie rock duo of skateboard legend Tommy Guerrero and longtime collaborator and multi-instrumentalist Josh Lippi, aka Los Days “Chasing the Day Moon” from the second full-length album “Dusty Dreams” via Too Good
  • Nottingham, UK indie group formed in 1992, Tindersticks “New World” from upcoming 14th album “Soft Tissue” via City Slang
  • Copenhagen, Denmark shoegaze /electronic /indie /dreampop musician, composer and producer Anders Trentemøller, aka Trentemøller “A Different Light” first single from upcoming LP “Dreamweaver” via hfn music
  • Restored muted ambient /folk /dream indie pop lost album recorded in ’96 by Atlanta, GA-based DIY reclusive, disappeared, lo-fi artist Blue Noon “Didn’t mean (ft. Mei Semones)” from “I Only Remember the Good Parts” vinyl LP [Daydream Records / Start-Track]
  • Portland, OR lo-fi /dreampop /indie rock duo Found Space “Turning Over a New Leaf” single via Spirit Goth Records
  • Edinburgh-based, Scotland DIY bedroom indie /folk /jangle /dream pop singer-songwriter Michael Kay Terence, aka Swiss Portrait “Worries” single
  • Sandbach, UK jangle /indie /power pop solo project of singer-songwriter Paul Hughes, aka The Candy Strypers “Mirro Man” title track of the “Mirror Man” EP
  • Wales, UK jangle /folk indie pop singer-songwriter Julian Pitt, aka Armstrong “YOU AND I (single version)”
  • Manchester, UK indie folk singer-songwriter Eilidh Bradley Project “Be With You” from upcoming S/T EP 12″ sessions from 1991, backed by Chris Bridgett (DUB SEX), Martin Duffy (PRIMAL SCREAM), Andy Rourke (THE SMITHS) and Simon Wolstencroft (THE FALL / HOUSE OF ALL) via Tiny Global Productions
  • Leeds, UK based retro /folk /psych-pop /indie rock songsmith Jacob Andrews, aka Big Warm Bed “Should’ve Seen It Coming” single
  • San Francisco’s ’60s/’70s-inspired Canterbury /progressive /psychedelic band (members of The Umbrellas, Whitney’s Playland, Almond Joy, and Healing Potpourri), Magic Fig “Obliteration” from the debut S/T EP “Magic Fig” via Silver Current Records
  • Australian experimental psychedelic pop duo TROPICAL STRENGTH “Morning paper” from the sophomore LP “Tropical Strength & The Silverbeats” via Farmer & The Owl
  • New York dream-pop /psych-pop quartet CRUMB “The Bug” from the new LP “AMAMA”
  • Late ’90s UK soft rock /baroque /sunshine indie pop band of Saint Etienne live band members Debsey Wykes (Dolly Mixture) and Paul Kelly (East Village), aka Birdie “Let Her Go” from the remastered vinyl reissue of the 1999 album “Some Dusty” via Slumberland Records
  • Greenock, Scottish C86, jangle, DIY indie pop sister duo The Cords “Bo’s New Haircut” from 2-track cassette single “Bo New New Haircut / Rather Not Stay” via heavenly creature records
  • Austin, TX ambient /indietronica /twee pop duo Jane Palacios and Zachary Crow, aka Dorothy’s “Foreign Satellites” from the debut cassette “Suite” EP
  • Indonesia indie noise pop band Crayon Case “Neu autmobile” from the debut EP “Catch Twenty-three!!”
  • Riverside, CA goth /shoegaze /dream pop bedroom recording project of Daniel Romero, aka Dream Suicides “Disarray” from “Life In Australia” EP
  • Munich, Germany indie /dream pop solo project Phantom Youth “Some Miracle” from the upcoming S/T album via Spirit Goth Records
  • Madrid, Spain electronic /indie rock project of Cristina Plaza (Gran Aparato Eléctrico, Los Eterno, and Clovis), Daga Voladora “Ceniza plateada” from the LP “Los manantiales” via Lovemonk
  • Amarillo, TX bedroom /jangle /synth-pop /dreampop project of Broderick Adams aka VAMPING “No More Pleasant Dreams” from the LP collection “No More Pleasant Dreams (20162018 B-sides and demos)”
  • Indonesian indie pop trio Moongazing and Her “Pulang” from “Beranjak” (Maxi-Single) via Lisdia Records
  • New Jersey garage-pop /folk /jangle-pop band Lightheaded “You and Your Mother” from the new album “Moments Notice” on Slumberland Records
  • Tokyo, Japan twee /acid folk /shoegaze /neo-acoustic /indietronica /indie pop band BOYISH “Midnight stroll” from the album “For those of us who can’t sleep”
  • Naarm/Melbourne folk /garage /jangle pop /art rock outfit, Think About You “Never Never Creek” from the upcoming sophomore LP “Don’t Die On Me”
  • Oslo, Norway lo-fi slowcore /jangle /fuzz /noise-pop band The Age of Colored Lizards “Let You Go” 2-track single via Sotron Records
  • Chattanooga, TN garage /indie rock /jangle /power pop project of Matt Addison, aka Mythical Motors “Halos Of True North” from the “Halos Of True North” EP (outtakes from the latest album “Upside Down World”)
  • Gothenburg-based indie rock /psychedelic /dreampop /shoegaze songwriter, musician and producer Mathias Mathias Engwall, aka llawgne “Algorithm Chorus” from the album “Microdosing Heavy Poetry”
  • Brighton-based electronic /psych /shoegaze /indie rock project of musician-songwriter Mark Benton and Tom Chadd, aka SEADOG “Tied To A Mast” off the second album “Internal Noise” vinyl 12″ via Austerity Records
  • Montreal-based 4-piece power pop /indie rock /rock n’ roll band Laughing “Will She Ever Be A Friend Of Mine” from the album “Because It’s True” via Meritorio Records and Celluloid Lunch
  • Derby, UK 5-piece shoegaze /Merseybeat /Madchester /psych /indie rock band Marseille “She Can Fly” 2nd single from upcoming “Godiva” EP via Bubblebrain Records
  • Berlin-based shoegaze /noise pop /dream-punk /indie rock project of Alexander Donat (aka Vlimmer), Fir Cone Children – “You Are My Animal” single off the 10th album “Jig of Glee” via Blackjack Illuminist Records
  • UK indie pop-disco-punk-rock band from Wales, Helen Love – “Stay With Me” single via Alcopop! Records
  • Leeds, UK 4-piece post-punk /indiepop band Crumbs “Call Now” off the LP “You’re Just Jealous” [Skep Wax]
  • Malang, Indonesia new wave /synth-pop band re:NAN “After Sunday feat. Fancy Energy” from the EP “Lost Consciousness, Pt.2” via Haum Entertainment
  • Cardiff, UK post-punk /indie rock band Slate “Shade In Me” off upcoming debut EP “Deathless”, on Brace Yourself Records
  • Melbourne post-punk /new wave /art pop band Kosmetika ”Pictures Are Gone” first single off the upcoming new album ”Luxury” via Spoilsport Records
  • UK lo-fi indie bedroom pop /indie rock /post-punk project of Mikey Wilson, LOWMOON “Monochrome” title track from the debut album “Monochrome” via Safe Suburban Home Records
  • Japan indie noise pop /shoegazer unit Junji K – Red Train(追憶のレッドトレイン)
  • Boston, MA-based dream pop /psych-pop /shoegaze band led by Reuben Bettsak, Emerald Comets “Necklace” new single
  • New Orleans’ ambient /drone /shoegaze duo Michael Jones and Turk Dietrich, aka Belong “Souvenir” from the upcoming third album “Realistic IX”, via Kranky
  • New York electronic /new wave /dreampop project of Rafael Anton Irisarri and Benoît Pioulard, aka Orcas “Riptide” 1st single from the upcoming third LP “How to Color a Thousand Mistakes” via Morr Music
  • Oakland, CA shoegaze /dreampop 4-piece Parallel “Blister” 1st single from “Flooded” EP on Play Alone Records and Cherub Dream Records
  • Lisbon, Portugal ambient /alt-country /shoegaze /dreampop composer and musician Ricardo Fiel, aka Moon Cowboy “A moment” from “An explosion of sound” EP via 1991 recordings
  • Denver, Colorado post rock /shoegaze band A Shoreline Dream “Everything Turns” first single from the album “Whitelined (co-written and produced by Mark Gardener of Ride)
  • Chicago-based shoegaze /indie rock /dream pop band Snowcuffs “Uptown” single
  • Depok, Indonesia 3 pieces shoegazers The Venus Greyhound “Chapter” first single via Lost Wave Record
  • New South Wales, Australian 4-piece dreampop /noise rock /shoegaze band Dropping Honey “Branches” debut single
  • Bay Area dream pop /shoegaze 5-piece Pure Hex “Web and Wick” from the EP “Spilling”
  • Sydney, Australia 5-piece dream pop /psychedelic rock /shoegaze band LUCIDBLOOM “Post Everything” from the EP “Calamity”
  • Boston, MA six-piece shoegaze /indie rock /jangle gaze band Honeywave “Shortcut” single
  • Bonn, Germany 4-piece Indie Rock /Shoegaze band Fish in the Elevator “At Dusk” title track of the debut EP “At Dusk”
  • Cassino, Italy four-piece shoegaze band ultranøia “Cinica” from the debut EP “Astratta” via Kosmica Dischi
  • Toledo, Ohio Noise-Pop /Post-Rock /Shoegaze band Dollar Dreams “Say It Ain’t So” from the single “Backroads & Memories – Single & B-side” via Trawaaz Records
  • Southampton, UK ambient /trip-hop /Madchester /psychedelic dreampop /shoegaze group SUPERDRONE “In A Dream” single
  • Miami, FL alt-rock /shoegaze / fuzzy garage /indie rock band Las Nubes “Pesada” 2nd single off the upcoming album ”Tormentas Malsanas” via Spinda Records
  • Melbourne-based acid /kraut rock /rock-and-roll /psych /proto-punk brothers George and Harrison, Super-X “45” from the 12″ vinyl sophomore LP “Promise”
  • Brisbane, Australian 5-piece bluesy /grunge /post-punk /indie rock band Full Flower Moon Band “Devil” single
  • Lund, Sweden instrumental surf rock music band Langhorns “Stoked” from the LP “Showstopper”
  • Berlin-based instrumental spaghetti /psychedelic rock trio GOBLYNS “Muti” from the debut LP “Hunki Bobo” via Crazysane Records
  • Aigio, Achaia, Greek indie rock /post-punk band Low Ceiling “Elixirio ( Ελιξήριο)” from upcoming debut 10″ mini-LP “Mode” via Old Bad Habits Label
  • Gothenburg, Sweden post-punk /synth-pop /indie rock 4-piece BEVERLY KILLS “Hymn to You” 2nd single from the sophomore LP via Welfare Sounds & Records
  • Eccentric Peruvian beat /garage singer Jean Paul “El Troglodita” “TEMA DEL TROGLODITA” from the reissue of the rare 1967 debut album “Tengo un Mustang” via Munster Records
  • Columbus, OH noise pop 4-piece DIDI “Abomination” from the upcoming “Feel it Enough” album
  • Los Angeles based shoegaze/slowcore /indie rock trio MILLY “Spilling Ink” 2nd single from upcoming LP “Your Own Becoming” via Dangerbird Records
  • Madrid, Spain post-punk /electropop /shoegaze /indie rock band Munic! “Acoso” single from upcoming EP “Autoestopista”
  • Los Angeles indie pop-rock trio Sunday (1994) “Stained Glass Window” from debut S/T EP
  • Berkeley, CA lo-fi bedroom pop project Subak “Sit Still” single via BIRTHDIY
  • Phoenix, AZ indie rock singer-songwriter Veronica Everheart “Lyn” single
  •  London-based drone /improv /folk musician, banjo player, and instrument builder (part of Shovel Dance Collective), Jacken Elswyth “Falls Of Richmond / Squirrel Hunters” from the album “At Fargrounds” LP 12″ [Wrong Speed Records]


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